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Quote-open "The whole good/evil blurring probably comes from the fact that guys have stopped labeling themselves. Brotherhoods of Evil are so 1960s. Damned inconsiderate, if you ask me." Quote-close

Jamie has lived alone(ish) his entire life. An orphan then adopted by various mutant 'teams' through out the years, he's decided he's going to try being his own man. Men. Whatever. His new Detective Agency, X-Factor, is just starting to kick up some business...


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Hive Mind, Immortality: 2, Multiplication

Abilities: Skill

Anatomy: 3, Detective: 6, Lawyer: 3, Lockpicking: 3, Omni-Skill: 3, Shaolin Kung Fu: 5, Stealth: 3


Business, Contacts, Dupe Life, Languages, Money, Reputation, Suit


Dupe Death, Dupe Memories, Enemies, Rogue Dupes, Unplanned Duping, Whiny

Languages: Cantonese, English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese


Power: Hive Mind

So the dupes that Jamie makes are all linked together, usually. See if they are within 10 miles of each other they know what the other dupes know, etc. They have a hive mind coolness thing going for them. The father away a dupe is though, the weaker the signal from the hive mind, and they may not even be part of it anymore. A dupe that spends too much time out of the hive mind will get cut off completely. But the hive mind does allow them to communicate silently with each other, and it does help greatly on investigations.

Power: Immortality (2)

So if say Jamie prime is killed, his mind will go into the closest dupe. Of course that dupe would have to be within Hive Mind range of him, so about 10 miles away. So yeah he can be killed, but if there is a dupe around he'll get another body. No dupe though he's dead.

Power: Multiplication

With impacts, Jamie is able to create duplicates of himself. Jamie has worked hard and has gotten it so that even a finger snap will create a dupe for him. The strange thing is that anything that Jamie is wearing or carrying also gets copied. His clothes, his wallet, keys, even a gun would get copied when he makes a dupe. While it's unknown, even by Jamie the max number of dupes he can create. He tends to stick with 50, cause the hive mind input from more than that can get unbearable.

Skill: Anatomy (3)

While he's not a doctor or anything, Jamie had a dupe audit an anatomy class. So he actually knows certain parts to hit and hurt a person, or well how to hurt someone that is holding him. One of those skills of his that he doesn't realize how useful it is until he actually needs it.

Skill: Detective (6)

Note: The skill number reflects Jamie's perception. Jamie's actual skill as a detective is a 4. He's observant, but not that good at putting what he sees together to figure out what is going on.

Jamie is a detective he has his own little detective agency and everything. Most of it has been trial and error for him, as he learns everything trying to figure out how to do things himself. But he has trained himself to be very observant as well now. But he still isn't the best detective out there. But he is pretty darn good.

Skill: Lawyer (3)

Even Jamie doesn't know why he did this one. But he actually sent a dupe to law school. The dupe passed and even went on to pass the Bar Exam as well. Since the dupe was doing everything under Jamie's name, it means that Jamie is now a real lawyer. While he doesn't actually practice that much, he can make the claims of attorney/client stuff for when he's talking to people.

Skill: Lockpicking (3)

One dupe spent some time studying with a locksmith. Because of that he learned how to pick a lot of normal locks. Will he be able to get into a highly secure building with special locks? Heck no. Will he be able to get into a normal apartment a house, you better believe it. Once again good when he needs to find stuff out about people, just break into their house.

Skill: Omni-Skill (3)

Jamie's dupes are constantly learning skills for him. So once he reabsorbs them he also gains the skills that they have gained as well. As such Jamie could be considered having any skill at the basic college level.

Skill: Shaolin Kung Fu (5)

When Jamie learned that he could send dupes out to learn for him he decided to take full advantage of that. After watching Enter the Dragon he sent one dupe to study Shaolin Kung Fu. That dupe spent years in a monastery learning the arts of the Shaolin. So on top of fighting he also learned some mediation techniques that have helped Jamie as well. Thanks to his training, Jamie is more athletic than the average human, but not superhuman levels. Also well he has learned how to take a hit, so is a little tougher than usual. Once the dupe got back Jamie absorbed all those skills so well he knows kung fu now!

Skill: Stealth (3)

Part of his shaolin training was the art of Stealth. Jamie is good enough that the normal people aren't going to see him. Obviously those trained to find people will notice him rather quickly. But the regular people he is hired to spy on and stuff like that, that usually don't know he's there.


