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Julian is a Keller, commonly known as one of the wealthiest families in the world, right up there with the Waynes, the Starks, and the Rockefellers. They epitomize the financial elite. What is NOT as commonly known... is Julian is in poor standing with his family, due to his status and active behavior as a mutant.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Flight: 3, Force Field: 5, Telekinesis: 5, Telekinetic Blast: 5

Abilities: Skill

Social Etiquette: 4


Flaws: Bully, Family Matters, Un-Subtle

Languages: English


Power: Flight (3)

A function of his highly versatile telekinesis, Julian has learned how to fly! He can hover, and move in almost any direction, and has been clocked at close to Mach 1. However, Julian is still only human though, so he cannot ascend to heights above 15,000 feet for more than a few minutes, and he is frankly afraid to push his top speed any higher, as a mistake at that speed could prove fatal.

He can carry a single person in his arms, and fly at his top speed. He can conceivably lift and carry up to a dozen people with him in flight, but his top end would be around 150 MPH, as the strain of multitasking for that many people and maintaining his barriers would become a serious problem.

It should be noted, that while in flight an aura of bright green energy surrounds him, protecting him and any passengers from harm and doing the actual movement.

Power: Force Field (5)

Julian can generate a force field of telekinetic energy around himself and others to protect them from harm. The field is incredibly durable, able to endure anything up to a direct hit from an RPG rocket launcher. It is noted however, anything that powerful... several direct hits will cause his barrier to fail. Not to mention giving him a massive migraine.

Power: Telekinetic Blast (5)

A specialized function of his TK, Julian can generate energy 'blasts' of pure telekinetic energy. The violent repulsion of anything it hits causes damage sufficient to shatter solid stone, with a range of about 300 feet. Normally these energy blasts are 'fired' from his hands for ease of aiming, but he can also create a wave of energy. Essentially a single violent gesture which results in anything and everything within a 1 foot to 25 foot wide cone extending 25 feet in front of him being torn up and hurled at his target.

A secondary and rarely used function of his TK.. is the rail gun effect. Levitating and 'firing' small rocks and debris at speeds upwards of 500 MPH at targets he can make pebbles punch through car doors. Soft targets stand no chance whatsoever. Hence his hesitance in using it.

Skill: Social Etiquette (4)

Julian was raised around the rich and powerful, societies so called 'Elite' right along side his older brother. Granted his last name grants him a bit of leeway, Julian knows full well how to behave in high society functions. He knows how to blend in.

Power: Telekinesis (5)

Julian is a powerful telekinetic. He can focus his mind to manipulate objects or people, generate barriers, and project violent 'blasts' of energy. His upper limit has been gauged at between 6-7 tons before the telekinetic field fails. He can manipulate objects on a fine level as well, able to make a paperclip dance and zoom around the room.

His range is roughly line of sight, though augmenting his vision (Binoculars or similar) doesn't help. If he can't see it, he has a very difficult moving it.



Flaw: Bully

Julian has a serious issue with some of the other people, non-mutants especially. To deal with his aggression and loneliness from being isolated from his family, Julian will often lash out at others who he feels as weak or inferior. His ego doesn't allow him to be wrong, so he often times resorts to aggression to get his way.

Flaw: Family Matters

Have you tried not being a Superhero? Every mutant is used to it, but it affects more than most would have you believe. The Keller family does love Julian, but they would really like for him to cut out the hero crap! They want him to be a good little boy, pretend to be normal, get a job, make Mega-Millions, and marry a trophy wife. Julian has no such plans, but still wants to be accepted by his family.

Flaw: Un-Subtle

Every time Julian uses his abilities he is surrounded at least in part in a brilliant green aura, almost flamelike there there is never any heat. His eyes light up from within with the same hue of green, and his hands blaze with the emerald aura seperate from his body. His blasts, his force fields, everything is bright green. When Julian starts rocking, there is no mistaking who it is. Makes it hard to get away with TK pranks as well.



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The Academy of Tomorrow

Julian is a student at the Academy of Tomorrow.


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