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Hawkeye (II)
Katherine Bishop Hawkeye Kate-bishop-HawkeyeII
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 3
Perception: 6 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 5
Acrobatics 5 Archery 5 Costume 4
Fencing 4 Markswoman 5 Martial Arts 4
Daddy's Money Music Socialite
Family Headstrong Secret Identity
Name: Katherine Elizabeth Bishop Kate Bishop is an heiress in New York City known for known for giving time, money, and energy to multiple charities.

Hawkeye is a 'Hero'. A street level vigilante who protects the weak and abused.

Few people know, or even suspect that Kate Bishop is 'Hawkeye'. They don't know that after a traumatic experience involving the criminal element that in addition to using her fathers money to help the less fortunate, she took it upon herself to train as hard as she could, to buy weapons and a costume, and to protect those that she could, no matter the cost.
Position: Avenging Archer
Team: Young Allies
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Crystal Reed
Alts: X-23 and Supergirl
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: "Not bad for a girl with no powers, huh?"
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, and Social
Tone Dislikes: None


Kate Bishop is the daughter of Manhattan socialites Derek Bishop and Eleanor Bishop, and is the young sister of Susan Bishop. It could easily be said that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. While growing up, her parents did everything they could to teach her to be a proper member of their social circle. As part of this Kate went to well know private schools (where she excelled at archery even at an early age), she tended to take after her mother more with wanting to do charity work. This desire to help others only grew stronger after her mother died over seas doing some of her charity work (an event that lead to her father withdrawing and becoming more cold as he focused on expanding his publishing empire and other financial activities).

A few years later, Kate was attacked in Central Park. What exactly happened to her is something that she has only told a single person about. This event though lead to her wanting to do what she could to prevent others from being victimized as well. Thus she took up fencing, kick boxing, and other martial arts, driving herself as hard as she could to become as good as she could be. At the same time she managed to use her access to her fathers money to have a 'costume', bow, special arrows, and other 'goodies' made. That way, she could put what she learned in use, and could do what she could do to protect others as Hawkeye!


Skill: Acrobatics (5)

Much like archery, acrobatics was something that she took up in school long before she started down the road to become a hero. Even from the very beginning, she showed a lot of natural talent with it. As part of her 'combat training' when she decided to take up the bow as a vigilante, she put a renewed focus on becoming as good as she could. After all, she's probably going to be shot at, or worse (especially as she encounters villains with powers) thus she tried her best to be prepared.

Skill: Archery (5)
Much like her martial arts and acrobatic abilities, Kate is a natural with a bow and arrow. In fact her skills as an archer are more pronounced. She was part of her schools archery team, and even before that, she excelled at it in summer camp. In fact it's one of the few combat related skills that both of her parents know of and approve of.

Gear: Costume (4)
While it might not look like much, Kates costume actually is a form of light weight body armor. It can and does some protection to her arms and legs from many common forms of weaponry such as knives and guns. Areas that are exposed, like her head, do not have such protection though. In addition, she tends to carry a second pair of 'sunglasses' that actually are a very expensive high end night vision system.

Skill: Fencing (4)
Much like archery, fencing is a socially acceptable 'sport' for a young lady of Kates status. As such she took it up at an early age, and has shown that she is quite good at it. At one point she even thought that she could try out for the US Olympic team as a fencer (and she may very well of made the team), but her father squashed that idea due to it being 'below her station'. Still, when it comes to a sword, Kate is very good.

Skill: Markswoman (5)
While Kate might not be as good with many non-archery ranged weapons, Kate still has a certain amount of natural talent for them, and she has done what she can to learn at least the basics for the most common ones. As such, she not only is fairly good with a gun or a crossbow, but she shows some potential to become as good with them as she is with a bow and arrow if she were to just put the time, effort, and training into weapons aside from the bow and arrow.

Skill: Martial Arts (4)
It might be more of her natural skill when it comes to combat, or it might be shear determination to make sure that she can protect herself and others, but Kate has shown an ability to absorb martial arts skills that is uncanny. While she has learned kick boxing and other forms of martial arts from more formal instructors, she has also tried to find other ways and people to teach her. Given time, she might even get better.

Gear: Weapons (1-5)
Kate normally might only have a bow, arrows, and a pair of staves on her, but Kate has access to much more. This includes, but is not limited to her supply of 'trick arrows', swords, and even 'trick swords', but it can and on rare occasions does include guns or worse. Yes, this even includes some military grade weapons that odds are she really shouldn't have access to. But in a world where money can buy things that people shouldn't really have, Kate is willing to use that to get what she needs. Of course she hopes that she never has to use anything other than her bow, arrows, trick arrows, and swords regularly, since after all using the 'big guns' can easily escalate things beyond a point where she's comfortable.


