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Jocelyn Stream


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Jocelyn is a 19 year old alumnus of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She is an Omega level mutant and member of the X-Men and of the Young Allies, going by the alias "Channel". She has also gone by the name "FlareBright", given to her by Thor.

Followers of MMA and martial arts may know her as a previously up-and-coming star on the MMA circuit. A gas explosion which killed her trainer, however, has caused her to fall off the map recently. She is a native of Detroit, Michigan and an orphan with no known family.

Daily Description: Jocelyn is a tall young woman, standing over six feet tall, with waist-length red hair that is worn in a rather straight, plain style. Her eyes are green, and her nose is a little small, but otherwise doesn't detract from her appearance. The girl has a very weathered look to her face, however, as though she has seen more than her age would let on. She has a very strong and fit build and typically is seen wearing long sleeved shirt of various types and blue jeans. A pair of black gloves adornes her hands, and a smartphone is clipped to her belt. A pair of black sneakers complete her day-to-day outfit.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Energy Absorption: 8, Energy Attack: 7, Energy Boost: 5, Energy Conversion: 8, Energy Healing: 5, Energy Sight, Flight: 2, Telepathic Defense: 4

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 7, Concealment: 5, Espionage: 5, Larceny: 5, Medicine: 3, Physical Training: 3, Street Smarts: 6, Watchful: 7, Willpower: 5

Advantages: Mentors

Flaws: All the Colors, Blunt, Cursed Blood, Enemies, Energy Explosion, Former Street Kid, Minor Fame, Noticable, No Family, Poor, Tech Dummy

Languages: English


Power: Energy Absorption (8)

Jocelyn is able to absorb energy around her. She can absorb any type of energy that is around, be it natural, supernatural, psionic, psychic, etc... However, she can only safely absorb up to 8 'Points' worth of energy at a time, effectively creating a forcefield around her. This power is always active. Any spillover from an attack focused at her causes reduced damage. Once she has absorbed 8 points worth of energy, she must use it up (enhance a stat or attack with the energy) before she can absorb more. She can carry a supply of energy around for up to 12 hours before she needs to use it as well. Otherwise it fizzles out of her. This ability will shut off if she falls unconscious.

She is capable of extending this out to 'pull' in energy at a range of 100 yards. Doing so is more difficult than just letting energy hit her, however, and it takes more time.

Power: Energy Attack (7)

Jocelyn is capable of focusing energy around her and shooting it out in a beam. Jocelyn is also capable of launching this energy out as a burst attack. She currently is able to respond by shooting out the same type of energy as she receives (Kinetic, Thermal, Magick, Electrical, Psionic, etc...). All blasts have a physical 'force' behind them, though some have additional effects, depending on the type of energy used. If Jocelyn absorbs and uses Magick, the attack will not have any of the absorbed spell's effects. It will simply be a raw magical energy blast.

Power: Energy Boost (5)

Jocelyn's ability to gather energy allows her to augment her physical traits, gaining superhuman strength, agility, or toughness. She can gather up to 5 points worth at a time before she needs to make use of them. She can currently raise a base stat by up to 5 points.

This will make her physical stats rated as follows:

Strength: 2 / 7 Dexterity: 3 / 8 Toughness: 3 / 8

Power: Energy Conversion (8)

Limitation 1: The energy she converts the energy into must be a type she can currently see with her Energy Sight and also must exist outside of her person. For example, if Jocelyn is carrying a magical artifact and no magic is present elsewhere, she could not convert it to mystical energy, as she is the 'source' of the only magical energy. However, if Wiccan was nearby using his powers, she could convert some form of energy into mystical energy.

Limitation 2: She cannot use this power to manipulate a sentient being's life energy.

Jocelyn is able to convert one form of energy to another. This energy does not have to be absorbed via her energy absorption power. She is able to convert half of her Energy Absorption rating at any one time (currently rated an 8, which allows her to convert up to 4 points of energy).

Power: Energy Healing (5)

Limitation 1: Jocelyn must have a supply of psionic energy available to her to use Psychic Healing or have stored some per her Energy Absorption power. She in incapable of using Psychic Healing without a source of that power.

Limitation 2: She is unable to use psychic energy healing on herself.

