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Jonathan "Johnny" Blaze
Ghost Rider

Quote-open It's said that the West was built on legends. And that legends are a way of understanding things greater than ourselves. Forces that shape our lives, events that defy explanation. Individuals whose lives soar to the heavens or fall to the earth. This is how legends are born. - Caretaker Quote-close

Johnny Blaze is famous worldwide for his radical and death-defying stunts on his motorcycle. What no-one else knows.. is he is cursed for all time to defend the innocent from evil, by becoming something worse. He is the Ghost Rider.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Ability

Speed: 2, Strength: 6, Toughness: 6

Abilities: Power

Evil Sense: 0/2, Fire: 4/6, Ghost Rider: 6, Ghost Riding: 3, Penance Stare: 8, Tools of the Trade: 4

Abilities: Skill

Mechanic: 4 Riding: 7


Flaws: Cursed, Evil Magnet, Good-Not-So-Good, Light of Day, Lonely

Languages: English and Latin


Ability: Speed (2)

Although not his defining traits, the rider is able to speed up rapidly like fire. He is able to run in bursts of speeds of 30-40 MPH to close in on his prey faster.

Ability: Strength (6)

The Rider is able to bend steel without even altering its heat stress. The Rider can punch and dent a column in a construction site, as well as bend an I-beam when truly angry and instilling fear. The Average truck can be used as a thrown object with both hands.

Ability: Toughness (6)

As The Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze is resistant to tremendous amounts of force and missile fire. He is able to withstand low grade tactical nukes, once or twice before being forced to retreat. The Rider will go into a sort of cohort term coma and become cold as his internal hellfire replenishes his strength. If the Rider has fed recently on a bountiful evil soul, this will extend his toughness duration and recovery. In the event of total knock out, it is possible for the Rider to retreat deep and reveal a weakened Johnny Blaze.

Power: Evil Sense (0/2)

Johnny can quite literally sense evil. The only power he has when NOT transformed. It's like a suffocating fog around him. He knows who radiates it.. and has to fight to keep from bursting into bone and flame to destroy it. And he can't always fight it. The Rider does have a mind of it's own.. While he is transformed though, this the range on this ability increases considerably.

Power: Fire (4/6)

The Rider can project both mundane flame, and ethereal 'Hellfire' from his hands and mouth. Able to reach temperatures of 1500`C any steel that enters his body becomes molten near instantly.

His 'Hellfire' is purely spiritual, searing the soul, not the flesh. Good for combating supernatural creatures immune to mundane weapons.

As an added benefit, the Rider is immune to heat and flame of any kind.

Power: Ghost Rider (6)

The Demon Zarathos was a legend even to his own kind. He prayed upon the hatred and malice of all of man-kind but was eventually defeated and tricked by the Hell Lord Mephisto, and imprisoned in human hosts as The Ghost Rider.

       The Rider is impervious to guns, grenades, missiles, and anti-tank weaponry. When the dust settles, and the pieces from flying from the explosion, The Ghost Rider always emerges just a little more pissed off than he was before the event.
       While the Ghost Rider is transformed, he has super-human strength and durability. His speed is enhanced to the equivalent to an Olympic athlete. The Ghost Rider only comes out at night, and it is physically painful for Johnny to suppress the Demon while among evil. The only thing keeping the Rider inside Johnny is his refusal to end the deal he made so many years ago that bound him to it.

Power: Penance Stare (8)

Limitations: For this to be effective his victim has to be able to make eye contact, blindness is one way someone can be immune. Only those that have a soul may fall victim to this, while some may just be immune. It can backfire on Rider as it might reflect against him.

The single most powerful ability of the Ghost Rider. The Rider must make eye contact with his victim, and then all the evil the victim has ever done and turns it against them in a single violent assault on their mind/soul. The more wrong the victim has ever done, the worse it is on them. It can cause them to be petrified, knocked out, or even die. It is powerful, though not always his most effective power to use.

