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Blazing Inferno

Drawn by Diego Rodriguez (DHTenshi on DeviantArt)
Raging god of Fire
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Kagutsuchi, the Japanese god of fire...whose legend ended when it had only begun. Revived by his mother Izanami, now queen of the land of the dead, Kagutsuchi has returned to loose his rage upon the gods and the lands they so treasure...an angry youth with tremendous power.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Divine

Durability: 3, Fire Control: 4, Fire Creation: 6, Fire Form: 4, Flame Blast: 6, Flame Katana: 6, Flame Regeneration: 1-6, Godfire, Immunities

Abilities: Skills

Combat: 1

Abilities: Summon

Flame Servants: 2-4


Flaws: Cold and Water, Izanagi and Izanami, Obvious Power, Rage, Uneducated, Untrained, Youth

Languages: English and Japanese


Divine: Durability (3)

While a young god, Kagutsuchi is nevertheless divine, and as a result is somewhat harder to injure and kill than he looks. In terms of toughness, he's not even really superhuman...unless you take into account his age. He's tougher than any human kid could be, but he doesn't reach true superhuman levels.

Divine: Fire Control (4)

Untamed: Kagutsuchi cannot cause flames to go out, or weaken them (beyond removing any enhancements he has put on them). He is the god of the raging inferno, not the tamed fire.

Sense: As part of this ability, Kagutsuchi can sense any fires within one mile of himself, and can tell their distance, direction, and size and power.

As the god of fire, Kagutsuchi has dominion over flames. Existing flames obey his will. He can command flames within 100 yards of himself, causing them to grow stronger (up to the limit of his Fire Creation ability), move in natural or unnatural manner, travel distances by land or by air, form into shapes, and other tricks. He does not have to have contact with the flame to do this. Kagutsuchi can control any flame, whether it originated from his power, someone else's, or nature, but if someone else is able to control that same flame (for instance, another fire-controller, or the personal flames of someone like the Human Torch), compare this ability's rating to the higher of their fire powers or willpower to see who gets control.

Divine: Fire Creation (6)

Origin: All fires created by Kagutsuchi must originate from some point on his body. He is powerful, but lacks the focus or control to create fires distant from himself.

Fuel: While touching a flame, Kagutsuchi can maintain it indefinitely, but if he is no longer touching it, it requires burnable material to exist like any other fire would.

Oxygen: Kagutsuchi's flames are strong fire, but they are fire--without oxygen, he cannot even make them. He is however able to draw oxygen even from water, allowing him to create flames even underwater, albeit at reduced strength (maximum of Heat 3). In this case, the flames immediately cease to exist once they lose contact with him, making this good only for short range attacks.

Kagutsuchi is the god of fire, and as one might expect, he has the ability to bring it into existence. He can create blazes with ease, even in the open air without burnable material, and can do so at anywhere from candle temperatures to temperatures hotter than the Earth's core, or beyond if he pushes his abilities. He is fire itself.

Divine: Fire Form (4)

Clothing: Anything Kagutsuchi is wearing is converted to flame when he turns to fire form, and returns to normal without harm once he returns to human form.

Kagutsuchi is a living flame, a raging inferno, and while he usually hides that within a humanlike body, his true form is godfire itself in a humanlike shape. He is able to remove his human "shell" and blaze forth as his true self when he wishes. As a blazing inferno, Kagutsuchi spreads intense heat and flame--albeit a heat and flame lesser than that which he can summon--to anything he touches--or even nears.

In his fire form, Kagutsuchi is immune to non-mystical/divine weapons or bodies (note that chi control counts as mystical). However, he can still be harmed by mystical/divine effects, and by non-mystical/divine effects that could reasonably weaken or threaten to smother/put out an intense fire. He is energy without true physical mass, and thus cannot lift objects or otherwise affect the physical world except to burn it.

Divine: Flame Blast (6)

Range: The stream maxes out at 100 yards from Kagutsuchi, the area blast covers up to a 20 yard radius, and the fireball can be hurled up to 100 yards and explodes to cover a 10 yard radius.

