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Jack Marlowe is the CEO of Halo Corp and inventor of the Halo Battery, a small but infinite energy output device that is quickly growing to becoming the dominant power source of small devices on the planet, laptops, cell phones, even electric cars. He is a billionaire, single, and something of a quiet recluse.

Spartan is the field leader for a covert team of heroes who work beneath the moniker of Stormwatch. Where other heroes do not tread, Stormwatch goes. One is not generally known as the other.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Android Body: 6/6, Flight: 4, Mind: 8, Senses: 8, Shields: 7, Weapons: 6

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 8, Tactics: 8, Technology: 9

Advantages: Android, Billionaire, Halo, Kheran, Languages

Flaws: Alien, Android, Business, Daemonites

Languages: English


Power: Android Body (6/6)

Spartan's body is comprised of carbon fiber polymers, titanium alloys, and some of the best technology money can buy the resources to create. This makes him super strong, extremely durable, and able to operate under conditions no human being could. As with his mind, every day that passes only causes him to improve upon his design and grow increasingly powerful. (Strength/Toughness)

Power: Flight (4)

Capable of flight, Spartan has never managed to master the art with the skill or speed of many others. Still, flying is flying and he's quick enough when it matters.

Power: Mind (8)

The perfect melding of man and machine, Spartan's mind possesses all the power of an alien super computer, capable of processing information at a rate unheard by Earth standards. To add to this he also possesses the creative spirit and instinctive abilities of man, melding the best of both worlds into a masterful fusion. He can invent, create art, make war, all with equal accumine, and as time passes his mind only expands, growing more adept and not less with age.

Power: Senses (8)

Spartan's senses aren't even remotely close to human. He can see at the microscopic level, zoom to far distances, scan through the known wavelengths of energies, detect sounds unheard by human ears, the list goes on. If it can be done by an Earth born security system, Spartan can do it better and be mobile.

Power: Shields (7)

Spartan is capable of erecting energy shielding to protect itself and anyone within a ten yard radius from most heavy duty weaponry. The longer the shield is up, the more damage it soaks, the more power it drains. It is not infinite.

Power: Weapons (6)

The original Spartans were designed for exactly what one would expect. Plasma and energy based weapons fire from it's hands, eyes, pretty much anywhere it wishes, and there are varied and sundry smaller weapons secreted about it's person. Having upgraded himself, Jack Marlowe's body even even deadier.

Skill: Combat (8)

Yohn was a Super Soldier among his people, designed and bred for war. Then he lived that war for 5000 years. Then he died and was reborn and has again been at war ever since. He is a superb warrior.

Skill: Tactics (8)

Spartan's mind not only functions with the speed and efficientcy of a super computer, his instincts are driven by a warriors thought patterns. He's an expert tactician, among the best.

Skill: Technology (9)

Due to his nature, his advanced civilization, and his simple acumen, Spartan has a nearly unique relationship with technology, allowing him to understand even advanced tech with cursory study, and invent new improvements to exiting technology with minimal effort. He is simply a savant.


Advantage: Android

Spartan is an android, which makes him immune to a great number of things. Like toxins, disease, the need to breath, eat, or drink is no hinderance to his continued exsistence. He can opperate in Zero G, the vaccum of space, even withstand the preassures of deep oceanic dives without having to 'suit up' into anything more cumbersome then Armani if he so wished.

Advantage: Billionaire

Thanks to Halo Corp, Marlowe is a billionaire, one of the fifty wealthiest men in the world. A known recluse and quiet 'rich person', he's well known for his philanthropic endeavors, his clean energy campaigns, and his lack of political involvement in any election. Still, wealth opens doors locked to everyone else.

Advantage: Halo

Halo Corp is a massive technology company. It holds dozens of advanced patents, mostly in the area of microtechnologies and the manufacturing of them, but it's most noteable and profitable device is shrouded in mystery, the Halo Battery. It has made Halo Corp one of the most powerful companies in the world, rivaled only by others is matching pedigrees. Jack Marlowe holds the vast majority of it's voting stock.

Advantage: Kheran

Spartan is, by birth, Kheran, and as such he has an understanding of the galaxy as a whole, the races and politics of the universe outside of one small planet. He has allies on earth as well, hidden ones, but powerful in truely magnificent (or even Majestic) ways.

Advantage: Languages

Spartan is a robot at his core, and communication is one of the first things he learned. There is no language spoken aloud that Spartan cannot speak, read, or write.


Flaw: Alien

At his core Spartan is Kheran, which is to say not of this world. He's been here long enough to have picked up most of what he would need to, but there are times when facets of Human interaction baffle and amuse him. Occasionally, especially in social situations, this sets him apart.

Flaw: Android

Granted certain immunities by his construction he also suffers weaknesses biological beings do not. Radiation has odd and unpredictable effects on his processors and Electro Magnetic Waves, in extremely heavy doses, can cause critical failures. He's even susceptible to computer viruses... though to really effect his advanced and automated systems it would have to be one doozy of a program.

Flaw: Business

Using the super advanced technology of his people 'Jack Marlowe' invented the Halo Battery, a small self sustaining clean inifite energy source capable of powering small electronic devices without waste product or hazard. This has made him disgustingly wealthy. However, this technology has made him more then a few enemies. His refusal to release large versions of it to power war technologies, cities, or even nations has led to many a court case, and the inability of others to crack the batteries and discover how they function has led to an almost religious fervor in the scientific community demanding he share his discoveries. He will not. Halo Corp is therefore often the subject of many attempts at industrial espionage and theft.

Flaw: Daemonites

As a Kheran, and an extremely well known one, Spartan is a choice target for his racial nemesis the Daemonites. Of all the people they wish to kill, he occupies a spot at the top of the list.


Yohn Kohl was genetically engineered, carefully bred, and literally born for war on the world of Khera. For millenia he fought and fought, and fought against the Deamonite race that was the Kheran antithesis. His legend as a soldier of skill and courage became so great, that though he lacked the magnificent powers of the Royal families of his people, he was raised to the rank of a Warlord. In his honor his people created machines of war, Spartans, who all bore his likeness, to protect them.

A thousand years ago he was among the Kheran who crashed on Earth, and here he once again took up the ways of war. He fought for humanity throughout a millenia, doing battle with the same alien race as he had since his birth. He was thought destroyed in a battle against a Deam horde, slain by his closest friend and Lord, Majestros. Emp, another Kheran Lord, had taken a scan of Kohl's mind and left it in a computer, where it could later be exported to an android war machine, a Spartan, upon it's completion.

When the transfer was complete, Spartan possessed only fractured memories of the original Kohl, but retained all of his fighting prowess. His reactions were robotic, alien, misguided. Joining a team for a time, he continued to battle the Daem, but after Emp's acension, and the return of a great deal of his once fractured memories, Yohn, then Hadrian or John Colt, realized what was needed more then a soldier, was a leader.

Creating the Jack Marlowe identity and setting himself up as Emp's heir to his massive tech empire, the Halo Corp, Spartan continued his mentor's work. With his far advanced technology, he harnessed The Bleed and put it's infinite energy into small batteries, capable of small doses of infinite energy. Marlowe is now a name synonymous with Richards, Stark, Luthor, among the leading minds in technology. The fact that Spartan and Marlowe are the same 'man', or that Marlowe isn't exactly flesh and blood much less human, is not widely known.

Using his influence and money, Jack Marlowe, aka Spartan, now supports a team of heroes named Stormwatch, doing what needs doing without the media attention of other superhero groups.


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