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Harley Quinn
HarleyQuinn2 HarleyQuinn1
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 2 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 2
Babies! Fightin' 5 Joke's on You 7
Surprise! 6 Toys and Games! 4
Cunnin' Plans Doctor! Hop Skip and Jump
My Puddin'
Batman Sucks Love Hurts Mania
Name: Harley Quinn From insanely intelligent to plain old insane, an infatuation with Arham's deepest, darkest minds (and one in particular) sent Harleen over the edge.

Passion is the root of all things that are Harley. Be it love or hate, there is the ever present angel and devil in her mind. Which is Black and which is Red?

Position: Miss Chief
Team: None
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Domino, Mystique
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Angsty, Gritty, Heroic, Social
Tone Dislikes: Classic, Comedic


Once upon a time there was a girl called Harleen Quinzel. She was super-smart, and worked really really hard because she wanted to be a doctor some day and help people figure out what was wrong with them an' fix it! It wasn't easy, 'cuz her Dad was a good-for-nothin' conman who was totally impossible! Her Ma and brother were always difficult to live with, too! But she did it, an' learned everything there was to learn about the criminal mind! Cuz she had a theory - that the only circumstances that people disregard the rules of society are when they are in love or when they commit crimes. Dad never respected society much 'cuz as a conman he was always breaking laws, an' love is love sugah!

Well it was all real tragic but she did prove her theory at Gotham University, and then she was allowed to work at Arkham Asylum! This was what she'd always wanted 'cuz it is basically Heaven for criminal psychiatrists, an' who better to make your name figurin' out than The Joker himself! Buuuut, she broke rule number one. She fell head over heels in happy-dappy love! It'd be silly if it wasn't so perfectly romantic!

She broke The Joker out of prison a lot, you know, for therapy! An' when she was discovered, she was stripped of her license and thrown inside herself (Boooo!). Luckily, ole Harley wasn't no fool, an' she soon managed to scoot her way out of jail and join her Mistah J! Now they're gonna live happily ever after! <3


Minions: Babies!

Harley has two hyenas; Bud and Lou! The slathering animals are utterly loyal to herself and The Joker, and have the following stats:

Agility 3 Strength 1 Toughness 2 Perception 2 Intellect 4 Willpower 2

Skill: Fightin' (5)
Harley Quinn knows how to throw a good punch and swing a handy mallet. She's got a wide range of experience using a variety of weird weapons, and compared to most rookies, henchmen and cops she's more than capable of making them look like chumps.

Skill: Joke's on You (7)
Harley might only have been an intern when she left the field of psychiatry for greener pastures, but she knows how to get in people's heads. Having worked with The Joker, not to mention examined her own psychosis, she's gotten valuable experience that none of her associates in the field will ever get! She can use this ability to manipulate others when she has the time to engage them in conversation. This ability is opposed by willpower and can not, usually, be used in combat situations.

Skill: Surprise! (6)
Harley is really good with makeup! She's capable of using a wide range of techniques to change up her accent, makeup and costume to hide herself. She can use this ability to contest opponents Perception check to determine who she is.

Equipment: Toys and Games! (4)
Harley's personal arsenal is a little less extensive than The Joker's, but she does still have the disconcerting habit of pulling out a huge bazooka with little provocation. Explosives, high-caliber weaponry and weird 'joke' devices which pack a deadly punch are all personal favorites.


Advantage: Cunnin' Plans

Harley is a master of springing traps and surprises, and using prepared environments against people. Partly because of her knowledge of psychiatry and partly because she is used to having to press every advantage to stay ahead of others. If she's had time to set up a trap, or she is fighting in an environment she knows particularly well, this can lend her a +2 on applicable rolls (with the agreement of other parties).

Advantage: Doctor!
Harley is a trained psychiatrist! No, really! Whilst her own brain is a little twisted, she's capable of using this to her advantage to manipulate others, and she usually has a fairly good idea of what makes folk tick.

Advantage: Hop Skip and Jump
In her non-crazy days, Harley was a fantastic acrobat, combining her discipline of mind with discipline of the body. The former might have abandoned her but the latter has definitely not! This can provide a boost when attempting feats of acrobatic prowess.

Advantage: My Puddin'
Harley Quinn is truly in love with The Joker, and whilst he may never truly return that loving devotion, Harley can draw on her feelings to stay loyal to her true love. In the face of deadly danger, interrogation or mental manipulation, Harley's twisted love can make her surprisingly resolute.


Flaw: Batman Sucks

Harley sees Batman as the personification of society's father-figure. He's the dull and overbearing authority figure who stifles creativity and makes everyone feel small - especially poor ole Mistah J, who just wants to have FUN and make people LAUGH!

Harley's intense hatred of Batman means that she's unlikely to ever want to ally with him... but more pressingly, when she sees Batman beat up on Mistah J, that tends to drive her crazy! Batman and the Bat Family can ruin all sorts of plans just by hitting him and triggering her Puddin'-Protectin' rage!

Flaw: Love Hurts
Harley's love of The Joker causes her to overlook his many flaws. Even when, intellectually, she knows that he is terrible for her, seeing him again makes her heart go all a'flutter and her heart rules her head. If separated from The Joker for an extended period, Harley can begin to seem more rational - sane, even! But she's addicted to the manic energy that he brings out in her.

Flaw: Mania!!
Harley is prone to wild moodswings. She's definitely manic-depressive, wildly exuberant and excited, plunging headlong into her projects and obsessions when she's on a high... and plunging into crashing despair when she hits her lows. Harley never feels anything is just 'alright' or 'okay' or 'annoying'. EVERYTHING is either the best thing to ever happen to her, or a terrible tragedy from which she may never, ever recover.

In addition, when she's on her own, Harley tends to talk to herself and verbalize her thoughts. She has a pair of happy hallucinatory friends, too! Her own personal angel and devil on her shoulder in the form of her doctor persona and The Joker. These only pop up when she's severely stressed or badly injured, but she does like chatting to them.


Harley Quinn Logs

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