Power: The stream can be used at up to rank 6, while the area blast and fireball max out at rank 4.

Using his Fire Creation and Fire Control powers, Kagutsuchi can create fire in more focused form to use in attacks. This comes in a few forms: a flamethrower-like stream of flame, a explosive ball of fire that detonates on contact, and an area-covering wave that emits from Kagutsuchi's entire body. The stream is more focused and therefore capable of more strength than the other two, which peak at 2 ranks less.

It should be noted that the fireball and area wave forms of this attack carry explosive, kinetic force as well, while the stream version is purely flame.

Divine: Flame Katana (6)

Not Solid: Though it works similarly to a supernaturally-sharp sword, it is not solid--it cannot block strikes %(though it will cut through many weapons or ammunition%), and if it cannot cut/melt something it may flow around it or rage against it but cannot be used to push it around.

Unchanging: The focus of the flame gives it added strength, but also removes Kagutsuchi's ability to limit it. He cannot use this ability at a lower level.

Kagutsuchi can use his Fire Creation and Fire Control powers to form fire into a super-hot, thin "blade" not unlike a katana. Extremely focused and amazingly hot, the blade works more like an actual sword, searing its way through material as though it were cutting it. The sheer focus of this fire makes it exceed Kagutsuchi's normal maximum heat.

Divine: Flame Regeneration (1-6)

Variable: The degree of healing he receives depends on the strength of the fire. In all but a true inferno, it probably isn't going to be enough to get him back into a fight within a scene.

As fire himself, Kagutsuchi is utterly immune to flame or heat effects, and is utterly comfortable in the midst of any size or heat of fire. In fact, he is /healed/ by them. If he has suffered damage, fire effects will heal his injuries. The amount of healing depends on the power of the flame--a candle does basically nothing, a campfire helps a little, while a blazing inferno gives him serious regenerative power and gets him back in the fight within a few rounds, though full healing will still take longer.

Note that the flames must not be ones that Kagutsuchi has directly created himself. He cannot just shoot his own fire into himself and heal anymore than a human can regain blood by drawing more blood out and injecting it back in.

Divine: Godfire

Kagutsuchi's mere presence strengthens all fire within 100 yards of his body, converting it to godfire. Godfire is recognizable by an unnatural silver-white glow mixed in with the usual colors, and silver-white crackling energy like lightning popping throughout it. Godfire burns hotter than a similar normal flame, and is more resistant to being put out by anything that is not itself mystical or divine. (Not impossible, mind, just more difficult.) It does still require fuel and oxygen. In effect, conversion to godfire raises any significant fire effect by 1 or 2 ranks.

Godfire is also harmful to spirits in addition to physical forms, and can hurt spiritual entities regardless of whether they have a body or not.

Kagutsuchi's own flame powers are godfire by their very nature.

Divine: Immunities

Clothing: Kagutsuchi's immunity to flame is extended to clothing he is wearing. Normally this just keeps him decent, but if he is wearing clothing such as a cape, he may be able to use this to shield others from flames.

Kagutsuchi is fire itself. He has flames running through his body, not blood. He is endless and eternal flame.

He does not require food or drink, does not require sleep, and can battle for ages without the need of rest and without weakening his flame in the slightest. He can, however, be made unconscious by damage or mystic techniques.

His form is a simulation of humanity rather than the real deal. Drugs, poisons, chemicals, and diseases have no effect on him whatsoever. In addition, being fire himself, heat and flame do not harm him at all, no matter the strength (though cold and water bother him quite a bit).

Skills: Combat (1)

Kagutsuchi is a mostly untrained combatant, with just a bit of experience fighting. He's not an idiot, but he's only capable of the most basic levels of combat techniques, nothing fancy (not that he won't /try/ it sometimes, but he'll tend to screw those up). When he sticks to the basics, he can do fairly well for himself with his raw power, but he's far from a good fighter.

