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Sapphire Speedster
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Sapphire Speedster

A minor celebrity on the internet for posting live action parkour videos with video game themes, Kaydin was a kid who liked to run and jump up and along buildings. Having his mutant power activate in a video which was posted however has made things a little more interesting. What will become of him now?



Abilities: Power

Air Control: 6, Forcefield: 0-7, Hyper-Metabolism, Phasing: 7, Speed Force, Super Speed: 7

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 4 Parkour: 4

Advantages: Fame

Flaws: Metabolism Mutant

Languages: English


Power: Forcefield (0-7)

While Kaydin is moving, he is surrounded by a "speed aura" that allows him to perform the various stunts he does and move at high velocities without causing damage to himself or the world around him. The aura that surrounds him reduces the effect of his super speed on the outside world to little more than a strong gust of wind, reducing friction and preventing sonic booms and the like. In addition, this field protects him from damage. It exactly matches his current velocity, meaning that he effectively has a "forcefield" protecting him whenever he moves, and whatever his current speed level of motion is equals the strength of the field.

This not only protects him from the forces of his own velocity, but it means that he can survive one impact without great ill effect. Note that a powerful attack will still likely knock him off his feet, which of course stops him from moving and ends his resistance. The "slow blade" may also penetrate the field: it offers only limited protection against ambient effects that have no "strike" or impact associated with them.

Capacity: Anyone Kaydin is holding onto or carrying (generally limited to one or two people) is also protected by his speed aura.

Limitations: Requires access to the Speed Force; requires Kaydin to be in motion; Only works against physical attacks.

Power: Air Control (6)

Building up enough speed in a tight circle or using rotational movement of one of his arms allows Kaydin to funnel powerful air drafts capable of moving items up to his power rating in force (see news strength). These air currents tend to dissipate quickly once he stops keeping them up.

Limitations: Requiress access to the speed force: requires Kaydin to be able to move somewhart freely.

Power: Hyper-Metabolism

Kaydin's whole body is overclocked due to his connection with the Speed Force. As a result, his body fights off infections, viruses, toxins, drugs and the like so quickly that they appear to have no effect on him. He also heals at many times the rate of a normal human, but this only works in a resting state (as opposed to battle regeneration type powers).

Drawbacks: Requires Kaydin to consume many times more calories per day than a normal human being; renders most painkillers and other metabolic medicines ineffective.

Power: Phasing (7)

Kaydin can vibrate his molecules at superspeed, allowing him to 'phase' or 'ghost' through solid matter equal to his power rating in density. He can only maintain such control for two to three seconds at a time but given his speed, thats usually enough for him to accomplish what he needs to do.

Limitation: Requires access to the speed force

Power: Speed Force

Kaydin's mutant power is he channels the Speed Force, a field of energy that allows him to move and perform tasks at hypersonic speeds. He suffers none of the negative effects from friction or G-forces that would otherwise be generated by this movement, and he can move through a room at high speeds with no more damage to the area around him than a strong wind would have. This Speed Force is identical to the same speed force used by the flash and similar super speed based characters.

Power: Super Speed (7)

Kaydin's Speed power can be used in place of his Agility, whether to strike or to dodge, and if he's able to build up momentum, it can be used in place of Strength to deal damage. When in motion, Kaydin's Speed also features like toughness to allow him to resist damage, but that will fail if his momentum is interrupted. Kaydin's speed allows him to literally defy physics, running across water, up the side of buildings, and even upside-down along ceilings due to his great velocity

Kaydin's speed may also be used in place of Intellect when it comes to learning things, representing his ability to absorb information very quickly. Unfortunately, he doesn't always do a good job of retaining what he learns. Finally, Kaydin's speed of thought allows him to use his Speed as a defense against anyone trying to read or control his mind. His thoughts are simply so fast that most telepaths cannot keep up with them. However, this is of no use against direct mental attacks.

Limitations: Requires access to the speed force

Skill: Combat (4)

Kaydin learned to defend himself from his mother and growing up with four other siblings meant alot of rough-housing. Kaydin can defend himself if need be but he isnt a master combatant, just a skilled one.

Skill: Parkour (4)

Free-running, urban exploration, basically climbing about buildings and obstacles to get to places. Kaydin spent his life practicing this and even made money showing off his skills.


Advantage: Fame

In the Parkour circles, Kaydin earned a little bit of a name for himself. Infact the video where his mutant power activated is still recieving hits on youtube, with him running along hell's kitchen's rooftops before blurring out into a streak.


Flaw: Metabolism

His metabolism is also a flaw as well as a benefit. Because of the energy he burns, he is always hungry and even after pigging out, will feel hungry and thirsty afterwards. If deprived from nourishment for too long, he will start to feel dizzy and faint faster then most people.

Flaw: Mutant

Kaydin's connection to the Speed force, the ability to generate it, is due to the X gene, the mutant gene. Any abilities which negate or nullify it will force him to slow down.


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Kaydin was the youngest born to Michael and Jenny LeGraize. Jenny was a self defense teacher and Michael was a scientist trying to experiment with new technologies to better the world. Kaydin's oldest sister, Beth, became a stock broker and keeps the family afloat. She acts as an anchor. The second oldest is Michael Jr, and he is a scientist like his father, only he explores how to better the human condition. Third oldest is Lilia, a supermodel and upcoming actress, like beth she keeps an eye on the family and tries to keep them in the current trends. Simon is the fourth oldest and is going to college studying different forms of energy and the application of them. Kaydin is the youngest and just hit high school. Growing up hearing of heroes, Kaydin gets into parkour in an attempt to be like them, and infact bases alot of his videos off of the difference between video game parkour and real life parkour. His videos has become quite popular. His most famous video is one where his mutant power activated, blurring out halfway through a difficult jump and climb. The video being live, he couldnt stop it being posted. Now he hopes to find someway to keep his family from being hurt, his siblings all mutants as well but managing to keep their powers hidden.

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