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Iron Lad
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Agility: 3 Strength: 2 Toughness: 3
Perception: 5 Intellect: 5 Willpower: 3
Armor Defenses 3 Armor Strength 5 Budding Scientist 5
Combat 4 Concussive Bolts 6 Data Storage N/A
Energy Shield 6 Fire Extinguisher N/A Flight 5
Hacking 6 Holographic Emitter N/A Linguistics N/A
Laser Blasts 5 Life Support N/A Magnetic Suite 5
Medical Suite 1 Neuro-Armor 6 Omnihistorian 4
Plasma Missiles 6 Remote Data Access 10 Remote Operation N/A
Technician 5 Time Travel N/A
Ancestral Ties Data Network Future Tech
Ancestral Ties Dark Destiny Kang
Meddler Selfish Tabula Rasa
Name: Nathaniel Richards Iron Lad is the teenaged version of the man who would become Kang the Conqueror. He's on a quest to avert his future, so that he doesn't have to suffer the hardships his future self will endure.
Position: Solo Operator
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Human, Anglo-Saxon
Type: Feature Character
Actor: Daniel Jongebloed
Alts: N/A
Timezone: Arizona
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Born and raised as a scholar in the 30th century, Nathaniel Richards didn't know that he was one day destined to become the time-traveling supervillian known as "Kang the Conqueror". Bullied regularly as a teen by his peers, he was viciously attacked and had his throat cut in an assault, which resulted in a wound that took a full year to heal. During the long road to recovery, he began to take an interest in past Earth history. Tired of his current life, he became thoroughly sick of the assumed "perfection" of 30th century life and discovered his ancestor Victor Von Doom's schematics on time-traveling technology. Ever so curious, he used the schematics to build a device and put it to use.

Like a teen-ager with his father's car keys for the weekend, Nate -meddled-. Nate started simple, going back a few weeks to launch a few gambling schemes that resulted in a transfer of wealth. However, he quickly realized that he didn't need to alter time with a scalpel when he could launch massive, immediate changes. He began to delve into history, focusing on Earth's ancient history and the heroic age. With some careful costuming and the use of his newly created time-travel device, he began to set up his network of buried communication nodes, choosing places that had not been tampered with across the span of history. Next, he used his knowledge of history to trick indigenous tribes into building strongholds and form revenue streams. Era after era he ransacked people and their cultures for what he could, using the same crime only once across large gaps in history to keep himself safe. However, safety leads to boredom, and boredom led to delusions of grandeur. Delusions of grandeur, naturally, meant a few time hops to secure himself as the Pharaoh Rama-Tut. Using his knowledge of history even further, he set to actually sire En Sabah Nur, the child who would one day become the all-powerful villain apocalypse. To his surprise, his own ancestors thwarted him, which was not something that he expected to happen, but was his first real taste of negative backlash in his alterations of time.

Lost in thought, Nathaniel took a hiatus from time-travel to consider whether or not time would not allow him to become Apocalypse's father. Not paying attention, he came into contact with the same bullies that were responsible for putting him into the hospital. This time, Nate was convinced that he was going to die. However, Kang the Conqueror arrived to save him from his attackers. After a lengthy explanation that detailed personal trivia only Nathaniel himself would know, Nathaniel was convinced that he and Kang were one in the same, only from different times. Kang explained to Nathaniel that his life, while powerful and influential, had been offset by failures and defeats, including many lost loves and whole loved ones erased due to his adventures through time. With each passing detail, Nathaniel had heard enough...he did not want to grow to become Kang the Conqueror.

And so once again, Nathaniel set out to alter the very fabric of time. Now armed with a neurokinetic suit of armor handed down from Kang himself, he once-again passed himself through time. Finishing up his personal communication network and his 'caches' of material stores, he plunged himself directly towards the one time that altered Kang's life forever...the Heroic age.

The logic is simple to Nathaniel. Kang was defeated by the likes of Captain America, Thor, The Vision, and the Scarlet Witch, which led to follow-up attempts, which led to additional failures that affected Kang's personal timeline. To avoid becoming Kang, his first step is to masquerade as a new hero, an Iron-Man upstart named "Iron Lad". He would learn as much as he could about the Avengers, perhaps even become one, and then decide whether or not he would be capable of altering the timeline for himself and for Kang. His second, follow-up logic, is to put aside his desire to amass wealth in the future to consider existence from an angle that Kang never tried: Doing the right thing. Perphaps then, by being a hero, he would avoid becoming Kang the Conqueror, right? Nathaniel is determined to try to avoid his future, though his memories of his defeat and inability to drastically alter the timeline when he tried to father En Sabah Nur is fresh in his mind...


