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Many people just think he's just a nut ball claiming he's the son of the Olympian god Zeus and hero of ancient Greece. What they don't know he is truly the hero of legend the Lion of Olympus and popular media. He truly is Hercules. (cue 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' music)


Character Sheet

Abilities: Arsenal

Golden Mace: 2

Abilities: Power

Agility: 5, Durability: 6, Jumping: 2, Regeneration: 4, Running: 2, Stamina: 4, Strength: 10

Abilities: Skill

Athletics: 6, Combat: 6, Music: 4


Flaws: Competitive, Past, Rage, Three Sheets, Thrillseeker, Women

Languages: Ancient-Greek, English, Greek, and Latin


Arsenal: Golden Mace (2)

The mace is a massive golden cylinder atop a sturdy handle with a strap on the end for the wrist. Forged out of the divine material adamantine, in the volcanic depths Olympus' Mt. Aetna. The mace was handcrafted by the god Hephaestus for his half-brother, Hercules. He did so having known of Hercules' love for a blunt weapon. Adamantine is one of the hardest material in the known universe and it's completely unbreakable. It possesses no offensive magics aside the inherent magic quality of the Olympian metal. Which comes in handy when Hercules goes up against people and monsters who can be harmed by magic. (TOUGHNESS:10)

Power: Strength (10)

When you hear the name Hercules, you think of pure unadulterated physical strength. And he is perhaps the strongest being on the face of the Earth. Able to lift one hundred tons with an ease, but if there is any need of proof as to his level of strength, then one needs to look no further then the time he replaced Atlas, the condemned Titan who supports the weight of the heavens upon his shoulders. And it's because of his incredible level of strength that has placed him in a rare group of powerhouses who's sheer power is at such a level that there's no humanly way possible to gauge their limits. He joins others like Thor and the Hulk in this group, but where they have more raw power. Hercules has raw strength. He is, after all, the man for whom the word 'Herculean' was created.

Skill: Athletics (6)

Hercules isn't much of an acrobat, but he can run, jump, and swim quite well. In fact he can run up to 100 miles per hour in a sprint, jump up to 100 feet vertically and even swim up to 75 mph in bursts. No surprise coming from the man who helped create the Olympic games, millennia ago. He participated for a while until he shockingly withdrew from the games. Reason being, because of his incredible skill and sheer strength he won every event. And he felt it was unfair to the other participants.

Skill: Combat (6)

Hercules has had millennia to practice all styles of Greek combat. And he's usually happy with just using his fists and body slams. But when he comes up against a real challenge he'll revert to his of training, which combined with his raw power makes him one of the scariest hand-to-hand combatants on the face of the planet. The following are a few of the styles of combat he is trained in:

       WRESTLING: Wrestling is a discipline older than any other martial art throughout the ages. And Hercules just happens to be the greatest 'pure' wrestler that has ever lived. And his knowledge of how to use grapples, locks and leverage against an opponent is none the less incredible. This means he can take hold of his opponent, be it a man or a creature of greater size and strength. And physically put them into submission. 
       -BOXING: Boxing in ancient Greece was a far cry from what the sport is like today. All it was, was two men throwing punches at one another, wearing nothing but leather straps on their knuckles. There was no ring, no weight class, no time limit and the last one standing was the winner. It was violent and brutal, a perfect sport for a man who can throw blows with the power to destroy mountains.
       -PANKRATION: Created by Hercules himself, this form of combat is the combined techniques of both boxing and wrestling. And is perhaps considered the precursor to modern mixed martial art fighting. This form of combat is a combination of punches, chokes, throws, grapples take downs and punishing joint locks that is brutal and direct.
       WEAPONS TRAINING: Trained by the greatest teacher of his time, Chiron the Centaur. Hercules has a grand knowledge of melee weapons such as sword, staffs, knives, spears, axes and clubs. He's honed these skills over the last three thousand of years since, making him awesomely capable at whatever weapons he uses. Though he knows how to use them he doesn't care for bladed weapons, preferring to lead with his fists instead. He also seems to shy away from using the bow as well, something to due with an incident in his past. However when he does choose to use a weapon, he loves a good blunt object to make his point.

Skill: Music (4)

Many years past Hercules was trained to play the stringed instrument known as the lyre. Though not the greatest student he did the best he could until the day he broke his lyre over the head of his teacher and accidentally killed the man. Since then he's practiced quite a bit and has become quite the passable musician. He can play most stringed instruments that can be strummed or plucked. Instruments like guitars, mandolins, lutes, etc. But not only can he play and instrument, he has a pretty good singing voice to boot.

Power: Agility (5)

The first time someone sees Hercules, they see a large man made of muscles. But looks can be deceiving. He's incredibly agile for a man of his physical size. In fact he's moves like a man half his size, quickly and smoothly. His swiftness on his feet allow him the ability to perform some of the most incredible feats. Such as catching objects in mid air or dodging the most obvious attacks before they can land. His balance is also quite astounding, making it hard for most to knock him off his feet. (AGILITY: 5)

Power: Durability (6)

Hercules body: skin, organs and even his bones, are significantly denser than those of a mortal man. But even the strongest of bones can still be broken. But it would take someone with enough strength to break them. And even then it wouldn't be an easy thing to do. His skin can withstand many different forms of effects that can normally cause damage. Temperatures ranging from sweltering heats to frigid colds seem to have little to no effect on him. Whereas conventional weaponry such as: blades and bullets seem to just bounce off his skin. However massive amounts of energy can affect Hercules, even cause him some pain, but even then the amount of energy blast will only slow him down. The same is true for the extremes in temperature. (TOUGHNESS: 6)

