Hans Gunsche
The Hessian
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The Hessian

A man who's mutant power of regeneration and healing activated during the Revolutionary war, Hans has fought against the enemies of his house and eventually Germany when the country unified. He was somewhat prominent during World War 2 as a sorta Nazi super soldier who dedicated himself to their cause. Now he seeks to restore the third Reich.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Healing: 7, Superhuman Agility: 5, Superhuman Endurance: 1, Superhuman Speed: 1, Superhuman Strength: 4, Superhuman Toughness: 4

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 7/8, Marksmenship: 7/8, Tactics: 8

Abilities: Gear

Armored Uniform: 2 Mausers: 2

Advantages: Wealth

Flaws: Long-Lived, Metabolism, Nazi, War

Languages: English

Unapproved: German


Gear: Armored Uniform (2)

Hans still has his set of uniformed armor from back when he fought in world war 2. It includes an overcoat similar to a M42 Greatcoat with its neckguard constantly turned up and an M43 officer's cap emblazoned with the Totenkopf symbol with kevlar under the coat, brown baggy pants with a belt with ammo pouches and canteen with combat boots, survival knife and a backpack containing supplies and ammo as well as grenades.

Power: Healing (7)

This is Hans' main mutant power, healing. Simply put, Hans' natural regeneration has increased so much, he doesnt show any signs of physical aging and can heal from even the most aggressive of injuries. A unique factor also noted is as long as a portion of the body is alive, it will jump start the rest of his own body and restore it back to life to the best of it's ability based on what nutrients it has access. Because of the increase to his body's natural regeneration, his own physical capabilities is increased to above peak human status. His body also has the power of regeneration, if he consumes enough of the right nutrients, he can regenerate destroyed or lost limbs and organs.

Skill: Combat (7/8)

This represents Hans' ability in melee and unarmed combat. He is quite skilled with multiple types of melee weapons, edged weapons specifically. He is known to carry the sword from his days as a Hessian for this. His skill with weapons however is less then his skill at unarmed combat, training himself to fight against all types of enemies with nothing but his bare hands. His melee combat skill is 7 and his unarmed combat skill is 8

Gear: Mausers (2)

Hans carries two Mauser C96 which he has customized over the years. The Mausers has been remodified to be able to fire stronger bullets then the original design, putting it in the heavier firearm category.

Power: Superhuman Agility (5)

Due to his high regeneration capability, Hans' natural speed is above human standards but only barely.

Power: Superhuman Endurance (1)

Due to hans' healing capability, hans has above human endurance but only barely.

Power: Superhuman Speed (1)

Due to his high regeneration capability, Hans' natural speed is above human standards but only barely.

Power: Superhuman Strength (4)

Due to his high regeneration capability, Hans' natural strength is above human standards but only barely.

Power: Superhuman Toughness (4)

Due to his high regeneration capability, Hans' Natural toughness is above human standards but only barely.

Skill: Marksmenship (7/8)

Since the first creation of the gun, the flintlock, Hans has been dealing with guns ever since and has mastered use of multiple types of firearms, though his specialty is with handguns, specifically his customized mauser.

Skill: Tactics (8)

Being born during the revolutionary war and alive since then has given the former Hessian time to study and develop tactical knowledge. His obsession with war also strengthens his tactical mind.


Advantage: Wealth

Hans was a minor noble when he was born and starting out, but when you live to be 258 years old, especially when you know where the groups you fought for hid their treasure, it makes one wealthy. What Nazi gold and wealth that wasnt recovered by other agents, Hans had a portion of it and still has objects from back when he was a young man which would sell quite well. Problem is with this wealth, it is too noticable, like gold and jewels and antiques.


Flaw: Long-Lived

Hans has been alive since the revolutionary war, not changing his appearance to hide his long life. This allows anyone who was around back then or has access to materials such as journals, pictures, and drawings, to find him, even his name mentioned. In short, he may have developed a long list of enemies and is recognized by those who were around between the revolutionary war to now.

Flaw: Metabolism

Hans' Metabolism is heightened because of his regeneration and healing abilities. As such, he needs to eat large meals to sustain himself or his cells will start cannibalizing his own body to maintain itself. Also, to regenerate lost or destroyed organs and limbs, he needs to eat specific minerals for the body to regenerate itself. If he doesnt, his body will find the nutrients elsewhere from his body. Overall, he has to have a specialized diet meant for his metabolism

Flaw: Nazi

For a long time Hans fought war to increase his own strength and power, however, when Hitler formed the third Reich, with the ideals of creating an empire which would last one thousand years through war and domination, Hans finally found purpose. He still to this day feels the empire is not destroyed, just set back and will serve those who held power from Hitler's Regime.

Flaw: War

Hans believes war is the purifying flame, that only in times of war is progress made and people's worth is noticed. A person's true nature is revealed during times of war, And because of this, Hans loves war with the same zeal as a fanatic.


Hans Günsche was born in 1755, to a German minor noble family and was raised normally for a child of that time. When he became of age, to seek fame and fortune, he joined the British's war against the American colony, reveling in fighting and proving himself. It was then his mutant powers kicked in, when he was shot with a musket. He awoke to find the wound healed and he was left for dead. He returned to discover he was physically more able then any mere man not to mention his own ability to heal allowed him to heal from almost anything given enough time. He even lost a leg to cannon fire and discovered that if he ate specific things, things which he craved, his own limbs could regenerate. As time went on, he returned back to his home and participated in the many wars which unified Germany. Because of his healing, and the events of war which allowed the man to develop a near fanatic obsession with war, seeing it as the true means of growth, the purifying flame. For a while he simply wandered, fighting in battles and not having purpose and when he finally returned home, he found his purpose. A man was leading a new government, in an attempt to create an empire which will last one thousand years based on conquest and war. This man, Adolf Hitler, accepted the Hessian into the Waffen SS. He dedicated limbs and even organs to the Nazi research departments and fought in many battles against the allied forces. When the regime fell, Hans was put on trial for his actions and when it was indeed deemed that the man had no desire to repent, recounting all his actions to the court with almost a grin. He was sentenced to hanging and died suffocating because of the rope being too short. He was then sent to be transported to Munich to be incinerated, however, he came back to life halfway through the trip, and escaped with his belongings, putting another in his coffin in his place. Hans then returned to what was left of his estate and began amassing the resources he developed over the years, from his time during the revolutionary war to even some of the treasure stolen by the Nazi forces during the war. He spent this wealth adapting his own gear to the changes in times, and it is through hearing that a former hero he fought against appeared again which caused the hessian to leave the solitude of his estate. Selling everything, and bringing it to America, he seeks to restore the regime he knew, and serve those who upheld the ideals of war and conquest.


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