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John Allerdyce is a blogger and journalist of some minor reputation. Although he has not been outspoken about mutant rights, his articles have taken that slant. It is not commonly known that he is a mutant himself.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Attribute

Dexterity: 3

Abilities: Power

Pyrokinesis: 5

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4 Writing: 4

Abilities: Gear

Flamethrower: 4

Advantages: Employed

Flaws: Cocky, Flammable, Follower, Niccotine Addiction, Temper and Pride

Languages: English


Attribute: Dexterity (3)

John is a young, healthy, athletic man who makes it a point to keep in decent shape. He's not exactly a big bulky guy, which means he is actually quite quick and graceful.

Gear: Flamethrower (4)

Through traded favours and traded cash, John has gotten himself a compact flamethrower. The mechanismt can be concealed under his clothing, with an output nozzle that attaches to his hands. The fuel pack is strapped against his back. The flamethrowers produce a very hot flame that he can then expand and then use in combat. There is enough lighter fluid in the pack for him to strike the flamethrower upwards of a hundred times.

Power: Pyrokinesis (5)

John does not have the ability to generate fire. He does however, have the ability to control it. He can take a spark and grow it into a wildfire, although if the fire does not have fuel to consume, it will die out when he stops focusing on it. He can independently urge a spark to heat up to around 5,000'C, though given the right conditions, the fire can continue burning hotter (contained with plenty of fuel, for instance.) As long as he is consciously controlling the fire, he cannot be harmed by it. He must be able to see the fire in order to control it. This power extends to extinguishing a flame, whether he created it or not. The hotter and more widespread the fire, the more difficult it is for him to extinguish.

Skill: Combat (4)

With a mouth like his, it pays to know how to fight. John knows how to hold his own in a brawl, even without the use of his pyrokinesis.

Skill: Writing (4)

The written word is something John's always had a knack for. He chose to nurture it in a way that would not leave him as a starving artist. He doesn't have a lot of lofty ideals or great visions. Writing is something he's good at rather than a passion. Writing for magazines and his blog pays the bills. He's even started dabbling in formulaic modes of writing like romance novels. Hey, whatever pays the bills.


Advantage: Employed

John has a steady income as a freelance journalist and blogger. He makes decent money (enough to be comfortable even in New York) and has flexible hours and reasonable job security.


Flaw: Cocky

Perhaps one of his most distinctive personality traits is his cockiness. He'll pick fights with people bigger than him, he'll try to get people's heckles raised in arguments, and he'll do it all with a big grin on his face, just /daring/ someone to argue. This gets him into trouble more often than not, but he can rein this in when it comes to strategy, especially in business dealings or relating to the public.

Flaw: Flammable

Although John remains immune to flames and heat when he's in control, he is not naturally fire-resistant. He has to be consciously controlling the flame in order for it to not affect him. That means if he loses control or is knocked out, he could easily get burned by fire of his own creation.

Flaw: Follower

John is not someone who does well with taking the lead. He is much more comfortable when following the orders of someone else. He is attracted to strong personalities and people who charm him and give him structure. That makes him particularly susceptible to the will of others.

Flaw: Niccotine Addiction

John's a smoker, he has been since he was fourteen. Though not a chain-smoker, he does smoke approximately a half-pack a day. He's susceptible to the health risks that comes from that.

Flaw: Temper and Pride

As much as he tries to stay on the straight and narrow, John has lapses where he doesn't have the best grasp on his actions. He'll be impulsive and foolish and occasionally violent. He is a bit too good at justifying the actions to himself. 'They deserved it is a common one. The truth is, he likes the way it feels to hurt people, and that part of him scares him a bit. Maybe it's the fire mutation or maybe it's just a coincidence, but John has a very short fuse. He's got the stereotypical redheaded personality while not being a ginger himself. He is quick to take offense and quick to throw a punch. John doesn't think there's a damned thing wrong about being a mutant. Though he hasn't yet fully leaned towards the mutant superiority end of the spectrum (thanks to his lessons at Xavier's) he has inclinations in that direction. If a human says anything against mutants, that's more than enough justification in his mind to get into a physical altercation.



Born in Sydney, Australia to a pair of working class parents, John's life was fairly ordinary for the first section of his life. He was the first of three children that would come to Alec and Kim Allerdyce, When he was six, they moved to the US - Syracuse New York, to be precise. Alec Allerdyce was transferred by his company to the US. It was an adjustment at first, but more for the parents than for their children. John was mediocre in most areas of school, but showed a flare for words when it came to writing. It wasn't that he was particularly innovative, but he had a grasp on the language that was clearly a natural talent. He had a gift for weaving stories that may be mundane, but making them interesting. He was rarely at a loss for the muses either, and seemed to be able to write and focus himself easily. That gift was nurtured by his teachers and his parents alike.

As he grew and attended high school, John seemed mostly normal, though a bit short-tempered and hot-headed. The family had taken up residence in an older house on the outskirts of the city. It had a shed out back that John and his two siblings often spent the night in. Their father had fashioned bunk beds and ran an extension cord so they would have light. During the summer, John and his friends practically lived there. One night, he invited his girlfriend Ellie to spend the night in the cabin. Ellie had brought along a pack of matches and two cigarettes she had stolen from her big sister's purse. So, waiting until late at night, they went around back of the shed and lit up their cigarettes. The first cigarette was passed between them without incident. After some talking and kissing, John went to light up the second. But something odd happened while John was holding his lit match. He felt a strange tingle as he held it. And then suddenly, the match flared up and singed his fingers. He dropped the match and staggered backwards, but he could /feel/ something with the fire. The more he stared at it, the more the flames spread, until in a burst, the entire shed ignited. He did not know how to stop what he had started. He escaped, but the shed burnt to the ground with Ellie inside.

It was then that representatives of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters paid John's family a visit. His parents, though suspicious, seemed to sense what was going on. They consented for him to attend the school. There, John learned what he was and how to control his ability. He was also given a fine education (including advanced composition classes to nurture his budding writing talent.) He was also taught mutant ethics, which chafed against his more rebellious nature. There were several incidents over the years at Xavier's that nearly got him tossed out. He was too quick to start a fight and turned in an essay questioning the whole idea that humans and mutants were equal.

So it was perhaps no surprise that as soon as John was old enough to branch out on his own, he did so. He started off as an intern at a major magazine, all the while updating his own blog. The blog grew in readership to a point where he was brought under the umbrella of a larger blogging network. He developed a reputation and used social networking to develop his personal 'brand.' He had not only the writing abilities, but the business savvy to turn it into a career. It wasn't long before he was making a decent income even with the cost of living in New York.

Playing at being human has begun to chafe John. He resents having to hide his mutant nature, to the point where he's been the subject of vicious internet attack for a pro-mutant bias in some of his blog posts. His life is something of a powder keg - all he needs is a spark.


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