Harold Jordan
Green Lantern
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Green Lantern

Quote-open "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power ... Green Lantern's light!" Quote-close

Captain Harold "Highball" Jordan, USAF (Ret.) is an unwilling executive and test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, Inc. Known as a man without fear, he has presided over some of the most fantastic prototype aircraft crashes in history.

As the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, he is charged with upholding the law and order of the Guardians. With his power ring, the most powerful weapon in the Universe, he turns his will into reality to combat evil in all it's forms.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Boxing: 5, Marksmanship: 6, Piloting: 7

Abilities: Gear

Constructs: 10, Encyclopedia: 8, Flight: 6, Force Field: 8, Power Ring

Advantages: Green Lantern Corps Ring Duplication

Flaws: Brash, Enemies, Guardians, Maverick, Recharge, Sore Loser, Yellow

Languages: English


Gear: Constructs (10)

The most versatile aspect of the ring's powers is the ability to forge constructs through sheer force of will. The ring is limited only to what Hal can imagine, and as such he can create almost anything he likes simply by willing the ring to make it so. Given that he is not prone to flights of fantasy, Hal generally resorts to things like big, green fists and baseball bats for offense and things like brick walls for defense. These objects are as tough as he wills them to be and last only as long as he wills them to exist.

Hal is capable of creating anything he likes, including objects with complex moving parts, providing he can imagine them. He could create a telescope, a motorcycle or even a gun if he so chose. He can also use this ability to change the appearance of his costume, even altering the color if he wishes (though he cannot change it to yellow). Changing colors requires a great deal of concentration and effort, however, and so he typically leaves his constructs the glowing green of the energy that forms them.

The size of his constructs are limited only by his imagination, but incredibly vast constructs (the size of a city or larger) would swiftly drain his power so he avoids them. Constructs of around twenty feet by twenty feet are how large he normally goes, though size does not really matter when it all comes down to willpower.

Gear: Encyclopedia (8)

In some cases, a new Green Lantern is chosen without being able to immediately travel to Oa in order to undergo training. Furthermore, there is no way that Green Lantern training could cover every possible situation that a lantern might encounter. To that end, the ring is equipped with a galactic encyclopedia that allows it to answer almost any question that the bearer might have.

Generally, the bearer need only ask a question and the ring will answer. It is able to identify most alien species, provide basic information about them and provide insight into universal history all the way back to when the Guardians first began keeping records. The ring only knows things that the Guardians believe are important, however, and as such it does not provide a great deal of cultural insight into alien species. Nor does it shed light on matters the Guardians wish to keep concealed from the Corps.

As well as providing information, the ring also records it. All of Hal's actions as a lantern are observed by the ring and stored in the Central Battery on Oa. In much the way terrestrial police make reports, the ring keeps tabs on what the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 has been up to.

Gear: Flight (6)

One of the most basic functions of the ring is flight, allowing Hal to slip the bonds of gravity. The ring allows him to leave Earth's atmosphere and, when in space, travel at eighty percent the speed of light. As he spends much of his time on Earth, however, his maximum speed sits closer to just under eight thousand miles per hour. This is more than enough to get him where he needs to go without having to endure too much traveling time, and the ring's force field protects him from the rigors of moving at such speeds.

The ring can also open a wormhole in space, allowing anyone wearing a power ring instantaneous travel to Oa. This is useful to Hal, as traveling to the center of the universe even using the ring would take a great deal of time and he does not enjoy waiting for anything.

Gear: Force Field (8)

When the ring is activated, it envelops Hal in a skin-tight force field. This force field is always active, unless the ring runs out of power or Hal consciously wills it off. At a normal capacity, it provides him with life support to operate comfortably in space. It also naturally protects him from debris, meaning that bullets and other scraps that often start flying when he is doing his job bounce harmlessly off of him. As long as his ring is active, Hal's biological functions are taken care of by it and he has no need to eat or breathe - of course, when he's on Earth he sometimes chooses to do those things anyway.

The strength of the force field is proportional to Hal's willpower, and the more he focuses his will the more punishment this shield can take. He is able to survive the gravometric rigors of a black hole and could even skirt the sun's chromosphere briefly (though it would be exceptionally draining on the ring's power supply). The force field also allows Hal to take a lot of punishment in combat, enabling him to face off against foes much stronger than he is.

Gear: Power Ring

Hal Jordan's only piece of hi-tech equipment is the Green Lantern power ring that he wields, but given that it is capable of forging his will into reality it might as well be an arsenal. The ring is capable of a great many things, ranging from the creation of energy constructs to translating millions of languages into something the bearer can understand. It must be regularly charged using a lantern linked to the Central Power Battery on Oa, though how often it is charged depends on how intensely it is used.

The ring's capabilities are limited only by the imagination and willpower of the bearer. Capable of altering the fundamental forces of the universe, the ring has truly earned the title of the most powerful weapon in the universe. The substance it is made of is incredibly durable, and only a will stronger than that of the bearer can destroy it. The rigors of travel in space and even beings of immense strength cannot damage the ring. A blast of energy from the yellow spectrum could also destroy the ring.

