Karen Starr / Kara Zor-L
Power Girl
Registered Codename

Power Girl

Quote-open "Do I worry about what others think? Sometimes. But am I going to hold back and follow their lead, play sidekick and girlfriend, be a cheerleader for the football team? Hell no. My advice is simple: always show 'em what you got." Quote-close

In another reality, the refugee alien Kara Zor-L found a home in Earth, a family in the Justice Society of America, and a purpose in being a superhero. Now stranded in this world, Karen Starr AKA Power Girl tries to rebuild a life that's always close to but never quite what she once had.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Breath: 4, Flight: 7, Heat Vision: 4, Invulnerability: 9, Senses: 5, Solar Battery: 5, Speed: 6, Strength: 10

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 6, Computer Science: 7, Intellect: 3, Willpower: 6

Abilities: Gear

Power Suit: 6

Advantages: Starrware Industries

Flaws: Displaced, Kryptonite, Magic and Mentalism, Not Secret Identity, Solar Powered, Starrware Industries, Too Bold

Languages: English, Kryptonian, and Shi'ar


Gear: Power Suit (6)

Kara's outfit is constructed specially in Kryptonian fashion, rendering it especially durable. It's not needed to protect her, but it won't get ripped up in most fights.

Power: Breath (4)

Damage: At highest output, about equivalent to an anti-tank weapon in damage. Arsenal 4.

Range: About half a mile. Distance 1.

Super strong lungs combined with the energy of yellow sunlight allow Kryptonians to breathe out a super-strong gust of wind, or even exhaling the air with such force that it produces an sub-arctic wind chill that can cause ice and frost to form where it strikes.

Power: Flight (7)

Through unconscious gravity wave manipulation (or however scientists decide to explain it this week), Power Girl can fly at tremendous speeds and with excellent maneuverability.

Power: Heat Vision (4)

Range: 70 yards.

Area of Effect: Beam with an eight inch diameter.

By focusing solar energy through her eyes, Power Girl can create a sort of heat beam. She can control the amount of power released, varying the intensity of the heat.

Power: Invulnerability (9)

Solar Powered: Without yellow sunlight, Power Girl's toughness drops steadily until it reaches a human level of 2.

Powered by yellow sunlight, Kara Zor-L is nearly impervious to harm. It takes a lot of firepower to get her to notice something hitting her. In addition, the sun's energy grants her equal endurance, fueling her beyond human limitations.

Power: Senses (5)

Range: 20 miles.

Signal/Noise: Sufficient over-stimulation of any sense can prevent her from understanding what's going on, same as any person.

All of Kara's senses are powerfully heightened. She can see great distances or in microscopic detail, view the electromagnetic spectrum, clearly discern far-away sounds at any pitch, smell the faintest aromas, feel minute variations in texture, and taste all the flavors. Kara can also selectively see through any material save for lead. Though she can selectively focus on these powers, you really get used to being able to hear people miles away. Well, Kryptonians do.

Power: Solar Battery (5)

Solar Powered: Power Girl under typical levels is kept around Healing 5, but a lack of sunlight will lower this down to Healing 0. Excess yellow sunlight, gained perhaps by flying closer to the sun, can enhance this power and allow Pushing.

Kryptonians naturally absorb and store solar energy. In fact, yellow sunlight is the source of Kara's powers. Aside from expending it to shoot heat vision or juggle airplanes, having a good supply of solar energy in her body causes it to just work better. This results in accelerated healing, though it's limited to what the human body is capable of rather than being a true 'healing factor.' Cuts will heal and bones will mend, but missing limbs aren't growing back and health complications may require medical correction.

Power: Speed (6)

Power Girl is able to move with incredible speed. Her mind and reflexes are capable of reaching identical levels, allowing her to always act and react to the fullest.

Power: Strength (10)

Solar Powered: Without yellow sunlight, Power Girl's strength drops steadily until it reaches a human level of 3. She does keep up with her weight training, after all.

Powered by yellow sunlight, Kara Zor-L possesses awe-inspiring strength, even among the super-strong. She can lift truly immense objects and wield giant construction vehicles with ease. Even if you're tough enough to withstand an uppercut from her, you might find yourself in another country when you land.

Skill: Combat (6)

Power Girl's not shy in a fight. As an eager brawler and a natural powerhouse, she's gone up against a wide variety of powered foes. The vast majority of her training can be credited to her universe's Ted Grant, former heavyweight boxing champion and then-current superhero. Aside from mixing it up during heroics, Karen boxes routinely as a hobby and actively trains with anyone who's willing to get into the ring.

Skill: Computer Science (7)

Thanks to a Kryptonian education and some super science, Karen Starr is is an excellent programmer and good with computer technology in general. Because she cheated a little bit to gain her knowledge, Karen will never be truly brilliant in her field. She does remain first rate and can tackle even very difficult tasks with confidence. Because of the type of life she leads, Karen has experience in a lot of very dramatic things: reprogramming security systems for superhero HQs, for instance.