Power: Jumping (2)

Not only can he run with his powerful legs, but he can jump quite well too. Be it a vertical hop to a height well over 100 feet in the air. To a long distance leap of well over a single mile in distance.(Distance: 2)

Power: Regeneration (4)

Being a God definitely has its perks. One being your body heals quicker than a mortals. Sure Hercules body is already quite resistant to normal attacks. But when the attacker is a bit more powerful damages can be done. But it's damage he can recover from. Any wounds he receives tend to heal, the time it takes depends on the extent of the injury. Bruises, scratches and cuts heal quickly then fades from existence within minutes. While more serious injuries, such as severe burns, broken bones and possibly lost limbs, need more time to heal. His body is also able to fend off many if not all of mortal mans basic viruses and diseases. (HEALING: 4)

Power: Running (2)

However his strength does not rest only in his arms and back, but in his legs as well. His great strength grants him the ability to jog and even run at great distances. And when he really pushes himself he can get into a full run clocking in at around 100 mph. (Speed: 2)

Power: Stamina (4)

Hercules muscles don't fatigue like a mortals, thus making him near tireless. He's able to perform strenuous tasks for hours even days on end depending on the task. His resistance to most diseases and foreign toxins that would kill a normal man is incredible. And the possibilities of a poison, virus or bacteria, imbued with mystical energies being created to affect him are slim. It would have to be designed by someone with enough knowledge and mystical power to attack and significantly affect his Olympian biology. (ENDURANCE: 4)



Flaw: Competitive

Hercules just can't pass up a good challenge. This gets him into just about the same amount of trouble as women do. Whereas women are more of a personal hazard. This causes problems amongst his friends and associates. Seeing that his need to win the challenge puts up blinders and get them hurt in the process, when he should be protecting them. And it's only when he realizes this will he actually back down from any challenge.

Flaw: Past

As most know from reading about him, Hercules has done some things in his past that even he isn't proud of. Most known of these events his most heinous is the murder of his family through magic of madness cast upon him by Hera. Another event, while not of his doing, was the attack of the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta by a doppleganger sent by Hera. This caused a rift between him and the Amazons for millennia to come. And it's through these attempts of revenge on his person causes him a great deal of hurt that saddens him to the point of depression even to this day..

Flaw: Rage

Normally Hercules is a jovial, upbeat and fun loving man determined to do no wrong. Yet, there are times when he can be pushed too far, goaded into losing his temper or get lost in the danger he's in, and steps over the border of what is right and wrong. And often than not it's quite destructive. Like a bull he sees red everywhere and will smash all that's in his way. And by the end of the rampage furniture, cars and even buildings will have seen the rage of Hercules. Of course by the end his superhuman stamina will be all but spent leaving him to tired to even drink.

Flaw: Three Sheets

Three casks, six kegs, twenty bottles and god knows how many shots as well as two well endowed blonds later, Hercules' is quite a different person. He can be as happy as a kid in a candy store, but at the same time his judgment grows very lax. He can easily be talked into a going off on some harebrained adventure, but at the same time that fine line he straddles between hero and idiot becomes thinner. And once over this line, it's easy to anger and prod the Prince of Power into a fight. While this may sound like an Epic bar brawls told for eons by drunk frat boys everywhere. It's not so awesome when it pours out into the middle of Brooklyn.

Flaw: Thrillseeker

Hercules feels the need to seek out action in all its forms, all the time, be it day or night. He needs it just to feel truly alive. If things get dull and boring, by his standards, he'll go looking for adventure till he finds it. Be it picking a fight or starting a beer chugging contest. Whatever it takes to get the blood pumping. This makes things a tad challenging for anyone that hangs around with him. Because what's the fun in doing something stupidly insane if there's no one to see it?

Flaw: Women

All men have their weakness. And with Hercules his true 'Achilles heel' just happens to be the fairer of the sexes, women. He just can't help it. Being with a beautiful woman or women are up there with a good fight in his book. And as all vices do, this one tends to get him into trouble quite a bit. And all it would take is an idealistic woman with all the right curves to grab Hercules attention. Then she could easily lead him around persuading him to do things she wants and he wouldn't normally do.


Hercules is the son of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, and Alcmena, a mortal woman. Zeus seduced Alcmena in the guise of her husband. When Hercules was born, he showed signs of extraordinary strength even before he was even a year old. As he grew older Hercules had many notable adventures in ancient times. Aiding Jason and the Argonauts in quest for the Golden Fleece and Saving the Titan Prometheus from eternal torment, to name a few. But Hercules became best known for his celebrated Twelve Labors, which were performed in part as his penance for a crime by, but not of, his doing.

Hercules would eventually met his mortal demise at the hands of his wife Deianeira, who was tricked into making a love charm from a dying centaur's enchanted blood. It was more of a curse, for when rubbed the love charm into Hercules shirt, he was overcome by an unspeakable agony. Even after he removed the shirt. The only way to stop it Hercules burned himself, alive, in a funeral pyre. It was than Zeus intervened by making Hercules and immortal and bringing him to Olympus.

But as the millenia past Hercules grew restless, impatient and started to suffer from wanderlust. Zeus had forbid all Olympian Gods from visiting Earth since the rise of Christianity. That did not stop Hercules from sneaking to Earth for some fun. However when Zeus found out he felt that he would teach his son and banish him from the halls of Olympus. Which didn't bother Hercules one bit. Now an exile from his home, the world's greatest hero roams looking for adventure, women and a good stiff drink.


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