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Architect Spawn

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The woman calling herself Historia in the present is actually a dead woman altered by demonic powers and sent back to Earth as a Hellspawn. The designer of the Tower of Babel, the so-called "Architect Spawn" is an ambitious creature who wishes the push humanity beyond the boundaries forced upon it by the war between Heaven and Hell. Equipped with symbiotic armor, demonic magic, and an analytical mind, Historia has spent thousands of years following the fall of Babylon concealed within a pocket-dimension, trying to devise a way to end the war without the sacrifice of human souls. Though she currently fights the temptation to wield her demonic powers, she has not yet found the solution she seeks.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Intellect: 5

Abilities: Power

Ancient Chains: 5, Demon Magic: 7, Demon Staff: 3, Dexterity: 5, Hellspawn Tricks, Hell Scroll: 2, Necroplasm Body: 5, Regeneration: 8, Symbiotic Armor: 5

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5, Grand Architect: 10, Hell Lore: 4

Advantages: Helsanct

Flaws: Decapitation, Drowning, Energy Limits, Hell's Taint, Holy Power, Pride, Temptation, Time to Think

Languages: Aramaic, Egyptian, English, and Hebrew


Attribute: Intellect (5)

Historia, unlike many Hellspawn, is incredibly smart. She did not live to uncover this aspect of herself, but her return to Earth as a Hellspawn has given her the opportunity to put her mind to work, to learn about the world, and find her true calling -- not just mindless slaughter, nor even being a brilliant tactician, but critical thinking and conceptualization beyond the information she was presented with upon her initial unholy "rebirth".

Power: Ancient Chains (5)

Historia's symbiotic armor has bulky metal chains wrapped about her waist when she is in Battle Mode. They can act independently of her will to defend her or attack immediately threatening opponents, unless she overrides this consciously. The chains can inflict damage as high as Arsenal 2 due to their weight and magical nature, and have Toughness 5. Though they can potentially be broken, they can also repair themselves much like the rest of the Architect Spawn's armor. In addition to serving as blunt weapons, they can also serve as a focus for certain effects, such as expending a small amount of energy to electrocute someone being held by them (Arsenal 3 at most).

Power: Demon Magic (7)

Limitations: Many feats of magic are simply beyond the energy Historia has available, and using this energy at all brings her closer and closer to being returned to Hell -- essentially a second damnation from which there is no return. She presently has about 65 percent of her energy remaining. As a general guide line, any ability that would require someone else to have a pre-approved plot to achieve is something beyond Historia entirely or likewise requires a plot to achieve (resurrection or wide-spread destruction being chief amongst these).

Knowledge: Historia does not actually have any true spell knowledge, and thus despite the enormous potential for her Hellborn power, wielding it is a matter of will, imagination, and instinct. When it comes to knowledge of mysticism, rituals, and so forth, she is presently not very knowledgeable at all.

Historia has vast magical powers, but there is a limited supply of energy to use them. Aside from the energy issues, the only other limitation is Historia's imagination. Due to the consequences of using up all her energy, Historia tends to rely primarily on her costume's natural abilities to fight, or on weapons. Historia can use this magic when she must for a variety of effects, including resurrecting the dead (an extremely costly usage), healing herself and others, firing blasts of necroplasmic energy, teleportation, shapeshifting, curing the sick, the creation of pocket dimensions, the creation of objects, the temporary creation of magical weaponry, and more or less anything that Historia can imagine.

Historia can OCCASIONALLY take energy back from her costume if-needed to perform simpler demonic magic without endangering her own energy levels, but the range of magical effects possible is more limited. About equivalent to Magic 2 or Magic 3 at the most, due to the lesser amount of energy available.

Power: Demon Staff (3)

Historia carries a staff that is, similarly to her Hell Scroll, an externalized portion of her costume. The skull on the top can project green flames from its eye sockets as an attack (Arsenal 3) with a fairly short range (Distance 1), or can serve as a blunt weapon (Arsenal 1). When in Battle-Mode, the staff becomes incorporated into Historia's costume as a chestplate. The staff can not be taken, used, or even held by other people. It reacts with hostility to other people holding it, dissolving their hands and trying to bite them with its sharp-toothed skull.

Power: Dexterity (5)

Supernaturally heightened reaction time and reflexes paired with a body that can respond to such allow Historia to attempt to dodge bullets and arrows. While not necessarily "easy", she is more likely than not to be successful if she is facing single-shots or small bursts from an attacker she is already aware is there.