Finally, if the ring's wielder is killed it is programmed to immediately leave and find another bearer. Given that the ring is powered by will, it will seek the individual that it senses to have the strongest willpower. Unencumbered by a bearer, the ring is capable of traveling at tremendous speeds and can be literally anywhere in the universe within hours. It also possesses the ability to sense and locate other lanterns, though rings with low charges or other interference may make this difficult. Also, the ring can only be utilized effectively by individuals with an exceptionally strong will.

Skill: Boxing (5)

Hal keeps himself fighting fit and has taken it upon himself to sharpen his skills in fisticuffs. The reason for this is that he is acutely aware of his ring's limitations. He has, more than once, come up against situations where his ring has been ineffective and he has only had himself to rely on. Rather than give up and accept defeat, Hal has become quite the adept fighter. In truth, his understanding of the 'sweet science' of boxing could likely allow him to compete professionally if he so chose.

He is by no means the greatest fighter who ever lived, but he knows how to throw a punch and can take on multiple, untrained opponents without taking a hit. When using his ring to supplement his own strength, he is even capable of taking on incredibly strong opponents and rendering them momentarily incapacitated.

Skill: Marksmanship (6)

While the ring is more of an extension of his will than a weapon he consciously needs to aim and fire, it can still be used in that way. Hal can create firearms using the ring's abilities and even use real ones if the situation calls for it. He was given basic training in handling and operating firearms by the military, training that was supplemented greatly during his instruction under Kilowog and Sinestro.

His skill in marksmanship not only encompasses his ability to use firearms, but his ability to direct blasts of energy created by the ring. He needn't construct a laser cannon or the like to project bursts of energy, however, as the ring is capable of firing indistinct blasts when he wishes it to. While energy projections are little concerned by physics like bullets and regular projectiles would be, a keen eye is still required to make sure his attacks land where he wants them to.

Skill: Piloting (7)

Hal's father was a pilot and from a very early age he knew that is what he wanted to be, too. Hal worked hard at school, did well in college and eventually joined the Air Force where he became a fighter pilot. Hal enjoyed a storied career in the Air Force, eventually leaving to take a job at Ferris Aircraft piloting the bleeding edge of aviation technology. He may have a history of crashing those planes under his charge, but the fact that he has survived this long is a testament to his ability.

Hal has little trouble piloting almost anything that flies, ranging from antique bi-planes to spacecraft far beyond the technology of Earth. He has an almost instinctual understanding of how vehicles work in the air and, as such, can usually fly anything very well if given enough time to familiarize himself with the controls. He is most at home piloting ships native to Earth, but almost anything can be flown well with enough preparation.


Advantage: Green Lantern Corps

Headquartered on Oa, the Green Lantern Corps are an intergalactic police force protecting life and maintaining order at the behest of the Guardians of the Universe. Each Green Lantern is bestowed with a ring and given one of three-thousand six-hundred sectors to police, with each sector typically playing host to two lanterns. As a Green Lantern in good standing, Hal has access to all the resources enjoyed by the other seven-thousand two-hundred lanterns in the Corps.

Oa is host to a number of fantastical and technological marvels to which Hal has access. There are the Sciencells, an advanced prison designed to hold even the most powerful and dangerous of criminals - an ideal place to take a villain once he has subdued them. There is also the Hall of Great Service, which contains the Book of Oa - a massive book that contains the exploits of all Green Lanterns in the history of the Corps.

As well as Oa's many facilities, the Corps is also a great source of assistance when Hal needs it. Though he rarely calls on his fellow lanterns, it is useful to know that there are many similarly-armed individuals out there who generally uphold the same ideals he does. Though they vary in power and ability, a group of Green Lanterns is nothing to sneeze at.

Advantage: Ring Duplication

It is important to note, first and foremost, that this is not a power for use outside of a plot and nor would it ever be permanent without staff consent. It is for this reason that I have included it as an advantage, as it is not something that Hal would normally do but it is a function of his power ring that cannot go ignored.

With enough understanding of the ring and through sheer force of will, the ring can be made to duplicate itself. Given that the ring is being made by Hal and not the Guardians, he can alter it to suit his wishes. For example, he could make the duplicate unable to affect him or anyone he deems immune to it. He could also make it capable of only a small selection of the powers generally associated with a ring.

The ring also exists only as long as Hal wills it to, meaning that should he stop wanting it to exist then it will dissipate like any other energy construct. Unlike most of his constructs, however, he does not be around and actively concentrating on it for it to exist. A ring duplicate exists until Hal no longer wishes it to exist, but the Guardians tend to frown on lanterns creating new rings for others on a whim.


Flaw: Brash

Hal Jordan does not live life in the slow lane. The slow lane, as far as he sees it, is death. If you're going to wake up every morning and follow the same, dull routine then you're not really living and might as well get measured for your casket. Hal lives his life fast and dangerously, something that is becoming a little stranger the older he gets. He doesn't think about doing things, he does them. He is a man of action in every sense of the word.

