Col. James Rupert Rhodes
War Machine
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War Machine

Quote-open "But what could we possibly do, you ask? I dunno. Maybe... kill the %$#& out of 'em right back?"

"We're fighting for the future of mankind, Captain. Getting home is the least of our worries."

"Geez man, get a room! Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to. What I meant was ... Get a suite!"

Retired Colonel James Rhodes has been wounded in the line of duty, and purportedly died sacrificing himself to stop assassins from taking out the President. He is not only a bad enough dude to save the President, but apparently to survive death, as War Machine flies again. In close consultation with Stark and his allies, Rhodes pilots this suit into disastrous and dangerous situations worldwide, ostensibly for causes noble and just; of course, those that subvert that good intent answer to War Machine.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Cyberware

Cyborg Body: 5, Determinator: 6, IDF System, IFF Suite: 8, PATTON: 7, Telepresence Unit: 7

Abilities: Jrxl-1000

Arc Reactor: 2, Armored Arms: 6, Armored Artillery: 7, Armored Defenses: 7, Armored Flight: 5, Armored Strength: 7

Abilities: Skill

Carousing: 4, Engineering: 5, Pilot: 7, Soldier: 6, Survivor: 4, Tactical Command: 6

Abilities: Gear

Armory: 4 Extremis: 3

Advantages: Aircraft, Platinum Credit, The Foundry

Flaws: Adversaries, Cyberware, Extreme Sanction, Twice Removed

Languages: English


Cyberware: Cyborg Body (5)

Scale: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect (Tactical Analysis)

Rhodey's regenerated form is fused with technology Tony Stark repurposed and improved from his father's LMD initiative. All four of his limbs are various portions synthetic, giving him remarkable gripping strength and the ability to punch through concrete walls with minimal structural wear. He can process data and react closer to the speed of cognition, though even small arms fire will still deal meaningful damage and slow Rhodey down sooner rather than later (Toughness 4). Part of his neural processes and most of his skull are reinforced and rebuilt along with partial reconstruction of his torso, rendering some vital areas more resilient than others. In addition to co-processors and access to tactical HUD overlays, he also can communicate with PATTON at the speed of thought.

Cyberware: Determinator (6)

Scale: Endurance

With his own onboard arc reactor and life support systems engaged, Rhodey himself can push for nearly half a week before he really starts to damage his systems; requiring food, rest, and recharge for everything -not- fueled by StarkTech. Rhodey still needs to eat and drink, and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will facilitate access to this remarkable endurance when needed. It's notable that the JRXL-1000 drains the opposite reserves, those of the arc system, much faster than Rhodes himself.

Cyberware: IDF System

The Icarus Descent Field projects electromagnetic energy when Rhodey's falls approach terminal velocity, slowing the drop to a survivable, even manageable speed. With focus and intent, this EMF can be released in a shockwave upon landing, blasting outwards in all directions with an effective strength of 4. Otherwise, it is swiftly recycled into capacitor systems.

Cyberware: IFF Suite (8)

Scale: Perception

Rhodey's cybernetic eyes can see in a range of energy spectrums, from infrared to electromagnetic and near-perfect night vision. He can track energy fluctuations and anamolies, and even get detailed intelligence on the fly with the help of PATTON. He is capable of feats such as seeing thermal signatures through a wall or picking out a single conversation in a crowded restaurant, and onboard IFF systems track friend/foe registries along with identity confirmation protocols. When equipped with the War Machine armor, its enhanced sensor suites expand the effective Distance rating of this ability from 0-1 to 5-6.

Cyberware: PATTON (7)

Scale: Intellect/Perception/Willpower(AI)

A self-aware AI that inhabits the wetware installed in Rhodey's brainpan and redundant storage failsafes throughout his cyborg body, PATTON has the attitude of a drill sergeant and the warm, bitter heart of a widowed mama grizzly for her only son. He monitors James' vitals, administers first aid and technical support as well as minor self-repair and failsafe functions, and can provide scientific analysis and cybernetic warfare services on request. PATTON is part of a suite of security measures built into the JRXL-1000 to prevent unauthorized access to its systems, and in regard to defensive cyberwarfare he is on par with JARVIS, an effective 9. The War Machine suit will not properly function without interfacing with Rhodey, and by default, PATTON.

Cyberware: Telepresence Unit (7)

Scale: Distance

Rhodey can interface with the JRXL-1000 armor remotely, summoning it to his location or programming preset flightplans. He can also fully assume command of the unit, though this results in a total absence of awareness of his body's actual surroundings, and a susceptibility to neural feedback not unlike injuries he might sustain actually wearing the suit.

Gear: Armory (4)

Scale: Arsenal

In addition to his superheroic armaments, Rhodey keeps a wide array of personal arms in a secure location or three. Assault rifles, shotguns, C-4, even the occasional high-tech Stark creation or two. Even denied access to the JRXL-1000 powered armor, Colonel Rhodes maintains enough guns and ammunition to spark a revolution, from a collection of personally modified handguns to a 'portable' version of the gatling guns for the suit.

