Visualized by Christopher Lee
Dr. Kent Nelson
Nabu the Wise
Doctor Fate
Human Avatar / Lord of Order
Registered Codename

Quote-open "Whoever yields properly to Fate,
is deemed wise among men,
and knows the laws of heaven."
-- Euripides

Kent Nelson was an obscure occultist back around World War II. Some might know that he was married to a woman named Inza. Others might know that he officially died, along with his wife, in the 1980s -- or at least so say the official records.

Doctor Fate is the manifestation of Nabu the Wise, a powerful Lord of Order and one of the most mystically potent beings in the universe. Fate serves as a physical avatar for Nabu's power.

Fate was a known member of the original Justice Society of America, and those with deep enough roots in the magic community may still know how to find him, for it is said that when the need is sufficient, Fate will answer the call.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Magic

Cosmic Awareness, Immortality, Sorcery: 5/10

Abilities: Skill

Archaeology: 6, Atlhetics: 4, Detective: 5, Education: 5, Martial Arts: 4, Occult: 8/10

Abilities: Gear

Amulet of Anubis: 8, Cloak of Destiny: 5, Helmet of Fate

Advantages: Heroic Past, Resources, Tower of Fate

Flaws: Balance of Power, Inhuman Perspective, Minion of Order

Languages: An ability allows Doctor Fate to comprehend all languages.


Gear: Amulet of Anubis (8)

House of Souls: Contains an extradimensional realm controlled by Nabu. Past hosts may live here, and enemies may be imprisoned here.

Reality Sense: Reveals the underlying patterns of reality, granting the wearer the ability to sense cosmic energies and sense occurrences in alternate realities or other dimensions.

True Sight: See through solid objects, illusions, or concealment to the "true" nature of matter.

Aura Perception: Perceive the physical/mental condition of others within his perceptions, including general power levels, mystic karma or spiritual condition, health, and the "true form" of the individual.

Power Source: The Amulet provides Fate with a nearly inexhaustible well of mystic energy to fuel his powers.

The Amulet was originally created by the Egyptian god, Anubis, as a gift to a priest named Khalis. However, when the priest proved immoral, Nabu stripped him of his power and claimed the Amulet as one of the Vestments of Fate. Now its power flows from the Lords of Order, granting greatly expanded perception and a source of mystical energy for the bearer. Unaugmented by sorcery, its sensory powers function at level 8, but these can be increased via use of particular spells.

Like all vestments of Fate, the Amulet is effectively indestructible.

Gear: Cloak of Destiny (5)

Super Strength: Grants enhanced strength (STRENGTH 5).

Invulnerability: Grants invulnerability (TOUGHNESS 5).

Flight: Grants flight (SPEED 5).

The Cloak of Destiny is one of the Vestments of Fate, appearing on the wearer of the Helm of Nabu. Any of these gifts can be enhanced with the correct ritual in advance, limited only by Fate's powers of sorcery. Notably, the Cloak also renders Fate immune to ill effects based on environment, so he can exist as readily in space or underwater as in the depths of Hell or Limbo without difficulty or harm. Further, the cloak can sustain the wearer even without normal means of sustenance.

Like all vestments of Fate, the Cloak is effectively indestructible.

Gear: Helmet of Fate

Sorcery: Greatly enhances the magical powers of the wearer.

Wisdom: Grants the wisdom and knowledge of Nabu to the wearer (at the cost of being possessed by him).

The Helmet of Nabu, sometimes called The Helmet of Fate, has been referred to as "the most powerful magical artifact the world has ever known." It may only be worn by those it judges worthy, and all others are rejected (perhaps ignored, perhaps incinerated--it's best not to play with the Helmet). The accepted wearer of the Helmet becomes the avatar of Nabu the Wise of the Lords of Order, taking the form of Doctor Fate and gaining tremendously expanded powers of sorcery and magical knowledge.

