Hero Westchester
HuskBox1 HuskBox2
Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 2 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 3
Chemistry 3 Childcare 3 Farming 5
Horseback Riding 1 Husking * Re-Skin Heal 1
The Guthries
Clusterhusked Skinny Ripping Accent
Farsighted Holier Than Thou Obsessed
Name: Paige Guthrie Being a mutant able to shed her skin into an underlayer of differing substances is certainly the most creepy part of this young, Kentucky-born farm girl. Being intelligent, sweet, and devoted to excellence is her charm.
Position: Hayseed
Team: None yet
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Emilie de Ravin
Alts: Poison Ivy
Timezone: PST
Music: N/A
Quote: "I think everything anybody ever does makes a difference to everything."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Paige Guthrie hails from Cumberland County, Kentucky, and is the second eldest child of MANY born to Lucinda Guthrie and her late husband, Zeke. Zeke was a coal miner who died of 'black lung' due to poor conditions with the mine. The Guthries have a resessive mutant gene, and many some of her sibilings have been manifested abilities. One of which, Samuel Guthrie, was a student at Xavier's Institute in upstate New York.

Paige, after seeing others become (what she'd call 'blessed') with mutant abilities, became obsessed with wanting it to happen to her, too. And she even tried to force the process, to no avail. Eventually, however, her ability to husk her skin into a myriad of different forms manifested. Being such a chemically-oriented power that seemed to take near-academic discipline to shape set Paige on the path of wanting to be better, smarter, and work hard... beyond the formally predestined life on the farm she'd grown up on.

Now, age 17, Paige intends to follow in her brother's footsteps, be a superhero-type, and use her powers for the betterment of all.


Power: Husking (*)

Paige is a metamorph who has the mutant ability to change her physical form by shedding her outer layer of skin. Her new exterior layer, while still shaped like Paige, may be composed of any natural substance or element that Paige has studied or practiced husking. Her weight, density, resistance, and strength vary based on the form she takes.

Here is a list of all the forms that Paige has currently practiced: Steel, Glass, Diamond, Granite, Brick, Rubber, Wood, Acid. Forms are detailed below.

  • Glass Body: Paige becomes a dense form of glass which lets her almost completely blend into her surroundings. Only in areas with reduced visibility will she be able to fully conceal herself. Though she has average susceptibility to damage, she doesn't shatter or completely melt like glass if hit by flame and can generally withstand the same amount of force as she would be able to tolerate in her regular form, with the exception of enhanced heat and cold resistance, which would have a resistance stat of 4.
  • Stone Body: Stats change: toughness becomes 4, strength becomes 4, agility becomes 1. Paige can literally hit like a rock when she is in this form, and easily render an average person unconscious with a single punch (which could be gauged at somewhere between 750 and 2500 pounds of force), but her movements will also tend to be slowed by the cumbersomeness of her own body. Enhanced resistance to cold and fire rated at a stat level of 4.
  • Diamond Body: Toughness becomes 7, strength becomes 4. Delayed: this form takes Paige slightly longer to husk, taking a full two minutes for the process to complete. Heat/Cold resistance level of 4.
  • Rubber Body: Toughness becomes 4. Paige's body becomes highly bouncy, and she has amazing impact resistance, able to withstand such things as an incoming truck, or falling from twenty stories high.
  • Wood Body: Toughness becomes 3. Good for camoflauge purposes, and Paige's physical weight is slightly reduced. Copied from Oak. Flammable.
  • Acid Body: The surface layer of Paige's body becomes extremely acidic, cloned from hydrofluoric acid, which can quickly burn through glass and skin. Physical contact with Paige will result in the acid residue clinging to the target, doing instant and continuous toxic damage.

Limitation: Learning to husk into a form that Paige has never done previously takes significant time to practice and study, ranging anywhere from a one to ten hours, depending on the circumstances and substance. Paige can only hold any one of these husked forms for about one hour, before her body will *force* her to return to her normally-skinned self. If Paige sustains a serious injury while transformed, she can still function without the pain of the injury, but will feel it, just as a normal human would, once she reverts back to human. It should also be noted that none of these husked forms increase Paige's resistance to psychic powers.