Power: Hellspawn Tricks

There are various utility features to Historia's costume that have been built into each Spawn over all the millennia since the Hellspawns were first put into play. Discovering them is typically a matter of trial and error, or listening to intuition and instinct. Historia can ignite her hand to provide a light source, sculpt a mass of organic matter (such as worms, etc.) into a mimicry of her own head and then protrude it to cause an enemy to think they have been successful in decapitating her, to retreat inside of her costume (and potentially take another with her) to temporarily reside in an ancient and relatively abandoned castle of Hell where she usually won't be bothered if she doesn't stay too long, and so on. There are too many potential other abilities to list, but the thing tying them all together is that they are relatively minor and their focus is utility or accessory abilities. They are not meant or really suited for being a primary focus in combat, but instead something pulled out as-needed. When they are successful in an offensive or defensive capacity, it is typically due to them being a surprise or otherwise unexpected for others, rather than because they are powerful or couldn't be defended against. Using the same trick regularly will allow other people to see through it, and an opponent who is not surprised will usually not be inconvenienced by these tricks let alone defeated by them.

Power: Hell Scroll (2)

Historia carries a scroll that is actually the majority of her costume externalized and rolled up. It can not be used by another, though it can be held with Historia's consent. Without such, it projects spikes to attempt to impale the thief. It will return to her of its own accord if Historia is rendered unconscious. Handing the scroll over to someone else allows her to remain aware of what's going on around the scroll in its immediate vicinity (Distance 0) even when she is not physically present, and to potentially pull herself inside of her own body and re-emerge from the scroll's current location in a physically draining but mostly energy-free form of teleportation (Distance 2). This is done primarily to escape significant danger rather than for quick transportation, since it is a one-way trip and would leave her in no state to fight afterwards. When in Battle Mode, the scroll resumes being her costume and is no longer seperate from her.

In scroll form, it contains the history of Hell in its entirety, as well as other dark and ancient lore, in a mix of Akkadian -- the extinct language used by the Akkadian Empire, Babylonia, Assyria, and other ancient nations -- and glowing-green demonic script.

Power: Necroplasm Body (5)

Historia's body is quite dense, weighing over 400 lbs, and is composed completely of a substance known as "necroplasm". This grants her super strength and durability. While she still has internal organs, they are non-functional, and their damage/destruction does not hinder her in the least. They are magically repaired when she heals her wounds. The Architect Spawn has Strength 5, and Toughness 4. Though she may appear to take damage from various weapons, and they still cause pain and impairment, damage falling short of what assault-grade military weapons can produce are typically incapable of truly doing more than inconveniencing her unless they have some other property to them, such as being magical, psychic, divine, etc. She can smash through concrete with no more than her bare hands without significant effort.

Power: Regeneration (8)

Given time, Historia's body repairs itself automatically. She still feels pain and can be impaired by the loss of limbs and such the same as anyone else, but most injuries simply close up and go away on their own. More severe ones, such as loss of appendages, requires the actual expenditure of magical energy to correct in a timely fashion. The destruction of the head can not be fixed under ordinary circumstances.

Power: Symbiotic Armor (5)

Battle Mode: Historia's symbiotic armor in 'Battle Mode' grants her several additional layers of protection, increasing her durability to Toughness 5 due to both the denser armor and the ability of the costume to aid its host in responding to attacks. Historia also is able to cause spikes to protrude from the armor about her arms and legs (and really anywhere else) and retract them at wil to add further damage to physical strikes (about Arsenal 2). She gains the ability to breathe demonic hellfire from her chestplate (Arsenal 6, in a narrow cone directly in front), and to respond to attacks from any direction by allowing her costume to act to defend her with spiked protrusions or by overlapping armor plates. This only works for melee range, more or less, though the armor can also warn her of immediate threats it detects if she recognizes the signs in time to do something about it.

Historia wears a living symbiotic costume. While wearing it, Historia assumes a dominant role over her suit. The tunic, ankle armor, shroud, her scroll, her staff, and the additional armor and adornments present when in battle mode, are all part of an organism bonded to Historia's central nervous system that will protect her even if she is unconscious. While she usually leaves her costume in a rather subdued form, when she chooses to employ it for battle it spreads out to cover her body in living armor, adding several inches to her height, granting her additional modes of attack, and increasing her defensive capabilities significantly.

The true source of the costume's power is the necroplasm in Architect Spawn's body, from which it feeds. It is possible for Historia to draw this energy back when she needs it, using it to power her abilities without draining her own reserves. The costume can also feed off evil energy from the physical world, feeding off the ambient evil of people, animals (mainly carrion insects, but also wolves and bats) and even specific locations or parts of cities. A part of her physical powers actually comes from her suit. Because of its connection to her nervous system, she is able to cause her armor to perform shapeshifting-like movements, such as to add or remove decorations or basic weaponry, to reshape it into clothing, to produce or relocate spikes, and similar.