Advantage: Daddy's Money

To put it simply, Kate comes from a rich family. Her father is always trying to expand his financial empire. At the same time he doesn't pay too much attention to what Kate or her sister spend his money on. In fact, in the past he has encouraged Kate to donate money to charities, if only so he can occasionally play it up for publicity that can help him, his empire, and the family look good. So as long as she doesn't go too far overboard, he probably won't notice her splurges to buy herself equipment (or even just expensive clothing and the like), or possibly even if she uses the money to help other heroes from time to time.

Advantage: Music
Kate is a classically trained musician who plays the cello. And while not a music snob, she can easily tell the difference between a piece written by Bach, Brahms, Mozart, John Williams, as well as many other classical composers, can discuss their strengths, weaknesses, and styles, and can play parts of their compositions on her cello from memory (if said composition has an established part for cello). With that said, she still listens to and enjoys a wide variety of music, not just classical.

Advantage: Socialite
From a young age Kate has had proper manners drilled into her, and has spent a lot of time among others who are either movers and shakers, or just are from old money. As such she not only knows how to do such socially acceptable things as ride a horse and can tell you the proper utensil to use at specific points in a fancy dinner, but she also has connections to other important and rich families (many of which she is probably on good terms with).


Flaw: Family

Kate might not be on the best terms with her father these days, but she still loves him. Her older sister on the other hand she is on much better terms with. Still, if he enemies found out who she was, they would and could be targeted, harmed, or otherwise used against her. Worse, she has to work to try and keep her activities secret from them, since she knows that they n(or at least her father) would disapprove and would try to put a stop to what Kate is doing.

Flaw: Headstrong
To say that Kate can be a little 'single-minded' at times is an understatement. At times she can be so focused on one single thing, usually as part of her effort to make the world a better place. As such she can and does tend to push herself too far, and is more than willing to sacrifice almost anything to do what she can do what she feels she has to do, no matter what the physical, mental, or emotional cost is to herself. Worse, some times this headstrong nature can lead to others she is close to to be unintentionally hurt, which in turn is worse for Kate since she is willing to accept what she does to herself, but hates the fact that what she does might hurt those around her.

Flaw: Secret Identity
Simply put, the world doesn't know that Kate Bishop, a Manhattan Socialite from a well known and respected family is the vigilante known as Hawkeye. Odds are the news papers in New York City would have a field day if they found this out, and who knows what sort of damage this secret could do to her family and her fathers businesses if it got out.

Flaw: Victim
There's no way around this. Kate was assaulted in Central Park. She is in therapy about it. Only her and her therapist truly know what was done to her. This is not something she can just 'get over'. Thus at times she has had, and will continue to have strong reactions to situations that remind her of what she went through. If she thinks another woman is being assaulted like she was, she is just as likely to fly off the handle and do everything she can to stop the person doing the assaulting, as she is to freeze up and have flashbacks to what happened to her. The exact reaction though depends on the situation though.


Hawkeye II Logs


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  • Stature: Cassie Lang, daughter of an Ant-Man, Kate's best friend in the comics.
  • Iron Lad: Nathaniel Richards, a time traveler who /might/ end up becoming a super-villain in his future.
  • Teen Vision: Jonas, a unique mixture or programming originating from his namesake, future technology, and the brain waves of a teenaged time traveler.
  • The Savage She-Hulk: Lyra, a character with a unique past (her mother came from an alternate future, made out with the Hulk, used skin samples she took from him to mix with her own DNA so she could have a daughter) and quite possibly one of the most unique weaknesses for a Hulk (the angrier she gets, the /WEAKER/ she gets)
  • Cyclone: Maxine Hunkel, granddaughter of the original Red Tornado, extremely intelligent (4.0 GPA and a 1300 SAT) 'wind witch'.
  • Blue Beetle II: Jamie Rayes, another legacy hero. Has a sentient (but amnesic) alien artifact that gives him powers.
  • Rocket: Raqul Ervin, Potential adapted FC, one of those FCs wtih multiple versions, it would be interesting to see this girl from the 'worst area of the city' on the grid.
  • Firebreather: Potential Adapted FC, Duncan Xerxes Absalom Wu Fan Cassius Draco Draconus Quetzelcoatl Gondwana Mjarl Khan Belloc-Rosenblatt Jr., the half-dragon son of an actual dragon, has all sorts of dragon like abilities but simply wants to live a normal life.
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