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Brilliant scientist, intellect, lover of the arts, music, and theatre, mutant activist and inspirational figure to mutantkind... The Beast. Henry McCoy is a well known and vocal mutant whose support of more open relations between humans and mutants has thrust him precariously into the social scene.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Beast's Physiology: 4, Enhanced Agility: 6, Enhanced Speed: 1, Enhanced Strength: 5, Feral Senses: 6, Healing Factor: 2

Abilities: Skill

Acrobat / Gymnast: 6, Combat Training: 6, Driving / Piloting: 5, First Aid / Medicine: 7, Genius Intellect: 6, Renaissance Man: 5, Science / Technology: 7

Advantages: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D., Allies & Contacts, Charisma, Sec Mutant Affairs, The Uncanny X-Men, Xavier Institute

Flaws: Beastly Appearance, Enemies & Villains, Feral Mutation, Mutant & Proud, Public Figure, Replacement Organs, Self-Destructive, Token Mutant, Unstable X-Gene

Languages: English


Power: Beast's Physiology (4)

Beast's skeleton, organs, and various bodily tissues are incredibly dense and resistant to powerful blunt force impacts. He's easily capable of withstanding blows that would seriously injure or kill most normal individuals. His physical density is now roughly that of a brick wall.

Hank's mutation also includes oversized prehensile feet, which are capable of operating perfectly as a second set of hands. Each toe just as nimble and dexterous as his fingers. Even more amazing, Hank brain is capable of splitting his focus enough to work on two different projects at once.

While not a part of his original mutation, Hank's experimentation has altered his mutation to appear more beastial. His appearance is vaguely ape-like and covered from head to toe in a shaggy coat of cobalt blue fur. And non-retractable claws sprout from each fingers and prehensile toe.

Power: Enhanced Agility (6)

Born X-Gene active, Hank's become a master of his mutant agility. He could easily put the most skilled Olympic Gymnast or Circus Aerialist to shame with his uncanny reflexes and astonishing sense of balance. His reaction times are astounding, allowing him to deflect or dodge most attacks.

Power: Enhanced Speed (1)

Beast's mutation allows him to easily reach bipedal running speeds of 40-45 MPH, or drop into a more ape-like running stance to reach speeds of up to 60 MPH for short periods. His powerful leg muscles also allow him to leap distances of up to 25 feet (or 15 feet straight up) quite easily.

Power: Enhanced Strength (5)

Hank's strength level has varied greatly over the years. Currently he can lift approximately 10 tons of weight when pushing himself to the limit. His strength level also allows him to apply a vice-like grip with his fingers and toes, allowing him to scale most walls with relative ease.

Power: Feral Senses (6)

Beast's beastial mutation grants him enhanced sense like that of an animal. His sense of sight, smell, taste, and hearing are all beyond that of a normal human being.

Power: Healing Factor (2)

Hank's mutation includes a enhanced healing factor. Injuries heal roughly 3 to 4 times faster than the average human being. This healing won't replace lost limbs or destroyed bodily tissue however. It also boosts his metabolism, increasing his resistance to various poisons and drugs.

Skill: Acrobat / Gymnast (6)

Born X-Gene active, Beast's had nearly his whole life to develop skills which utilize his superhuman physical abilities. He's a master of both acrobatics and gymnastics, having mastered all of the routines and even devised some new ones that only someone with his abilities could really pull off. In addition, Hank's sense of balance is astounding to behold.

Skill: Combat Training (6)

While a peacemaker at heart, Beast's also a skilled and competent fighter and wrestler. His unique fighting style draws heavily from his diverse acrobatic, gymnastic, and wrestling talents in conjunction with his mutant abilities and prehensile feet. He often employs creative manuevers and holds making his attacks difficult to anticipate or defend against.

Skill: Driving / Piloting (5)

Hank's keen hand-eye-foot coordination and quick reflexes make him a great driver and pilot. Fully checked out on a variety of helicopter and aircraft designs, Beast often served as pilot or co-pilot for the X-Men. In addition, Hank's a gifted grease monkey and engineer... capable of designing, maintaining, and improving both vehicles and aircraft.

Skill: First Aid / Medicine (7)

Beast's an accomplished M.D., trained in a variety of lifesaving techniques. He's quite capable handling everything from the mundane to serious medical care. Over the years he's performed everything from major surgery to delivering children. These services proved quite valuable during his years as an X-Man, serving as both doctor and field medic.