Skill: Combat (5)

Historia retains all her fighting skill and ability from life, added together with her experience and training as a Hellspawn after death. She is well-suited to combat with a staff, though she can wield a variety of weapons. In hand-to-hand combat she is deceptively swift, agile, and quick to react for a woman of her size, but her technique is very brutal and straight-forward in most cases.

Skill: Grand Architect (10)

NOTE: This is the proficiency to do something in the same span as a mortal with the same intellect and imagination could, based on skill and talent, rather than a special ability. The same limits anyone else would have apply here. She can figure out how to make technological and magical marvels with mundane materials (or not-so-mundane materials in the case of the more exotic and clearly supernatural projects), but it still takes time. Anything that could potentially be ground-shaking or otherwise important should be cleared with Staff in advance before even hinting at ICly. Modern technology will take awhile to adapt to.

Historia is a highly skilled architect, engineer, carpenter, and general craftswoman, with an eye for detail and the imagination to conceive of structures and devices far beyond her time. Mathematics come easily to her, and she is likely to pick up on modern science and technology fairly readily -- though it will still be beyond her own experience by a vast degree. Though the modern world has surpassed her in what it has managed to achieve, she is still a master when it comes to designing a construction project and imagining its uses. Whether through conventional means, her Hell-strengthed body, or her demonic magic, she can make things that even modern-day humanity might marvel at -- especially if she has the materials and the time. Everything from flying cities, to a pool that grants longevity to those who bathe in it, to an extra-dimensional vault that holds all treasures -- even those that have yet to exist -- the marvels that Historia can conceive of and put into play are almost without limit... At least hypothtically. She has aided many ancient rulers with this skill and talent. It is important to note, however, that for each thing she has the capability to design and construct, she needs to have the material resources, energy, and time to do so -- and this often means years, decades, or centuries of labor. She is not a cosmically powerful sorceress, she does not have tons of raw materials lying around, and without the use of her demonic magic she can no more build another Tower of Babel alone than she can punch Malebolgia in the eye at 800 yards with mind bullets. And she doesn't have any mind bullets.

Skill: Hell Lore (4)

Historia has studied the history of Hell, its lore, its previous rulers, and so on, as well as the war between Heaven and Hell. She has a fairly good grasp of the fundamentals and details of the Hell that she went to and was sent back from, though she is not an expert and there are other Hells and Heavens out of which she has no knowledge at all.


Advantage: Helsanct

Historia created an extradimensional sanctum within the confines of her own living costume. Time flows differently here, or not at all, and thousands upon thousands of years can easily be passed without aging or otherwise physically changing. Helsanct is a sanctuary, not a fortress, and while it is meant to keep those within it safe from harm (combat is difficult or impossible for most), it is not proof against unauthorized entry.


Flaw: Decapitation

Historia can recover from many wounds and a great deal of damage, but having her head cut off -- especially by an angellic blade -- is instantly and permanently fatal barring some extremely unusual circumstance that would not in any way be under Historia's own control.

Flaw: Drowning

Historia died originally, back when she was still Humusi, by drowning. The biblical Great Flood specifically. She does not know it was actually Eclipso who was responsible, and blames God for it. Ultimately, however, she is still scared of drowning. To help avoid a repeat of this fate she has trained to be a strong swimmer, but putting her head under the water or otherwise being completely submerged makes her start to panic. Likewise, the threat of drowning, such as when facing off against a tidal wave, is enough to make her hesitate at the very least and potentially just flee or consider fleeing.

Flaw: Energy Limits

Historia's time on Earth is limited. Even if she doesn't use her magic, it will gradually deplete itself if she doesn't act to maintain her body and her costume by drawing power from her environment. If Historia does happen to use her demonic magic, she risks returning herself to Hell permanently.

Flaw: Hell's Taint

The Architect Spawn is a Hellspawn and those capable of detecting such things are perfectly aware of it when they encounter her. She is a demon or strongly connected to such, in their perception. Whether she registers as "evil" or not is up to individual interpretation, and her behavior may persuade people she is not all that bad. But she has done some very bad things in life and after her death, and that taken together with her hell-forged armor and necroplasmic body indicate a creature of foul origins at the very least.

Flaw: Holy Power

Certain rare holy weapons and magics/devices that otherwise expend and concentrate a vast amount of holy energy in a small area can eliminate a Hellspawn utterly by disrupting the very basic elements that hold them together. One of the Heavens has an Angelic Lance designed to do exactly this, but there may be other such holy weapons, devices, and magics out there. Aside from evasion or trickery, there is no way for a Hellspawn to survive a direct hit from one of these attacks. Less-potent holy weapons and magics, while not instantly lethal, are still capable of seriously harming Historia.

