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Jubilee1 Jubilee2
Agility: 3 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 6 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 4
First Aid 3 Gymnast 5 Hand-To-Hand 4
Plasmoid Generation 4 Psychic Shields 8 Shoplifter 5
Techy Stuff 4 Urban Survival 5
X-Men X-Suit Xavier Institute
Brat At Heart Dyscalculia Enemies
Soft-Hearted Youth
Name: Jubilation Lee
Position: Student, Resident Little Sister And Pain In The Posterior
Team: Xavier Institute, X-Men
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Mutant
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: CST
Music: N/A
Quote: Will we win?! Does a mallbabe eat chili fries?
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


What do you get when you're the daughter of hardworking, intelligent, fabulously wealthy Chinese immigrants who just happen to also be doctors? The life they never had! So it's no wonder Jubilation Lee grew up spoiled. Anything she wanted, she got, and that meant lots of toys, gadgets, and all the things that make life good if you're a Southern California mall rat. But she still had to go to school (ick!), which meant time away from all those things (gag!). She endured it, since school also meant gymnastics classes. Aside from shopping, rollerblading, and getting into trouble while doing both of the above, gymnastics was her first love, and she had a real talent for it. She had the kind of talent that makes people discuss olympic potential, and not just as wishful thinking. All in all, life was good.

And then one day it all vanished. Jubilee's parents were killed in a suspicious double murder, and their wealth was sealed away in legal limbo while the suspicions were worked out. Some of the business decisions and dealings they'd gotten involved in to get so fabulously wealthy weren't exactly above board, it turned out. The end result was that their beloved daughter was now a penniless orphan, and a ward of the state.

That lasted for about two months, after Jubilee got a taste of the state orphanage system. Having had her fill of government-sponsored hell, she decided to take her chances on the streets. At the first opportunity, she ran away, hiding out in abandoned buildings and in malls after closing time. She was streetsmart enough to figure out where she could sleep, shower, and eat, be it from vendors or shelters. And if it came to it, she wasn't above stealing, and she knew the best places for that, too. So she still always had the latest gadgets, and new clothes when she needed them.

In the middle of all this, her mutant powers emerged. But that just made things easier. Aside from busking for money by creating impressive lightshows with her 'fireworks' in malls, she could escape from any annoying cops and more annoying mall security by blinding them with bright blasts of light. So she still did okay. Usually.

Fate fortunately had better things in mind for her on one of the less usual days, when she'd just light-fingered the very latest model of MP3 player, the one that you could wear on your wrist and control by touch-screen. She was running from government mutant hunters hired by mall security (whom she'd eluded once too often) when she came across a few of Xavier's X-Men shopping in their off-duty time. Mutant hunters weren't high on their list of well-liked people either, and they helped her out of the jam.

But they didn't stick around for her to say thank you. So she followed them. She ended up following them a lot farther than she intended, and helping them out of a jam of their own. They, and Professor Xavier, were impressed enough to take her in. To keep her out of trouble, the professor said.

Of course, that might be quite a job, even for the world's most powerful telepath...


Skill: First Aid (3)

Both in school and at the Xavier Institute, Jubilee's been taught how to treat minor injuries, and what the things in a medical kit do for injured people. While she can't do much for serious wounds, she can help out until more qualified help arrives.

Skill: Gymnast (5)

Due to natural talent and a good teacher, Jubilee was an Olympic hopeful in high school. With plenty of time in the gym and the Danger Room, she's only gotten better since then.

Skill: Hand-To-Hand (4)

Between martial arts lessons, some time in juvenile hall, and training from the more combat-capable members of the X-Men, Jubilee can hold her own in a fight. While she'll probably never win any martial arts tournaments, she can stand against many supervillains both offensively and defensively, usually long enough to bring her powers into play or, if things are desperate, get some help.

