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Iron Man
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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 3
Perception: 7 Intellect: 7 Willpower: 6
Arc Reactor 8 Armor Selection - Combat 7
Energy Blade 5 Energy Conversion 4 Energy Shield 8
Enhanced Durability 9 Enhanced Speed 2 Enhanced Strength 8
Flight 6 J.A.R.V.I.S. 9 Lasers 5
Life Support 1 Magnetism 4 Missile Box 5
Multi-Beam 5 Omnibeam - Pentabeam 8
Plasma Discharge 6 Power Cells 8 Pulse Barrage 7
Pulse Bolts 6 Repulsor Rays 6 Self Containment 8
Smart Missiles 5 Stark Tech - System Override -
Tri-Beam 7 Unibeam 8 Universal Tool -
Armories Avengers Avengers Tech
Businessman Celebrity Edwin Jarvis
Engineer Futurist Happy Hogan
Indomitable Will Industrial Genius Inventor
James Rhodes Pepper Potts S.H.I.E.L.D.
Stark Industries Stark Mansion Stark Tower
Tactician Women
Alcoholism Arc Reactor Enemies
Flashy Inner Turmoil Iron Man
Lifestyle Loved Ones Past
Pepper Public Identity Stark Industries
Stolen Tech Women Workaholic
Name: Anthony Edward Stark Genius. Philanthropist. Billionaire. Playboy. Iron Man. Any Questions?
Position: CEO of Stark Industries
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: Marvel Iconic Feature
Actor: Robert Downey, Jr.
Alts: Hellboy
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, North America)
Music: "Shoot To Thrill" - AC/DC
Quote: "If there's one thing I've proven, it's that you can count on me to pleasure myself."
Tone Likes: Angsty, Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: -


Anthony Edward Stark was the son of world reknown industrialist and inventor Howard Stark. At an early age, Tony showed impressive talent and gifted intelligence, excelling in the areas of mechanical aptitude and engineering. His excellence in science and technology was evident, much like his beyond genius level intellect, as he enrolled in M.I.T. at the age of 15. He earned double majors in physics and engineering shortly thereafter, proving that his intelligence was the key to his future.

When his parents were killed in a car accident, Tony had taken the reigns of his father's company, Stark Industries and was using his aptitude and technology expertise to build and manufacture weapons and munitions for numerous government agencies. The money he made from being a Merchant of Death allowed him to live up the reckless lifestyle that he was leading. It was not until something happened to change his life did he realize he was going about things all wrong.

Overseas and overseeing one of his new prototype weapon designs, there was clearly some foul play. Caught in an explosion, Tony Stark awoke to find that his chest had been riddled with shrapnel from the blast that was mere inches away from his heart. He was also a prisoner of a terrorist organization that wanted him to build a superweapon in exchange for saving his life. It was an offer that Tony couldn't refuse.

Teaming up with another prisoner by the name of Ho Yinsen, they took the materials they were given for the weapon and used them to build something else entirely: a suit of armor. This armor would provide Tony with protection and a small arsenal in which to help them escape the clutches of these terrorists. Beneath a mask of metal and vengeance, Tony waged a one man war against the terrorists and managed to escape, sadly without Ho Yinsen who had sacrificied himself so that Tony could escape. In the jungle, Tony teamed up with a soldier and they stole a helicopter to get themselves back to American Soil.

Back in the states, Tony Stark split his time and concentration between finalizing this project known as Iron Man and running a new and weapons free Stark Industries. During the next few years, Stark Industries was attacked by numerous attempts at hostile takeovers and corporate mergers. There were even times that Tony lost control over his company, but he always managed to get it back somehow. At the same time, Tony was spending a huge chunk of his free time building different versions of the armor that he used to get free from the grip of evil. It was an ongoing project that would take quite a bit of effort to solidify.

Hiring his services out to S.H.I.E.L.D. to help facilitate another subsidiary of Stark Industries to be called Stark Enterprises and finalizing the Iron Man armors caused Tony to slip into an excessive drinking abit and thus began his constant struggle with alcoholism. A battle that he always seems to be having trouble with, regardless of his bouts of sobriety. There are some demons that not even the great Iron Man can defeat.

With Stark Enterprises in full stride and the Iron Man project fully operational, Tony Stark attempted to join the fight against these new threats to the world's safety that were creeping up. As more heroes crept out of the woodworks, Tony attempted to follow in their footsteps and use the "Iron Man" as something of a bodyguard to protect his identity.

