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God of Currency and Genoshan Ambassador

"Feed the Birds, Topins, Topins, Topins a Bag."
Kilroy Capital Conneticut/Veolus
The Economy (III)
Greek God/Homo Magi

The Economy (III)

Quote-open.png Just a minute... just a minute. Now, hold on, Mr. Potter. You're right when you say my father was no businessman. I know that. Why he ever started this cheap, penny-ante Building and Loan, I'll never know. But neither you nor anyone else can say anything against his character, because his whole life was... why, in the 25 years since he and his brother, Uncle Billy, started this thing, he never once thought of himself. Isn't that right, Uncle Billy? He didn't save enough money to send Harry away to college, let alone me. But he did help a few people get out of your slums, Mr. Potter, and what's wrong with that? Why... here, you're all businessmen here. Doesn't it make them better citizens? Doesn't it make them better customers? You... you said... what'd you say a minute ago? They had to wait and save their money before they even ought to think of a decent home. Wait? Wait for what? Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they're so old and broken down that they... Do you know how long it takes a working man to save $5,000? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you're talking about... they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn't think so. People were human beings to him. But to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they're cattle. Well in my book, my father died a much richer man than you'll ever be! Quote-close.png


Abilities: Divine

God: 6 Willpower: 5

Abilities: Magic

Bless and Curse: 7, Currency Based Magic: 7, Detect Price: 9, Feats, Master Channeler: 9, Rituals

Abilities: Skill

Citizen of the World: 6, Fighting: 3, Money (all): 9, Occult: 4

Advantages: Contacts, Gear, Genoshan Ambassador, Location, Veolus, Wealth

Flaws: Area of Influence, Avatar, Balance, Crowded Field, Currency, Genosha, Hostilities, Magic, What You See Is

Languages: Afrikaans, Ancient-Greek, Ancient-Norse, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mythic-Speech, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spirit-Speech, Swahili, Wakandan, and Zulu


Divine: God (6)

As a result of his infusion with Veolus, Kilroy has vastly increased physical and mental capabilities. He has Strength 5, Endurance: 5, Toughness: 5, and Intelligence 5. He also has a godly mien whenever he uses his powers which is a low level telepathy 3 effect that can awe those of willpower 2 or less in some form or another (Consent only). He does not age and is theoretically immortal though exactly how that ability will manifest is very much in question. Being a divine being might also give him certain other immunities or advantages depending on the story or plot involved but are by and large by consent only.

Divine: Willpower (5)

Kilroy's enhanced mental ability and dual mind give him an effective willpower 5 for any mental effect lasting longer than a single scene.

Magic: Bless and Curse (7)

As the God of Commerce, Kilroy can bless and or curse economic activity within his sphere of influence. After he leaves, this effect can linger for as long as he likes. This effects the probability of commerce in the .01 percentile, but is still within the realm of realistic possibility. He can bless people, places or institutions such as a corporation.

Magic: Currency Based Magic (7)

Note: Technically all four uses of this power are separate abilities.

Kilroy can create any kind of currency or transform it from one to another. He can also destroy currency as well up to toughness 7. He is able to telekinetically control currency. He is able to independently create, control, transform and destroy separately but must have a clear mind to do so. He is able to affect at most 50 tons of matter at a time or $2 million at a time.

He may only destroy a single "account" or bundle at a time at a rate of one per minute, which means that financially prudent or truly wealthy individuals are harder to make "broke" with this power since they likely have their money in multiple locations and multiple accounts, though it can still HURT quite a lot.

Magic: Detect Price (9)

Kilroy is able to determine what anything is worth to anyone within his area of perception. This might seem harmless, but it is more profound than that. It also means that, if someone asks him for something big or insane like, "How do I change my fate?" or "How can I blow up the moon?" Kilroy can tell them what they need to do to accomplish this. By and large, this is either a consent only ability for small things, or a Staff approval only for large changes.

Magic: Feats (*)

Some of Kilroy's more impressive Feats with his powers include:

  • - Creating a Suit of Stone made from Rai Stones fused to each other for a couple of minutes which he can then use magic to push and move the stone giving him Toughness: 7, Strength: 7, and Endurace: 7
  • - Flight: 4 at several hundred miles an hour by creating coins and attaching them to himself as he then moves them through the air.
  • - Creating Rai Stone walls to protect the innocent
  • - Creating a bunch of chocolate coins to feed the hungry
  • - Summoning a lot of bullets and then making the metal part of the bullets go away to create gun powder which when lit can create an Arsenal 4-8 explosion.

