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This Jessica is a child of the Spider-Clan who gained her powers through the mix of a mystical encounter with an ancient Spider-God and genetic alteration.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Senses: 5, Speed: 2, Strength: 5, Wall Crawling, Webbing: 5

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 6 Stealth: 4

Advantages: Apartment, Costume, Ninja Contacts

Flaws: Enemy Clans, Magic, Sensory Problems

Languages: English and Japanese


Power: Senses (5)

Jessica benefits from a slight enhancement of her natural senses, as they are a little over peak human. What she benefits from most is a power also shared by her male counterpart. The so-called 'Spider Sense' that some spiders possess is a kind of precognitive ability, one that grants an almost omnidirectional view of the surroundings of the possessor of this ability, which responds entirely to danger. This not only helps Jessica in battle but it also allows to to safely move in complete darkness, avoiding various hazards such as creaking floorboards and various other obstructions, and also helps her to safely aim her webbing for when she is web-slinging. It can also substitute for her eyesight (in a manner not unlike Daredevil's Radar sense) if she is ever blinded. However it does have some disadvantages and can be temporarily nullified at times. (see flaws) Jessica's spider-sense can also pick up certain signals such as radio waves, though these are more difficult for her to deal with since they can cause some disorientation if she isn't expecting it.

Power: Strength (5)

Jessica can lift roughly seven and a half tons. Ten if she is forced to push herself.

Power: Wall Crawling (????)

Jessica has the ability to cling to virtually any surface with any part of her body, much like a spider. The difference is that she is much, much harder to dislodge from a surface she has decided to cling to. Often-times trying to pull her loose will result in whatever she's sticking to breaking instead of her grip breaking. Though some can exert enough force that she will temporarily lose her grip though this is rare.

Power: Webbing (5)

Jessica can fire organic webbing from her fingers, and use it in a variety of ways, including a form of transportation and as a means of capturing bad guys. Unlike her male counterpart, who's webbing is artificial, Jessica's webbing dissolves after about a week.

Skill: Combat (6)

Spider-Woman is a highly trained Ninja of the Spider-Clan- specifically trained in various forms of martial arts- and is often seen in costume, usually engaged in some form of combat or another. Given her strength, she has had to train extra hard to make sure she keeps it in check.

Skill: Stealth (4)

Jessica was trained in the art of stealth by the Spider-Clan, and in conjunction with her Spider-sense which enhances her stealth abilities greatly, she is able to get into and out of a number of places that otherwise could not be infiltrated.

Power: Speed (2)

Jessica is faster than any normal human and when combined with her Spider-Sense, training, and reflexes, allows her to move fast enough to dodge a majority of attacks, including gunfire at point blank range.


Advantage: Apartment

Jessica lives in an apartment complex owned by a member of the Spider-Clan. She pays rent as a formality to avoid any suspicion about how she managed to find such a nice place at her relatively young age.

Advantage: Costume

Jessica's costume is a gift from the Clan, which repairs and cleans itself automatically through a few spells laid on it by the Clan mystics.

Advantage: Ninja Contacts

Jessica has contacts within the Spider-Clan as well as with other clans whom are not actively and in some cases openly friendly to the Clan, such as the Wolf-Clan (which is friendly with the Spider-Clan) and the Chaste, which is currently in a state of neutrality with the Spider-Clan. Jessica can call upon them when necessary for information or help.


Flaw: Enemy Clans

Spider-Woman comes from the Spider-Clan, a clan of Ninja who seek to protect the innocent. There are a number of clans who are far less altruistic, however, and they are more than willing to attack her whenever the chance arises. These rival clans include the Kuji Kuri, The Shadow Clan (an evil counterpoint to the Spider-Clan) and the Hand. Though in the case of the latter, this is due less to a grudge between clans and more the fact that both clans EXIST. As Jessica herself is prone to say if ever asked about the fact that the Spider-Clan and the Hand have engaged one another in combat, "Ninja Clans Fight. It's what we do."

Flaw: Magic

While magic itself can harm Jessica, magic specifically aimed at the totemic essence of Spiders can have dangerous repercussions. This can be anything from disrupting the effectiveness of her powers to outright temporarily nullifying them for a time. This later effect can prove life threatening to her since her powers are genetically bonded to her via a mix of science and technology. If the magic is nullified, it can put her life at risk due to how it has become part of her physical body.

Flaw: Sensory Problems

Jessica's Spider-Sense can be temporarily nullified by anyone who can locate the correct frequency on which it operates. It can also go into a kind of 'overload' if something of significant danger approaches her, causing her to not only be unable to properly react to it, but can also cause her intense pain in this state. Certain forms of magic can also temporarily negate her spider-sense. Some are naturally able to dull her spider-sense by the sheer nature of their physical form.


Jessica Drew is a child of the Spider-Clan, a Ninja clan who has always protected the innocent. Like all children of the clan she was raised to be a fighter, but unknown to her she had been singled out to become an avatar for the ideals of the Spider-Clan. She was trained to be one of, if not the very best the clan had ever produced, and when she was nine, she was taken to a mystical plane to meet the Spider, an ancient deity who was the clan's patron. The Spider declared that Jessica was to become an avatar of the Spider-Clan's very essence as protectors of the innocent. She was granted the Spider's blessing and the Spider-Clan would later infuse her with genetic material from a spider that had been infused with a portion of the essence of The Spider. The result was that she would gain spider-like powers proportional to her size. The Clan set her up with the name and costume of Spider-Woman, and she registered the codename with the BSA, though she kept her real name and face a secret. She currently resides in New York and is operating there as Spider-Woman.


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