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The Joker
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Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 4 Willpower: 6
Acid Flower 4 Chemistry 6 Explosives 5
Fighting 6 Joy Buzzer 5 Revolver 1
Crazy Brain Goons Hard to Kill
Hideouts Immune Joker's Stuff
Joker Venom
Bat-People Criminal Record Enemies
Name: ?
Position: The Man Who Laughs
Team: Team Joker
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Type: DC FC
Actor: Conrad Veidt
Alts: N/A
Timezone: AEST
Music: 'When You're Smiling' - Louis Prima
Quote: "All I've ever wanted ... is to have a good time. And to annoy Batman whenever possible, of course. And to one day murder Batman and defile his carcass sexually. And a pony."
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


Read it on the game, lazybones!


Technology: Acid Flower (4)

The Joker often wears a boutonniere and besides from making him dapper it also serves as a method of murder (like most of his ensemble). The flower can, when triggered, spray a jet of acid capable of melting through metals and even Batman costumes. Of course, the Joker is not immune to acid so he has to do his best to avoid splashback.

Profession: Chemistry (6)
The Joker is quite the clever britches when it comes to chemistry, having learned quite a bit over the years concocting various incarnations of his signature poison. While he isn't going to be turning lead into gold or discovering the elixir of ever-lasting life, he can whip up all sorts of things like poisons, tear gas and all manner of nasties. He won't win a Nobel prize but someone who can make a batch of Smilex out of household cleaning products is no slouch with a chemistry set.

Profession: Explosives (5)
The Joker is a big fan of blowing things up and he does all his own ka-boom work. Using the most basic of materials, the Joker can whip up explosives of all kinds ranging from napalm to your stock-standard concussive force bangs. He's also good with rigging up the detonation mechanisms, able to craft a letter bomb or a remote-controlled building-leveller with ease.

Skill: Fighting (6)
The Joker didn't seclude himself in some high ashram to learn the Foot Fist Way. No, all his skill as a fighter has been learned from practical experience. This makes him dangerous, as he does not practice complex katas and fight with honor, instead lashing out madly in an effort to do as much damage as he can. In a fistfight with the Bat-Family on an equal footing he will lose, but he can give most armed guards a run for their money and isn't useless when it comes to packing a wallop.

Technology: Joy Buzzer (5)
The Joker frequently carries, secreted in his palm, a joy buzzer that is probably only considered 'joyful' to him. Connected to a miniature power source, the joy buzzer electrocutes on contact. The voltage is enough to fry a human being, killing them in a matter of seconds unless they are properly insulated. It is quite a handy (get it?) offensive weapon and one many opponents don't suspect.

Arsenal: Revolver (1)
The Joker carries with him, almost incessantly, one of two revolvers. Both are equally dangerous but in different ways. The first revolver is just that, a .44 magnum that packs a wallop much like a normal handgun. The second looks just like a normal gun, save that it fires a flag with the word 'Bang!' on it - a second squeezing of the trigger fires that flag like an arrow. Which gun the Joker has on him is purely up to chance and he is just as likely to give somebody a nasty fright with the second as he is to blow their head off.


Advantage: Crazy Brain

The Joker is insane and this may seem like a detriment to most people but he himself revels in it. His mind is so shattered and twisted that it is almost unrecognizable, providing him with a few helpful little defenses. First and foremost only the most powerful telepaths are capable of discerning anything from the jumbled mess of his mind and efforts to cure him with psychic powers last only moments before he bounces back to crazy like a rubber band. It also makes his actions nigh-impossible to predict, giving him a deadly advantage over certain detectives.

Advantage: Goons
The Joker has quite a lot of goons around him when he's not in Arkham and if he finds himself without then he knows exactly where to find them. A lot are insane and drawn to his brand of crazy, willing to do his bidding. The others are just your average goon who needs employment and finds that the Joker pays well. They're all loyal to him and will even fight the Batman if he wants them to. You just can't buy that kind of loyalty (you can, it costs quite a bit).