However, that just wasn't Tony Stark's style. And in a press conference, Tony Stark said the one thing that would change his life, again, forever.

"I am Iron Man."


Energy Source: Arc Reactor (8)

Created by Tony Stark, the Arc Reactor is a clean energy source that serves two primary functions. The first being that it powers the electromagnet that protects Tony's heart from the shrapnel embedded in his chest, thus keeping him alive. The second function being that it powers Tony's Iron Man armors when worn. The Arc Reactor is capable of producing an extremely high amount of power for elongated periods of time, without the harmful byproducts of most energy sources.

Note: Rating refers to length and duuration of the Arc Reactor as a Power Source rather than raw power of the device.

Armor: Armor Selection (*)
Tony Stark has a large variety of armors at his disposal, stretching all the way back to his original creation. These armors are basically the same, at least in theory, but some are more specific than others, built for specific purposes.

Rather than listing each and every armor in the Iron Man collection, this Ability Listing is just to allow Tony access to these armors or new ones that he creates. As various suits are created or used IC, base stats/attributes will be added to this file to keep track of them.

Standard Armor: Agility 7, Strength 8, Toughness 9, Perception 8, Intellect 8, Willpower 7

Iron Style: Combat (7)
Tony Stark's combat prowess only comes into play when using the Iron Man armor. He invented it, so he knows how to best utilize it for combat situations and against opponents, multiple or otherwise.

Offensive Weaponry: Energy Blade (5)
The Iron Man armor's left gauntlet can emit an energy sword, which can be used for offensive purposes. This sword can also be shifted into an energy shield for defensive purposes.

Support Systems: Energy Conversion (4)
The Iron Man armor is designed to absorb and convert nearby energy sources, if and when necessary. The suit can absorb from energy sources including heat, solar, electrical, magnetic, geo-thermal or kinetic. Even the planet itself can be used as an energy source. This absorbed energy can then be converted into electricity or fueled directly into the power cells of the suit.

Rating refers to the radius from which energy sources can be locked on and absorbed from.

Recharge Speed: 0 - 2 (News Speed), depending on the amount of energy there is available to be converted and diverted into the Iron Man's systems.

Defenses: Energy Shield (8)
The Iron Man armor is capable of creating an energy shield around itself that is strong enough to protect it from anything up to a nuclear attack. This energy field can also be used to reflect attacks while staying mobile. The field can be extended slightly to encompass people and objects that are very close to the Iron Man suit.

Rating refers to the toughness of the energy shield, as it is capable of withstanding nuclear levels of punishment, even at a miniscule 2 percent.

Support Systems: Enhanced Durability (9)
The technology behind the durability of the Iron Man armor consists of a high end complex combination of crystalized carbon iron/steel hybrid alloys, all of which have been aligned on the molecular level. These alloys have then been enhanced by magnetic fields and coupled with layers of hyper alloys such as titanium, tungsten, and vanadium. Reinforce all of that with carbon-based nanotubes and you've got a pliable shell that is ultra resistant to the most extreme levels.

Minus the technobabble, the Iron Man amor is designed to withstand great feats of punishment. It takes little to no damange from ballistics, rockets/missile and even powerful lasers. Kinetic and thermal impacts have no bearing on the suit, as well as electricity or fire or energy blasts. Resistant to both ends of the extreme weather scale, from 0 Kelvin to temperatures equal to the Sun. Refactory coating protects the suit from radiation.

Rating refers to the toughness of the suit being able to withstand a nuclear explosion. Which it can.

Bonus: Specialized circuitry within the suit protects Tony from telepathic attacks and mind hackery.

Support Systems: Enhanced Speed (2)
Iron Man's Armor is capable of allowing Tony to move and react at speeds well beyond what is considered to be normal.

Support Systems: Enhanced Strength (8)
Iron Man's armor is capable of allowing Tony to lift more than 100 tons with no problem. He is capable of reaching no higher than 250 tons if being powered by a more sufficently more powerful source.

Strength Level subject to fluctuation depending on Model of Armor in use.

Support Systems: Flight (6)
The jet boots on the Iron Man armor allow Tony to reach transonic speeds with ease.

Bonus: When using the Jet Boots as a booster, Iron Man is capable of reaching a strength level of 9 (500 Tons).

