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Growing up in the Battleworld reality, Kendall is the survivor of a war between the two factions that had started there, and eventually made peace. Having since escaped there into our reality, Kendall is now a resident at Xavier's, studying and learning how to live in this world. Meanwhile, she bears a resemblance to two other members of the X-Men: Wolverine and Storm.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Enhanced Senses: 5, Flight: 3, Healing Factor: 6, Tesla Claws: 6, Weather Control: 6, Weather Immunity

Abilities: Skill

Combat: 7 Survival: 6


Flaws: Dimensional Refugee, Fast Metabolism, Temper

Languages: Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Swahili


Power: Enhanced Senses (5)

Kendall possesses very keen sight, smell, and hearing - above normal, in fact! And can often use those abilities to study her surroundings at a level of detail and greater range than should be possible.

Power: Flight (3)

Summoning the winds to carry her and bear her aloft, Torrent can keep herself afloat and even fly by directing her wind around.

Power: Healing Factor (6)

While her healing factor has been diluted somewhat, Kendall still possesses a glimmer of her genetic father's healing factor. She never gets sick. If she gets hurt, or cut, the bleeding tends to stop very soon, even with the deepest of cuts, and within minutes, close entirely. Broken bones just take an hour or two to set again.

But if she takes enough major damage to vital organs - she will die. Minor damage to vital organs will slow her down if not stop her outright, but will eventually heal.

Power: Tesla Claws (6)

More a trick than anything, Kendall can use her weather powers to kinda wrap her hands in lightning, making a sort of claw out of electric energy. While it doesn't cut, it's unpleasant for normal people to touch, and can ruin a robot's day for certain.

Power: Weather Control (6)

Kendall's control over the weather in her immeadiate area is fairly strong. Able to blacken the skies within seconds, summon winds, hail, and rain - while she isn't able to cover an entire city with the effects yet, she can cover an area within a half mile of herself with the effects, and direct lightning, hail, and other effects as she desires.

Power: Weather Immunity

The electric highs of a lightning strike - the cold of a rainstorm, the heat of an unrelenting sun. Kendall is more or less immune to all three of these things, barring super-extremes of any of these things.

Skill: Combat (7)

Having grown up on Battleworld - and with Wolverine and other warriors to teach her how to fight, Kendall is extremely good at hand to hand combat, and has a bit of experience in her short life at using it on others. She tends to favor a very direct style - no frills, no gimmicks punches, kicks and throws that seek to damage the opponent bodily. It's very comparable to MMA.

Skill: Survival (6)

Battleworld was a difficult place to live on - a variety of different environments, both Earth and alien. Kendall had to find food, shelter, and otherwise, no matter the environment. And she learned how to do just that.



Flaw: Dimensional Refugee

Kendall isn't from this sector of reality. Everything she knew, and knows, is different. No one here really recognizes her, and technically, she doesn't even really exist here. While Xavier's is probably trying to find a place for her, that will never leave her.

Flaw: Fast Metabolism

One of the downsides of her multiple powers is that it uses a /lot/ of energy. And that means she has to eat. A /lot/. Keeping herself fed is less of a struggle here than on Battleworld, but she still eats. A lot. She stays skinny, though, so that's an advantage?

Flaw: Temper

Kendall has a short temper - if she's feeling irritated, or annoyed, her instinct is to lash out first and ask questions later. This can get her in trouble, as one might expect.


From an alternate reality Kendall is a survivor of a war between the two factions that had started there, and eventually made peace. Having since escaped there into our reality, Kendall is now a resident at Xavier's, studying and learning how to live in this world. She is known as Torrent and is the daughter of Wolverine and Storm. Like her mother she can manipulate the weather and she has a healing factor much like her father.


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