Advantage: Hard to Kill
Like Steven Seagal, the Joker is hard to kill. He's been shot, stabbed, electrocuted, blown up and drowned and yet he always seems to come back. There's little to explain just how or why this happens, he isn't any more durable than a normal human being. Being shot hurts him just as much as it would hurt anyone else and his bones snap as readily as a normal man's (just ask Batman), but no matter how mangled he is at the end of the day he always finds his way back to being just as spritely as he was before. After a nuclear war, the only survivors will be cockroaches and the Joker.

Advantage: Hideouts
The Joker has a hard time getting a hotel room given his tendencies towards mass murder. Because of this, he has established all manner of hideouts throughout Gotham City (and even abroad). Most of them are little holes in the wall or abandoned warehouses, but he does own the occasional disused amusement park for when he really feels theatrical. These hideouts also contain a lot of stolen loot which allows the Joker to fund his escapades.

Advantage: Immune
Smilex is delicious and the Joker partakes quite a bit of his chemical creation. He also took a dive into a vat of crazy chemicals. Because of this, he has a resistance to most kind of chemical-based poisons. He can survive his own poison easily enough and others do little to hamper him. It is also handy to be able to shrug off some of what riot squads like to throw at him when they're storming his headquarters during a police siege.

Advantage: Joker's Stuff
The Joker is quite clever and his genius for engineering allows him to manufacture all manner of gadgets. He's not about to build a Death Star or anything of the like, but he can put together death traps and even clever little weapons when he needs them. Generally he sticks to his acid flower, his joy buzzer and his revolver but he has all manner of things that he can whip up or has in storage for when he needs them. Never anything large or jaw-dropping, just clever little tricks that could really spoil someone's day.

Advantage: Joker Venom
The Joker's favorite (but not only) method of murder is a deadly poison created by his cousin (whom he murdered to keep the secret) that causes his victims to die laughing, made from a 'healthy mix of hydrogen cyanide and Strychnodide.' When exposed to it (and it can be distributed in all manner of ways), the victim begins to laugh uncontrollably until their muscles contract and they literally break their own back in fits of laughter. The laughter also becomes so overpowering that the victim cannot breathe, eventually asphyxiating in a horrible way. The victims die with the same coloration and grin that the Joker sports. The Joker is capable of making his poison from even basic household cleaning materials and years of exposure has left him immune to it.


Flaw: Bat-People

Batman hates the Joker. The Joker wants to entertain the Batman and make him see the joke of life but all Batman seems to want to do is beat him up and lock him in the nuthouse. And Batman is not a good enemy to have. He knows all the karates, he throws pointy metal bats and tricking him is a real pain in the patoot. Not to mention he's got a bunch of pals who are similarly trained and armed and they want to beat the crap out of him as well. It ain't easy being creezy (crazy) ... it does too work!

Flaw: Criminal Record
The Joker is a criminal and while he has no real name (that the authorities know) and no fixed address (he moves around a lot) he is still very recognizable. If a GCPD officer sees him, chances are they're going to call in every form of backup they can muster to bring him down so it isn't like he can wander the streets for a casual afternoon stroll. He's a murderer in numbers that would put Gary Ridgway to shame and he is never treated with kid gloves.

Flaw: Enemies
The Batman and his gang of compadres don't kill, and if they do they're good about keeping it a secret. But there are other people out there who are mad at Joker and have no such compunctions. These include police officers, Jason Todd (zombie!), gangsters who disagree with his methods and even some of the family of his various and sundry victims. Simply put, at any given time there is probably somebody not far away who wouldn't hesitate to kill the Joker.

Flaw: Insane

The Joker is insane. It isn't just the sort of insanity that suits him, either. He generally sees the world in a way that nobody else could understand. He sees things that aren't there, he sees himself as the center of the universe and believes that all anyone wants is to be entertained by him and his idea of entertainment appeals to only the sociopathic monsters in the audience. It also prompts him to do things that might work against him, such as bringing a pop gun to raid a police station or coaxing the good guys into beating the stuffing out of him. It also means that he will likely never break out of being the Joker and recapture his lost, normal life.


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