Support Systems: J.A.R.V.I.S. (9)
J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System)

The Iron Man armor has a built in computer system that assists Tony with numerous things. While keeping Tony up to date on the status of the suit, it automatically jams on lock-on targeting systems within range. It provides statistical data on the environment and opponents, which allows for an upper-hand when strategizing.

There are a wide variety of sensors within the suit that feed information back to the computer. Radar, lidar, night vision, physiological and medical scanners. These scanners enable Tony to monitor vitals, as well as heart and brain scans; real time physiological information can be obtained through these sensors. The suit also has the ability to scan environments, locking on to specific content of an atmosphere and/or life forms up to and including astral projections.

Rating refers to the range from which the computer is capable of obtaining information in conjunction with signals that are based off Stark satellites and Stark's own wireless networks.

Scan: Any and all biographical information, vitals or strategy assisting information is at the discretion of the Player of Characters Involved in the Scan. (Consent Based)

Offensive Weaponry: Lasers (5)
The Iron Man armor can fire basic lasers that are powerful enough to be used for welding purposes or standard combative efforts.

Support Systems: Life Support (1)
The Iron Man suit comes with a high-end, state of the art, life support system that kicks in whenever Tony's vitals decrease to a certain point. The system itself is a Stark Medical design that works at a faster rate to double the chances of Tony's survival.

The Life Support system can only be used to keep Tony alive. It does not heal, it supports his life. Injuries still have to heal on their own human scale.

Support Systems: Magnetism (4)
The Iron Man armor is capable of creating magnetic fields which can be manipulated in a push or pull capacity.

Rating refers to the maximum strength that can be put behind the push or pull of a magnetic field.

Offensive Weaponry: Missile Box (5)
The Iron Man armor comes equipped a compact missile box which houses up to eight different types of rockets. Due to Stark's own personal beliefs, these rockets are all designed to be non-lethal but can be used to neutralize threats. Built from Smart Missile technology, each missile can scan and seek out multiple targets, firing at a moment's notice. The missiles themselves are capable of reaching speeds of Mach 2 in under five seconds.

Rating refers to the variable nature of each of these rockets, as depending on which type is used, the results may vary. Though the damage should be about the same, give or take.

Missile Selection: Concussion, High Temperature Thermite, Fire Suppressant, Smoke, Tear Gas, EMP, Flare, Net, Knockout Gas, Taser, Sonic, Boomerang, Web, Fireworks, Delay Decoy

Offensive Weaponry: Multi-Beam (5)
The Iron Man armor is capable of firing off multiple beams of energy all at once and in multiple directions. The Multi-Beam only works with energy recently absorbed, though.

Offensive Weaponry: Omnibeam (*)
The Iron Man armor can produce a vast variety effects when it comes to the Omnibeam. From generating incredible heat, blindness causing lights, ultrasonic attacks or even disintegration, the Omnibeam is capable of doing any or all of these, or any combination thereof.

The non-rating is based on the fact that depending on what exactly comes out of the Omnibeam, the scale from which it is measured will change.

Offensive Weaponry: Pentabeam (8)
The Iron Man armor can emit an extremely powerful beam focused through a microwave lensing projector. This allows the suit to combine a variety of different energy sources, such as mega-joule electrons, protons, neutrons and acoustic energy into an extremely powerful beam that drains the Iron Man's energy significantly with each use.

Offensive Weaponry: Plasma Discharge (6)
The Iron Man armor creates a plasma discharge of considerable strength when it comes into contact with Vibranium.

Support Systems: Power Cells (8)
The Iron Man armor is powered by a variety of different fuel sources, all of which are built into the armor itself. It employs solar converters, electrical batteries and a Stark Enterprises designed on-board beta particle absorption generator. All of these things, combined with the Arc Reactor, power the armor and all of the functionality within.

Rating refers to the maximum power that exists within the armor at full capacity, based on the combined fuel sources.

Offensive Weaponry: Pulse Barrage (7)
The Iron Man armor can discharge this long range attack, which consumes low levels of energy in practice. It possesses a longer range than the normal Pulse Bolts and also fires stronger plasma energy bolts.

Red Pulse Barrage is a specific style of the Pulse Barrage that allows the bolts to pass through hostiles in order to impact others or create ricochet effects for better (and more stylish) neutralization.