Gear: Armor Defenses (3)

Iron Lad's armor reacts to his subconscious, which can result in spikes or a shock discharge if someone tries to grab it.

  • Limitations: Reactive defenses can only work if Iron Lad is conscious.

Gear: Armor Strength (5)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor grants him the strengtht to lift up to 5 tons.

Skill: Budding Scientist (5)
Nathaniel bears the signs of the one-day supergenius he is destined to become, but has much to learn in the meantime.

Skill: Combat (4)
Nathaniel knows generally how to defend himself, as well as a few select martial arts moves that he's learned in his travels.

Gear: Concussive Bolts (6)
Iron Lad's armor has the ability to fire concussive bolts of energy, lethal up to the degree of localized explosive blasts.

  • Range: One Mile

Gear: Data Storage (-)
Iron Lad's armor boasts a massive capability for data storage, allowing the upload and download of massive chunks of data with futuristic data-speed.

Gear: Energy Shield (6)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor can generate a protective shield that he can use to aid in the shielding of his allies.

  • Limitations: Iron Lad cannot fire any of his suit's weaponry while using his energy shield. Also, the energy shield will drain his energy reserves fairly quickly, especially if under constant assault.

Gear: Fire Extinguisher (-)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor can respond by altering local matter, turning it into a fire extinguishing foam.

Gear: Flight (5)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor grants him supersonic flight, capable of matching pace with most lower-speed jet fighters.

Skill: Hacking (6)
Nathaniel Richards has hacked many futuristic systems, and is well versed in the security protocols of many modern secure networks.

Gear: Holographic Emitter (-)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor is equipped with a holographic emitter that allows him to display images, holographically mask his true appearance, and communicate with his computer suites that he's dispatched throughout time for data transfer purposes.

Skill: Languistics (-)
Nathaniel is capable of speaking many languages due to his travels through time, though most are languages that have either been around for thousands of years, or have yet to be created. Modern-use languages include Latin, Greek, Germanic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, and Mandarin Chinese.

Gear: Laser Blasts (5)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor allows for laser blasts from the palms of the suit of armor. Also allows for spot welding.

  • Range: One Mile

Gear: Life Support (-)
Iron Lad's armor is capable of granting him protection from the elements, including underwater access to oxygen and protection from the vacuum of space.

Gear: Magnetic Suite (5)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor has a slight ability to function with mangetic control, granting him the ability to manipulate magnetic forces, capable of lifting up to 5 tons.

Gear: Medical Suite (1)
Iron Lad's armor has a slow-acting medical suite inside that acts a regenerative unit that works gradually over time.

  • Limitations: It will not regrow missing limbs or bring him back to life, but it will fix burned and scarred tissue over time, as well as slowly aid in the healing of wounds.

Gear: Neuro-Armor (6)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor is capable of withstanding excessive damage, especially from most modern-day military grade weapons.

  • Limitations: While it is a difficult process, Iron Lad will lose many of his abilities should his armor be taken from him.

Skill: Omnihistorian (4)
Iron Lad, due to his travels, has an imperfect and incomplete knowledge of past and future events, some of which never happened or will never come to pass. He's studied Earth's history to know of many important events, and even some first-hand details of ancient Egyptian history

  • Limitations: Iron Lad's knowledge cannot be used to anticipate any IC events, and this skill is mostly to represent his knowledge of Earth's history that has already passed. What knowledge of the future he has is trivial and is not assured to pass.

Gear: Plasma Missiles (6)
Iron Lad's armor can blast can fire a small barrage of energy "missiles" which use his neurokinetic interface to track to their intended target, much like modern warheads.

  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Limitations: Iron Lad cannot direct the Plasma Missiles and fire plasma bursts at the same time. He has to focus on directing them to their intended target or allow them to lose their course-correcting ability.