Summon: Flame Servants (2-4)

Power: Flame Servants vary in size and power. Kagutsuchi can summon many human-sized servants with weak flames and human levels of resistance (heat, strength, toughness rank 2 to 3), or can summon only a small few (2-3) large servants, about ten feet tall and with heightened heat, strength, and damage resistance (heat, strength, toughness rank 4).

Materials: Kagutsuchi summons his servants by writing symbols on a slip of paper (or multiple slips, if he's summoning more than one), then burning it. The specifics of the paper type and item used to write don't really matter, but he does have to have paper and a writing implement. (He can't use his own blood because his "blood" is fire...the paper would immediately burn.) Additionally, the nature of the magic is such that the symbols have to be written about when he wants to summon the servants--he cannot prepare papers in advance.

Granted: This power specifically originates from the favor of Izanami. If Kagutsuchi falls out of favor with her, he can no longer summon flame servants.

Combining his power with that of his mother Izanami, queen of the land of the dead, Kagutsuchi can call upon servants in bodies of flame and magma. Izanami provides the servitor souls, and Kagutsuchi crafts forms for them. This takes him some time, so he cannot summon them if he is already in the midst of a battle.

The Flame Servants exist as a semi-solid mass of magma and fire, and unlike Kagutsuchi's "fire form" can be harmed by physical weaponry in addition to mystical/divine weapons and effects that could weaken or threaten to smother/put out intense fire.



Flaw: Cold and Water

Kagutsuchi is a fire god, and as one might imagine, he doesn't do so well with cold or water-based effects. He's a /powerful/ fire god, so it takes more than just a winter chill or a water spritzer to bother him--we're talking actual cold or water-based powers, or for a more mundane sense, blizzards, immersion, or full on rainstorms. In his fire form, these will actually /harm/ him, while in his human form, they merely cause him pain as his inner fire reacts poorly. Cold or Water-based powers with a damage value are treated as 2 levels higher against him.

If underwater, Kagutsuchi can still use his fire creation, but at reduced level (max rank 3), and cannot use his Flame Blast, Flame Katana, Fire Form, or Flame Servants--it is too difficult to gather a stable enough flame.

Flaw: Izanagi and Izanami

Kagutsuchi is, in a way, just a pawn in the endless battle between Izanagi and Izanami. Formerly wed, the two became enemies because of Kagutsuchi's birth...which killed Izanami and twisted her into a death-goddess. He was slain by Izanagi afterwards, in grief.

Kagutsuchi is, in truth, enemy to both, and both are enemy to him. Though Izanami is ostensibly on his side, it is only while he follows her wishes. His servitors are, in truth, hers, and could just as easily turn against him...and they are hardly her only servants that could hunt him. His father Izanagi, as well, slew him once...who is to say what will happen when he learns the god of the raging flame has been revived, and set about a destructive path?

Flaw: Obvious Power

Kagutsuchi is pretty obvious--not only can he be sensed by other gods, but even mortals will very likely notice his power. He doesn't have near enough control to keep it hidden. Small sparks or wisps of fire or smoke will come off his body every few moments--just enough to be noticed, not enough to cause any harm (unless in a /very/ fire-friendly environment like a gas-filled room). It is very obvious that he's at the very least some kind of fire-powered mutant...he can't possibly appear totally normal.

When he actively uses his power (or grows angry, as he often does), his hair and eyes will begin to convert to fire. At first it will just be flickers of fire along the hair and within the iris or pupil, but at higher levels his hair will actually appear to be made of flame, and his eyes will show as burning orbs of fire.

Flaw: Rage

Kagutsuchi is a raging inferno, and a raging inferno doesn't usually think straight. He's angry at the world, at the other gods, at anyone who tells him he shouldn't be angry, at his father, at his mother if he's being honest, and at himself. He's a fireball full of rage, and he's prone to lashing out without much provocation.

Which, while it tends to /cause/ fights in the first place, can also be used as a weapon against him. He responds easily to taunts and jeers, flies off the handle and loses sight of his plans if someone's mocking him, and grows very easily frustrated. A smart fighter can give themselves an opening pretty handily by getting him to lose his temper and forget defense.