Skill: Genius Intellect (6)

Hank is a brilliant mind. At a young age he had excelled in sciences; genetics, biology, botony, and technology, mathematics, and the arts. His natural affinity for these pursuits of intellect are in direct opposition to his superior physical abilities. He is almost always seen spending his quiet time reading and has wrote several thesis on subjects from botantic to genetic evolution theory.

Skill: Renaissance Man (5)

A modern Da Vinci, Hank's a Polymath skilled in a number of fields. Such as being fluent in most of the world's major languages. He's a passionate fan of classic literature and sophisticated patron of the arts. He's also a gifted musician, both with the guitar and keyboard. Honestly, there's very few areas that Hank hasn't dabbled in. He'd do great on Jeopardy!

Skill: Science / Technology (7)

Hank has degrees in biology, bio-chemistry, chemistry, and genetics. And Ph.Ds. in bio-chemistry and genetics. And still serves as the X-Men's resident tech expert when available. He's well versed in both cybernetics, and nanotech. He's also quite a computer wiz, including programming, hacking, and security. He's almost what you could call a natural MacGyver.


Advantage: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D.

Sentient World Observation and Response Department. A counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D, S.W.O.R.D.'s primary role is to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats. As a "Man Friday" of sorts to S.W.O.R.D.'s head Agent Abigail Brand, Hank has access to most of the technology, equipment, and ships of S.W.O.R.D.'s orbiting space station, "The Peak".

Advantage: Allies & Contacts

Hank and "Beast" have a fairly extensive network of friends, colleagues, associates, and teammates. Some noteable individuals include: Professor Charles Xavier and the Original 5 of the X-Men to later addition to the team. From Congressmen and Senators to the President Of The United States. For the most part he can count on them to help him should the need arise.

Advantage: Charisma

Call it the soft blue fuzzy effect. Call it his natural eloquence or theatrical appreciation. Whatever it is, Hank is a charismatic man. WHile some of this is outward armor to protect people from seeing how uncomfortable with his own appearance he is, the rest is his genuine appreciation for people and his love of life. People are naturally drawn to him and he's often at the center of whatever conversation he may be engaged in. Which is largely how he landed his position as Secretary of Mutant Affairs.

Advantage: Sec Mutant Affairs

After years spent fighting for mutant rights behind a mask, Hank decided to use what he learned at the school and help the cause in another way. Officially, he works for the government as secretary of mutant affairs... sort of a liason to the Pentigon with regards to things that may affect mutants or might include mutants. While this doesn't give him much 'authority' and is considered by many of the oposition as little more than a dog bone, Hank still takes it quite serious. Using his position to put a strong foot forward in a more proactive and less secretive manner.

It is far easier to change things from within, than from with out.

Advantage: The Uncanny X-Men

As a founding member of the X-Men, Beast has full access to all of the team's resources. In fact, some of the team's technical "toys" were either invented or upgaded by Hank over the yeas. While his team status is currently in flux due to his work as Secretary Of Mutant Affairs, Hank maintains close ties to the team should they ever need his help.

Advantage: Xavier Institute

A private school in Westchester County, New York specializing in protecting and training young mutants to better control their abilities. Hank is a graduate of the so-called X-School and often returns to teach or spend time with his friends. As one of the original students Hank lends his expertise to the younger students as a teacher and mentor.


Flaw: Beastly Appearance

While Hank's appearance has always been... "unique", years ago he underwent a massive "secondary mutation" brought upon by his own hubris. His current appearance is rather ape-like, with blue fur, pointed ears, sharp claws, and fanged canines. It certainly effects how some view him.

Flaw: Enemies & Villains

While Beast doesn't have a nemesis to call his own yet, there has been a long history of enmeies. Most of them being the typical X-Baddies, though there have been a few others. Plus his Pro-Mutant Government Position encourages other threats. Especially from Anti-Mutant hate groups.

Flaw: Feral Mutation

Ferals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But they all tend to struggle at times with animalistic instincts and urges. While Hank has more control than most, there are ways it can rear it's ugly head. Such emotional stress, psychic attacks, or psychological manipulation.