Gear: Extremis (3)

Scale: Healing

Subject to experiments in bio-engineering and quantum mechanics to save his life, Rhodey was one of the earliest success stories in what would become the Extremis project. Granted remarkable immune system resilience and cellular endurance that served to preserve Jim's life, this relatively low-level treatment also served to combat any possible rejection of his state of the art prosthetics. Rhodey continues to heal at a remarkable rate, and his body has accepted its artificial components. In theory, exposure to higher ranges of this process, if it could be made stable, might regenerate Jim's body entirely.

JRXL-1000: Arc Reactor (2)

Scale: Endurance

Specialized capacitors built into the War Machine armor interface with Rhodey's internal arc reactor to produce more than enough power to sustain the armor nearly indefinitely at cruising levels. At output levels stressful to the unit, systems will start to fail within twenty-four hours of sustained battle or pursuit; faster if all stops are pulled out along the way.

JRXL-1000: Armored Arms (6)

Scale: Arsenal

Each of the War Machine suit's gauntlets is outfitted with palm repulsors capable of emitting powerful bursts of force for purposes utilitarian, offensive, and defensive. They also conceal deployable submachine guns, in .45 caliber or dual-barreled 9mm varieties, deployable from the forearm; these provide lethal suppressive fire at short to moderate range. A modular underslung unit for each arm may mount a primary armament of flamethrower (Heat 6), heavy machine gun, assault shotgun, grenade launcher, or high-output laser cannon; specialized ammo feeds are also available as appropriate in various flavors extra-fiery and armor-piercing, or boringly non-lethal. Each module is capable of deploying a melee weapon best compared to a chainsaw machete with a supersonic belt feed and alloyed teeth that will only dull shredding against something on the level of Vibranium or Adamantium.

JRXL-1000: Armored Artillery (7)

Scale: Arsenal

The 'primary' armament of the War Machine Variable Response Hazard Suit consists of shoulder-mounted heavy weaponry around a central Unibeam projector housed in the unit's chest. This Unibeam is capable of versatile low to high end energy discharge in a variety of spectrums from visible light to radiation or electrical bolt. Roughly a half-dozen concealed hardpoints on the armor's sides, chest, shoulders, and legs carry various supplementary light weapons and fallback contingencies. Additionally, reinforced modular bays support a variety of ammunition options supplying up to two hardpoints at any given time. Weapon systems tend to include: High velocity minigun, 20mm assault cannon, pulse cannon, multi-missile launcher, heavy rocket launcher, miniaturized JERICHO missile system, gatling laser, or high-explosive plasma cannon.

JRXL-1000: Armored Defenses (7)

Scale: Toughness

The War Machine armor has state of the art refractive and ablative countermeasures in place to sustain the wearer through extreme trauma and assault. It takes powerful blows or heavy ordinance to even begin to stagger the wearer of the suit, and the armor has deterrants every step of the way to removal or reverse engineering. All important electronics onboard are encased in elaborate defensive Faraday cages, all but impervious to electromagnetic disruption, and similar countermeasures provide the suit stealth systems capable of baffling most Earthly sensors or jamming most comm frequencies. Converters for solar, thermal, and electrical surges actually turn all but the mightiest shows of such energy into a quick recharge for the JRXL-1000.

JRXL-1000: Armored Flight (5)

Scale: Speed

The War Machine suit is capable of breaking the speed of sound many times over, easily overtaking or outpacing the fastest jet aircraft in the finest of the world's militaries. It can sustain this pace indefinitely for all operational purposes, given the limited diameter of the Earth, and far faster bursts for far shorter spans of time.

JRXL-1000: Armored Strength (7)

Scale: Strength

Wearing the War Machine armor, Rhodey can smoothly press upwards of 75 tons without undue strain. His blows can shift blast doors, and easily manage as much weight as his equally impressive repulsors can keep aloft. The finely articulated gloves of the suit can shred a metal door like it was aluminum foil.

Skill: Carousing (4)

Scale: Profession

Rhodey is a quick learner, and he's been around Important People(tm) from a number of walks of life, first in his years in the Service and then during his years as Tony Stark's pilot and security chief. He's a man of typically few, but meaningful words, with a calm but intense manner and a natural charisma. While he is scarcely the legend of such men as Wayne or Stark, Rhodes does a decent job of faking it. No matter how much Tony raises the limits on his expense accounts, James never -really- feels like part of the same world.

Skill: Engineering (5)

Scale: Profession

Before joining the Air Force, Rhodey worked on cars with his family and maintained his own planes to facilitate his amateur piloting hobby. He's surprisingly skilled at fixing machines and engines in particular, and rigging repairs where proper maintenance is not an option. While he was in the service, he also attended school, pursuing a mechanical engineering degree: he may not be as creative as Tony Stark, or nearly as capable, but there are arguable strengths in Rhodey's approach...

