Hero Westchester
Jocelyn 1 Jocelyn 2
Agility: 3 / 7 Strength: 1 / 5 Toughness: 2 / 6
Perception: 5 Intellect: 2 Willpower: 6
Combat 6 Energy Absorption 4 Energy Blast 4
Energy Boost 4 Energy Sight 4
Larceny Street Smarts X-School Attendee
All the Colors Blunt Cursed Blood
Energy Explosion Tech Dummy
Name: Jocelyn Stream
Position: X-Student at Xavier Institute
Team: N/A
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: OC
Actor: Ariana Grande
Alts: None
Timezone: CST
Music: "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: Classic, Comedic, Gritty, Heroic, Romantic, Social
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Jocelyn was born in Detroit under rather unpleasent circumstances which involved her becoming an orphan by age two. She doesn't remember her parents, and has no information about them. She grew up in an orphanage through the age of 8, and was the child who always snuck out to go get into dangerous situations. She had lip for anyone who would annoy her (which was just about everyone), would steal, fight, and do all sorts of unpleasent things. She managed to not die by sheer toughness, and it was during a street brawl in which she dropped a pair of guys who were at least twice her size that Mr. Clark noticed her.

Mr. Clark was a martial arts enthusiast, though he wasn't terribly talented himself. He did have money, and he offered her a chance at a real home and training. Figuring it was better than the orphanage, she took the offer and began extensive training, outside of her basic schooling, in the martial arts. She quickly started to rise up in fame in those circles, and there was serious talk about her going pro before she was eighteen. It was during a demonstration with some television executives at the age of sixteen that those hopes died.

She was going through some movements in the ring when she missed a couple techniques she'd just been taught a couple days ago. She could feel the disapproval floating through the room, and started to become more and more frustrated with herself. She took that energy into herself and felt herself becoming stronger and faster. As her speed improved with the moves, she could feel that energy, except in more of an awed flavor, for lack of a better word, flow into her, and she finished by striking one of the corner poles of the ring with a powerful sidekick. As she did so, she unleashed all that energy, and everyone in the room, except for her, died from the "gas explosion", as the media called it.

Word of this reached the X-Men, who realized it was a mutant power, and someone was sent to pick Jocelyn up as a possible recruit as a student.

Jocelyn's family was cursed ages ago by a wizard or some other magical being, the details of which have been lost. She does not know this, but there is a "Being of Darkness" that is made up of no known energy type that is hunting for her bloodline. It must rest for prolonged periods and can only search for a week at a time. However, it is able to track the bloodline perfectly, and simply hasn't gotten around to her or located her yet. It is only a matter of time before it will become a problem for her.


Skill: Combat (6)

Jocelyn spent her early life as an orphan in the sleazy parts of Detroit and learned how to fend for herself there. She then met a martial arts enthusiast who saw her grit and determination and took her under his wing. She was training for national competition when her powers manifested.

Power: Energy Absorption (4)

Jocelyn is able to absorb energy around her. She can absorb any type of energy that is around, be it natural, supernatural, psionic, psychic, etc... However, she can only safely absorb up to 4 'Points' worth of energy at a time, effectively creating a forcefield around her. This power is always active. Any spillover from an attack focused at her causes reduced damage. Once she has absorbed 4 points worth of energy, she must use it up (enhance a stat or attack with the energy) before she can absorb more. She can carry a supply of energy around for up to 12 hours before she needs to use it as well. Otherwise it fizzles out of her. This ability will shut off if she falls unconscious.

She is capable of turning this ability off for short periods, which is necessary if she wants someone to be able to touch her. Because it absorbs energy, the energy used to touch her tends to get absorbed, causing things to stop. A person can force themselves to touch her, but they will experience a sharp shock of pain during the time in which they touch her. This shock is enough to short out medical devices attached to her, making it hard for her to be medically treated as long as she is conscious.

Power: Energy Blast (4)

Jocelyn is capable of focusing energy around her and shooting it out in a beam or burst. She currently is able to respond by shooting out the same type of energy as she receives (Kinetic, Thermal, Magick, Electrical, Psionic, etc...)

Power: Energy Boost (4)

Jocelyn's ability to gather energy allows her to augment her physical traits, gaining superhuman strength, agility, or toughness. She can gather up to 4 points worth at a time before she needs to make use of them. She can currently raise a base stat by up to 4 points.

Power: Energy Sight (4)

Jocelyn is able to 'see' energy. Different energy types have different colors to her. She can see if it is actively being used or if it is just "idling" around. She can't tell what is being done with it (example, she can't see what spell is being cast), but she can tell that Person X is using Energy Y.


Advantage: Larceny

Jocelyn had to deal with the streets of Detroit, and she had to steal sometimes. She knows how to do it, how to pick a lock, etc...

Advantage: Street Smarts

Grew up on the streets of Detroit. She knows how to deal with seedier parts of a neighborhood.

Advantage: X-School Attendeee

Jocelyn is a student at Xavier's School for the Gifted. This gives her a chance to learn and control her powers in a safe place. It also lets her avoid some of the ill treatment of mutants and gives her a chance to actually learn, something she wasn't always so good at in her former life!


Flaw: All the Colors

Her Energy Awareness means that Jocelyn sees the world as a much busier place than most people, and if she loses her cool and stresses out, she can get overwhelmed by seeing everything. She doesn't 'go blind', but she could mistake use of one type of energy for another when she gets overwhelmed and accidentally pull in too much energy as a result.

Flaw: Blunt

Jocelyn can be rather blunt as a result of her upbringing, meaning that sometimes higher social functions just don't go over so well with her. It isn't that she's stupid, but rather that she says what is on her mind.

Flaw: Cursed Blood

Unknown to Jocelyn, her bloodline was cursed years ago that a "Being of Darkness" would rise up and slay her family. So far, the bloodline has kept alive by sheer numbers and, in her case, the child being given up. One day, however, it will come for her, and she will have to deal with it.

Flaw: Energy Explosion

If Jocelyn takes in too much energy at once, she's likely to send out an uncontrollable wave of energy, hurting anyone around her (amount of damage depends on plot and how much she took in). That's in an extreme case. Typically, too much intake would cause her to pass out for an appropriate amount of time.

Flaw: Tech Dummy

Jocelyn didn't have access to a lot of higher-end technology, so intermediate and advanced computers tend to confuse her. She's aware computers exist and can do basic typing, but she's just as likely to break the computer using a spreadsheet as she is likely to figure out the problem she's working on.


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