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Martian Manhunter

A relative newcomer to the hero scene, but a member in good standing of the Justice League, J'onn J'onzz is an obvious alien. A being from another world, but apparently dedicated to protecting humanity.

John Jones is a New York private detective, formerly a cop in Detroit.

Due to the oddities of hypertime, a new J'onn J'onzz has taken the place of the former. All logs dated previous to Feb. 2015 are no longer fully canonical for this character.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Alien Physiology: 8, Astral Projection: 8, Enhanced Senses: 4, Flight: 7, Force Vision: 4, Mental Blast: 7, Mental Influence: 8, Mental Shield: 8, Phasing: 6, Regeneration: 6, Shapeshifting: 2, Super Breath: 4, Telepathy: 9

Abilities: Skill

Brawling: 3, Detective: 7, Diplomat: 6, Mimicry: 8

Advantages: John Jones

Flaws: Alien, Fire, Haunted, White Martians

Languages: English, German, Mandarin, Martian, and Spanish


Power: Alien Physiology (8)

J'onn J'onzz is not human. In fact, he is almost a different kind of life. This confers on him a number of 'perks', as it were. First of all, he does not appear to suffer from the same cellular degradation or aging - although he may not be immortal, he is certainly very long lived. Second, Earth-based diseases generally do not affect him, although 'special' diseases (magical, technologically engineered), may. But he doesn't have to worry about most human viruses. He is also highly resistant to toxins of all kinds. He can handle hazardous environments easily. He also has much higher stamina than a human. His strength is considerable - although not as strong as Superman, he can lift well over two hundred tons and bend almost any metal. He has a similar resistance to pure physical damage.

Power: Astral Projection (8)

Like most high level telepaths, J'onn is capable of leaving his body and accessing the astral form. However, this requires concentration...and a safe place to leave his physical form while he 'travels'. His astral form is not limited by speed or distance and can pass through objects. It is generally invisible, unless he chooses to make contact. He can also take others onto the astral plane, but this is dangerous and not something he would normally do without a very good reason.

Power: Enhanced Senses (4)

J'onn's visual range extends beyond that of normal humans. He can see into the infrared spectrum, giving him enhanced ability to navigate in darkness, and further into the electro-magnetic spectrum. He can use X-rays to see through certain solid objects (this is blocked by lead). He also has an effective visual range, with concentration, of up to 10 miles, and can perceive objects that a human would need a microscope to see. Additionally, he has hearing considerably better than a human's. He can pick out and listen to conversations at a range of several miles, although he has to concentrate to do so. Most of the time, like most people, he tunes out the 'noise'.

Power: Flight (7)

J'onn J'onzz is capable of unaided flight at considerable speeds, with a cruising speed of somewhere around 40,000mph (there is no halfway stat). His flight ability is sometimes used to tactically enhance speed in tough fights, but he has not been seen to demonstrate on ground super speed.

Power: Force Vision (4)

J'onn can also produce a concussive beam of force, that visually somewhat resembles Superman's heat vision but is closer in effect to that used by Cyclops, generally from his eyes. This hits with the force of a bazooka, and, unlike his breath, can do significant damage to the target.

Power: Mental Blast (7)

J'onn can also use his telepathy offensively, although he seldom does so...when he must fight, he prefers to do so by physical means. His abilities can cause permanent damage to a person or even kill them, which is why he does not use it often...he worries about doing damage without intending to. However, in a really tight spot, this ability can be useful against particularly powerful enemies.

Power: Mental Influence (8)

'onn can manipulate the minds, thoughts and emotions of others. He can implant very strong post-hypnotic suggestions, can force people to do what he wants. However, he uses this power only when he feels he has no other choice...he does not like to control somebody's mind directly and certainly it would take a lot to make him exert full domination. (OOC: This power will not be used on PCs pretty much ever, and then with prior discussion). One thing he does often use this power for is to induce sleep in others, either to get past them without being seen or for their own benefit. Additionally, he can edit memories, causing a person to remember things that did not happen or forget what did, and can also insert knowledge and even skills into somebody's mind quickly - such "downloaded" knowledge will fade with time unless the person actually practices and develops the skill concerned (normally, it would only last a scene). He can show people events by inserting them into their mind. He can also make people see and hear things which are not there - convincing an enemy they just killed him while he sneaks around behind them, rendering himself and others effectively invisible. All of these abilities require concentration. Any mind control or illusions effect will vanish if J'onn is knocked out or his concentration significantly broken.