Skill: Pilot (7)

Scale: Profession

Jim Rhodes enlisted to fight in Afghanistan, and he got his wish. Already a skilled amateur pilot, Rhodey was gunner and then pilot on a Longbow Apache for two tours, fighters for number three and more. He didn't go home until he was injured, though at that point the juicy contract Tony Stark offered was hard to refuse. For awhile after that, Rhodey's primary function remained a pilot: Stark's. Even since taking over security, donning a suit of power armor, and waging a one-man war on terror, Jim finds time to keep his flight credentials razor sharp. He's got enough confirmed kills before putting on the suit to be Ace many times over.

Skill: Soldier (6)

Scale: Combat

Unarmed combat, melee weapons, firearms of all shapes and sizes: Jim Rhodes has handled them, and what's more, he knows how to kill a man eight different ways with each of them. Making it a point to certify on a range of arms and armaments in the Air Force, Rhodes' record is a near-spotless string of marksmanship commendations and honorable mentions in martial arts tournaments. It's instinct and muscle memory that's been relearned by his augmented form, making him a dangerous foe in or out of power armor.

Skill: Survivor (4)

Scale: Profession

Jim Rhodes has always been a man who got the job done. Some days, that meant extracting a team whose mission had gone sideways six times under heavy fire while fashioning a tourniquet out of one's own uniform and a stashed bottle of whiskey. Obviously, less than ideal circumstances. Rhodey is a survivalist in situations both Urban and Wilderness, trained in surviving from forest to desert. He's got rudimentary but very functional medical knowledge and training, capable of keeping people alive and treating some pretty grievous wounds; it's field tested.

Skill: Tactical Command (6)

Scale: Profession

James Rhodes rose to the rank of Colonel in the USAF, a capable soldier and insightful commander, never quite transcending to brilliance; at least if one ignores character and courage arguments for a nudge. He remains a skilled and experienced judge of battlefield conditions and the prioritization of resources and aptitudes, comfortable directing squad-sized operations of any kind.


Advantage: Aircraft

Jim Rhodes actually owns several functional, well-kept aircraft, a mix of passenger helicopters and small propeller craft. He also has access to the private jets and advanced craft owned or designed by Stark and his various companies.

Advantage: Platinum Credit

With the number of times Rhodey has pulled Tony Stark's bacon out of the fire, personally and professionally, it's not a question of if Jim Rhodes would take a bullet for the man; but how many. Rhodes is well paid on retainer to Stark Enterprises, and has several lines of credit and luxuries extended to him to enjoy. For the most part, he lives within reasonable means and uses his discretionary funds to pursue various causes and acquire arms and technology for his suit and his workshop.

Advantage: The Foundry

A private retreat in the Adirondacks hours from the city by car, Rhodey's fortress of solitude is a converted nuclear missile silo and airstrip accompanied by a functionally luxurious cabin and all the technical equipment he could need to maintain his armor and stable of vehicles. It's also a hell of a place to party out the end of the world, the bunker living space and workshop barricaded against nuclear blasts.


Flaw: Adversaries

Active combat as a young man, and well.. affiliation with Tony Stark for the latter part of his life has left Rhodey with a long list of antagonists. His efforts as War Machine have only added to that list. Just about everyone who wants Iron Man dead wants him dead by virtue of transitive hate, and by the very nature of War Machine's mandate, he is actively picking a fight with the most dangerous threats that the world faces at any given moment.

Flaw: Cyberware

Rhodey's cybernetics are shielded against electromagnetic fluctuations, hacking, and temperature variance, within certain limits, but they're still cybernetics: they're vulnerable to damage like any other circuitry, and once damaged, won't 'heal' like natural tissue, beyond limited self-repair systems that mostly serve to isolate affected areas and prevent further damage. With the proper inside access or preparation, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the War Machine armor-- or even Jim Rhodes /himself/ could be hacked.

Flaw: Extreme Sanction

War Machine is not your typical reform-oriented superhero. The problems he's traditionally called in to solve require less delicate lesson and more fiery ordinance. It makes it sometimes hard to balance his sense of honor and compassion with the horrifying acts he's called on to stop. Even if diplomacy remains a mainstay of his tactics and techniques in disarming volatile situations, the JRXL-1000 is a weapon of war, and a very effective one. It leaves a somewhat broad disconnect between Rhodey's role and the morals of some more idealistic heroes; sometimes, even Tony's own image.

Flaw: Twice Removed

Being the target of racism is nothing new for Jim Rhodes. Now, though, it's difficult to find an ethnic group that he really meshes with. Part man, part machine, with his human parts supercharged to make such a level of prosthesis even possible, all this sudden power amidst transformation can leave a man feeling pretty lonely. Not to mention the very real logistical issues faced operating in a world that hates and fears those that are different: it's no wonder Rhodey tends to bury himself in his work, and his duties.



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