Jocelyn is capable of finely manipulating life energy to heal others and herself. By manipulating a user's life energy and mixing in her own energy, she can cause bones to knit together faster, wounds to close up, and cure basic ailments. She cannot cure life-threatening diseases, improve an immune system permanently, or anything of that nature. She could cure someone of the cold, however, as that isn't particularly life-threatening in most cases and is a weak enough illness to be considered within the purview of this power. She cannot fix somebody's lost limbs or anything of that nature, however.

Jocelyn is capable of healing herself as well. However, she may not use this power on herself at any point in which she is using her Energy Boost power on herself. The pure infusion of energy into her body is too much. This results in this ability usually being useless in combat when she uses it on herself, meaning she does not have a true regenerative ability.

Jocelyn is also able to restore memories to people and heal psychic trauma inflicted upon someone. She cannot actually 'see' what these memories are. However, she can sense that the energy is 'out of order' and use that to help put things back together. This power tends to need to be used in multiple sessions in order to fully cure them. She can use this power in conjunction with a powerful enough psychic to assist them as well. She is unable to cure natural mental illness in someone with this power, however.

Power: Energy Sight (0)

Jocelyn is able to 'see' energy. Different energy types have different colors to her, and she can distinguish between them. She can see if it is actively being used or if it is just "idling" around. She can't tell what is being done with it (example, she can't see what spell is being cast), but she can tell that Person X is using Energy Y.

She can, in fact, see energy through solid materials. Her range with this power is 600 yards, though this does not allow her to tell details of what is farther away than normal human distance, but only what energy types it has.

Jocelyn's Energy Sight was rewritten as a part of her evolution. She is able to now filter her sight if she wishes to only perceive certain types of energy, in order to better isolate individual strands of energy.

Power: Flight (2)

Jocelyn has the ability to fly. With a combination of Magnetic and Gravimetric energy, Jocelyn can effectively allow herself to fly. She cannot fly more than 100 mph at a time, and as she is constantly expending a large amount of energy to do this, her Energy Blasts and Bursts are considered to be 2 points lower than their normal strength.

Power: Telepathic Defense (4)

Jocelyn's ability to naturally absorb energy of any type allows her to naturally block surface scans from telepaths without thinking about it. Most telepaths will be able to break through this, however they must make a concentrated effort to do so or their surface scans must be powerful enough to pass through Jocelyn's natural absorption abilities.

Skill: Combat (7)

Jocelyn spent her early life as an orphan in the sleazy parts of Detroit and learned how to fend for herself there. She then met a martial arts enthusiast who saw her grit and determination and took her under his wing. She was training for national competition when her powers manifested.

Skill: Concealment (5)

Jocelyn learned how to sneak around town without being seen. This was difficult for her at times, with her height and hair, but she learned how to conceal some of those traits when necessary with appropriate clothing and mannerisms, along with makeup and hair dye.

Skill: Espionage (5)

Jocelyn has trained under the X-Men, and has been assigned some fairly deep undercover roles. She was already skilled at lockpicking and concealment, but has now added some further tricks to her bag, like maintaining a cover, listening in on conversation (with both tools and old fashioned eavesdropping), etc.

Skill: Larceny (5)

Jocelyn had to deal with the streets of Detroit, and she had to steal sometimes. She knows how to handle the streets, how to pick a lock, steal, cut neatly through glass, and other tricks of the trade. This is also the only area where she knows anything about technology, as she did learn how to break most electronic locks, given enough time. They do take longer than other locks, however. She also keeps a set of lockpicks on her at almost all times.

Skill: Medicine (3)

Jocelyn has picked up some basics of medical knowledge, both from her ability to heal and from some medical texts. While she isn't performing surgery anytime soon, she knows a touch bit more than basic first aid, and could help a doctor out with some basics in a pinch.

Skill: Physical Training (3)

Jocelyn has trained at a professional martial artist for several years and also employs a rigorous workout schedule that she maintains unless dire circumstances pull her out of it. As a result, her dexterity and toughness are both considered to be rated at a '3', indicating she is very capable of both handling a beating and dodging the beating.

Skill: Street Smarts (6)

Jocelyn grew up on the streets of Detroit. She knows how to deal with seedier parts of a neighborhood. She also knows several underworld contacts from her time in Detroit, some of which may have moved to a larger city that could help her out with some less than legal dealings if she called on them, with the right favors or resources of course. She's also capable of finding these types of things in other cities, given enough time and effort.