Power: Mental Shield (8)

J'onn has significant mental defenses. He can shield his mind from anyone but a telepath of equal or greater ability. These shields also prevent him from hearing too much mental 'noise' from others, which might otherwise drive him out of crowded areas and give him a major headache.

Power: Phasing (6)

J'onn can reduce the density of his body significantly as a shapeshifting stunt. This is not true phasing (like, say, Kitty Pryde) but it does allow him to pass through some solid objects. He would be struggling with solid metal but brick, being much more porous, is easy, as is wood.

Power: Regeneration (6)

J'onn's shapeshifting ability also allows him to restore damage very quickly. In extreme conditions, he has been seen to regenerate from a single body part, although doing so requires that he obtain bio-mass from somewhere. This also means that no part of him is 'vital'...a shot to the head is no more likely to kill him than to anywhere else, although it would certainly slow him down. His regenerative ability is not as fast as some, however, and he can be knocked out or apparently killed.

Power: Shapeshifting (2)

J'onn has a morphic physiology, allowing him full shapeshifting ability. He primarily uses this ability to appear to be human and, on occasion, to impersonate others. However, he has also been seen to take the form of animals and even inanimate objects. To normal perceptions, he is essentially undetectable, but psions may be able to sense his aura, genetic scanners will pick him up as something not human, etc. He can also change his mass, transforming himself into a giant or shrinking down to the size of a cat. However, he does not do this often, perhaps because it requires more energy. Rapidly changing forms can induce fatigue or hunger (the need for more material to replace lost mass). As a note, J'onn's normal 'hero form' is not, in fact, his natural form.

Power: Super Breath (4)

Much like Superman, J'onn can use his breath to produce a concussive force that can knock enemies flying, break down doors, etc. This is generally not a damaging force so much as producing knockback and pushing things away.

Power: Telepathy (9)

Drawbacks: As a powerful telepath, J'onn can often be spotted by other telepaths. He gives off an aura that he can never *fully* dampen. Also, he is sensitive to astral disturbances, especially if his shields are down to work. A disturbance in the astral plane could give him a headache at best, even knock him out if it is particularly potent.

Martians are a telepathic species. J'onn is no exception. In fact, he is one of the most powerful telepaths on Earth, capable of reading minds at considerable distances, of tapping into the subconscious of those on the planet, and even, with a lot of effort, reaching to the moon. He can contact groups of people at a time, and can act as a telepathic 'relay' for a team working together without even noticing the effort. He can make mental links that last as long as he maintains them. He can also read minds and memories, including going deep into somebody's mind to pick out a specific thought or a certain memory. With ease, he can read the surface thoughts and emotions of those around him.

Skill: Brawling (3)

Although J'onn is more a detective than a fighter, he learned basic hand to hand as a cop and as an experienced superhero he does know how to hold his end up in a fight without using his powers - although on pure skill there are many who are better.

Skill: Detective (7)

J'onn J'onzz spent many years as a cop on his home planet. He now uses the identity of a private detective on Earth. He is experienced in the kind of deductive techniques that are universal to the detective, and also knows something about how to use investigative technology. (Augments perception or intellect when relevant).

Skill: Diplomat (6)

J'onn is a trained and skilled mediator and diplomat, and is always careful to hear both sides of the story. (It helps that he can get to the bottom of what people *really* want, as opposed to what they say they desire).

Skill: Mimicry (8)

J'onn is brilliant at observing and then copying mannerisms and behaviors. This allows him to pass as human (and even as specific humans), and makes him a good actor who fools most. (However, it is still acting. The highly perceptive might see through it and everyone slips up sometimes).


Advantage: John Jones

J'onn has used a number of short-term alternate identities, but his established identity is that of ex-cop turned private investigator John Jones. He claimed the identity after the death of the real John Jones, a man he greatly respected and who helped him much when he first came to Earth. John Jones is a real legal identity with all the paperwork. For other purposes, J'onn may take other identities, although he seldom keeps one of them for very long. He is very good at creating a persona, however.