Power: Tools of the Trade (4)

The Rider wields a length of chain that he normally carries across one shoulder. But this chain is infused by his hellfire like everything else, rendering it unbreakable by mortal means. He can cause it to burst into flame without harming the steel, and it follows his will while he is transformed. This allows him to lasso people and things with it, and it's length is never fixed. Short enough to be carried across one shoulder and always long enough for his purposes.

He also normally carries a sawed off pump shotgun on the side of his bike when traveling, for protection. But when he transforms, his shotgun does too, empowered by his hellfire, it becomes evil looking. Pumping out powerful balls of pure hellfire or raw fire, he can never run out of ammunition and he is a pretty decent shot.

Skill: Mechanic (4)

Johnny is a very talented mechanic as well, very willing and able to work on and tweak his own motorcycles.

Skill: Riding (7)

Johnny Blaze is a world famous motorcyclist, his skills are unsurpassed on two wheels. He knows almost every trick a person can do on a bike and he's made a profitable career out of his riding. His bikes are an extension of himself, he knows each one intimately.

Power: Ghost Riding (3)

A function of the Rider, he has the ability to lay hands on anything that can carry him.. be it his motorcycles, horses, cars, trucks.. giant dump trucks.. anything at all.. and infuse it with hellfire, transforming it into a fire spewing, demonic version of itself. His creations no longer rely on the design of it's creation, and can run longer, father, and faster than even conceivable before. This only applies to terrestrial vehicles, nothing that flies or sails. He's not the Ghost pilot or the Ghost Sailor. Living rides feel no fatigue or pain, and inanimate ones never run out of fuel, as they run on pure hellfire.

In addition, anything he rides, can move on any surface. He can ride his cycle on walls, ceilings and across water all with equal ease.



Flaw: Cursed

Johnny was cursed at a young age with the power of the Ghost Rider. During the day, he is normal... but around evil.. at night.. he is forced to watch his skin burn away in the hellfire the rider wields, compelled to seek out and destroy evil whatever the source. He is relentless, tireless and without mercy, and without choice. He cannot resist the compulsion, to do so.. causes him physical pain, and a hunger beyond anything else in the world.

Flaw: Evil Magnet

Since becoming the Rider, Johnny attracts trouble like a sponge attracts water. Evil is drawn to him, inexorably, and irresistibly. It's his problem to deal with then. This makes having a normal life outside of the leather and chains very difficult.

Flaw: Good-Not-So-Good

The Ghost Rider cannot receive healing, or touch the weapons that are aligned with good. They can wound him terribly to the point that he has to return to the hellfire to recover, or make it himself. Magical weapons have random effects on the Ghost Rider, could be negative, or beneficial for him.

Flaw: Light of Day

While he can feel the evil around him all the same, Johnny cannot change into the Ghost Rider in the light of day. It simply won't happen. Conversely.. battling through the night is hazardous, as the touch of daylight will banish the Rider, and leave him human again. Possibly with angry enemies all around.

Flaw: Lonely

Since making the deal that turned him into the Rider, Johnny has been on his own. His secret isn't exactly first date material y'know? Everyone has something they're not proud of.. some wrong they did in the past.. and the Rider see's it all. Not really conducive to a good relationship to soul burn your girl on the first date.


Johnny is the son of the late Barton Blaze, whom died in a motorcycle stunt. He was adopted by Craig "Crash" Simpson of the Quentin Carnival. When Crash developed cancer, Johnny sold his soul to Mephisto for him to be cured. He was cured but died doing a motorcycle stunt. One night he was called on to become the Ghost Rider to do Mephisto's bidding. Trained by a former rider he learned to control it and be able to help innocents. After getting rid of Mephisto's son, he decided to not give the power back. He vowed to use the power to help the innocent and to take him down in the process. Johnny has been in hiding for a while but has decided its time to maybe unleash himself again.


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