Magic: Master Channeler (9)

Limit: For Plot or Flavor purposes only at the moment.

As a master channeler, Kilroy is able to speak to anything, even abstract concepts. They might not like him or choose to answer, but he can still do it. He is also in theory able to tap into fields of entities able to grant power far more efficiently than others, even other magi, though while he holds the spirit of Veolus, this ability is essentially dormant.

Magic: Rituals

Kilroy can affect far more powerful economic effects by taking rituals and time to do something involving his sphere. The more complicated it is, the more time it takes. Some common examples of rituals he has performed are: Transportation from one form of currency to another, large scale blessing, large scale cursing, great divinations, concealing a large amount of currency, summoning or banishing a spirit.

Skill: Citizen of the World (6)

Kilroy recieved an education at the best private schools the world had to offer on five continents and numerous private tutors. Kilroy has a knowledge of geography, luxury (fine wines, sailing, art, jewelry etc), cultures, etiquette and diplomacy. He also has a natural talent for languages depending on how large the economy is.

Skill: Fighting (3)

Between his own powers, Veolus's enhancement, and his experience in using a staff, Kilroy has become adept at both offensive and defensive combat comparable to a professional soldier. He knows a wide range of basic hand to hand fighting, power and magic use, as well as some kinds of advanced weaponry like guns, staves and his plasma pistol.

Skill: Money (all) (9)

This ability started as a family knack, combined with excellent training of around 5 by the time he was 14. When his powers manifested, it changed his view of the world forever, and he aquired an intuitive understanding of economics, accounting, laundering, business management and finance that left those untouched by it far behind. Even without powers, without magic, his ability to see the flow and history of human commerce has given him a total understanding of the trading, storage, abstration and commoditization of human goods and economies. Even in a totally alien situation, this skill would be at an 7, rapidly to rise again to a 9 with a few weeks accustomization. The practical upshot is that he understands money well, and this knack allows him to perform forensic accounting at an almost astonishing rate.

Skill: Occult (4)

Kilroy's education on the occult has been 'backwards' intentionally by his Grandfather's design. He learned first about spirits and talking to them, so for purposes of Spirit Lore, Kilroy's occult could be considered about a 9, but as he has slowly expanded his understanding in other areas of magic, it has blossomed to a robust 4.


Advantage: Contacts

Kilroy has access to many types of contacts. The first are various corporations, governments and daylight entities that use the services of the enigmatic Sheer Accounting as well as the UN Genoshan Ambassador. Kilroy has racked up an impressive array of favors which can be helpful to opening doors. The second is the Black Book of family contacts originally established by his Grandfather, and passed on to Cold Hard Cash and shared by Kilroy. Some of these are simple corporate contacts, but some of them have grown dark and dire as arms dealers and criminals of the darkest kind. Kilroy doesn't tap these unless he has little other choice, especially since the use of them will allow his father to sense his presence and stop him if he can. The third set of contacts are old aquaintances of The Economy I or superheroic contacts he has made himself as a member of the Justice League, X-Force or the now defunct Team Genesis.

Advantage: Gear

Kilroy has enough contacts in the heroic, criminal, financial and international communities that he is able to get his hands on some very impressive gear. In a given scene, he will either have one or two minor gizmos appropriate to the situation if he is able to prepare or a fallback item such as a single use flash bang, gas mask, toughness 7 staff given to him by Brynn or a Plasma Pistol (Arsenal 5) he picked up while he was with X-Force. Generally speaking, he has at most two of these in any scene he is in.

Advantage: Genoshan Ambassador

Kilroy is the UN Ambassador to the Genoshan Government in Exile pieced together from the original norm inhabitants of the old order before Magneto took over as well as the moderate mutants Magneto kicked out before he went rogue. This gives Kilroy official diplomatic immunity as well as formal status in many state affairs and circles of diplomatic influence.

Advantage: Location

His power works better in places that are manifestations of trade and wealth, improving by 1 in each category in a Bank, 2 in a unique location like Wall Street or the Federal Reserve and 3 in a magical loci of power associated with wealth. So too is his power weaker in areas with no commerce at all. Note, this doesn't mean a 'poor' area means that his powers are weaker. Rather, the amount of commerce in the scale of those who use it. Thus, in cities, he tends to do well. Whereas, in a shack in the middle of the wilderness, he's going to be somewhat weaker. A good rule of thumb is that all his powers will be one rating lower in towns and villages, two lower in wilderness areas, and three lower in areas extremely far from sentient creatures such as the moon or the bottom of the ocean.