Power: Plasmoid Generation (4)

Jubilee can create bursts of glowing, multicolored globules of energy in an impressive spectrum of colors, which she refers to as 'fireworks'. The plasmoids zip around under her control, and she can absorb them back into her body harmlessly. She can also use them to attack by detonating them against a target, delivering explosive and energy damage capable of burning holes in sheet steel. If she wishes, she can make the plasmoids explode in stroboscopic flashes of light, blinding enemies. She can spray fireworks from each hand, which means she can blast two enemies at once if she doesn't mind doing a bit less damage. All that, and a better show than a Chinese New Year, too! Still, they have a short range. The longest shot Jubilee's ever attempted was about 20 meters.

Power: Psychic Shields (8)

Whether it's another aspect of her mutant powers, the chaotic nature of a teenage mall rat's mind, or just a plain, old-fashoned sneaky mindset, Jubilee is incredibly hard for even powerful telepaths to detect. Using powers requiring mind-to-mind contact is just as hard. Even the Prof himself isn't sure of the nature of this ability, only that it works, and works very well.

Skill: Shoplifter (5)

Jubilee learned the art of the 'five-finger discount' while she was living on the streets, mostly through very hard-earned experience! While she doesn't use it much nowadays, she still knows how to slip something out of a store or shop under the noses of the owners. She also knows a few tricks to get past electronic antitheft devices.

Skill: Techy Stuff (4)

While she's no computer whiz, Jubilee's interest in the newest and coolest toys and gadgets ensures that she knows quite a bit about the practical details of maintaining and using most consumer electronics, and even some military technology (which forms the basis of a lot of consumer electronics). It's the sort of talent that makes people come to her when they get a new game console or digital video player, and need to know how to connect it up or work the more obscure features. She can even program a video recorder!

Skill: Urban Survival (5)

While Jubilee isn't fond of camping, she can get by just fine on her own as long as she's in a civilised environment. Clothing, shelter, water, cheeseburgers, candy, doughnuts, pizza-by-the-slice, ice cream, root beer... all the necessities of life are easily found!


Advantage: X-Men

More by circumstance than for any other reason, Jubilee is a member of Professor X's superhero team. Aside from the undeniable boost to her self-image, it also grants her access to some of the mansion's secret areas and facilities.

Advantage: X-Suit

More useful and stylish than yellow spandex, these X-issue suits are made of an unstable molecular weave that tends to go unharmed by most powers, even if it doesn't provide a lot of protection to the wearer. They also prevent genetic scans from reading the wearer as a mutant.

Advantage: Xavier Institute

Jubilation is a junior at the Savier Institute, an elite private school for gifted youngsters, as far as the public knows. In reality, it teaches young mutants how to control their powers and use them responsibly for the benefit of mankind. She's not an exceptional student, though a few students inevitably seek her out now and then for help with electronics and hair styling tips.


Flaw: Spoiled Brat

Jubilee was raised by very wealthy parents who denied her very little. As a result, she grew up very spoiled, with everything she wanted and very little in the way of expectations. Sometimes she still has to have the latest gadgets and high-tech toys. Buckling down, doing work, and denying herself something really cool can be difficult for her.

Flaw: Dyscalculia

Jubilee has a mild learning disability when it comes to mathematics. While she can do simple math for the most part, it's a slow process, and advanced math is simply beyond her. This might explain why she rarely has any pocket money!

Flaw: Enemies

As a member of the X-Men, Jubilee has inherited their enemies. Even when she was out on her own, she managed to annoy and anger rather a lot of people. Sooner or later they're going to want to settle the score

Flaw: Soft-Hearted

Jubilee is quite a prankster, but anyone who's been the victim of more than one will notice that she never aims to cause any harm to the targeted person. Unfortunately for her, this extends into combat as well. Jubilee often uses less than the full strength of her mutant power, and tends to try and blind her opponents rather than blast them when she has a choice. Only when it's apparent that her target is taking what she's throwing and still coming will she resort to full power - and reluctantly at that. Her fear of hurting others often puts her at risk (and sometimes her teammates as well).

Flaw: Youth

Jubilee is underage, and can't legally enter many places that are off limits to anyone under 21. While this rarely stops her, there's always the possibility that it might. Together with her attitude, it occasionally keeps people from taking her seriously, and it definitely limits what her X-Men mentors are willing to let her do (when they have a choice).


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