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Human Torch

Quote-open "Does anybody besides me ever get tired of feeling like the dumb kid in science class?" Quote-close

Johnny Storm is the fame-lovin', wise-crackin', firebug with a heart of gold and a chip on his shoulder the size of a small Thing. As a (ahem, The Best!) member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm thrives off the heroics as the Human Torch and revels in the aftermath of fangirls and popularity. Regardless of Johnny's faults, attitude, and general disregard for public authority, he is a hero through and through and he can't wait to show it.



Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Fire Manipulation: 8, Flight: 4, Immunity, Nova Burst: 9, Nova Flame, Plasma Form: 8, Pyrokinesis: 8, Thermokinesis: 8

Abilities: Skill

Athleticism: 3/2/2, Combat: 3/7, Design: 4, Driving: 5, Extreme Everything: 4, Firefly: 6, Mechanic: 6

Advantages: Endorsements Reputation

Flaws: All Hero, Enemies, Fantastic Four, Fire Extinguishers, Hothead, Immaturity, Women

Languages: English


Power: Fire Manipulation (8)

Due to his innate control over heat and fire, Johnny can "sculpt" flames, allowing himself to form various shapes and flame-objects which he can use as extensions of himself or simply to do battle with. Fireballs, Fire Streams, Flame Lassos and more well within the range of Johnny's imagination. Created objects remain in their created state as long as Johnny concentrates on them. Without Johnny's constant energy infusion, these objects burn out in about three minutes.

Power: Flight (4)

Johnny's fiery plasma body creates a cloud of heat which can be manipulated in various ways by Johnny. His basic range of flight speed ranges from about 140 MPH to supersonic levels of speed.

Power: Immunity

Johnny Storm is immune to any and all forms of heat and flame, whether it be magma or fireballs or even sparks from a Zippo lighter. It does not matter if he is aflame or not, he is immune to anything that is below his maximum output level.

Power: Nova Burst (9)

This is a rarity, but a possibility, as Johnny can release all of his body's stored energy, in a single omni-directional blast of intense heat and plasma. Measuring in above the 500,000 Celsius mark, this explosion resembles that of a nuclear warhead, reaching out to about 900 feet in diameter. It packs a punch the likes of a super nova.

Power: Nova Flame

The highest and hottest level of heat that Johnny can reach is unknown, as every time he pushes himself, he tends to burn hotter than the last time he tried such things. Dubbed "Nova Flame", this excess of burning heat and plasma is too difficult to quantify, as it relies more on Johnny's "will" and the amount of energy he has fuel his personal flame.

Power: Plasma Form (8)

Johnny can create fiery plasma all around his entire body, or even just portions of it, without causing any harm to himself. His base level of being aflame is about 415 Celsius, extending anywhere from 1 to 5 inches away from his body. Through sheer will, Johnny can raise the level of heat in his plasma form. In this particular state, Johnny is no longer solid. He is made out of fiery plasma that can and will melt objects that cannot withstand his current level of heat. Anything that doesn't melt, will simply pass harmlessly through his body.

Power: Pyrokinesis (8)

Limitations: Johnny can stay aflame for up to 16.8 hours. However, since his ability is based on the amount of energy stored within his body, this time frame can change drastically depending on the rate at which he depletes his energy. Once completely depleted, Johnny requires at least 12 hours of rest to fully refuel.

Johnny Storm has been gifted with the ability to control ambient heat energy with the use of his mind, in addition to being physically capable of transforming his body (whole or portioned) into a fiery plasma-like state.

Power: Thermokinesis (8)

Johnny is capable of controlling the ambient heat energy within his immediate vicinity with only the power of his mind. This can be done withor without his body being set aflame. Working with a radius of about 80 feet, Johnny can reduce the temperatures of objects down to about -1 Celsius. This control over the heat energy within his immediate area also allows him to extinguish open flames. Just as easily as he can reduce temperature, he can raise it to impressive temperatures within the hundreds.

Johnny's body absorbs the ambient heat energy that he removes from the environment. If he absorbs too much, sending his body into critical levels, it will automatically ignite. Johnny's absorption of heat also extends to when he is aflame, allowing him to absorb actual flames and fire into his body, without harm.

Johnny is also capable of seeing thermal signatures and heat vision.

Skill: Athleticism (3/2/2)

Scale: Dexterity, Strength, Toughness

Johnny is well versed in athletics and sports, putting him at an above average level of physicality in both health and physique. In general, this allows Johnny to perform admirably in situations that call for physical movement.