Flaw: Mutant & Proud

Dr. McCoy is a well known scientist, mutant activist, and government official with an extremely recognizable appearance. While there are ways to hide his appearance to pass as "normal", Beast has a strong dislike of employing them. After all... he's a poster boy for Xavier's Dream.

Flaw: Public Figure

Hank is hardly unrecognizable, but even besides that he goes out of his way to be 'seen'. Half of this is because he wants to be accepted and the other is because he wants to show other mutants that they do not 'have' to hide. While this has made him an inspirational figure to some younger mutants, it also makes him a target to those who might not like to see mutants or mutantkind inspired. Or just those who might need a public face on whom they can blame some horrible falsity. Either way, being known is both a good thing and a horrible thing all in one.

Flaw: Replacement Organs

In the O5 days Beast was nearly killed in an blast which crushed many of his internal organs. Thanks to Xavier and Jean's use of telepathic borrowing they saved his life via an experimental procedure which replaced them with Gorilla and Kangaroo organs. Note: It also turned his hair blue.

Flaw: Self-Destructive

Hank has something of an obsessive personality, especially when it comes to his research. He's a workaholic, often going to extreme measures to get the answers he's looking for. Also like many noteable Scientists, Dr. McCoy's work has often involved using himself as a guinea pig.

Flaw: Token Mutant

Beast has worked hard to earn his position as Secretary Of Mutant Affairs. But there are those who see his appointment as nothing more than trying to appease the angry voices. Why else would they select a mutant with an obvious mutation so they can put him on display for the world?

Flaw: Unstable X-Gene

Due to genetic damage, Hank's X-Gene is highly susceptible to alteration or further enhancement. The physical aspects of his mutation suggests his powers derive from genetic atavism. There is a risk that that further changes could leave him in a feral mental state or monstrous form.


Accessing Cerebro - Subject: Hank McCoy - Codename: Beast

Professor Charles Xavier: "Blessed with Superhuman strength that is matched only by his brilliant scientific mind. He is the voice of calming reason in this chaotic world. He is the brains and brawn of this team." - (WatXM)

Henry Phillip McCoy was born X-Gene Active to parents Norton and Edna McCoy of Dunfee, Illinois. This early manifestation is likely due to genetic damage inherited from his father who was exposed to radiation while employed at the local nuclear power plant. Hank learned from an early age to conceal his bizarre prehensile feet, which led to him developing serious body image and self-esteem issues. In addition to his physical mutation, Hank was gifted with an astounding intellect. Hank eventually graduated from Harvard at only 15.

After college, numerous fairly lucrative opportunities became available to Hank. A chance meeting with Professor Charles Xavier had Hank chosing to accept an offer to continue his studies at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. It was here that Hank first met other mutant youngsters for the first time and started on the path of fighting for mutant rights. As 'Beast', Hank became a founding member of the X-Men. While he formed strong bonds of friendship with the other X-Men, Hank still had a strong desire to be seen as normal.

While Hank embraced Xavier's Dream... a part of him wanted to do more for the cause. After getting seriously injured saving the daughter of a powerful government figure... Hank began making contacts in the world of politics. Even when his experimentation to understand the nature of mutation left him more of a beast than a man he continued to fight for mutant acceptance.

Meanwhile, over the years the school's student roster had greatly expanded. Feeling there were more than enough mutants to fill his shoes, no pun intended, Beast decided to take a leave from the X-Men and the School for a time to follow some interesting avenues in Washington D.C. as well as with S.W.O.R.D. Recently Hank McCoy was named by the President of the United States as Secretary for Mutant Affairs.


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File:Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.jpg

The BSA is a government-run group with many roles to balance. Most famously, it regulates the activities of superheroes. The group also enters convicted superhuman criminals into its registry, much like certain other government organizations. Apart from its media-saturated image as the regulators of officially supported superhero activity and overseeing the handling of so-called "super-villains," the group is also dedicated to protecting the human rights and welfare of any superhumans--including those widely known as mutants and metahumans, as well as those with extraterrestrial genetics and other "genetically divergent" beings.

The X-Men

The X-Men were founded in early 2002 when Professor X realized that his students needed a higher purpose to serve. Their training was increased, and a goal was placed before them: fight for the rights of all, both in the interest of defending mutants from persecution and of protecting humans from mutants who would abuse their powers. It is a difficult line to walk, but the X-Men have always stood for equality, always done their best to protect the defenseless.


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