Flaw: Uneducated

Kagutsuchi has learned only the very basics, and is at a major disadvantage in dealing with the world in general. While he speaks English and Japanese, he cannot read or write in any language (save for the signs necessary to summon his flame servants, which he just memorized). He knows only very basic mathematics, has next to no understanding of science, isn't familiar with any literature...overall, he's almost completely uneducated. He's not stupid--it's just that his mother Izanami taught him almost nothing other than how to blow things up. He was a weapon, not a child.

Practically, aside from not being able to find his way to places, not being able to read warnings, and other consequences, he might also not be aware of common dangers (not knowing that gasoline burns, for instance, or understanding what power lines are). His lack of knowledge /can/ be a weapon against him.

Flaw: Untrained

Kagutsuchi is extremely powerful, a god who has more power than he knows what to do with. It has caused a disaster in the past, due to his lack of control. However...he's untrained. While he has tremendous power over fire, he is not a good fighter. He has no experience, and hasn't figured out how to properly /use/ his powers in fights. His strategies tend to be simple and not particularly creative, his fighting style is graceless and focused on powering straight through foes, he's easily flustered and confused, and he'll fall for a lot of tricks that a more experienced combatant might see right through. He's also very easily frustrated and angered. His power might seem overwhelming, but there are numerous holes in his tactics.

Flaw: Youth

Kagutsuchi has no experience in dealing with the world, and is just about a true innocent. His mother Izanami did nothing to teach him, only intent on inspiring jealousy and anger and sending him out as a chaotic blaze in the world. He's never dealt with people, and is completely clueless when it comes to the things that can happen. He's not stupid, just inexperienced, but that lack of experience means he's quite easy to fool or manipulate with the slightest bit of subtlety. He'll resist a direct approach, but anything that isn't easily detected will go right over his head and get him moving whatever way a person wants.

He is a god, but he's a very young god, and a young god of fire--not of strength, or war, or what-have-you. He's stronger and more durable than a human kid would be, but nowhere near the level of other gods. Considering his choice of targets for jealousy and revenge, he could get himself in /big/ trouble by aiming for something far beyond his ability. His flames are of a power to fight gods...but if they get around those, the boy himself is barely of a level to fight humans.


Near the beginning-not quite at the beginning, you understand, but near the beginning-there was fire. There was Kagutsuchi, child of Izanagi and Izanami. The birth of the god of fire was also said to be the beginning of death, for his uncontrolled flames slew his mother Izanami, whose nature was twisted into a goddess of death as a result.

Seeing his birth as a curse, Kagutsuchi's father Izanagi slew the young god before his legend even began. Volcanoes were born from the god of fire's body, and other gods from his blood.

For millenia, that was the end of the story. Kagutsuchi's spirit lay dormant, and though he was remembered by the people, he forged no legends.

In modern times...that finally changed. The child god's spirit awakened, and Izanami his mother found it. Ever-greedy for a chance to inflict harm upon the world her husband loved, she helped her child regain his form and return to life. She hated him, truthfully...he had killed her, after all, however unintentionally. But she could sense the jealousy in his still-young soul, the anger in his heart. She brought that forth, encouraged it, directed it. She taught him some control, enough to be able to fight, while still leaving him wild--a wildness that could terrify and destroy. That was all...he was a weapon to her, not a child.

Enraged at the loss of his chance at legends, jealous of those who had them, and angry at the world he thought had forgotten him, Kagutsuchi decided--guided by Izanami--that he would go into the world and show the people and the gods what fire truly was. He would show his father hatred for robbing him of his life. He would burn the cities to the ground, spread destruction across the earth. When he was done, everything would be fire.

He wished to start with Japan...his father's beloved domain. But Izanami was wiser than that...Izanagi would be able to stop him for certain, before she had tasted the destruction he would spread. She "suggested" that he start elsewhere, a land not so connected to the old ways, though the gods still somehow gathered there. America.

And so it was that with a roar of fire, the god of the raging inferno arrived...


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