Flaw: Alien

J'onn is not human. He can fake it very well, between shapeshifting and mimicry, but he is not human. He is never fully comfortable in human form, or even in his compromise 'Martian Manhunter' form. He likes humans, and he has human friends, but he does at times find them bizarre, even incomprehensible. His true self is not often revealed, either physically or mentally. Amongst close friends, though, the alien tends to come out and on those rare occasions when he relaxes, his mannerisms and attitudes become wholly Martian. Unusually perceptive people may find him uncomfortable, even when he is in a human identity...a sense of something not quite right about him.

Flaw: Fire

J'onn J'onzz is terrified of fire. Fire is something all green Martians possess a superstitious fear of, but his runs deeper. In his mind it has become integrally linked with the plague that destroyed his people. His phobia of fire is literally debilitating. Even a candle is likely to have him rapidly departing the room. A large fire or forced extended exposure can result in him being reduced to a sobbing puddle of Martian (possibly literally) in the corner. Because his physical form is so closely linked to his mental state, fire can also cause him very real, actual damage. Against fire and fire-based attacks, his toughness is only 1. Also, if there is still fire present, he does not regenerate (Although he will recover if the fire is removed or if somebody drags him out of there).

Flaw: Haunted

He has lost his people, his world, his family. It's not surprising that J'onn has his ghosts. Perhaps not literal ghosts, but they haunt him nonetheless. Survivors' guilt is something he has to live with every second of every day of his life. It is not surprising that he would devote so much energy to protecting Earth...he simply wants to make sure it never happens again. Much of his tendency to be quiet and reserved comes from the sorrow that lives within him, the echoes and memories he can never set aside.

Flaw: White Martians

The green Martians, J'onn's people, are dead. Not so their ancient enemies...and the White Martians would very much like to finish the job. A people that essentially worship violence, they would cheerfully blow up anything that got between them and J'onn.


  • J'onn J'onzz is born on Mars, along with his twin brother Ma'alefa'ak. Their names mean "Light to the Light" and "Darkness in the Heart".
  • J'onn grows to become a member of the Manhunters, a law-enforcement agency dedicated to peace keeping on Mars. He is considered to be among their finest officers.
  • J'onn's brother is found guilty of the crime of 'Mind-Rape', and is punished by Martian Authorities. His mind is purged and he is left believing that he was born without telepathy. This also frees Ma'alefa'ak of the Martian fear of Fire. He swears revenge, regardless of his loss of memory.
  • Ma'alefa'ak, now with memory wiped and telepathy blocked believes himself to be a freak. While working as the priest-scientist in the power station in Olympus Mons he comes up with the plague known as "Hronmeer's Curse". It is named after the Martian God of Death, Art and Fire.
  • As the plague spreads, J'onn's twin is singled out as the only suspect, due to his past. J'onn defends his brother, but is charged by the Martian Elders to fulfill his duties as a Manhunter and confront his twin to discover the truth. J'onn confronts his brother, who admits readily to engineering the plague. J'onn is somehow immune to the plague, but learns that there is no cure. He rushes to his family, hoping to save them. He arrives too late, and is forced to watch his wife and daughter burn to death.
  • J'onn embarks on a suicide mission into the flames of Olympus Mons, and fights his brother. The structure they fight in collapses around them. J'onn somehow survives, Ma'alefa'ak is presumed dead.
  • J'onn wanders Mars, performing funerary rites and burying his dead people- fully believing himself to be the last living Martian.
  • In the mid 50's Dr. Saul Erdel, while experimenting with alien technology, accidentally teleports J'onn to Earth. The shock of a nearly seven foot tall alien appearing in his lab causes Dr. Erdel to suffer a heart attack, and die. J'onn is left on Earth with no easy way home. He uses his shape shifting abilities to hide among Earth's people.
  • J'onn makes friends with a human police officer by the name of John Jones- the two have a lot in common, and J'onn eventually trusts John enough to entrust him with his true identity. John has no family, and is himself an outsider due to his african american heritage. When John dies unexpectedly, J'onn takes up his old friend's life. He quits the police force and becomes a private investigator.
  • For the past several decades J'onn J'onzz, AKA John Jones lives many lives- he tries to integrate into human society. He lives as all races, and all genders all over the world. He always goes back to the identity of his old friend, John Jones. He heals, and learns of himself, finding humanity to be- for the most part- a beautiful species. He comes to a decision: Never Again. Stepping out of the shadows, the Manhunter from Mars is reborn as one of Earth's titanic champions.


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