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Kidnapped as a child, her soul corrputed, Illyana lives with the knowledge that nothing can clean the stain from her soul. Despite that she has been friend, sister, and hero. Because she chooses to be good, no matter her nature.

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Character Sheet

Abilities: Magic

Darkchilde: 4, Eldritch Armor: 6, Psi-Shields: 9, Sorcery: 2/9, Soulsword: 8

Abilities: Power

Teleportation: 7

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 5/6, Iron Will: 7, Occult: 6/8

Advantages: Demon Hordes, Limbo, Magical Items, Multi-Lingual, Portal Physics

Flaws: Darkchilde, Darksoul, Limbo Dependence, Teleport Control

Languages: English and Russian


Magic: Darkchilde (4)

In her Darkchilde form, Illyana has the perks of being stronger, faster and tougher than normal, edging just into the supernatural levels (Basic Traits of 4). As a downside, this makes the connection to her Darksoul that much stronger, and her demonic impulses are much closer to the surface.

Magic: Eldritch Armor (6)

This silvery armor appears whenever she summons her Soulsword and only normally covers her left arm from shoulder to fingertips. It's source is unclear, but more appears to prevent any potentially fatal injury. Needless to say, Illyana would like to avoid any situations where that might become a factor.

Magic: Psi-Shields (9)

As a result of her demonic side, Illyana's mind is virtually impossible to read or control by even the most formidable of telepaths such as Charles Xavier or Emma Frost.

Magic: Sorcery (2/9)

Sorcery - As Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, there is almost nothing that is beyond Illyana's grasp magically speaking if she is in Limbo. That is, if she's willing to pay the price. Most of Illyana's repertoire of spells are black magic, and the power powerful they are the greater the stain upon her already diminished soul. A few examples of Illyana's sorcerous abilities are mind control, metamorphing, eldritch bolts, force fields, creation of constructs. Illyana does have very limited magical abilities outside of Limbo from her time as Ororo's pupil. These are white magic spells and thus not tied to her demonic heritage. On earth she can astrally project, cast magical wards and perform some minor healing. All of these are tied directly to Illyana's own life-force and are incredibly draining on her. Finally, even on Earth she has access to her mystical senses, letting her sense both magic and demonic energies.

Magic: Soulsword (8)

Limitation: Does not harm non-mystical beings.

Conjured from the darkest, most powerful part of Illyana's soul, the Soulsword has the power to disrupt nearly any magical spell or effect. This also makes it incredibly lethal to beings of a magical nature but harmless to those that have none. Being the physical manifestation of her power, it also serves to augment Illyana's already considerable magical might.

Power: Teleportation (7)

Range: Up to 4000 miles in one jump.

Illyana's only actual mutant power is the ability to summon the Stepping Disks of Limbo. This is not the power of teleportation itself, though the effects are often seen as the same. Illyana can open multiple disks, as large as thirty feet in diameter though they need to be within a few hundred feet of her. She usually opens them at someone's feet and then moves them upward, taking them from standing on Earth to standing on Limbo or vice versa. She is technically capable of interstellar and even temporal teleportation but her lack of control at these extremes take it off the table. She can however teleport at pan-Atlantic distances without difficulty as long as she knows or can in some way see her destination, bit it video footage, photograph, or through her Scrying Crystal in Limbo.

Skill: Combat (5/6)

Trained by Cat, an alternate version of Kitty Pryde that hated magic, Illyana learned unarmed fighting as well as blunt and bladed instruments. Every day for years involved running until she was ready to drop and then fighting until she did. Illyana is a vicious fighter who isn't afraid to kill if that's what will get the job done. She still uses those skills today to keep order in Limbo against the always-restless demon hordes. She is particularly effective with her Soulsword.

Skill: Iron Will (7)

Illyana has survived extrodinary circumstances given her years and deals with the constant temptation to give in to her dark side. It takes an extraordinary to deny one's nature (that of her demonic taint), their upbringing (raised by Belasco to serve the Elder Gods) and the constant seduction of their own power. But a Rasputin is just that stubborn.