Offensive Weaponry: Pulse Bolt (6)
The Iron Man armor can discharge bolts of plasma energy which will multiply over distance. Not all will reach their target as they are prone to overloading and imploding while in transit.

Offensive Weaponry: Repulsor Rays (6)
The Iron Man armor's gauntlets are state-of-the-art particle beam weapons capable of repelling both physical and energy based attacks. The Repulsor Rays can be used as single streams or dispersed over a wide field. The rays are capable of going through steel like paper or even blasting a hole through mountain-like thickness. This is the basic use of the Repulsor Ray.

Rating refers to the basic Repulsor Ray discharge.

The Repulsor Rays can be powered up to higher levels, creating larger and more powerful beams. The Full Form Repulsor Ray fires in a 360 degree range of motion at a Rating of 8 (News Arsenal).

The Repulsor Rays are capable of reaching higher levels, but those require outside power source assistance and heavily deplete the suit's energy levels.

Support Systems: Self Containment (8)
The Iron Man armor was created to be a stand-alone system. Therefore, it can be completely sealed, allowing for use within vaccuum or underwater enverionments. The suit itself is equipped with protective measures against radiation, biological, chemical, corrosive, kinetic, and electrical attacks.

Rating refers to the high end containment and protection the suit provides, using the radiation resistance as a guide.

Offensive Weaponry: Smart Missiles (5)
The Iron Man armors smart missiles are non-lethal mini-missiles designed to seek out the weak points in a structure, object or even a hostile. These missiles are designed to be more effective with minimum payload.

The range on these missiles vary depending on the target, but 10 miles is a solid average.

Variable: Stark Tech (*)
Tony Stark is a master inventor capable of creating almost anything that his heart desires, with the right time and materials. Therefore, he's prone to have a vast array of technology and gadgetry at his disposal at any given time.

Everything is set as variable due to the fact that there is simply too much technology at Stark's disposal that it would be impossible to list them all.

Constantly used pieces of Stark Tech will be listed here for quick and easy reference as it comes up In Character.

Support Systems: System Override (*)
By activating an Override, Tony can boost the strength, durability, repulsors, anything on the suit to extreme and unsafe levels. This results in a complete system failure and suit-wide shut down of the Iron Man armor.

"Override" is only activated in terms of a Push being in effect, as far as game terminology is concerned. The Rating/Scale varies depending on what Tony is Pushing.

Offensive Weaponry: Tri-Beam (7)
The iron Man armor can produce a specialized beam that is fueled directly from the Arc Reactor. It packs a nice punch, but depletes the Arc Reactor's energy at an extremely fast pace and has quite the considerable knockback.

Offensive Weaponry: Unibeam (8)
The Iron Man armor can emit an extremely powerful beam from its chest plate. Strong enough to destroy most anything it comes into contact with, as the light energy is composed of the entire light spectrum.

Rating refers to the powerful nature of this particular expulsion of energy.

Support Systems: Universal Tool (*)
The Iron Man armor is laden with a variety of different tools and gadgets ranging from the basic to the high tech and beyond. At any given point, for many different situations, it is very likely that Tony's armor is capable of producing a gadget that can assist with a situation.

The rating refers to the variable nature of the armor being a universal tool itself.


Advantage: Armories

Tony Stark has Armories set up around the world, though mostly in New York, where he stores his Iron Man armors. Each Armory is equipped with state of the art monitoring and security measures; including holographic imaging and other defensive measures. Each site is also equipped with J.A.R.V.I.S. and is capable of repairing Iron Man armors.

Armories are also located in all of Stark Enterprises buildings.

Certain sites have a built in Launch Pad from which tubes of armor can be launched over trajectoried distances to assist Tony with Suiting Up.

Advantage: Avengers
Tony Stark is the leader and financier of The Avengers. He has the highest clearance level possible within the team and is also the creator and designer of most of their equipment and vehicles. This also gives him access to the Avengers team and leading them, which involves passing out orders, assignments and missions. The Avengers are directly related to the Maria Stark Foundation which helps to fund the team. As well, The Avengers have an associated relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D. that allows them to work together on a regular basis.

Advantage: Avengers Tech
Tony Stark has designed a wide range of things for The Avengers to have access to as a team. All designs are from Tony Stark and patented through Stark Industries. Access to this tech is reliant on each personal team member's level of clearance, but it can be assumed that members of the Avengers are capable of getting the permission needed to use the various technology that Stark creates. Speciality vehicles are included in this.

