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After crash landing spectacularly on Earth in his ship, Keth'ren escaped what he assumed to be hostile aliens and is now somewhat on the run, seeking somewhere he can live, safely, until he can reclaim and rebuild his ship.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Flight: 3, Intelligence: 7, Invulnerability: 4, Language Absorption, Strength: 4

Abilities: Skill

Technology: 7


Flaws: Alien, Bunnies, Common Sense, Curious, Garbled, Socially Inept

Languages: English and Interlac


Power: Flight (3)

Keth'ren is capable of unaided subsonic flight with great mobility, but sacrifices mobility for speed at the higher end of the range.

Power: Intelligence (7)

What Keth'ren doesn't have in strength, he makes up for in sheer intellect. He's easily capable of making things work that, by human sciences, 'would not', in part because he doesn't know not to try.

Power: Invulnerability (4)

Keth'ren is a sickly Tamaranean, but still a Tamaranean. His skin can withstand injuries that would kill a normal human, such as a bullet, but he's not exactly bouncing them off his chest invulnerability.

Power: Language Absorption (0)

Keth'ren's Tamaranean heritage allows him to absorb new languages through skin to skin contact, though it doesn't transfer perfectly.

Power: Strength (4)

While weak for a Tamaranean, Keth is able to lift and carry an automobile like a normal person would carry a 50lb sack of potatoes.

Skill: Technology (7)

Give Keth a piece of technology and he can figure out how it was accomplished fairly quickly. Growing up primarily on his mother's stolen ship, which needed constant repairs, Keth found himself learning how to do things his mother didn't have the patience for, and as such, became intimately familiar with alien technology, including how to retrofit technology from one alien civilization into a contraption from a different tech school. He can, with his intelligence, combine bits of tech to make things that technically shouldn't work, but will for a short period.



Flaw: Alien

Keth'ren is an alien raised by his mother in relative isolation. He has no concept of human cultures, the norms or even what a human really IS. His physiology is also not quite like anyone elses. While it's primarily Tamaranean, his father was of an unidentified alien species, which means that Keth'ren doesn't even fit among his fellow Tamaraneans as well as he 'should'.

Flaw: Bunnies

On one of his many adventures as a child, Keth'ren and his mother discovered a seemingly idyllic field full of furry creatures. Keth'ren decided to have a closer look, only to find himself running from a primarily carnivorous alien species that superficially resembles a six foot tall bipedal rabbit. As such, Keth has an almost irrational fear of bunnies, people in bunny costumes and the like.

Flaw: Common Sense

Simply put, Keth'ren has very little. If given the parts, the time and the inclination without supervision, he might well build a giant mecha out of car parts. While he has very good intentions, his methodology and self restraint are questionable, and he could be convinced to build a death ray just for the fun of building something new.

Flaw: Curious

How does it work, what is it made of andwhathappenswhenIpushthisbutton? That's exactly Keth'ren's way of thinking and question asking. Unfortunately, he usually asks the question AFTER hitting the button. He's very curious and wants to know how everything works, his pseudo-scientific mind seeking new knowledge constantly.

Flaw: Garbled

Keth'ren is capable of absorbing languages like his Tamaranean mother, but the language invariably comes through garbled due to his non-Tamaranean father. He tends to require surprise to allow the language transfer to work and needs skin to skin contact. He cannot speak languages his physicality is unable to handle, (such as a language requiring three tongues and mandibles)but can understand them.

Flaw: Socially Inept

To most, Keth'ren seems to be an idiot savant, or have a mild form of autism. He can understand concepts far beyond a normal human mind, yet cannot seem to comprehend what subjects are taboo to a human, among other strange behaviors. Even disguised, he would stand out in a crowd just because of his (for a human) borderline insane behavior.


Keth'ren's mother, Lyr'ren, left Tamaran about 17 years ago to visit the Warlords of Okaara for training to become a palace guard for the local royal family. Lyr'ren's passenger ship was attacked, everyone weak or old was killed, leaving Lyr'ren, a few crew members and a few children the only survivors. Said survivors were taken as slaves, and brought to a barren mining world, where they were forced to work until they dropped.

Lyr'ren managed to find herself attracted to a yellow-skinned, elfin male and took him for a mate. When she discovered she was pregnant, she rallied the other slaves, and they stole a ship. Her mate seemingly died in the revolt.

Keth'ren was born during Lyr'ren's travels to return her fellow slaves to their homeworlds. Grew up exploring alien planets and learning about technology. Hybrid nature manifested in great intelligence but weakness in Tamaranean qualities which disappointed his mother. After the last of the aliens was returned home, Keth and his mother were returning for Tamaran when a distress call reached the ship. Keth was left orbiting a strange blue planet in the main ship, while his mother took a smaller, two person cruiser to go find his father. Unaware what his mother was doing, Keth was content to remain aboard, until the ship malfunctioned and began dropping from orbit.


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