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Iceman-01 Iceman-02
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 5 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 6
Cryokinesis 6(10) Hand to Hand Combat 4 Tactics 2
Thermokinesis 10
Allies and Contacts Education Training
X-Men Xavier Institute
Confidence Issues Environment Jokester
Name: Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake A mutant with the power of cryokinesis. Bobby Drake was the youngest of the original X-men and the team's light hearted joker. He left the team for awhile but has since returned and now teaches math classes as well as a general training class. And even grown up, he's still a notorious prankster and joker.
Position: Coolest Mutant
Team: X-Men, Xavier Institute
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: Axiom
Timezone: EST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born to William and Madeline Drake in Floral Park, Long Island, NY, Bobby Drake was an only child. He had a decent life growing up and discovered his mutant abilities at a young age when he found he wasn't able to stop himself from feeling cold. He kept his mutation secret for the most part until he was attacked while out with a girlfriend. A school bully and his gang attacked the pair and Bobby froze them. He saved his girlfriend but she rejected him and word quickly spread about Bobby's powers.

Soon, the town formed a lynch mob and was about to break into the Drake family home. The local sherrif took Bobby into custody 'for his own good' and locked him up. Eventually word got back to Charles Xavier who sent his student Cyclops to rescue and recruit Bobby. Bobby turned him down and there was a fight. It was broken up when the mob caught the teens and was preparing to kill them. It was then that Xavier himself arrived and saved the day with his telepathic powers. Bobby then accepted the offer to join Xaiver's school out of gratitude and a desire to have more control over his powers like Cyclops did.

As a member of the X-Men, Bobby quickly befriended Beast. While he had a cheerful and carefree attitude towards most things and became known for pranks and jokes, Bobby stayed self-conscious about being the youngest member of the team and had to deal with some loneliness. He developed his powers significantly while a member of the team but eventually ended up leaving when he got into an arguement with Professor Xavier.

While away from the X-Men, Bobby ended up going to college. During that time he ended up teaming up with various other superheroes in the New York City area while attempting a solo superhero career. He formed a few alliances with other young heroes during this time. Eventually, the X-men needed help and Bobby wasn't going to let that call go unawsered. He returned to the team and the school.


Power: Cryokinesis (6/10)

At its simplest, Bobby has the power to create and control ice and cold. He's an Omega Level mutant meaning that his power is pretty much limitless. Bobby subsconsciously holds himself back though, fearing the extent of his powers and potentialy losing control. This limits what he's able to do most of the time to weaker levels. Bobby usually covers himself in layers of thin and flexible ice when going into battle and tends to ride around on ice slides. He can do everything from beams to frigid energy to tossing snow or flinging sharp icicles around. His powers allow him a sort of thermal vision, letting him see hotter and colder areas. He's able to control the waves of ice and cold he puts out to make ice constructs and formations strong enough to encase even hulk-strength beings. He's even able to cause snowstorms and blizards with enough effort.

  • Limitations: Bobby doesn't work himself to his full potential due to a combination of self-doubt, insecurities, and fear. Especially dry, hot, or dehydrated conditions can prevent him from being able to use his power effectively. His ability to use his powers is also tied to his physical and mental condition.

Skill: Hand to Hand Combat (4)
Bobby's had combat training with the X-Men. It's not his primary method of fighting but he can hold his own against other similarly skilled opponents.

Skill: Tactics (2)
Bobby's had tactical training with the X-Men. He's not Cyclops but he can be a skilled leader in his own right if he has to be.

Power: Thermokinesis (10)
Bobby is able to control and lower his internal and external tempurature to produce intense cold. This allows him to produce ice and snow. He's able to control this to the point where he could stop a fusion core explosion if he weren't subconsciously holding himself back.


Advantage: Allies & Contacts

Outside of the X-Men, Bobby's got a few other superheroic friends in the world. Other younger heroes he teamed up with and spent time with. They're not just allies, they're friends and he'd help them just like they'd help him.

Advantage: Education
Bobby graduated from Empire State University where he studied accounting and has become a certified practicing accountant. He's an educated person even if he doesn't like to show it.

Advantage: Training
Bobby has spent countless hours in training during his years at the Xavier Institute. He's trained his body in the depths of the Danger Room even if he doesn't push himself to his full limits. He's also trained himself academically but not as much as physically. When things get tough, Bobby knows he can rely on his training and feel safe that often times he's more prepared than his foes.

Advantage: X-Men
Bobby is a member of the X-men. That means he's got a team, gear, and a base for support.

Advantage: Xavier Institute
As a member of the X-men, Bobby has access to all sorts of equipment. Vehicles, tools for reconnaissance and intelligence, training simulators, room and board, research materials, as well as all of the students and staff who attend the Institute. The possibilities are vast.


Flaw: Confidence Issues

Bobby puts on a confident and carefree attitude but there are some deep confidence issues that keep him back. He doesn't use his powers to their full extent due to being afraid that he'll lose control of them or just not be good enough.

Flaw: Environment
In excessivey dry or hot environments, Bobby's powers aren't as effective as they can be. He'll also be far less effective if he's dehydrated.

Flaw: Jokester
Bobby has a reputation as a prankster and comedian. People might not take him seriously and can be annoyed by the jokes and pranks he makes. He also sometimes gets distracted by his own joking even if it is a way for him and the team to deal with the craziness of superheroics.

Flaw: Temper
He's not exactly a hot head but Bobby Drake does have a bit of a temper. Get him mad enough and he'll be more prone to slipping up.


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