Advantage: Business

Jamie owns X-Factor Investigations. It's a building in New York, part office space part living area. But the building and the name of his investigation firm are all is. His and only his!

Advantage: Contacts

Jamie has made a few contacts out there, with Xavier's academy, the police, genetics community and as a private eye.

Advantage: Dupe Life

Because of his powers Jamie has adapted a little bit. He is slightly more intelligent than a regular person, mainly because of the knowledge he has stored, and well having the ability to have multiple trains of thought at one time. Also he has increased his own willpower. One to help prevent unwanted duping, and to deal with the influx of knowledge he sometimes gets while absorbing dupes. That process can be a little painful at times.

Advantage: Languages

Jamie fluently speaks and writes German, Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Greek, and Latin (thank you law school). He also knows ASL. This is thanks to his dupes traveling and just studying languages for him.

Advantage: Money

Jamie went on who wants to be a millionaire, and won! Sure he phoned himself as a friend and the hive mind helped him get the answers, but he wanted money dang it. So he used the money he won to help start his detective agency, and make the building in it a sort of home as well with a living area on the top floor. The rest he keeps in a few investments, that is a net for his dupes. When he needs to send one out to learn a skill for an extended period of time he sets up an account for them so they don't have to worry about income.

Advantage: Reputation

Jamie has been working as a private eye for a little bit now. His reputation has grown in the way that he has a tendency to take the strange cases that people don't normally deal with. His cases almost always involve some type of powered individual, mostly mutants of course.

Advantage: Suit

So when Jamie was young before his parents died, they got him a special suit. The problem with Jamie's powers was that any impact would make a dupe of him. So the suit was designed to protect him for that. He has learned control now, but he still keeps the suit around as a security blanket.


Flaw: Dupe Death

So Jamie is connected with all of his dupes. So what happens when one of them dies? Jamie feels the pain. The pain can be enough to distract Jamie, or even render him unconscious. It just depends on how the dupe died and how close Jamie was to the Dupe at the time.

Flaw: Dupe Memories

Jamie has trouble sometimes remembering the memories of his dupes compared to his own. As such he can get confused on what lives he has lived compared to a dupes life.

Flaw: Enemies

A man lives many lives, a man can make many enemies. Not all of Jamie's dupes are dogooders, and as such may get in trouble.He may even start to find out he has enemies out there that he doesn't remember.

Flaw: Rogue Dupes

Jamie runs the risk of having dupes go rogue on him. The longer they stay away the biggest chance they have to develop their own personalities and little quirks. Heck he can even have a dupe go evil and try and take over the master role or something. The more dupes Jamie creates the more the chance he will make one of those rogue ones as well.

Flaw: Unplanned Duping

Sometimes Jamie makes dupes be accident. He has to focus to make sure that he doesn't dupe when he doesn't want to. So he does have to be careful to avoid unplanned duping.

Flaw: Whiny

Jamie whines, a lot. He is full of self doubt, and lack of confidence in himself. Even with all the skills that he learns he still doubts himself. Until such a time as he is really needed, then he may finally step forward. But well he whines a lot about how useless he is.


Jamie, unlike many mutants, possessed his power at birth. His parents, nuclear physicists and rocket scientists were concerned. Friends of Charles Xavier, he suggested they move to some place isolated and rural to raise their boy, and so they chose to raise Jamie in Kansas. When he was thirteen a trio of freak tornadoes tore his home to shreds and killed his parents. For a few years afterward Jamie worked their entire farm by himself, surviving the only way he knew how. After a time Xavier offered him a place on his young new mutant team. Jamie declined, however he did take Xavier up on an offer to assist as a cutting edge genetics laboratory Xavier was linked with. %r%tIt was during that time studying with the lab that Jamie learned one very important thing about his powers. One day he didn't want to go in but wanted to have some fun instead. So he sent a dupe to work for him and he went out and did some well fun stuff. When he reabsorbed the dupe he realized the dupe had learned something new at the lab and Jamie now knew it. So he decided to send out more dupes to learn stuff for him. So they went and learned a lot of general knowledge things as much as they could anyway.%r%tOnce they had the knowledge Jamie decided he wanted to open up a detective agency because he loves Noir dang it. Realizing he needed money to do it, especially in New York where he wanted to go, he went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Thanks to the absorbed knowledge and phoning a dupe, he won the money. He went to New York and of course started to learn some more things, even sending a dupe to Law School. Then he opened up his awesome new detective agency!


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