Skill: Watchful (7)

Jocelyn grew up a street rat, then has received several years of rigorous martial arts training, and has now joined the X-Men after gaining the ability to see a whole different spectrum than most humans will ever see. Being aware of her surroundings is crucial to her survival, and she has honed this skill to a frightening degree for a girl of her age. Part of it is that her brain has had to adapt to so much more sensory information that she's pushing the human limit on what a person can see without delving into the superhuman territory.

This causes her Perception score to effectively be a 7.

Skill: Willpower (5)

Jocelyn has drilled combat skills into her for a long time, which takes a lot of willpower for a student. In addition, her upbringing caused her to need to be able to focus her mind and force herself through very adverse situations. Her Willpower is considered a 5 as a standard trait.


Advantage: Mentors

Jocelyn has had the good fortune to fall into favor with Carol Danvers, the former Ms. Marvel and now Captain Marvel, as they have similar abilities. Carol has been training Jocelyn in various aspects of combat and power control regularly, with Xavier's permission to take her off-campus for training when necessary.


Flaw: All the Colors

Her Energy Awareness means that Jocelyn sees the world as a much busier place than most people, and if she loses her cool and stresses out, she can get overwhelmed by seeing everything. She doesn't 'go blind', but she could mistake use of one type of energy for another when she gets overwhelmed and accidentally pull in too much energy as a result.

Flaw: Blunt

Jocelyn can be rather blunt as a result of her upbringing, meaning that sometimes higher social functions just don't go over so well with her. It isn't that she's stupid, but rather that she says what is on her mind.

Flaw: Cursed Blood

Unknown to Jocelyn, her bloodline was cursed years ago that a "Being of Darkness" would rise up and slay her family. So far, the bloodline has kept alive by sheer numbers and, in her case, the child being given up. One day, however, it will come for her, and she will have to deal with it.

Flaw: Enemies

There are people in the martial arts world and on the streets who are just as glad that Jocelyn Stream is no longer on the streets or in the ring. If she was to resurface, they might see about causing some problems for the kid who humiliated them or stole some of their stuff.

Flaw: Energy Explosion

If Jocelyn takes in too much energy at once, she's likely to send out an uncontrollable wave of energy, hurting anyone around her (amount of damage depends on plot and how much she took in). That's in an extreme case. Typically, too much intake would cause her to pass out for an appropriate amount of time.

Flaw: Former Street Kid

As a former street kid, Jocelyn has tried all sorts of lovely drugs. She never got so far as to get deeply addicted to any of them, but she knows how powerful that addiction can be and knows that she's prone to addictive behavior at times. If she ever ends up taking a concentrated dose of some sort of addicted drug for an extended period of time, she'll likely become addicted to it.

Flaw: Minor Fame

Jocelyn was going pro in MMA when her powers manifested. If she gets caught on video or film using her powers, she will eventually get made on some bulletin board or other, and then the media will pick it up. And that would be capital-B Bad News.

Flaw: Noticable

Jocelyn is 6'6" and has bright red hair. Even without having obvious mutations, she's noticable in a crowd.

Flaw: No Family

Jocelyn doesn't really have a family, and unbeknownst to her, those that she does have by blood are in the process of being killed off or dying. This means that when other kids have parents and families to talk about, she shuts up, and doesn't know what she'll do when she's an adult with no financial support and no family support to guide her.

Flaw: Poor

Jocelyn doesn't have much money. She has no significant income except for a bit of savings from some martial arts winnings and some shady deals back in Detroit. She does have some money from the school to pay for necessities, but she's not buying the latest fads anytime soon.

Flaw: Tech Dummy

Jocelyn didn't have access to a lot of higher-end technology, so intermediate and advanced computers tend to confuse her. She's aware computers exist and can do basic typing, but she's just as likely to break the computer using a spreadsheet as she is likely to figure out the problem she's working on.


Jocelyn was born in Detroit under rather unpleasent circumstances which involved her becoming an orphan by age two. She doesn't remember her parents, and has no information about them. She grew up in an orphanage through the age of 8, and was the child who always snuck out to go get into dangerous situations. She had lip for anyone who would annoy her (which was just about everyone), would steal, fight, and do all sorts of unpleasent things. She managed to not die by sheer toughness, and it was during a street brawl in which she dropped a pair of guys who were at least twice her size that Mr. Clark noticed her.