Skill: Occult (6/8)

Growing up in a demonic dimension spending years studying magic and demon lore means that Illyana is something of an expert on the subject. She inherited all of Belasco's extensive library and as such she is much better at things involving demonology.


Advantage: Demon Hordes

Crunch all you want, she's got more. Illyana controls the vast demon armies of Limbo. While not especially smart, they are strong and many have a fanatical sort of devotion to Illyana in her role as Darkchilde. Of course, they're demons which means they don't have souls and they've got their own agenda. While Illyana can summon them to Earth, she usually only does a few at a time, so she can keep an eye on them. Summoning large numbers somewhere that her magic is so weak is just asking for trouble.

Advantage: Limbo

Some people dream of having their own private pocket dimension. Illyana actually has one. Of course, Limbo is a reflection of its owner, and having 3/5ths of her soul bound to the Bloodstone Amulet, she is more demon than human and that is reflected in the landscape and its inhabitants. Limbo is 'out of time and space', making it a disorienting place for most to be as well as often having a corrupting influence on those that spend too much time there.

Advantage: Magical Items

Illyana has a number of enchanted items she inherited from Belasco, such as the Bloodstone Amulet, her Scrying Crystal, her spellbooks and more. For the most part, they only work in Limbo.

Advantage: Multi-Lingual

Illyana is originally from Russia and still speaks her mother tongue in addition to several demonic tongues and languages of magic.

Advantage: Portal Physics

Illyana is an expert at connecting two places in unusual ways. This allows her to deflect or re-direct incoming attacks or strike from unexpected directions.


Flaw: Darkchilde

In her Darkchilde aspect, Illyana looks decidedly demonic. Digitigrade legs, cloven hooves, horns, fangs and tail. Even those that don't believe in demons or Hell are likely to be wary of her if she's seen in her Darchilde form.

Flaw: Darksoul

Three fifths of Illyana's soul has been bound into the Bloodstone Amulet and replaced with black magic. This gives her a tremendous amount of magical might, but at the same time it means she's not quite human anymore. Many of her base impulses are not guided by the lamp of the soul but the siren call of darkness. In addition, consecrated ground, holy places etc. all make her uncomfortable to varying degrees.

Flaw: Limbo Dependence

Illyana's powers, both magical and mutant are dependent on Limbo. The Stepping Disks open to and from Limbo, but there's no getting around it being the 'hub' for Illyana's teleportation. Limbo is also where she draws the power for almost all of her magical spells, so she must be there to cast all but the most minor of them.

Flaw: Teleport Control

Technically Illyana can teleport to anywhere Limbo can reach, which is most of time and space. However any attempts to jump through time or further than about 3500 miles test her control and she could end up hundreds of miles or even years off of her intended location.


Illyana was born in raised in Russia, being the youngest child of Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin(a). When her brother left Russia and headed for the United States to join Xavier's group, Illyana dutifully tagged along. It was during this time, that her brother was part of the X-Men, that distastor would strike the Rasputin family. A demon by the name of Belasco, kidnaps Illyana and takes her into his realm by the name of Limbo. It is here that Illyana learns from both Belasco and an alternate version of Storm, the various spells and workings of white and black magics. While also within Limbo, Illyana is also be taught by Cat (another version of Kitty Pryde) on how to defend herself, fight and survive on her own, with no magic, or outside help. It's only after a third bloodstone is created from Illyana's soul, that she finally realizes that she has the means to defeat Belasco. And defeat him she does, but instead of killing him like he deserved, she instead banishes him from her /new/ realm.

It's then that Illyana returns herself to Earth only to find out that moments passed for them, while many years passed for Illyana. Graduated from the New Mutants, Illyana is now a twenty-something, with perhaps a bit too much time on her hands as she considers what next she should do.


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