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Ability: Magic (6/7)

In general, given a little bit of time Harry can come up with a spell to do almost anything he could imagine, creating a potion, or conjuring up a Fae to give him help, or to find a lost item. Imagination and his bodies stamina are his only limits. In Veils and Illusions aren't in his bailiwick, and generally are much much weaker than his other magics, while on the other hand Harry has been known to be able to keep a tracking spell going long after it normally would have worn off.

Ability: Soulgaze (consent only) Harkening back to the days of old, where meeting a witches eyes could steal your soul, Harry has an ability called the Soul Gaze. If any creature meets and holds Harry's eyes for more than a brief moment he and the person he's looking at enter into what is called a Soulgaze, where each person is laid bare before the other, each getting to see inside the psyche and being that is Harry, (or who he's gazing with)

Ability: Wizard Sight (5) By opening up the proverbial third eye Harry can activate his wizards sight, a psychic ability that can let him see more than what the mundane senses show, be it the aura's around people, or aspects of their inner nature, or even their true form if they are shapeshifting. Using Wizards Sight though is a dual edged sword as the things seen by Wizard Sight never fade over time, and some things out there are just too gruesome to see once.. much less every time you think about it.

Equipment: .357 Revolver (2) Harry doesn't always solve his problems with magic and fire, sometimes a good old fashioned slug thrower can solve the issue, or if he's all out of fire juice, it's a good stand by weapon.

Magic Item: Blasting Rod Harrys blasting rod is just that, a rod he uses to blast things, covered in the arcane formula needed for most evocation magics, predominantly fire, it gives him much better control over fire magics than if he tries to do the spells without such.

Magic Item: Enchanted Duster (5)

Harry will very rarely be found not wearing the duster gifted to him by a one time lover, the mantled black leather duster looks to be something right out of desperado. If one looks closely they'll see that in black ink tattooed into the black leather are arcane sigils of protection, this lets him shrug off most caliber of weapons fire, as well as the claws and teeth of things that go bump in the night.

Magic Item: Magic Staff

No self respecting wizard would let himself be found without his magic staff. Harry's is made out of a piece of lightning struck oak and has the various formula and components he needs for most of his spells, letting him channel his magic through it for more control, and power.

Magic Item: Silver Pentacle

Around Harrys neck is his mothers silver pentacle while not enchanted in and of itself it can be the focus of many of Harry's spells.

Skill: Detective (6)

While being a wizard, Harry /is/ also a licensed private investigator, who's got a good bit of experience under his belt.

Skill: Stage Magic (4)

Harry's formative younger years were spent on the road with his father, a minor league stage magician, before he died he managed to teach some of the skills for stage magic and slight of hand to his young son.

Spell: Defendarius (4/5)

Harry can surround himself with a shield of pure force, when used on its own, the shield can deflect high caliber (.50 machine gun) rounds but doesn't last very long. When used in conjunction with his Shield bracelet, the shields longevity increases as well as it's ability to absorb energy attacks while not frying Harry.

Spell: Forzare (5)

With the cry of Forzare! Harry can emit a blast of pure force, either shaping it like a punch, or creating blades of force to use against items. The effect need not be straight forward, with concentration Harry can have the projected force of the spell come from any direction, even on the opposite side of an emergency exit to open the locked door.

Spell: Fuego (4/8)

Harry's bread and butter attack spell, with little effort he is able to conjure flames of varying destructive capability. Without his blasting rod and staff though Harry's control of fire magic is limited, and as such, unless /really/ pushed and in need of some serious firepower he tends to cut the flames a bit lower.

Spell: Hexus (7)

Harry's own personal brand of magic doesn't mix well with modern technology, anything older than the early 1960's tends to protest being around Harry. This anti-technology field of Harries can be purposely triggered and targeted, frying unshielded modern machine as easily as any EMP hitting a computer. The advantage is, it doesn't just work on electronics.

Magic Item: Magic Rings (1-5)

On each of the four fingers on his right hand harry wears a ring, each made of three silver bands, when harry walks a portion of the kinetic energy of his hands swinging is stored in the ring that he can then expend by touching the ring with his thumb and giving a mental command. This can be done individually, or he can let loose every single rings charge at once creating a one time blast of immense proportions.

Advantage: Bob

Housed in an enchanted skull is the lecherous spirit of intellect, Bob, older than old he who soever possesses the skull has Bob's loyalty and with it the vast array of mystic knowledges that he has gathered over the years. If you want to shut him up though, give him something smutty to read, a romance novel, or even a hustler... he's not picky.

Advantage: Contacts

Harry's worked in the community for years, and as such has developed contacts, friends that when he needs to, he can call upon for information, or help in getting patched up, be it a NYC Cop that works 'special cases' to a Medical Examiner that doesn't like to work on the living to even a few pixies that have an unhealthy addiction to Pizza.

Advantage: Knowledge

Harry enjoys being a wizard and loves the time and effort that goes into being a wizard. As such he's well read up on myth and magic hosting his own considerable encyclopedic knowledge of the magical world.

Advantage: Laboratory

Harry's apartment came with a small sub-basement built into the rock of the foundation, inside is where he keeps Bob safe and sound, as well as his lab for brewing potions, and his summoning circle used for various bits of arcane use.

Advantage: Lasciel

Recently Harry came in contact with a silver coin, one believed to be one of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Christ. Inside it was the fallen angel Lasciel, with it comes another source for knowledge, as well as Hellfire, a mystic energy that he can use to bolster the damaging effects of his offensive spells, especially fire. When using Hellfire with his spells, there is a strong odor of brimstone around the spell, and it's damaging effects are increased by 1.