Mr. Clark was a martial arts enthusiast, though he wasn't terribly talented himself. He did have money, and he offered her a chance at a real home and training. Figuring it was better than the orphanage, she took the offer and began extensive training, outside of her basic schooling, in the martial arts. She quickly started to rise up in fame in those circles, and there was serious talk about her going pro before she was eighteen. It was during a demonstration with some television executives at the age of sixteen that those hopes died.

She was going through some movements in the ring when she missed a couple techniques she'd just been taught a couple days ago. She could feel the disapproval floating through the room, and started to become more and more frustrated with herself. She took that energy into herself and felt herself becoming stronger and faster. As her speed improved with the moves, she could feel that energy, except in more of an awed flavor, for lack of a better word, flow into her, and she finished by striking one of the corner poles of the ring with a powerful sidekick. As she did so, she unleashed all that energy, and everyone in the room, except for her, died from the "gas explosion", as the media called it.

Word of this reached the X-Men, who realized it was a mutant power, and someone was sent to pick Jocelyn up as a possible recruit as a student.

Jocelyn's family was cursed ages ago by a wizard or some other magical being, the details of which have been lost. She does not know this, but there is a "Being of Darkness" that is made up of no known energy type that is hunting for her bloodline. It must rest for prolonged periods and can only search for a week at a time. However, it is able to track the bloodline perfectly, and simply hasn't gotten around to her or located her yet. It is only a matter of time before it will become a problem for her.


The following logs feature Jocelyn Stream:


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File:Xavier Institute.jpg


Xavier Institute

Jocelyn goes to school here, not that she advertises such things.



The X-Men

Jocelyn is affiliated with the X-Men.

File:Young X-Men.jpg


The Young X-Men

Jocelyn is affiliated with the Young X-Men.

File:Amanda Sefton.jpg



Amanda is another member of the Xavier Institute. Jocelyn has chatted with her, and worked with her on the camping trip to help bring down the Wendigo.



Vic is one of Jocelyn's partners in crime, so to speak, and has gotten along quite well with the green mutant. Jocelyn has been helping him with some of his combat technique.



Cessily is a friend and fellow Young X-Man at the Xavier Institute.

File:Scott Summers.jpg



The Bossman and the one who recruited Jocelyn to Xavier's.

File:Doug Ramsey.jpg


Doug Ramsey

One of the teachers and trainers of the Young X-Men. Jocelyn is also in the odd position of having him as a combat pupil, making them each other's students and teachers.

File:Emira Orenda.jpg


Emira Orenda

A mutant with the ability to heal others and control nature that Jocelyn, along with Doug, helped to recruit to the school.

File:Gloria Muñoz.jpg



One of the adults Jocelyn met early in her time at Xavier's who she gets along with quite well. She often spends her morning workouts with her and actually heads into town with her at times.

File:Jean Grey.jpg


Jean Grey

Jean is one of Jocelyn's former professors and now teammate on the X-Men. Jean was the one who promoted her after the Genosha trip.

File:Josephine Clancy.jpg



A fellow Young X-Man.

File:Jubilation Lee.jpg



One of Jocelyn's fellow Young X-Men and friends, Jocelyn has been helping Jubilee with some of her hand to hand training since she arrived at the Institute.

File:Laura Kinney.jpg



Jocelyn's roomie and fellow Young X-Man. Somehow, Jocelyn feels relatively comfortable around the girl, despite Laura's reputation.

File:Illyana Rasputina.jpg



One of those teachers put in charge of the Young X-Men. Jocelyn is a bit intimidated by her, if only because she stuck Jocelyn in Limbo for a day once.

File:Merle Wagner.jpg



Nightcrawler's daughter from an alternate universe.

File:Nate Grey.jpg


Nate Grey

Jocelyn has run into Nate a few times, and has had some time travel adventures with the man as well.

File:Megan Gwynn.jpg



A recently returned student that Jocelyn has become acquainted with.

File:Kwabena Odame.jpg



Shift was one of the first professors Jocelyn met at the Xavier Institute, and due to having similar backgrounds, the two have gotten along quite well.

File:Niah Windham.jpg



Jocelyn met Tatzlwurm when the girl attempted to stop some gang from going after some tourists. The girl has some seriously sparkly spunk, Jocelyn found. Also, the girl has an imaginary friend that Jocelyn can see, which is a little weird.