Power: Re-Skin Heal (1)

Paige can quickly recover from minor, skin-deep injuries such as superficial cuts, burns, and bruises by shedding a layer of her skin into--another layer of skin. She can do this fairly easily, and may do so as to be like an odd form of hygeine--replacing a filthy layer with a fresh one.

Skill: Chemistry (3)

Besides having a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to her coursework, Paige is keen to understand her own power. In addition to her studies, she does a fair amount of independent reading. Some may think Paige is destined for a Chemistry Nobel Laureate. A self-proclaimed chemistry wiz, she can tell you about biochemistry, organic chemistry, and any number of topics that hold her interest. On some weekends, she travels by train to New York City to attend public seminars in the protected areas.

Skill: Childcare (3)

When you spend a large portion of your childhood looking after younger siblings, you learn a thing or two about kids. Paige is a natural with children. While some of the higher level students might try to foster bad habits in the younger school kids, Paige can always be counted on to take care of them almost as a big sister would.

Skill: Farming (5)

Paige Guthrie grew up on a working man's farm in Kentucky (and spent very little time off of it, in their traditionalist farming community). She was raised to believe in time-honored farming methods, but Paige has knowledge of a whole whack of things related to the family business. This includes horticulture and animal husbandry. No lie, she once helped birth a cow.

Skill: Horseback Riding (1)

The Guthries have a couple of horses on the farm. Paige has learned how to ride Western style. She's never done it competitively, but she'd be better at it than, say, someone getting on a saddle for the first time.


Advantage: The Guthries

How do you not have family support with a family this large? Paige can always count on mom Lucinda and the rest of the Guthries back home in times of trouble. This includes spiritual and financial aid.


Flaw: Clusterhusked

When in moments of high distress (the death of a loved one, fighting desperately for survival), sometimes Husk's power goes a bit haywire, and she will automatically husk into a 'mixed' husk form, with differing forms mixed on the same body. while this sounds helpful, many of Husk's forms conflict with each other, and she has no control over when and how this will manifest. It probably wouldn't surprise people if Paige only wore the glasses to seem worldlier and mature for her age, but the truth is she's farsighted and needs corrective lenses to read things up close.

Flaw: Skinny Ripping

Paige's mutant power can frequently result in various affects that can either shock, horrify, gross-out, or at the very least make for an awkward moment. This includes such things like tearing her face off (like a horror movie), leaving big piles of skin lying around, and occasionally finding herself nude.

Flaw: Accent

Paige has a thick 'country girl' accent. Unlike some members of her family she's not comfortable letting it out around those born in big cities (though people from small towns and, even better, farming communities can put her entirely at ease). While it doesn't bother her personally, it can make her seem uneducated when her I'ms become Ah'ms and her if and whens become iff'ns. She knows it, and she is determined not to be seen as a 'dumb Kentucky girl' or 'hick' by anyone.

Flaw: Holier Than Thou

Slackers and self-hating mutants exasperate Paige. She is proud and unashamed of her mutated genes. She'll get up on a soapbox about how great being a mutant is and the evils of being whiny or lazy almost every time. Having worked hard her entire life she respects effort and doesn't get when someone sits around all day twiddling their thumbs; neither does she understand why someone would hate being a mutant. Granted it can get frustrating at times, you have the ability to do Big Heroic Things. Who wouldn't want that? Under normal circumstances there's no way that she'll sympathize.

Flaw: Farsighted

It probably wouldn't surprise people if Paige only wore the glasses to seem worldlier and mature for her age, but the truth is she's farsighted and needs corrective lenses to read things up close.

Flaw: Obsessed

Call it ambition or not, Paige is something of an overachieving workaholic. She is dedicated to being at the top of her graduating class, and strives to get straight-A's while reading almost every academic textbook she can get her hands on. Most people have written her off as a total bookworm (though she is capable of having fun when she wants to). Unfortunately it's not just studying that Paige is addicted to. She also exercises every morning at length, and is generally on the radar for ways that she can improve herself. It's definitely possible that Paige could be manipulated because of her obsession with self-improvement.

Flaw: Overconfident

Paige has confidence like you wouldn't believe. While not necessarily a bad thing, this can lead to trouble since sometimes Paige tries to take on the whole world's problems herself. Sometimes this results in poor teamwork skills, reponding badly to directions, and agreeing to tasks that are over her ability.


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