Advantage: Mule-Headed

Harry's stubborn and lives by the code "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." and as such, the things he believes in he'll fight for, to the death if need be. An enemy of Harry's once said his headstone would state "Here Lies Harry Dresden. He died doing the right thing."

Advantage: Pi License

Harry is a fully licensed private investigator in the State of New York, which allows him some leeway in his 'investigations.'

Advantage: Runner

The first rule of zombieland is cardio, and Harry is no slob. At least three times a week he can be found out on one of the beaches of the city running in the sand cause you never know when he's going to have to run, duck, or dodge a claw or a fireball.

Flaw: 7 Laws of Magic

Harry ascribes to a codified law for the use of his magic, and it is as follows.

The first law forbids the use of magic to kill humans, super powered or not. It doesn't say anything though about using it against non-human monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, you name it.

The Second Law forbids the use of magic to transform someone into something else. No turning someone into a toad for Harry.

The Third Law forbids the use of magic to invade an others mind, to read it and glean knowledge off the mind.

The Fourth law forbids the use of magic to bind another against their will to mentally dominate and control them.

The Fifth Law forbids the use of necromancy to bind unwilling spirits, or to try and raise the dead. Mediums and Contact with willing spirits is allowed.

The Sixth Law forbids using magic to break temporal laws, to go back in time, or into the future to cause havoc.

The Seventh Law forbids contact with beings beyond the outer gates. These beings called outsiders are complete anathema to life in our universe some are called Old Ones.

Flaw: Anger Issues

Harry was intended to be a weapon and was trained as such, it ended with his Master dead by his hand, and a black mark on his soul. Harry's a generally nice guy, but he can be quick to anger, and has to constantly fight to keep himself from going 'dark side'

Flaw: Behind the Times

From the time he was 10 Harry has not been able to join the modern culture, Computers, Cellphones, Cordless phones, Television, all conveniences of the modern era break down around him. Harry has read of the internet.. but he's not seen it, much less been on it himself, and as such doesn't have it to rely on. Hell he's gotta be careful if he just tries to ride the Subway with all it's computer driven trains.

Flaw: Bob

Bob has to be kept a secret, if he were to be found out by anybody, they may try and take Bob for their own. Who ever is holding Bobs skull controls him and has the intellect spirits loyalty which could let a lot of secrets out and create quite the bit of danger. Oh, and it doesn't help that several quite powerful faery creatures want him dead and would have no qualms about going through Harry to get to him.

Flaw: Enemies

Harry's made several enemies over the years, Crime Bosses, Vampires, the occasional Fae.

Flaw: In Debt

Harry owes his life to his Fairy Godmother The Leanansidhe, and she knows it. The Leanansidhe would like nothing more than to collect on that debt. Thankfully Harry's managed to stay one step ahead of her to not have /that/ marker called in.

Flaw: Lasciel

Lasciel is a fallen angel who's left a psychic echo of herself inside Harry's mind. Her sole purpose is to corrupt Harry and convince him to take up her coin (currently buried under his apartment inside his summoning circle) and use it to become a Knight of the Blackened Denarius. She can cloud Harry's mind with realistic illusions making him see and feel what she wants him to. This can be troublesome if she wants to get bitchy..

Flaw: Marked

Justin DuMorne broke more than one of the seven laws of magic in the training of Harry, shortly after his escape Harry had an encounter with a being called He Who Walks Behind, a powerful outsider that Harry barely survived just because of the outsiders lack of knowledge of the modern world. This has garnered him quite a bit of animosity from supernatural enemies.

Flaw: Murphy s Law

If you look under the encyclopedia Britannica (The old paper version) under the heading 'Murphy's Law' you'll find a picture of everyone's favorite professional wizard. If his plan can go sideways... well it will..

Flaw: Protective

Harry's protective of his friends, growing up with not much of a family, they've become his family and as such he tries to shield them from things, even when maybe they /should/ know whats going on. This can cause quite a bit of trouble.

Flaw: Unlicensed Firearm

Harry carries a gun, and at times has been known to use it. Unfortunately the conceal carry laws of New York City are so draconian to make that an impossibility. As such, harry generally carries legally.


Harry's mother died in childbirth, and natural causes killed Harrys father, a minor league stage magician when he was 6 years old. From that point till just before his 10th birthday Harry lived in foster care in the American mid west. It was at this time that one Justin DuMorne adopted harry sensing the burgeoning magical talent that lay within the boy, and knowing full well Harry's lineage he was an abusive Master, teaching Harry and turning him into a soldier, a year later he adopted another orphan, a girl Elaine Mallory, training them both to be warriors for him, and for them to distract each other as they grew older, it was at the age of 16 that Justin put his plans into motion. Coming home from school one day when Elaine had stayed home sick, he found his fellow adoptee enthralled by Justin the man planning to do the same to Harry. Harry managed to escape and came in contact with a fae being, his fairy god mother The Leanansidhe who gave him the power needed to return to save Elaine and put a stop to Justin. It was during this fight that he killed his former master, but the flames of the house he grew up in separated him from Elaine and he thought she dead in the conflagration. Shortly after this a group of warlock hunters calling themselves The Wardens came across Harry having sensed the dark magics in the dual with Justin. He was to be put to the death for practicing what was called dark magic till a leader of the Wardens, Ebenezar McCoy stepped in, taking Harry in as his apprentice taking Harry to Hogs Hollow Missouri where everything Harry is today he was taught. Learning under Ebenezar for several years, Harry them moved away, traveling across the United States before finally settling in New York City where he has earned himself a license to be a Private Investigator.


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