"After the events of this week, it is clear that the United States must bolster its forces of mutants and metahumans. That is why, by Executive Order, I am establishing a new branch of law enforcement of the United States. The Justice League of America will be tasked with adding another layer of protection for the United States to help prevent catastrophes like this from ever occurring again. I have directed Superman to search out like minded heroes who are willing to serve the greatest nation on Earth and protect it from the forces of evil."

"But even as we prepare ourselves for the future, let us not forget about what happened this evening. We will remember those who perished this week forever, both in our hearts and in our memories."

-President Wash Abbot (July 8th, 2012)

Headquarters: The Hall of Justice

Command Center: TBD

IC Head: Superman

IC XO: Colossus

OOC Head: Superman

Joining: Please contact Superman about joining. The team was recently formed ICly, so it's preferable that you do not app in.


Jla-superman Superman
Position: Leader
Race: Kryptonian
Nicknames: Big Blue, The Man of Steel
Role: Conscience
Joined: 07.08.2012
The Man of Steel, hero to Metropolis, the United States, and the World, stands as an emblem of truth, justice, and the American Way of civility, kindness, and goodwill.

Powers: Super Strength, Invulnerability, Cold Breath, Heat Vision, Flight, X-Ray Vision

Jla-piotr Colossus
Position: Member
Race: Mutant
Nicknames: X-Man of Steel
Role: Strong Man
Joined: 07.11.2012
Disowned by his father, taken in by his uncle, a member of the Russian mob and then an X-Man, Piotr is at heart a white hat living in a grey world.

Powers: Super Strength, Metal Form

Jla-jonn Martian Manhunter
Position: Member
Race: Martian
Nicknames: None
Role: Wisdom
Joined: 07.12.2012
J'onn J'onzz is an apparent newcomer to the hero scene, a powerful but somewhat mysterious figure who has yet to build a reputation for himself. John Jones is an ex cop and private investigator.

Powers: Alien Phisiology, Psychic Powers, Flight, Shapeshifting, Force Vision, Super Breath

Jla-zee Zatanna
Position: Member
Race: Homo Magi
Nicknames: The Mistress of Magic
Role: Hocus Pocus
Joined: 07.13.2012
A member of the Homo Magi, Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of legendary magician Giovanni (John) Zatara, and the Hidden Ones sorceress, Sindella.

Descended from a line of mages that claim da Vinci, Nostradomus, and Flamel among their bloodlines, she is an exceptionally talented spellcaster who has to invoke her incantations by speaking them backwards.

Powers: Magic

Jla-firestorm Firestorm
Position: Member
Race: Immortal
Nicknames: The Nuclear Man
Role: Burninating
Joined: 07.15.2012
Firestorm is a newcomer among the super-heroes of the world. His distinctive appearance (his head is on fire!) and fantastic transmutational powers have made him quite famous quickly. But the reality is that he is a rather conflicted being, with the memories of two men in his head and unaware of his own true nature.

Powers: Energy Blasts, Phasing, Transmutation, Flight

Jla-garrow Green Arrow
Position: Member
Race: Human
Nicknames: The Emerald Archer
Role: Bowman
Joined: 07.17.2012
Industrialist. Billionaire. Libertarian.

Weapons: Trick Arrows, Bows

Jla-kate Batwoman
Position: Member
Race: Human
Nicknames: Red-Bat
Role: Butt-kicking
Joined: 07.95.2012
Batwoman has just appeared in Gotham. Despite her code name and her look, she has not yet claimed any connection to Batman or those connected to him. She is known for her striking looks and aggressive tactics.

Weapons: Pellet Gun; Fists

Jla-diana Wonder Woman
Position: Member
Race: Amazon
Nicknames: None
Role: Amazon Princess
Joined: 07.27.2012
(Please Fill In)

Powers: (Please Fill In)

Jla-aspen Fathom
Position: Member
Race: The Blue
Nicknames: None
Role: Blue Ambassador
Joined: 07.28.2012
(Please Fill In)

Powers: (Please Fill In)

File:Jla-taz.jpg Tasmanian Devil
Position: Member
Race: Metahuman
Nicknames: Taz
Role: Fuzzy Guy from Down Under
Joined: 09.27.2012
Taz was Australia's big home hero but he left the country when the government turned hostile to metas. Now he lives in Metropolis and helps to save the day as the Tasmanian Devil.

Powers: Size Changing, Were-Tasmanian Devil Form

Dinahlogo Black Canary
Position: Member
Race: Metahuman
Nicknames: Canary, BC
Role: Butt-Kicking Fishnets Chick
Joined: 10.9.2012
Wigs are no less impractical in fights than capes.

Powers: Canary Cry

Jla-stargirl Stargirl
Position: Member
Race: Human
Nicknames: Star, Courtney, Court
Role: Cheerleader
Joined: 01.27.13
A girl from Nebraska who became a hero almost by complete accident, Courtney strives to become the sort of heroine others can look up to. But boy, oh boy, does she have a LOT to learn.

Powers: Strength, Agility, Toughness, Flight, Shooting Stars, Cosmic Energy



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