While he's not stupid and he tends to know how to think or fight his way out of dangerous situations, he doesn't hesitate when it comes to diving headlong into them. Hal doesn't sit back and ponder whether he would be able to fight the invading alien horde single-handedly, he just charges in and gives it his all. The world isn't saved by thinking, it is saved by doing.

Flaw: Enemies

Even before Hal Jordan was born, the Green Lanterns were fighting evil across the universe. In their millennia of operation they have formed a crass menagerie of enemies ranging from small-time criminals to the nigh-omnipotent embodiment of fear itself. Many of these enemies are either at large or imprisoned within the Sciencells on Oa, an most would like nothing more than to kill Green Lanterns. They are a constant danger and given that Earth seems to be where all the bad in the universe likes to drift towards, there is a good chance that Hal will be their prime target.

Hal's enemies are not only those of the Green Lantern Corps, there are also enemies who have a special enmity for him. Many are enemies made by Hal Jordan acting in his capacity as a superhero on Earth, such as Black Hand and Doctor Polaris. Others are enemies made out in the wider universe, such as the former Green Lantern Sinestro. Simply put, not everybody out there wants to be Hal's friend.

Flaw: Guardians

As much as he doesn't like to admit it, Hal is not a law unto himself. The Guardians of the Universe created the power ring that he wields and they are the ultimate authority of the Green Lantern Corps. It is their law that he upholds (even if he is prone to bending the rules and flouting their edicts sometimes) and they have absolute control over the means by which he upholds it.

While the Guardians are typically happy to reside on Oa, they can interfere with Hal's work as a Green Lantern if they so choose. Given that they created his power ring, they can take it from him easily and instill and remove limitations as they see fit. It does not help that the Guardians have a very rigid view on how things should be and they do not always see eye to eye with Hal.

Flaw: Maverick

Everybody loves the idea of being a maverick. The rebel in his leather jacket who flips authority the bird and roars away on his motorcycle. Unfortunately, this attitude does not always gel well with being part of a universe-spanning police force or even a team of super heroes. Hal does not accept authority simply because he is told to. Just because someone is the leader or has a certain title doesn't mean that Hal has to listen to them. He constantly looks for flaws in those above him on the totem pole, seeking out their weakness and constantly testing to make sure that they have good intentions. He's not beyond going off the reservation, either, when he feels it is the right thing to do.

This attitude also extends into the realm of commitment. If his gut tells him that he is about to be saddled with some hefty responsibility, he's been known to get out before it's too late. He left the military rather than get a desk job and when he he considers letting Ferris Aircraft talk him into a semi-desk job to be one of the greatest mistakes he's ever made. He's too loyal to shirk a responsibility once he has it, so he often finds it easier just to avoid taking it on in the first place.

Flaw: Recharge

The power ring is merely a conduit for the brilliant and mutable energy stored at the Central Power Battery on Oa. As such, the ring cannot function without this energy and needs to be recharged. The ring can only hold a finite amount of energy, and while this is enough to last a day or two with a regular level of use it will eventually run down. More strenuous use of the ring, such as in a prolonged battle, would result in it running down much sooner - in a matter of hours or even minutes depending on what is done with it.

        If the ring's capacity reaches zero percent, all of it's functions immediately cease. As Hal's Green Lantern uniform is itself a ring construct, it immediately disappears and leaves behind whatever he was wearing underneath. The life support functions also shut down, meaning that if he loses power in space he will likely die.

In order to recharge the ring, Hal must touch it to a power battery - a miniature version of the Central Power Battery on Oa. Within this battery is a direct link to the Central Battery, and when Hal recites the Green Lantern Oath the ring is immediately recharged to one hundred percent. The ring can also be recharged at the Central Battery or, if he were feeling creative, from any source of that energy spectrum that he might be able to find.

Flaw: Sore Loser

Hal Jordan does not take loss and defeat in stride. His failures eat at him, gnawing at the back of his mind incessantly. If someone manages to best him he cannot simply laugh it off, accept it and move on with his life. Rather, Hal feels the persistent need to prove that any defeat is just temporary and he is determined to win out in the end. His desire to come out on top does not always wash well with others, sometimes putting him at odds with those who might otherwise be allies. He takes losses personally and, left unchecked, they have the potential to drive him to actions that are questionable at best.

Flaw: Yellow

The ring is unable to affect objects that are yellow. Yellow objects pass through it as though they were nothing and even the most strong-willed bearer such as Hal cannot use it to shield against projectiles or blasts of this color. This vulnerability is strengthened by the presence of fear and doubt in the ring bearer, and conversely lessened when the bearer is able to overcome those emotions. Nevertheless, the Guardians have deliberately instilled this weakness in the power rings and as such it cannot be overcome with ease.

Generally speaking, the ring will not affect anything yellow. However, Hal's will is such that he could potentially overcome this weakness. If he were to exert his will enough and put enough force behind the ring, he could theoretically surpass the inherent yellow weakness. It should be noted however that such an action would be reserved solely for key moments in plots and, normally, the weakness would be considered to be there in full force.



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