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The Power Pack is back! Once they were the youngest heroes of NYC, Children that took up the fight against crime and who might have inspired some others. Now Julie is back in action after abstinence from heroism for a couple of years and a dip into the movies.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Combat

Brawling: 4

Abilities: Power

Limited Invulnerable: 5, Rainbow Flight: 5, Subconscious Healing: 6, Teleportation

Abilities: Skill

Acting: 4 Xenology: 3

Advantages: Kymellian Costume

Flaws: Enemies, Pack Bond, Secret Identity

Languages: English


Power: Limited Invulnerable (5)

While Julie is not indestructrable as the man of steel or other invulnerable heroes, she has shown to withstand blows devastating to mortals and objects without facing the same consequences. However she still gets injured by such strikes and will need to rest to heal away these (lessened) blows.

Power: Rainbow Flight (5)

Lightspeed is able to fly at transonic speed, hover in midair and has perfect maneuverability. When she flies a rainbow colored trail of light follows her. It is not solid to anyone but her.

Power: Subconscious Healing (6)

The alterations done by Whitey to the Power Pack did enhance all their healing capabilities considerably. A broken arm heals within hours fully and a full night of sleep can heal deep cuts after a medical treatment. Without the others in proximity it works usually at 6, but should the whole Power Pack be together it works at an elevated rating of 8. Should she not be able to meet even one of her siblings for more than a two months, the healing will reduce by two on a monthly basis. If her healing reaches 0 she develops a physical condition that might be taken for serious illnesses. Reestablishing direct, physical contact to her siblings will lift the illness and reset the rating.

Power: Teleportation (0)

With great concentration Julie can teleport herself and people she is touching to a well know location close to her. Even if the use of this power is not exhausting her, she needs strong feelings like fear or disgust to activate it. A quater mile is the upper limit this ability can take her.

Skill: Acting (4)

She had a startup in the film industry as a stuntwoman, but never got a complete role.

Skill: Xenology (3)

In her time in the Power Pack she has learned her share on Xenobiology, extraterrestrial politics, culture and technology. She knows about the major political and cultural groups in the areas inhibited by Kymellian and Z'narx and can operate their tech without difficulties. Other Alien technology is not unknown to her, but likely harder to operate. Additionally she has a good knowledge on the weaknesses and strengths of Z'nark and Kymellian physiology.

Combat: Brawling (5)

Julie has fought against threats to humanity more than half her life, most times with bare fists and using her flight and acceleration as a buff. Like this she has acquired a considerable expertise in brawling. Even without her speed buff she could stand against professional fighters and have a chance to win.


Advantage: Kymellian Costume

Made out of unstable Molecules, this piece of Kymellian proves itself to be quite wear resistant. On command it stashes itself away to a subspace dimension, retailers itself to the wearer on activation and contains an extra dimensional pocket of roughly 3 x 2 x 2 feet. It also contains a communicator with a translation device.


Flaw: Enemies

Julie started early with being a heroine, and years of saving the world from aliens and villains brings forth not only friends, but also lots of enemies. A considerable minority of the Z'nark race has a grudge against her and the rest of the Power Pack and a long list of other villains has a deep grudge against them.

Flaw: Pack Bond

The Power Pack did not only share the same origin of their powers, they are also siblings and even exchanged their powers at some points during their history. As a result, some of their powers weaken when not together.

Flaw: Secret Identity

Even if she has registered with the Bureau of Superhuman affairs, she has kept her identity as Lightspeed a secret since her teenage years to anyone but her siblings and her father. Later she only disclosed to the self-help group of ex-teen-heroes who she had been then, but of those most have picked up the cowl again. As she prefers to have the relative safety of a normal life she needs to go some lengths to keep her hero-identity secret - not only to keep herself safe, but also her siblings and parents, especially since the Power Pack disbanded.


Born in Richmond as the eldest daughter and second of four sibling, Julie Power had at somewhat an ordinary life till she was 10 - as ordinary as the life as one of the children of the inventor Dr. James Power can be at least. That changed when her father unknowingly invented and built a doomsday device, which pulled the attention of an alien race known as Z'Narx. They attacked their home and it was only for the downed Kymellian Aelryre Whitemane that the siblings didn't got captured as their parents were. Mortally injured in a fight with the Z'Narks Whitey altered the children's bodies and split up his powers between them: Julie got the power of flight and super speed, her younger Sister Katie the power to dissolve matter and shoot energy bolts, her elder brother Alex was suddenly able to control gravity and her younger brother Jack to manipulate his density. After destroying the doomsday device their father built they went out to free their Parents, eventually succeeding. Her next years were filled with all sorts of secret heroing, as the Power Pack kept their superpowers a secret to their parents for quite some time. Sometimes they teamed up with other established heroes, but eventually the pack disbanded when they grew older.

Trying to drop the mask, Julie began an acting career when she was 17, but it turned out not too big. Joining a help group of young ex-teen-superheroes she was abstinent from her powers for some time before eventually picking up the cowl again, even if at first only to try keep other super powered heroes from falling for the same trap and ruining their childhood. As she discovered the group had been used by someone for covering up his mess, she quit, and resumed what she could do best: Saving the day.


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File:Alex Power.jpg
Alex Power

Big Brother

File:Jack Power.jpg
Jack Power

Little Brother

File:Katie Power.jpg
Katie Power

Little Sister


File:Doreen Green.jpg
Doreeen/Squirrel Girl

Met in the Park, has her card, likely knows both names


Met in Central Park, but once he had a teamup with the PowerPack

File:Karolina Dean.jpg
K / Lucy in the Sky

Met in the Central Park, had a short talk, rescued Cessily with her

Cessily Kincaid



Standard issiue Mutant...

Academy of Tomorrow

File:Emma Frost.jpg
Emma Frost

Invited her for a Stipend as Teacher Assistant at the AoT

File:Tony Stark.jpg
Tony Stark / Iron Man

hero & Teacher


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