Advantage: Veolus

The God Veolus is permantly fused to Kilroy's spirit at this point. Veolus can also think and in some cases act while Kilroy is otherwise occupied. His status as a God gives Kilroy access and respect to areas that others might not normally possess, especially with the Greek Pantheon, but that is a very uncomfortable link since many simply cannot fathom or believe he is real.

Advantage: Wealth

Kilroy has tens of billions in assets between what he has inherited from his father, as well as deals and aquisitions he has made on his own. Large amounts of this are in essentially untracable accounts created when he still had his conceal power.


Flaw: Area of Influence

Now that Veolus is no longer a disbursed spirit, Kilroy's ability extends to a maximum of 10 miles. Anything beyond this requires a ritual to complete.

Flaw: Avatar

Being the avatar of the price of will has certain flaws. First, Kilroy is now a known quantity in mystical and mythic circles. Divination spells will often point to him as the answer for a "how do I do xyz" thing problems. Certain powerful entities that do not want anyone knowing their plans, or knowing how to stop them, will take umbridge at Kilroy's very existance, not just fate. Finally, Kilroy must answer the price of something if asked. Note, he has great latitude in how he answers; but he must answer and the answer must be accurate. He doesn't get to choose who he helps and who he doesn't in that regard.

Flaw: Balance

A healthy economy has enough lattitude for him to use his powers without too much consequence. However, extensive use, use for too much personal gain, or working in an area that is economically blighted has problems. If he is merely controlling or transfering currency, then the balance is kept. However, if he creates currency then the health of the economgy in the area will be blighted directly in proportion to the usage or abuse of the power.

Flaw: Crowded Field

The Economy is a powerful God, powerful but dumb, sleeping most of the time. Wielded on a macro scale and hidden, Cold Hard Cash and The Economy can and have made major changes, but they are not the only financial meta powers in existance; Gods, Angels, Demons and Fairies that have 'wealth' as their portfolio will sit up and take notice if Kilroy (or his father) does something that is truly disruptive to large amounts of things even if it is within their power to do so. Cold Hard Cash was not solely responsible for the crash of '08, but he definitely made it much WORSE.

Flaw: Currency

To qualify as a currency, it must actually be used or have been used as a currency. That means that it must be an abstraction that exists out of someone's head. Examples of things that qualify as currency would be money (cash, credit cards etc), cigarettes, poker chips, gold coins or the like. Favors, unless manifested by a physical object, do not count because they are only in someone's head. Land or valuables, such as jewelry or a car etc, are not currency because they are a physical thing, rather than an abstraction. A currency as defined by his power must be an abstracted representation of something else that is transferable for most anything else among those who trade it. Thus, while a deed to property is an abstraction, it is a representation of ownership, not traded back and forth as wealth. A simple rule of thumb is, "Could you buy a ham sandwich with it?"

Flaw: Genosha

Kilroy has been publicly identified by Magneto as having affiliation formerly with Genosha. Technically, Kilroy is not in legal trouble for this, but it leads to...misunderstandings. Some mutant haters might think him a mutant. While he is not on the no fly list, he is always going into the "special" bin at the airport if he flies commercially. More moderate mutant groups might mistakenly believe him some kind of Mutant Trotsky to Magneto's Lenin and try to get him to rally to the cause. Anti mutant groups de finely don't like him though they might not necessarily know him on sight.

Flaw: Hostilities

All heroes have a range of enemies, but Kilroy has managed to upset a particularly impressive bunch. Most gods, goddesses and powerful entities of cosmic scope now know who he is thanks to the lifting of the curse ...but don't like him because they were affected in the first place. He's annoying new factor. He has yet to prove himself, especially in his current odd incarnation as not alive/yet kind of alive. Also, an arch(ish) angel, a demon lord, many wealth entities, a pirate dragon, a lich, a multi dimensional empire, and three parliaments of spirits (Gold, Red and Green) have huge amounts of folks that don't like him either.