Skill: Intellect (3)

Karen's used to rubbing elbows with the smartest people on Earth, but she's pretty gifted herself. She picks up technical stuff easily and is top-notch in the disciplines she studies. She's not a tech company CEO just for show.

Skill: Willpower (6)

What's so funny about truth, justice, and the American way? Karen, already a headstrong individual, has developed a strong sense of purpose through her years as a superhero. She shares her elder cousin's legacy and once stood with the greatest heroes of her world as a peer and leader. Nothing will stop her from carrying on. Her experience has also included plenty of tangling with psionics. While they remain one of the easiest ways to take her down, Power Girl's not such a sure target.


Advantage: Starrware Industries

Karen Starr is the CEO of and a major shareholder in a publicly traded corporation called Starrware Industries. While they are new on tech scene, Starrware has promoted two promising subsidiaries through the start-up phase: Starrware Labs and Starrware, Inc. Starrware Labs is a progressive technology company that works with ecological groups to develop solutions to environmental problems. Starrware, Inc. is a much less exciting software company with a respectable portfolio of clients.

Starrware Industries provides Karen with more money than she could ever spend, by her reckoning, though she is not a particularly expensive person. Though she has investors to answer to and can't really do whatever she pleases, most other shareholders credit Starrware's success to Karen's personal leadership and are therefore willing to indulge her eccentricities. The intelligent, driven people who make up Starrware Industries are an amazing resource themselves.


Flaw: Displaced

Power Girl isn't just from another planet. She's from another planet in a different reality. Just when she was getting used to life on Earth, she ends up on a completely different version of it. Most mundane things are the same, but there's always jarring differences to discover. The history of the JSA here, for one. Power Girl is also veritably from another dimension on any sort of science (or whatever) scan that picks up that sort of thing. She doesn't belong here.

Flaw: Kryptonite

As a Kryptonian, Power Girl is mortally weak to a material called Kryptonite. Kryptonite radiation interferes with her natural ability to absorb solar energy, which can cause all sorts of problems. The most common form, 'Green' Kryptonite, causes intense nausea and eventual incapacitation, followed by death. Removal of the Kryptonite radiation is enough to begin improving her condition, though yellow sunlight sure helps. Other colors of Kryptonite may interfere with Power Girl in various other ways, and may be more difficult to recover from.

Flaw: Magic and Mentalism

Kryptonians have no special defenses against psionics or magic, and so they affect Karen as if she were a human with Toughness 2. Karen would be an exceptionally heroic human, granted, but even exceptional humans can only get shot with magic bullets so many times.

Flaw: Not Secret Identity

Theoretically, Karen Starr and Power Girl are not the same person. In her home reality, Kara Zor-L gave up trying to lead two lives because she was really, really bad at it. Karen's not doing such a great job here, either. While it isn't public knowledge, Karen's superhero identity is an open secret to many higher level employees around her office, and a few random others besides. If push comes to shove, Karen will blow her cover to save the day, every time.

Flaw: Solar Powered

Karen's powers are fueled by yellow sun radiation. While there's a fantastic source of it right down the block when she's on Earth, this is a bigger concern when planning interstellar trips. With no energy, she's powerless. Red sun radiation actually drains her energy reserves at a rapid rate, depending on exposure levels.

Flaw: Starrware Industries

Karen Starr certainly has a lot to be proud of in Starrware Industries, but she can't rest on her laurels. Running a corporation takes a lot of work, even if you make a point to intelligently delegate tasks like she does. Karen has to answer to other shareholders, exterior companies she works with, and the people she's hired. Starrware Industries is publicly traded, which increases the number of potential headaches. Karen feels strongly about helping the world through her technology contributions, and won't simply abandon Starrware when things get difficult.

Flaw: Too Bold

Power Girl likes to punch first and ask questions later. She's not a brute and she's smart enough to have a good handle on most situations when going in, but she still defaults to leaping into action rather than planning ahead.


Kara Zor-L is a native of planet Krypton, and one of its handful of survivors. However, she is also the ONLY survivor of the universe where that version of Krypton existed. She can't remember the details, but she recognizes faces, names, places, events, and so on in this other universe she is now in. Parts of her old universe were "merged" somehow into this current reality, and Kara Zor-L is one of those parts. Most of what she knew has changed and none of the people she knew remember her, but if the past is anything to go by, various individuals are likely to accept her and become friends or even become as close as family. She was once "Supergirl", and has experience as a super heroine. She may be "Power Girl" now instead of "Supergirl", due to the latter name already being taken, but she still has the skill and the will to save lives and fight the good fight.


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File:The Super-Family.jpg
The Super-Family

Karen is Superman's cousin from another dimension.

File:Kara Zor-El.jpg

Karen is Kara's older, alternate self from another dimension. Karen treats Kara like a little sister.

File:Justice League of America.jpg
Justice League of America

Hero group officially deputized by the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs which works closely with the government of the United States of America but operates privately.

File:Zatanna Zatara.jpg
Zatanna Zatara

Karen seems to have struck up a close friendship with Zatanna.


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