Magic: Cosmic Awareness

Note: This is a plot device power, serving as a great excuse for RP or connection with a plot. It will never be used without proper consent.

As the avatar of Nabu, Fate's perceptions have been expanded to sesnse the ebb and flow of cosmic energies. When portents appear, the cosmic balance shifts, the Astral Plane is impacted, or otherwise mystically significant events occur, Fate is able to sense this, prompting him to investigate and perhaps intervene on behalf of the Lords of Order.

Magic: Immortality

By wearing the Helmet of Fate, the bearer is transformed into Doctor Fate, gaining all of the knowledge and powers thereof. Various basic attributes are transformed as well, including enhanced strength and intellect, damage resistance, flight and levitation, etc. Perhaps it is most notable that as the Avatar of Nabu, Fate is unaging and effectively immortal unless somehow overwhelmed by a power great enough to separate the human host from Nabu's power. Even if the host is killed, Fate will live on once the Helmet claims a successor.

Magic: Sorcery (5/10)

Note: Fate's sorcery is governed heavily by player consent and plot necessity. While his powers are truly vast, the player will strive to use them in a way that facilitates good storytelling on the game instead of using them to dominate scenes or power-game against others.

Imbued by the power of Nabu with the gift of sorcery and mystic awareness, Fate can accomplish an extensive a variety of effects with his powers. Without the Helmet of Fate, Kent Nelson is still a capable sorcerer, but his power rating is reduced drastically (5 instead of 10). Many more high-end effects may not be possible in his human form, and even those that are may require much more complex rituals and take a great deal more time than they would for Fate.

Fate's sorcery includes such effects as shields or wards, physical transformation, healing, teleportation (up to interstellar distances), illusion, invisibility, Astral sense and travel, clairsentience, pre/postcognition, psychometry, magic sense and detection, time travel, energy blasts, eldritch bolts, dimensional travel and manipulation, matter and energy manipulation and transmutation, telekinesis, the ability to summon/bind/banish spirits or creatures, creation of artificial (potentially "animated" constructs), and essentially any other feat that may be accomplished by magic.

However, this will be restrained from everyday use except in ways that are appropriate to player consent, and nothing that would permanently alter anyone will be done without staff approval. Fate does not use his powers wantonly, so he normally restrains himself to using the minimum measure of power in any situation that will effectively accomplish a favorable end. This also means that he frequently works to support others in the field, rather than bringing greater measures of Nabu's power into play and risking upsetting the Balance in some way.

Skill: Archaeology (6)

Most of a century ago, Kent Nelson was at the top of his field as an archaeologist. However, he has not progressed much in methodology over the years, and he is wholly ignorant of techniques developed within the last fifty or so years. As a result, he remains an experienced and fairly well-informed archaeologist, and he can contribute usefully even among experienced professionals, but he is no longer the foremost authority he once might have claimed to be.

Skill: Atlhetics (4)

Thanks largely to the magic of Fate keeping him in his physical prime, Kent Nelson's body is deceptively athletic and healthy. His reflexes, strength, and other natural traits, even without the Vestments of Fate, are those of a very healthy, reasonably athletic person, despite his appearance of advanced age.

Skill: Detective (5)

Fate is not a detective in the same sense as Batman or The Question, but he has a highly capacious mind, strong observation skills, and a number of magical talents and tricks to aid him. He is able to practice sufficient art of deduction to make it in the hero business, though truth be told he is best able to function as an investigator of occult matters as opposed to a mundane detective.

Skill: Education (5)

While Kent is ignorant of many recent advances, particularly anything to do with technology, he still has a very advanced classical education that covers most other subjects. When it comes to non-technological science, his understanding is fairly hit and miss -- when scientific principles align well with mystic ones, he does quite well. At other times, it evades him. Still, on subjects such as history and culture, Nelson is very well-educated.

