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Jennifer-Lynn Hayden was born with metahuman powers due to her parentage. Her father was a Green Lantern, and his exposure to magical energies impacted her own development. As a child she could only use her powers in self-defense, but she has had years to hone them and now can exhibit abilities similar to those wielded by Green Lanterns.

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Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Energy Constructs: 8, Energy Projection: 8, Flight: 6, Forcefields: 8, Phasing: 3, Photokinesis: 9, Sensory: 6

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 2


Flaws: Concentration, Energy Limits, Wood Weakness

Languages: English


Power: Energy Constructs (8)

Jade can create energy constructs by manipulating energy -- in her case, light -- in such a way that it becomes matter. The types of constructs she can create are limited only by her willpower and her imagination.

Power: Energy Projection (8)

Jade can project energy in various forms (primarily light, though heat, gravity, and radioactivity are also possible) from her body for offensive purposes, as well as defensive. For offense, these usually take the form of laser-like beams, capable of inflicting damage as great as Arsenal 8, though it is typically regulated based on the nature of the threat so as not to cause undue harm or accidental death.

Power: Flight (6)

Jade can use her metahuman abilities to fly by manipulating or negating the restrictions of gravity on her movement. She can leave Earth's atmosphere and travel much faster in space, but in Earth's atmosphere her maximum speed is a bit under 8,000 MPH. She usually employs a force field to protect her from potential harm that would be suffered from moving and maneuvering at high speeds.

Power: Forcefields (8)

Jade is able to create force fields around herself and others to protect them. She usually creates them around herself to protect against harm, but she can also create a force bubble around one or more targets to lift them out of harm's way, to otherwise relocate them, to contain a dangerous enemy or defeated foe, or to bring along non-flying allies when she is flying. The forcefields have a maximum durability of Toughness 8, though their strength is directly related to both her willpower and her concentration.

Power: Phasing (3)

Jade can "phase" in order to move through solid objects for relatively brief durations. She can not turn intangible, which would make her unable to be touched. She can only move through solid objects. If she stops moving or her focus wavers, she resumes her normal phasic properties. If she is intersecting something or someone else when that happens, unpleasantness results. She can still be attacked while phasing, as well, particularly by energy-based attacks. She can maintain this phased state for about a minute.

Power: Photokinesis (9)

Jade, as part of her metahuman powers derived from the Star Heart -- created by the Guardians of Oa -- can project and control light. This is typically done to create hologram-like illusions, to generate light to see by, or become "invisible" by refracting the light around her temporarily to remain camouflaged. This latter only works if she remains still and retains her concentration and can not be kept up for more than a few minutes at most. She can generate up to 100,000 lux for purposes not related to offense (which would be covered under Energy Projection) -- about equivalent to a sunny day.

Power: Sensory (6)

Jade can use her metahuman abilities to conduct scans for a variety of things she does not necesarrily have the physical capacity to detect, in a manner similar to that done by Green Lanterns via their Power Rings. These scans are equivalent to Perception 6 in what they can detect.

Skill: Combat (2)

Jade has basic hand-to-hand combat skill for the purposes of self-defense.



Flaw: Concentration

Much like Green Lanterns, Jade's powers only work when she can maintain her concentration and use her will to drive her abilities to do what she wishes them to do. If she is in serious pain or otherwise distracted, her determination wanes, or her focus on her objective is in any other way compromised, the output and effectiveness of her powers is hindered appropriately. The abilities might not activate at all if her concentrantion is severly prevented.

Flaw: Energy Limits

While Jade does not wield a Green Lantern Power Ring, her energy is still limited by the stamina of her own body. Though she may be able to push herself more than a compareable human being, heavy usage of her abilities -- particularly for monumental feats like extended battles, evacuating large numbers of people from a disaster area manually, or similar intense and/or lengthy activities will leave her tired and with reduced or non-functioning powers.

Flaw: Wood Weakness

Jade's energy is ineffective against wood. Items made of wood can not be lifted or broken by Jade's energy, not can her force fields stop projectiles crafted from wood. Things made of plant-matter can potentially disrupt her powers.


Born to Alan Scott and Rose Thorin, Jenny and her twin brother Todd, were placed up for adoption by Rose right at birth. Jenny isn't sure exactly why Rose put them up for adoption, but can only theorize that the woman was fearful her villainous side might rise up and do harm to the two young children.

Jenny was placed in an orphanage 'Fielding Home For Girls', until she was adopted by the Haydens, it was the only place she could remember that was her 'home'. While there, Jenny heard tales from the older girls about a villainous janitor named Stan. A horrible man that use to physically abuse the girls, warning them what would happen if they ever told, so none of the girls ever breathed a word about it. Christmas was especially horrible for the girls - every year he would dress up as Santa Claus, with a crooked beard, faded suit and mothball smell. They were forced to sit on his lap, though no one ever wanted to.

One year Jenny was picked to go first. Terrified to sit on his lap, Jenny clawed, cried, squirmed and finally scratched Stan like some crazed cornered animal. Miss Greaves (the head mistress) sent everyone off to bed, telling Jenny she'd ruined Christmas for all the girls. The truth, however, was they were all glad, heading off to sleep hoping the real Santa Claus would visit - and that Stan wouldn't.

That night, in a drunken rage, Stan entered Jenny's room - intent upon abusing the girl that had refused to sit on his lap. Before he had the chance to complete his base intentions, Jenny used her latent powers for the first time, the power flooding out of the birthmark 'star' in her hand to attack the man that would try and do harm to her. Jenny dismissed the entire event as a 'bad dream', and soon forgot about it, as she was adopted a few months later by Julian and Myrna Hayden. She locked everything away, Stan, the power, everything.

Her life would become a lot more stable and relaxed, adopted by loving parents and a fabulous home; Jenny had everything she could ever desire, ever want; two parents that loved her, a home that she could find peace, comfort, and experience a childhood within. As she grew up, Jenny's life was filled with laughter and joy, she lived in a suburb of Milwaukee called Franklin, and for the most part - she lived an ideal existence, only knowing she was different from the green, star shaped birthmark on her right hand.

It wasn't until her later years of High School that Jenny started 'sensing' a rather strangely familiar presence. It was an odd feeling, something that tugged at the back of her mind, then went away again soon after she went home. Then one day out of the shower - Jenny's life took a change for the complete bizarre... she came out completely green, a state that she could (initially) move into and out of at will. Her parents were, naturally, shocked - but loved their daughter too much to be too upset. It was only at then, however, that her parents told her she had a twin brother.

As high school came and went, Jenny was unable to change back to her 'normal' state. Yet, it was simply okay for Jenny, she was green, and while it isn't easy being green, she was at the very least unique!

During her college years, Jenny studied photography, a field that she found she quite enjoyed. Two years into college, Jenny is eager to experience life outside of schooling, and maybe use her gifts for a greater purpose.


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Alan Scott


Alan Scott

Jade is Alan Scott's daughter.


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