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Quote-open My name is James Proudstar. I don't want to be a killer, but I have no choice. Quote-close

James Proudstar is a member of the X-Men, by association, not quite 'active' roster. After the loss of his brother, James suffered further loss with the slaughter of his friends and family at the Camp Verde Reservation. Following this event, he took up the mantle Warpath and has sought vengeance on the wrong doers of that heinous crime. With a shared interest in the group responsible, James met members of the X-Men and has since held that affiliation. Presently he has sort of adopted the X-families and mutants as his new family/friends/etc. and while helping the X-Men, he's more bent on vengeance against those that have done wrong to the mutant community versus finding the means to some peaceful co-existence; he was never trained under the idea of Xavier's Dream.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Agility: 4, Enhanced Touchness: 5, Keen Perception: 8, Regenerative: 2, Shaman: 1, Super Speed: 2, Super Strength: 7

Abilities: Skill

Hand-To-Hand: 6


Flaws: Bottled Emotions, Grey Morality, Rage

Languages: English


Power: Enhanced Agility (4)

James is capable of olympic level athleticism and agility due to his mutant powers.

Power: Enhanced Touchness (5)

Capable of withstanding firepower at short range, he has also shown the ability to withstand grenade explosions and even telekenetic attacks from Alpha level mutants.

Power: Keen Perception (8)

Several of james perceptive abilities are well beyond normal human range, including sight and hearing. He can see in near total darkness with perfect clarity as well as hear sounds outside of the normal human audible range, not unlike a dog or animal. He can hear inaudible sounds and sounds at a much greater distance than a normal human.

Power: Regenerative (2)

Part of his enhanced physical toughness, James recovers from wounds at a rate greater than normal humans, including recouperating stamina at a greater rate.

Power: Shaman (1)

Recently awakend within him, he is starting to show latent shamanistic abilities. Presently he is only able to perceive spirit energies and can perceive the mortal 'condition' of spirits/supernatural entities in living hosts.

Power: Super Speed (2)

After training of his abilities and some climatic battles, James is showing the ability of super speed. Capable of running at speeds near 100mph. He has also recently shown the ability to evade some weapons fire due to his heightened reflexes.

Power: Super Strength (7)

James Proudstar's mutant abilities includes super strength. He has shown himself capable of lifting close to 75 tons and some believe he is mentally holding himself back to what he perceives as his brother's ability level.

Skill: Hand-To-Hand (6)

Tell trained in unarmed combat under multiple tutors familiar with his mutant abilities, and coupled with those abilities (super strength/stamina along with heightened reflexes and perception), James is a formidable combatant.



Flaw: Bottled Emotions

Warpath tends to be soft spoken and usually isn't quick to show his emotions. In part this fuels his rage, but its hard for him to express himself. Not that he is trying to avoid this, more likely he is trying to spare everyone around them for all the hurt/sadness/anger he feels himself.

Flaw: Grey Morality

For James it isn't about greater good/evil, but rather personalized. Does it affect those around him, those he cares about, then it is a cause worth fightening. Capable of great good, it is reserved locally - for those nearest to him. The plight of starving kids across the world, other mutants in trouble, or world politics are all irrelevant. Should someone hurt those around him, for good or ill, woe to them, he'll come after them with a vengence. He's not out to save lives, and won't spare anyont the knife, but rather, he'll protect those he considers his friends and family.

Flaw: Rage

James Proudstar has a bottle rage that he sometimes lets out. Usually when he acts its out of vengence. For all that has happened to him, his family, his people, all around him, it is bottled up and ready to be released. There is an internal struggle to control this rage within him.


Born Apache, he is the younger brother of John Proudstar. He only became aware of his mutant abilities after the reported death of his brother. Like his brother, anger flowed hot, and for James he took up the mantle of vengeance, to go after the group he felt responsible for his brother's death. He would come to learn the person he was after wasn't responsible and this ended his first quest for vengeance.

Later, he discovers his family and most of the people from his reservation have been slaughtered while he was away. Again he takes up the cause of vengeance. The culprits, he learns were a group of scientists trying to destroy the reservation due to experiments they conducted because of the concentration of mutants amongst his people. This would lead him to encounter members of the X-Men/X-sphere again who were going after the same group. Joining with them, he would accept their help in going after the geneticist that killed off his people.

Deciding to stay on with them after finishing his second quest for vengeance, James isn't so much in with them for the idea of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants. Rather his choice is for righting wrongs against the mutants, who become a replacement in a way for friends and family that he has lost.


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