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Any thought of a normal life ended 4 years ago for Jessica, when she and her friends went on a hunting trip not long after her twenty-first birthday and came across a pair of mobsters burying a body. Jessica ran away as her friends were gunned down behind her, and was left knowing it was only a matter of time until she was likewise killed. Too afraid to go to the police, she hid out, arming with a gun and not letting anyone but her sister know where she was.
Then came the day the Ring came for her. Despite her attacking it with her gun, it succeeded in attaching itself to her to feed on her fear and creating monsters from her nightmares to attack those around her...
While will can control the ring, only by embracing her fear can she truly master the powers that are now hers.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Firearms: 4 Willpower: 6

Abilities: Gear

Constructs: 6, Flight: 3, Force Fields: 7, Manifest Fear: 10, Mind of Volthoom, Ring of Volthoom, Sense Fear: 4, Universal Translator

Advantages: Competent Embrace the Fear

Flaws: Marked, Paranoid, Sara Cruz, Volthoom

Languages: English


Gear: Constructs (6)

The ring is able to form energy objects with the properties of a solid. The size and complexity of these objects is determined by the will and imagination of the wielder. Unlike most power rings, the energy of this ring derives directly from the Fear Entity Volthoom (see flaws), the ring can still run out of power and needs to be recharged by feeding Volthoom. The mind of Volthoom, resident in the ring, can assist the bearer to create complex constructs that are beyond their technical knowledge.

Gear: Sense Fear (4)

The ability to detect fear is usable both in a general sense at longer range, and in a specific sense at short range. At ten miles it can sense strong fear in an individual or weaker fear in a group. At sight range, it can tell the greatest fear of a specific person. Strong fear in a group...such as might be caused by a collapsing building, and be sensed at greater range.

Skill: Firearms (4)

When the ring first came to her, Jessica was able to hit it with a shot from a gun before it reached her. This indicates a degree of skill in the use of such weapons. She is considered a skilled amateur with firearms.

Skill: Willpower (6)

Years of living in fear have hardened Jessica's resolve. This allows her to continue on and create effects using the magic of the ring despite having to fight Volthoom for the power needed. It also lets her reject Volthoom's evil whispers.

Gear: Flight (3)

Under normal conditions, flight of up to the speed of sound is possible. However, if propelled by fear (such as fear for her immediate safety) much higher speeds are possible, up to at least speed 6.

Gear: Force Fields (7)

The ring protects the bearer, this is understandable because the ring needs a living bearer to feed upon and the bearer tends to fear being hurt, which in turn feeds the ring. These fields can be extended to protect others, but this is more difficult. This means that the fields are stronger when used to protect the ring wielder at the list strength of 7, but weaker when used to protect others, with a strength reduced to 5. The fields can protect from all kinds of threats, from physical impact, to energy, to poison gas, to mental assault. The self defense portion of this ability is able to be activated by Volthoom without the wielder's awareness, though that also is weakened to level 5 as it takes both ring and bearer working together to produce the stronger effect.

Gear: Manifest Fear (10)

When a construct causes fear, either great fear in an individual or fear or panic in a group, the full power of the ring can be used for great effect. The construct will start as a typical construct, with a power level of 6, but then add levels from feedback based on the amount of fear generated.

Gear: Mind of Volthoom

The ring has an intelligence, a creature of vast and ancient knowledge, it has existed for millions of years and has the experience of unknown numbers of wielders recorded in it's memory. The information available to the ring, and through it to the bearer, is nearly limitless. Most bearers soon learn to be extremely specific when it comes to information requests, otherwise they may get more information than they can comprehend. The means by which some information is gathered is unknown, though presumably mystical in nature, but the ring is linked to the bearer and experiences everything the bearer does, giving he wielder potentially the experience of all its predecessors to draw upon. The primary uses for this information are to allow the wielder to understand all languages and to allow the wielder to create constructs of great complexity (such as creating Kryptonite or Jet Engines if the bearer lacks appropriate knowledge). If the bearer wants specific information about a nearby target, they can emit a beam of green energy from the ring to bathe the target, at a range of roughly twenty feet, it can tell the wielder weather a food is poisonous, what species an alien is...and if the species has any known weaknesses. Information may be gathered at longer range, but the detail tends to be reduced with range, but can be assumed to act as a sense with a range based upon the will of the Wielder. Long range use (beyond the stated range) is primarily a plot device power. Given the mystical nature of the ring, it may be plausibly conjectured that magical defenses against information gathering would be reasonably effective.

Gear: Ring of Volthoom

What appears to be a green ring from another dimension, this item is the source of the powers of all Power Ring effects. The ring is a magical artifact possessed by a Fear Entity which can produce nearly effect the wielder can imagine, but the entity generally must be forced to do so by the set will of the bearer unless what is being done is in the interests of the ring entity.

Gear: Universal Translator

As part of the knowledge of Volthoom, the bearer can understand any language, though not all concepts will be understood if there is no equivalent.


Advantage: Competent

Jessica is above average in almost every way, as befits a superhuman, and is considered as having a 3 in any ability or skill not specifically mentioned. She is not superhuman, other than her ring, and so still has only normal speed, endurance, and toughness for an athletic woman.

Advantage: Embrace the Fear

Fear is your friend, it warns you that a situation may be dangerous and prepares the body to overcome or avoid the danger. For Jessica, fear is required for her powers to work, she needs to accept the fear she feels and to make it her partner.


Flaw: Marked

Volthoom feeds upon the host and seeks to control it, in in the process the host is marked by bulging green "veins" that grow up the arm from the ring. Some consider them roots, rather than veins, as they also serve to keep the ring from being removed except if it is given to someone in equal or greater fear.

Flaw: Paranoid

Since the day she saw the mob burial of a murder victim, and survived by fleeing, she has stayed hidden and armed. She knew it was just a matter of time until they found her and killed her too. She has been ruled by fear, and still has a tendency to expect the worst and to attack in a panic if the fear is more intense.

Flaw: Sara Cruz

Sara is Jessica's sister, who tries to help her deal with her fears, but is often the person Jessica is most afraid for.

Flaw: Volthoom

Volthoom is a fear entity, thought to be a fragment of the First Lantern's consciousness. It feeds on fear, which is why it seeks out people who have lived with a high level of fear to bond with. It primarily feeds on the fear of its bearer, so if the bearer ceases to feel fear the entity begins to starve, loses power, and may eventually die. It can also feed upon nearby fear, and encourages the wielder to increase fear in the area to feed upon. To this end, it whispers to the wielder how to best increase fear n a given situation and freely provides power as needed to enhance fear.


The fall after Jessica Cruz turned 21, she and her friends went on a hunting trip. Rather than finding deer, they found a pair of mobsters who were buying a body. Jessica ran in fear as her friends were gunned down behind her.

For four years Jessica hid, certain that the killers would find her, not trusting anyone but her sister Sara, rarely leaving windowless rooms of solid construction, and always keeping her guns handy.

Then came the ring, flying through the locked door, ignoring the bullets that struck it, and placing itself on her hand. A voice whispered in her head, "Lex Luthor knows what I really am," even as creatures from her nightmares sprang up and began attacking others in the building...


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