  • Note: Avengers Tech will vary based upon what Stark comes up with on a routine basis. Therefore, they will be written up and statted accordingly over time. Anything of an extremely powerful nature or design will be cleared with Staff prior to creation.

Advantage: Businessman
Tony Stark is an expert businessman that is beyond well-respected in the world of business. In his young life, he has started up several businesses from nothing and turned them into multi-million dollar corporations and then managed to pull them all underneath the same Stark Enterprises umbrella. He has umatched business ethics and a charming business savvy that can only help his business dealings.

Advantage: Celebrity
Tony Stark was already a huge name prior to becoming Iron Man. Since his doing so, Tony Stark has become something of a celebrity in his own right. People do things for Tony Stark that they wouldn't normally do. His reputation gives him some influence over the masses and anyone that's a Tony Stark fan.

Advantage: Edwin Jarvis
Edwin Jarvis is Tony's oldest confidant and butler. There is no one in the world that Tony trusts more and Jarvis has shown to be loyal and true to Tony Stark on multiple occasions.

He has also been immortalized into an A.I. program known as J.A.R.V.I.S. that exists across the spectrum of Stark Enterprises, the Iron Man armors and every technological aspect of Tony Stark's life.

Advantage: Engineer
Tony Stark is a masterful level expert in enginnering and mechanics, which enables him to be capable of fixing all machinery that crosses his path.

Advantage: Futurist
Tony Stark has always been a visionary. When it comes to things that he knows almost everything about or it comes to being capable of seeing how things are going to pan out or six to seven different options or ways something can pan out, then Tony Stark is one of the best at this. He doesn't live in the moment, he lives in the future.

Advantage: Happy Hogan
Happy Hogan saved Tony Stark's life once and since then Happy has had a job with Tony Stark. Loyalty at its finest.

Advantage: Indomitable Will
Tony Stark has a nasty habit of never giving up. He will fight until he just cannot move anymore. He will not retreat. He will lose and he will get right back up again, only he will get back up better and bolder than he was before.

Advantage: Industrial Genius
Tony Stark is an inventive mechanical engineering prodigy that is known throughout the world of his ability to build almost anything out of almost nothing. In or out of his Iron Man armor, Tony Stark's mind works in ways beyond the normal human's frame of mind, showing remarkable ingenuity.

Advantage: Inventor
Tony Stark is a Legend when it comes to creating and inventing things. From creating an arc reactor in a cave with scraps to building some of the world's most dangerous weapons to more useful bits of technology, Tony Stark is an inventor of a special sort, rarely matched in this art.

Advantage: James Rhodes
Tony Stark and James "Rhodey" Rhodes are best friends with nothing in common. That said, Tony Stark trusts Rhodey with his life and the feeling is (most of the time) mutual.

Advantage: Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts is a crucial part of Stark Enterprises and Tony could not function as both the head of the corporation and Iron Man without her. She is also a loyal friend, which to Tony, means everything.

Advantage: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Tony Stark works as a consultant to the government organization of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is on-call as a tech specialist and inventor for a number of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s projects. His Level 7 clearance gives him access to S.H.I.E.L.D. locations, labs, files and some minor personnel. This is only in affect while working on a S.H.I.E.L.D. project.

He may or may not be colleagues with Nick Fury and other S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel or agents. Depends on who is being asked and who would actually fess up to being associated with Tony Stark.

Advantage: Stark Industries
Stark Industries is a global powerhouse in the world of technology and mechanics. The company itself is worth billions, therefore making Tony Stark worth billions. Stark Industries is the umbrella corporation of smaller companies and facilities that are all underneath the lead of Tony Stark.

Subsidiaries: Stark Enterprises, Stark International, Stark Solutions, Stark-Fujikawa, Stark Dynamics, Maria Stark Foundation, Circuits Maximus. Cordco, AccuTech

Advantage: Stark Mansion
Tony lives right in the heart of Midtown in Manhattan in the Stark Mansion. This is where he keeps his personal lab, car collection, Hall of Armors and massive house with more rooms than he can count or even knows what to do with.

Essentially, the Stark Cave.

Advantage: Stark Tower
Stark Tower is the hub of all Stark Industries business, as well as one of the main locations of Stark's Armories. The tower itself is one of the most secure and state of the art technological facilities in the world.