Gear: Remote Data Access (10)
Iron Lad's neurokinetic armor allows him to tap into data networks at the range of up to the distance of one of Earth's hemispheres.

  • Range: 10
  • Limitations: While this piece of gear simply allows for a very fast, accessible means of accessing data around the globe, he still needs to work at infiltrating any secured networks.

Gear: Remote Operation (-)
Iron Lad's psychic connection to his armor allows him to operate it from a distance.

Skill: Technician (5)
Iron Lad has a wealth of knowledge of the way technical devices operate and function, and is quite capable of developing new tech.

Gear: Time Travel (-)
(Plot Device Only) Iron Lad's armor grants him the ability to physically travel through time, and when the armor's capability is stressed it will allow him to take others through time with him.

  • Limitations: Time travel requires a massive build-up of energy within his neurokinetic suit of armor. The built-up charge of energy is spent in time travel, and the recharge time makes it impossible to time travel often.


Advantage: Ancestral Ties

Nathaniel comes from an impressive bloodline, listing Victor Von Doom as one of his ancestors from the Heroic Age. He is also related to the Richards family. Like many connections in the universe, being ancestrally linked to such iconic heroes and villains can be quite the blessing, as well as a terrible curse.

Advantage: Data Network
Iron Lad has access to multiple network nodes he's placed throughout the course of time. Many of these notes have been buried through time, resulting in a constant data connection around the world, so long as he is in his suit of armor.

Advantage: Future Tech
Nathaniel's knowledge of future technology grants him the ability to create new, exciting devices that are composed of methods not yet discovered.


Flaw: Ancestral Ties

Nathaniel is a distant relative to Doctor Doom himself. This is both an advantage and a flaw. This is a flaw because of the heroes that would fail to ever trust him as a relative of Victor Von Doom. This is also a flaw because of Dr. Doom's ambitions, potentially making Nathaniel's suit and time travelling capability a target for Doom's ambitions.

Flaw: Dark Destiny
Nathaniel, as the current timeline goes, is destined to become a supervillain that will again and again pose threats to the Earth and many of its mightiest heroes. While it remains to be seen whether or not his future status as a villain can be avoided, those who know his dark secret of being the late teenaged version of Kang the Conqueror could result in some series security clearance issues. At the most extreme response, someone could potentially try to kill him to offset Kang ever coming into existence. That, however, would also rewrite pieces of history.

Flaw: Kang
Kang is Nathaniel's 500 pound gorilla that lurks in the corner of every room and at all hours of the day. Kang the Conqueror is a vision of what Nathaniel is destined to become should he not be able to avert the future. However, Kang is also a time-travelling villain, which means that Kang the Conqueror has both a vested interest in seeing Nathaniel survive, but also a vested interest in not being wiped out of the future timestream by Nathaniel's actions. This means that the elder version of himself, KANG, can very well become a problem for Nathaniel. Since Nathaniel seeks to avoid the mistakes that Kang made to avoid failure and pain through his years, then Nathaniel is actively seeking to rewrite Kang's past. The two are connected. Unfortunately, Kang the Conqueror is vastly more powerful than Nathaniel Richards is, and the suit that Nathaniel wears was given to him by the mastermind himself. It is inevitable that Kang will interfere with Nathaniel's exploits, but to what degree has yet to be seen.

Flaw: Meddler
Nathaniel has meddled with time. To make matters worse, he still believes that certain events can be offset by altering the time continuum. Because of this, he poses a constant, potential threat to the balance of time.

Flaw: Selfish
Nathaniel, at his core, is motivated by his own self interest. While this can generally lead to making heroic decisions (it's in his best interests to be well loved), it can also tend to result in some rather self-centric decisions. After all, he started time-travelling specifically to amass wealth and power that he could translate through the years to his 30th century life. To take it a step further, he traveled to the modern age to avoid the pain and heartache that his future self, Kang the Conqueror, detailed for him. Self preservation and personal ambition will always be a facet to Nathaniel Richards, even while seeking to try to be a better person.

Flaw: Tabula Rasa
A stranger in a strange land, Nathaniel doesn't quite fit into the timeline. There are certain comforts that he has had access to in the future that he doesn't have in the modern era. Likewise, his travels through time have given him the attitude of a tourist, always somewhat taking for granted the concept of modern events and the history they produce.


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