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Sencomm SenriPhotoReference
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 2
Aerokinesis 7 Aikido 2 Air Generation 4
Air Run 1 Dirty Fighting 3 Enhanced Speed 1
Flight 3 Mirage Creation 2 Sound Manipulation 7
Traceuse 6
Part-Time Job Quick Reaction Time Vehicle
ADHD Low Mental Endurance Perfectionist
Winging It
Name: Senri Mizushima Senri is a young woman working her way through her senior year of college. Ordinary enough, but with a passion for speed. Headstrong and motivated, she is an accomplished traceuse.
Position: Pizza Delivery/Courier
Team: N/A
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Original Character
Actor: Fumiko Orikasa
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5, North America)
Music: "I'm A Pioneer" - Tenchi Muyo! OP
Quote: "Catch me if you can!"
Tone Likes: Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


A native of New York City, Senri has been a runner ever since she discovered, "Forget crawling, forget this 'walking' thing. Now I can see the world!" She was an eternal worry to her parents as she would constantly disappear, wandering off to explore (often at a run).

At around the age of 12, she fell in with a group of like-minded kids that taught her not just how to run, but how to flow. Through a lot of trial and error and "Look what I can do! Top that!", she and the other kids became self-taught practitioners of parkour.

From middle school on, she was a member of her schools' track teams, thriving on the competition and giving a good account of herself. In her sophomore year of high school, she took a job at the nearby pizza store, starting as an insider. Upon graduating high school, she received a road bike as a graduation present and became a delivery girl at the pizza store.

Having obtained a track and field scholarship, she is now a college senior getting ready to graduate with her B.A. She has recently replaced her old bike with a current year model.


Power: Aerokinesis (7)

Senri is a broad-spectrum aerokinetic, a power that she's channeled toward enhancing her agility, as well as her escape and evade skills. The potential for combat applications is there, but not likely to occur to her short of a life or death situation.

Skill: Aikido (2)

Only a recent student of this art, she finds that it meshes well with her skills as a traceuse. However, she is learning it more to cultivate mental discipline, and still relies on the practical techniques she learned on the streets.

Power: Air Generation (4)

The ability to create gusts of wind, including microbursts, vertical drafts, cyclones and pinpoint bursts. Their force ranges from a breeze to EF3 strength. She can also use this ability in reverse: create areas of vacuum by evacuating air and restricting its return.

Power: Air Run (1)

Senri can traverse the air as if it was solid ground. She can reach, as on the ground, roughly 50 miles per hour.

Skill: Dirty Fighting (3)

Before starting formal classes, Senri learned to take advantage of anything she could use to get an edge on an opponent.

Power: Enhanced Speed (1)

By simply desiring to 'go faster', Senri can manipulate the air surrounding her to increase her speed and reduce drag, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Her top foot speed is roughly 50 miles per hour.

Power: Flight (3)

Senri is not limited to the normal four axes of movement. Though she prefers the methods of motion employed by parkour, she can fly with the maneuverability of a dogfighter. Able to stop and turn on a dime, she can reach a speed of 500 miles per hour.

Power: Mirage Creation (2)

By instinctively manipulating air molecules, Senri can create an area of heat haze (with the attendant heat, of course) a mile in diameter at most. In addition, she can use this ability to impose short-lived mirages either upon the affected area or as independent images.

Power: Sound Manipulation (7)

Senri's ability to manipulate air extends to creating and dampening sound waves. She can effectively silence the sound of her passage, as well as selectively silence a person or people. She can throw her voice with ease, and even play music. Sound is her plaything.

Skill: Traceuse (6)

Senri has literally been learning and refining her parkour skills for half of her life, starting around 12 years old.


Advantage: Part-Time Job

Senri works as a pizza delivery girl, making use of her road bicycle.

Advantage: Quick Reaction Time

As a side benefit of her parkour training, Senri has learned to think and react on the fly.

Advantage: Vehicle

Her "car", a 2012 Schwinn Vestige Women's City Bike. It saves her the headache of buying gas, and it can go more places than a car almost as fast.


Flaw: ADHD

Senri is very hard to settle down, easily distracted, and often tries to multitask things that should rightly require her full attention, with varied results.

Flaw: Low Mental Endurance

Senri is used to working in "the flow", the state of mind where thoughts give way to muscle memory. Her powers require disciplined concentration, which she has not cultivated.

Flaw: Perfectionist

Senri is big on getting details just right, and is capable of intense focus on completing a task. However, this is often at the expense of neglecting other tasks completely, and her situational awareness goes out the window.

Flaw: Winging It

Senri is entirely on her own when it comes to figuring out her powers. With nothing to gauge by,she only has a vague idea of what she's doing.


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