Flaw: Pride

Though Historia wants to end the war between Heaven and Hell, she has a great deal of pride in herself and in humanity as a whole. While not a speciest or anything, she is against extraterrestial or extradimensional interference in the affairs of Earth, and may defy aliens, angels, demons, and any number of other beings simply because she doesn't think humans need such things to fix their problems. The Tower of Babel was a good example of her defiance. She designed and helped build it to show God that humans didn't need Him and could reach the heavens by their own hands and wills. The consequences of this prideful behavior can sometimes be quite disastrous.

Flaw: Temptation

Historia is tempted by her power, her past, and her nature as a creature of Hell on a regular basis. Hell doesn't WANT her to "turn good", but rather to act on the impulse to do good through evil means. By hurting and killing the wicked, she is simultaneously sending the evil to join Hell's armies and reinforcing the behavior that got her damned to begin with. She has taught herself discipline and to think things through, but it's easy to slip back into the mind-set of a killer or bully who metes out violence to solve her problems, especially when those who made her a Hellspawn will attempt to sway her to their way of thinking by any means necessary. She has no qualms about breaking people's bodies or causing them immense pain when she fights, which is why she tries to avoid fighting. This hesitance to go all-out can cause her injury, but worse is the danger of giving in and becoming the monster that Hell desires her to be.

Flaw: Time to Think

Historia prefers taking time to think before acting, because she is constantly second-guessing herself and worrying about the consequences of her actions. This results in being paralyzed by indecision at times, which can endanger others or herself. Further, because of her own self-doubts, someone who knows how to prey upon them can potentially persuade, trick, or control her through her own desire to find the "right" solution in every situation.


Humusi died following the biblical Great Flood, after comitting many sins. She died killing people who sought refuge from the rising waters upon the boat she was making -- an inferior-quality 'Great Ark' that was started too late. She was adept at murder and chose to employ it to keep her own family safe aboard their false Ark. A warrior drenched in blood with the devotion to kill and destroy for a cause: These were some of the qualities deemed needed to potentially become a General in Hell's Armies. Following her death, she was tricked by Malebolgia -- ruler of one of the Hells -- into making a deal. In exchange for the chance to go back to Earth to save her family, she would become a demonic monster. She sold her soul for the chance to make right what she had done wrong. However, she was sent back to Earth centuries removed from her own death.

With her memory in tatters, and the generations that followed the Great Flood already having come together with a single language in a single great land, she had no choice but to seek answers in mighty Babylonia. Humusi had her life, her family, and much of her own memories stolen from her. She was pale and grey like a drowned corpse, and though her garments could be used to conceal this, many people rejected her not only based on her appearance but her clearly supernatural powers. Humusi wanted to know why it happened, but her many days and nights of prayer went unanswered. She stopped believing she was simply being punished for some sin she could no longer remember. She didn't recall how she became the way she was, though Hell featured prominently in her nightmares.

Eventually, she began to unravel knowledge of construction, of architecture, of engineering, all seemingly locked away in her own head. Every time she gained some of her memories back, the pain seemingly jolted free more information -- fantastic designs for devices and machines powered by souls, temples of worship to profane powers, and more. As a keeper of secrets, a wielder of demonic magic, and with a powerful inhuman body, Humusi wound up aiding the king of Babylon -- one of the few who gave her a chance to prove herself before casting judgement -- in the construction of a mighty Tower of her own design that would reach into Heaven. She believed it was God who had flooded the world, not realizing it was actually the former Angel of Vengeance, Eclipso. The tower she built was a way to show God that humanity did not need him or his judgements. They could reach the Heavens and tell him in-person that they would find their own way.

The tower was a source of pride for the people... And hubris. The exact cause was unknown to her, but a great disaster befell Babylon. People began to squabble and raise arms over petty matters. A once-unified kingdom began to come apart as diverging view points on where Babylonia should go in the future had people splitting into factions and taking their resources and their followers with them. Humusi tried to sway them, but it was as though they had been ensorcelled. Furious, she began to use her powers to try to control people's minds, and to destroy those who resisted -- essentially forcing people to come back. Her violence and forceful methods caused even further issues and eventually she remained in the abandoned Tower of Babel, condemned as a monster.

She eventually destroyed the tower herself, after a long time of being alone there, simply out of fury and sorrow. When it was all done with, nothing was left but emptiness. For centuries she wandered the world, secretly offering her aid to those rulers and generals who needed a grand monument to their own prowess, a weapon to conquer their foes, a structure to intimidate, a city for their people to thrive in. Over and over, the cycle of destruction repeated. Everything she touched seemed to fall apart eventually.

Realizing the way she was acting was hurting, not helping, she sequestered herself in a sanctum within her own living costume, removing herself from the world until she could think of a solution to the war between Heaven and Hell -- a way for humans to find their own path without outside intervention. She has been there for the past few thousand years.


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