This gives Tony access to labs, vehicles, technology and other various things that could be of use to Tony.

There is also a huge penthouse suite at the top for parties, shindigs and conversations with maniacal madmen.

Advantage: Tactician
Tony Stark possesses a brilliant tactical mind that works very well under pressure. His mind works fast enough to be able to formulate, modify and restrategize as a situation changes. Tony Stark is a master of calling an Audible.

Advantage: Women
Tony Stark is a well known billionaire playboy and being such he knows a lot of women. A lot of women that are in a lot of different positions and occupations around the world, which can become quite beneficial when Stark needs a favor.


Flaw: Alcoholism

Tony Stark will always be in a constant battle with alcohol due to the pressures of running Stark Enterprises, being Iron Man and still being the social butterfly that he's always been. The level at which his alcoholism takes over varies, but sobriety never really seems to be in Tony's future.

Flaw: Arc Reactor
Tony Stark is only alive because of the Arc Reactor. While he does have spares, should he ever be without an arc reactor in his chest for a short period of time, he will die. End of story.

Flaw: Enemies
Both Tony Stark and Iron Man have amassed enough enemies that combined it could probably destroy the world just in sheer size. From supervillains to small countries to terrorist organizations to the United States Government, Tony Stark/Iron Man is not exactly on everyone's favorite person's list.

Flaw: Flashy
Tony Stark, even though he has friends and people that help him, still believes that he should be doing everything alone. He believes that a lot of the world's problems, especially technological advancements in terrorist activity, is his fault and he continues to want to redeem himself for those things. There is a lot that goes on inside the head of Tony Stark and this is part of what drives him to be the best Iron Man he can be. With or without the suit.

Flaw: Iron Man
Tony Stark is just a man without his Iron Man suit. That alone is a huge weakness. In addition to being a human in a suit, the suit itself comes with a variety of different problems all its own.

The suit needs to be powered to function. Certain attacks will not work if there is not enough power. Power is always constantly depleting, just from simple functionality of the suit. Also, the more powerful the attacks or the more that are used, the faster the suit loses power.

In combat situations, Tony may have to recharge the Iron Man suit multiple times, depending the use.

Did we mention how long it takes to get suited up?

Flaw: Lifestyle
Tony Stark has always lived a playboy lifestyle and he refuses to give that up, just because he's Iron Man. In fact, it gives him even more reason to live like this. This doesn't exactly make him a role model and the long nights and parties certainly don't help his image or his ability to stay awake during Stark meetings.

Flaw: Loved Ones
There are people that Tony cares about, which is a problem for a hero like him. These people can and will be used against him and the only thing he can ever do is everything in his power to protect them and keep them from being harmed because of his choice to be Iron Man.

Flaw: Past
Stark Industries has had a troubled and dangerous past. Even before, when it was his father's company, things were done differently and in ways that Tony Stark, now, would not have them be. Still, as the heir to the Stark Empire and the one in charge now, Tony Stark finds himself always answering for his past sins.

Flaw: Pepper
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts share a very interesting relationship. Whether it is platonic, romantic or something beyond even those labels, Tony Stark cannot function in any capacity without Pepper Potts.

Flaw: Public Identity
Tony Stark is Iron Man. Everybody knows this. This makes Tony and everyone that's ever known Tony or knows him, a target. Tony Stark's identity can cause serious problems for him or others.

Flaw: Stark Industries
Someone, somewhere, is always ready to try and take down or take over Stark Enterprises. As one of the biggest and boldest technology firms in the world, there are many groups, companies or even just bold reporters that want to take down the Stark empire. Dealing with this on a regular basis, as well as having to answer for everything done by any Stark employee ever, is really not healthy.

Flaw: Stolen Tech
Tony Stark tends to end up fighting his own technology on a regular basis. Whether it was stolen or sold or whatever, it always has a bad habit of coming back to bite Tony in his iron ass.

Flaw: Women
Tony Stark is addicted to women. He loves them. They distract him. They throw him off his game. They keep him on his toes. There are so many different things that happen to Tony Stark when he's around women that it really does become something of a problem.

Flaw: Workaholic
Tony can be a bit of a workaholic, whether it has something to do with Stark Industries, a new invention or is something more Iron Man related, Tony will go for hours or days on end without rest or any true nourishment. Sometimes, Tony acts like a machine and that's never a good sign.


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