Wolverine is one of the teachers at the Xavier Institute and one of the X-Men. She's had limited dealings with the clawed one so far.

Young Allies

File:Young Allies.jpg


The Young Allies

Jocelyn is a member of the Young Allies

File:Eddie Resilver.jpg



Jocelyn has met Eddie a few times, and fought briefly alongside him on occasion. She knows a bit about his group, and who some of his allies are.

File:Ben Reilly.jpg


Ben Reilly

Jocelyn has met this member of the Young Allies on a couple of occasions, one memorable one where they went indoor rock climbing, and he revealed a couple secrets to her.

File:Kate Bishop.jpg



A member of the Young Allies, who have recruited Jocelyn to work with them.




Another member of the Young Allies. Jocelyn and Lor-Zod are training with each other regularly.

File:Billy Kaplan.jpg



Another one of the Young Allies that Jocelyn has met and worked with a few times, primarily due to his friendship with Axiom.

Unaffiliated / Other

File:Barbara Gordon.jpg


Barbara Gordon

Jocelyn met this former librarian and current tech startup CEO at the library. The woman has offered Jocelyn some help with regards to education. She's also worked with her in her Oracle guise, though Jocelyn doesn't know the two are one and the same.

File:Michael Jon Carter.jpg


Booster Gold

A man out of time that Jocelyn has met briefly. She showed him cows and other farm animals.

File:Carol Danvers.jpg


Carol Danvers

Carol has very similar powers to Jocelyn, though she received them in a very different way. She has become a sort of mentor to Jocelyn, and has taken the girl under her wing to help her learn how to control her energy powers.

File:Wade Wilson.jpg



Jocelyn...has absolutely no idea what to think of Deadpool, except he's very clearly not right in the head. Very not right in the head.

File:Neena Thurman.jpg



Jocelyn is rather comfortable around the mercenary, after their very eventful roadtrip, though Jocelyn isn't sure she wants to roadtrip with the woman ever again. A former member of the X-Men as well.

File:Gabriel Togashi.jpg



Someone Jocelyn keeps running into on various missions and time travel adventures.

File:Jeremy Doe.jpg



Jocelyn met Jeremy while she was a bit 'on the run' and thus in her disguise of Annie. The young man has very similar powers to her, she was able to determine.

File:John Carmichal.jpg


John Carmichal

Jocelyn accepted a job to help bring John Carmichal back up to speed in the modern world. Then she found out her boss was a 'cape' from years gone by...

File:Keith O'Neil.jpg



Another hero that Jocelyn has started running into on a regular basis.

File:Kurt Wagner.jpg



Jocelyn isn't quite sure what to make of the fuzzy blue elf, if only because she isn't quite sure what he thinks of her. He's also a former teammate from the X-Men.

File:Rokk Krinn.jpg


Rokk Krinn

The leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jocelyn met him briefly when one of his teammates arrived through a portal.

File:Wesley Dodds.jpg



A strange individual who Jocelyn met when confronting Grodd in Central Park one day. She got his contact information afterwards, just in case she needed his assistance.

File:Senri Mizushima.jpg



A mutant who recently came into her powers who has the ability to control the wind that Jocelyn met rather by accident through Thor and Sif.




Sif is the "Goddess of War" who Jocelyn has met through Thor. The two had a memorable spar against the God of Thunder once.

File:Courtney Whitmore.jpg



Stargirl is the other trainee that Carol has taken on, and the two have met and trained together at times. The girl is living a life very much the opposite of Jocelyn's, and the girl finds that fascinating.

File:Thor Odinson.jpg



Jocelyn met Thor initially when she and Anole went to visit Axiom, but he wasn't home. She later ended up fighting alien robots alongside him in the small town of Port Jarvis, and he caught her when she Overloaded and exploded in the sky. If she had a favorite Avenger, Thor would be it.




Jocelyn isn't sure if this Kryptonian, who is Lor-Zod's mother, is someone she'll end up opposing some day or not. She's someone to keep aware of, however.

File:Cassandra Sandsmark.jpg


Wonder Girl

Jocelyn met Wonder Girl on the 4th of July when she needed a hand with some thugs.



Jocelyn Stream's Wanted List