Skill: Martial Arts (4)

A long life of adventuring has led Kent Nelson to pick up a few useful moves. He is a capable amateur fighter. Though most of the time he relies on his magic instead of physical combat, he is still capable of basic unarmed combat (or even using simple ancient weapons) when the need arises.

Skill: Occult (8/10)

While Fate does not have access to every possible spell or recipe known to man, he has nearly peerless knowledge in this realm, and there are few spells known to mankind that he cannot at least find in his library. Once he has the proper instructions and the required ingredients, there is essentially no potion he cannot brew or spell/ritual he cannot cast.

Apart from spells and rituals, he also has extensive knowledge and experience with other mystic phenomena, including otherworldly realms and creatures, spirits, mythical beings, and other such matters. Essentially any sort of mystic creature or phenomenon that has been exposed to any sort of observation or study is quite likely one that he has some working knowledge of.

Without the Helmet, Nelson is undoubtedly one of the foremost experts on the occult in the world (level 8), but with the Helmet on, that knowledge is compounded by Nabu's ancient wisdom and experience (level 10).


Advantage: Heroic Past

As Fate benefits from Nabu's wisdom, his knowledge of the past is quite extensive. Beyond this, his own career as a hero has spanned nearly a century, and he has accrued a vast measure of experience and quite a respectable number of contacts and allies over that time. In particular, Fate maintains close ties to the Justice Society of America, the group he worked with back during World War II.

Advantage: Resources

Money is essentially a trivial consideration for Fate, but he does have fairly extensive personal wealth. In addition, he has an extensive array of various magical tomes, artifacts, and other useful objects that he keeps in the Tower of Fate. The only notable gap in Fate's resources is that he has no particular direct access to (or even understanding of) any sophisticated technology.

Advantage: Tower of Fate

Fate's extradimensional sanctuary can be reached from many places, essentially appearing wherever he commands it. Within, it is a virtually impregnable magical fortress that houses a vast array of mystical artifacts and can fully support any needs of those who dwell there. It is a major focus of Fate's power, and he often retreats there to regenerate if he has been drained for any reason. It's most notable limitation is an utter lack of any sophisticated technology, though Fate has been known to receive telephone calls there when he needs to.


Flaw: Balance of Power

The problem with wielding phenomenal, cosmic power is the lack of wiggle room. In Fate's case, this does not mean "itty bitty living space" so much as the sheer responsibility of the power he carries. His task is to maintain the mystic balance, and his power itself can shift that balance. As a result, Fate must always strive to use the smallest necessary measure of his greater powers, taking pains to avoid upsetting the balance by wielding too much at once. In practical terms, this is a role-play excuse to scale Fate's power to appropriate levels to face whatever threat the scene/plot demands. It also explains inconsistencies or fluctuations in power level, which have been quite common in his canonical depictions, and generally enables him to fit the game's needs without becoming too dominating a force.

Flaw: Inhuman Perspective

Having what amounts to a deity dictating many of one's actions, to say nothing of possessing countless ancient memories and having lived for most of a century as a hybrid man/god-being, does a great deal to disassociate one from normal life. Kent Nelson, the man who wears the mantle of Doctor Fate, once had a mortal life in combination with his duties as Nabu's avatar. He had a wife, he had goals and personal pleasures. He has since lost his wife, experienced physical death, and lost most of his former life. As a result, it has become often difficult for him to relate to personal, human matters. With his eye constantly on cosmic events and grand doings, Fate is often at a loss for dealing with people as, simply, people.

Flaw: Minion of Order

It has been famously said that with great power comes great responsibility. This is truer for Fate than most, for with his power comes the direct influence of Nabu the Wise, a Lord of Order and one of the most mystically potent beings in the universe. Kent Nelson, the current Avatar of Nabu who serves as Doctor Fate, is never truly able to make a decision or take any action on his own. Instead, he exists as a middle-man between Nabu and the living world. Nelson has a say in things, but he can be overruled by Nabu at any time. When Nabu feels particularly strongly about something, Nelson may lose control of his body entirely. As a result of this, Fate has become increasingly aligned with a cosmic plan and has far, far less agency in actually making decisions about his own life.