Skill: Combat (3/7)

Scale: Profession

Brawling (3): Johnny has no formal training or boxing or martial arts, but he can throw punches and fight as well as any frat boy or jock. This enables him to, at least, hold his own during physical confrontations.

Firefight (7): Johnny is much more versed in using his powers and abilities in combat than he is fighting without them. He has created such signature moves as the Roman Candle Punch and Nova Burst.

Skill: Design (4)

Scale: Profession

Johnny has a creative mind for vehicular and innovative design. While he does not know the science or engineering to actually build his dreams and make them a reality, he does have some very considerable skill in the crafting, sketching and designing of things.

Skill: Driving (5)

Scale: Profession

Johnny Storm is an experienced professional race car driver, thus allowing him to possess a higher skill level than the average driver. This translates to normal driving, combat driving, professional racing or even street racing.

Skill: Extreme Everything (4)

Scale: Profession

Johnny is a thrill-seeker by trade and thus spends a lot of time engaged in extreme sports activities and various other daredevil and death defying antics.

Skill: Firefly (6)

Scale: Profession

Johnny Storm has mastered the art of flying himself and using his own body as a method of transportation. It takes some skill to actually be able to fly oneself, whether in combat situations or just in general and also while not setting anything else on fire.

Skill: Mechanic (6)

Scale: Profession

Johnny is a genius-level mechanic with skills that stem from an automotive expertise, but can be applied to anything that works in the same fashion. Or anything that Johnny can figure out how it works.


Advantage: Endorsements

Johnny Storm is (somewhat much to the others chagrin) the face of the Fantastic Four. As the official spokesman for the team (because the camera loves him), Johnny has also managed to score some high profile endorsements from some key players in various businesses that help boost his fame and his own personal wealth.

Advantage: Reputation

Johnny Storm has a reputation as a superheroic celebrity. This is a few notches above being a normal celebrity, which gives him pull and clout in ways that not everybody has access to.


Flaw: All Hero

Johnny Storm is all hero. He will put his body, life and even reputation on the line to save the world and protect those that are incapable of protecting themselves. This is something that he doesn't hesitate on.

Flaw: Enemies

As a member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny Storm is a direct rival of Doctor Doom. However, there are many other villains that attempt to destroy the planet that may have Johnny Storm on their hit list. Just being a high profile superhero makes him a target of sorts.

Flaw: Fantastic Four

His family. His team. His reason for living. Any time any of them are in trouble or even within throwing distance of the threat of trouble, Johnny will go to great lengths and beyond for them. Anything, including his life, can be sacrificed for them. Especially, Sue.

Flaw: Fire Extinguishers

Johnny Storm's flames need oxygen to survive, so they can be extinguished in low air pressure or vacuum like states. Materials used to smother fires can also be a pain for the Human Torch, such as water, sand, etc. The effectiveness of these things are reliant on his flame's intensity being low enough to not vaporize them on contact. In terms of water, it takes more than five gallons to extinguish his flames; anything less will be turned to steam.

Flaw: Hothead

Johnny has some personal issues with self-worth and a temper. When his emotions get the better of him, Johnny can become reckless and impulsive to the point that it is actually easier to take him down than talk him down.

Flaw: Immaturity

Johnny will forever be immature. At least on the surface. He has been through some serious events in his life, both good and bad, but he still sees things through immature and colored lenses. This makes him both irresponsible and prone to emotional response.

Flaw: Women

Johnny Storm has a weakness (bordering on addiction) to women. This can (and often does) work against him more often than it works to his advantage.


Losing both of his parents at an early age, Johnny was dually raised by his older sister, Sue, and his aunt. Living the suburban lifestyle, Johnny spent most of his free time with girls or cars. He would often find himself in dangerous situations due to his adventurous or selfless attitude, such as the time he rescued his friends from a burning building. Johnny Storm has always shown himself to be more than meets the eye.

Following along after his sister, Johnny met scientist Reed Richards and his friend Ben Grimm. Together, the four of them were on an unauthorized trip to space when their ship was blasted with cosmic rays and altered them on a cellular level. Upon their return to Earth, Johnny Storm found that he could engulf himself in flames and took on the name Human Torch!

A series of events created the birth of the Fantastic Four and Johnny Storm took to the skies as the unofficial spokesman of the group. As they became more superheroic, Johnny became more in love with the fame and spotlight. Over the years, he has become a household name, fought all sorts of dangerous villains, had crushes on tons of women in and out of the superhero community and generally lived the life he's always been destined for.

It's pretty Fantastic.


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