Flaw: Magic

His power source, though 'divine' in origin, manifests just like regular magic, so anti magic zones, magic stealing villains, etc work against him just as well. The exception being that while his powers are easily suppressible, his link to Veolus is particularly strong and his godly 'attributes' require a Magic 8 (vs 5) to level to suppress.

Flaw: What You See Is

A coin that he makes is a coin, which means something made out of it has all the advantages and disadvantages that go with the metal, like armor made out of pennies weighs a lot and is heavy and highly conductive of electricity. A construct made out of dollar bills is only slightly tougher than normal paper.


Long ago, Hades and Persephone had a child named Veolus. That child grew up very favored by the Endless, Destiny. As Veolus gained in abilities, he became the God of Commerce. Destiny blessed him with the ability to determine the price of anything. This might have seemed harmless enough, but it also meant that he had the power to tell someone the price to break their Fate. The Fates, already in an accord with Destiny, did not like this at all, and, in a pact with the goddess Mnemosyne arranged for the murder of Veolus. But since his father was Death, this took far more than a mere killing and so with Mnemosyne's help, all memory of the existence of the God was removed from creation, with all but a handful of beings forgetting he ever existed. Even the Greek Gods forgot.

Time passed, and Veolus's essence spread out among the universe, disembodied and fading. Until something happened.

The Economy was awakened by the blood sacrifices of despair as people threw themselves from buildings in Black Friday in 1929. Powerful magic is in blood, and a new God was created. The avatar priest of this God was a humble janitor who gained remarkable magical powers to create and control wealth. He became a Shepard of prosperity, trying to heal a broken nation in a time of dire despair, though there were powerful supernatural entities who fought him the whole way. It wasn't until WWII that he began to see success, and just in time since he joined many of the world's greatest hero's though his efforts were largely in the shadows and known only to a few.

This prosperity carried on for decades, until his son took over in the seventies, but did a lackadaisical job of his duties. He was a poor hero as well, and in the 80's became a dark hero. By the time the nineties had come around, he didn't care any more and actually went full out villain in the 2000's culminating with the crash of 2008. He had many aliases, but his most recent was Cold Hard Cash.

The grandson, and only living heir of the original economy took over the mantle, but found that since his grandfather died at the end of the previous millennium he was not equipped to deal with the challenges that awaited him. His father was more powerful and only his ability to conceal and detect exceeded his parent's abilities. So he donned a suit of armor and began to fight his father's actions directly as The Economy.

Kilroy entered the world stage first by trying to stop his father from creating a new currency called Crimecoinz. Kilroy's father was killed by the shapeshifter Mystique. The resulting ritual caused a massive disruption of magical energies that Kilroy spent months cleaning up. In the process, he made new friends including a romance with Lunair Weir and Team:_Genesis. He also saw the plight of Genosha and joined with Magneto as an economic adviser to improve the plight of the nation.

As time went on, Kilroy's responsibility's increased. He was asked to help fix the economy of Dream in the Market at Wall. He worked with many of the world's heroes, keeping to the shadows as he did so. He also was selected by the Gold to represent the spirits of the Economy in the Parliament of Parliaments.

While this was going on, he worked to help turn Genosha's economy from a backwater war ravaged trash dump, into an economic power house. He helped defend Magneto's reputation and blessed Serbia's economy to repair the damage done. He also helped to hunt down Mutant war criminals. In the end, though, all was to come to Ash.

Kilroy's father came back from the dead. He and Kilroy were set to fight over the trillion dollar coin and Kilroy was destined to free Veolus and with the help of Team: Genesis defeat the nine prime worlds. None of it happened. President Socklight traveled back in time and prevented any of it from ever happening. In an alliance with Mnemosyne, Kilroy kept forgetting more and more things.

And the world could care less. Kilroy resigned his position in Genosha. He distanced himself from everyone. Under a dark spell, he planned a mass heist of several banks, returning money that they had stolen. Using a pact he had arranged with Alice Hearts he escaped into Wonderland for several months.

And then, not knowing how, the curse was broken. Mnemosyne's curse ended, and then Kilroy faced a choice. He absorbed Veolus into himself, becoming a God in the process. Many in the supernatural world noted the event, but were unsure how to react. Many still didn't believe. But Kilroy is back, and more powerful than ever.

The question is...what will he do with it?


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Magic and Mysticism

Kilroy is a magician priest for the Economy.

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Team: Genesis

Kilroy is a member of Team Genesis.

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Kilroy and Lunair a formal item at this point.


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