More than ten billion years ago, Nabu the Wise was born as one of the fundamental elemental forces of the universe, the Lords of Order. Long existing in the realm of Cilia, he descended to Earth during the time of ancient Egypt and became entwined in the world of the pharaohs, partly drawn by the power of the scarab of Kha-ef-re. He was involved in many dealings during these ancient times, from gaining the Amulet of Anubis from a wayward priest to watching the wrath of Heaven fall upon the head of Ramesses II. Eventually, as the Egyptian dynasty faded, Nabu too vanished from the world.

Centuries later, archaeologist Sven Nelson and his son Kent uncovered a temple in the Egyptian desert. There, they encountered the entombed spirit of Nabu, who was awakened by Kent and claimed the young boy as his avatar. Over the ensuing years, Kent became the mysterious Doctor Fate and became one of the World War II era mystery men who formed the group called the Justice Society of America. Fate joined the JSA on many adventures, even destroying one foe and causing a wash of temporal energies that would grant extended youth and vitality to many members of the team. In time, though, the JSA vanished from prominence and so did Fate.

In fact, Kent had been living a life mainly independent of Fate, only donning Nabu's helmet at times of great need. Yet, in the 1980s Kent and his wife, Inza, both died in an incident involving demonic forces. Fate's mantle passed into other hands, but none lasted, and as the first decade of the twenty-first century passed, the Lord of Order restored Kent Nelson to life in order to have a host body again. No longer fully himself, Nelson returned as, more than ever, the mystery man called Doctor Fate.


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File:Justice Society of America.jpg
Justice Society of America

Kent Nelson, as Doctor Fate, was a member of this classic group of heroes for many years before its members went their separate ways. When called, he will undoubtedly return to the fold and serve with them once again.

File:Justice League of America.jpg
Justice League of America

Doctor Fate is a reserve member of the Justice League, a group made up of many of the premiere heroes of the current generation. The League is tasked with providing a public line of defense against any superhuman threats and with offering a leading example to the heroes of the free world.

File:Magic and Mysticism.jpg
Magic and Mysticism

This is an interest group for magicians and magical beings. Membership in this group also permits access to the Oblivion Bar.

File:Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.jpg

The BSA is a government-run group with many roles to balance. Most famously, it regulates the activities of superheroes. The group also enters convicted superhuman criminals into its registry, much like certain other government organizations. Apart from its media-saturated image as the regulators of officially supported superhero activity and overseeing the handling of so-called "super-villains," the group is also dedicated to protecting the human rights and welfare of any superhumans--including those widely known as mutants and metahumans, as well as those with extraterrestrial genetics and other "genetically divergent" beings.

File:Harry Dresdem.jpg
Harry Dresden (Warden)

Harry Dresden could be described in many ways: perhaps, a hard-boiled anachronism in a world that doesn't know what to do with him, a tarot card in the middle of a poker game, or a pair of brass knuckles brought to a fencing match. Regardless, Dresden is unconventional but seems determined to walk on the side of the angels, so Kent has made it a point to try to do the younger wizard a good turn now and then. Besides that, Dresden may tend to make large messes, but he also tends to get results.

File:Keith O'Neil.jpg
Keith O'Neil (Vorpal)

Keith O'Neil, alias Vorpal, is a young man who was infused with chaotic magics, turning him into a sort of anthropomorphic Cheshire Cat. Kent has made it a point to look out for the young man, whom perhaps it might seem Fate has dealt something of a difficult hand.

File:Zack Evingston.jpg
Zack Evingston

Zack Evingston is a young sorcerer with a gift, and Kent Nelson has made it a point to look in on his progress regularly, even occasionally stepping directly into a teaching or mentoring role for the boy. While Zack's magic is a bit wild, there is much he could learn from Fate.


Kent Nelson's Wanted List
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