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Quote-open "Aye, carumba. Bet you thought I was going to say something cute in German, didn't you...” Quote-close

The Incredible Nightcrawler, the star of the Munich Circus, the fuzzy blue elf. Kurt is hard to miss, and hard to want to miss once one gets to know him. Bright-humored and vivacious, he's absolutely contrary to the stereotype of his 'demonic' face, always willing to lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand, a tail, or a piece of his heart in one way or another. He wants to help Xavier and the students as much as he can.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Bendy Body, Darkvision, Prehensile Tail, Quick Reflexes: 6, Shadow Invisibility, Teleportation: 3/7, True Faith: 6, Wall Crawling

Abilities: Skill

Acrobat: 7, Hand to Hand: 5, Medic: 3, Pilot: 4, Swordsmanship: 6, Tailoring: 2

Advantages: Image Inducer Language Braindump

Flaws: Bamf Smell, Body Image, Magic Magnet, Save Everyone, Teleportation Issues, Weird Bodied

Languages: English, German, Romani, and Russian


Power: Bendy Body

Kurt's body just isn't built like most men's. He's a natural contortionist, able to acquire positions most people would scream just to think about. He frequently stays in intense crouches for long periods of time without feeling any fatigue, and in fact often finds it easier and more efficient to run on all fours in a weird, galloping gait than to run on just his feet.

Power: Darkvision

Kurt sees better in darkness than other people do, akin to a cat or maybe an owl. Not perfectly, and not through supernatural darkness, but better nonetheless.

Power: Prehensile Tail

Kurt's tail is almost as long as the rest of him is tall, and it's /very/ dextrous. Not only is it prehensile in a way most animals' tails aren't, but its spade consists of more or less sheer muscle, not unlike a tongue, and can in fact execute nimble tasks such as cracking and shelling peanuts all by itself. It is also very strong; Kurt is as strong with his tail as he is with at least two of any of his remaining limbs put together. He can hold himself and another adult by his tail for hours without discomfort.

Power: Quick Reflexes (6)

Kurt thinks like a teleporter. Kurt's body moves like most bodies don't. Kurt is a trained fighter and acrobat. The combination of these results in the fact that Kurt is very quick on the draw. He's certainly not a speedster, but in leiu of one actually being around, he's usually the first one to respond to almost anything. He catches plates out of mid-air, he parries with deftness, he has a high amount of situational awareness and tends to capitalize on it.

Power: Shadow Invisibility

Kurt's mutation also causes him to turn invisible in deep shadow. He cannot control it, it just happens. He's still visible to infrared or can be found by scent or sound, but for the visible light spectrum, there's no elf there. This gets particularly weird when only parts of him are in the shadows, because then only /parts of him/ are invisible.

Power: Teleportation (3/7)

Aside from his physical mutation, the primary aspect of Kurt's powers is his ability to teleport point-to-point. He does so by sliding his body through an apeture to a pocket dimension referred to as the Brimstone Dimension; this opening to the Brimstone surrounds his body at all times and cannot, to his knowledge, be closed. Kurt must only imagine where he wants to be and he jaunts to the location with only nanoseconds of time in between. The teleportation itself is distinct, accompanied by the unique 'BAMF' sound of collapsing or out-rushing air and a cough of black-purple smoke and flames (and the scent of sulfur) from the atmosphere of the Brimstone Dimension. To Kurt the transition is near-instantaneous, but passangers find it a deeply unpleasant experience, disorienting and nauseating. It requires a particularly stout individual to survive multiple bamfs without being sick or passing out.

(Frequency: 7) When doing short-range BAMFS by himself, Kurt can chain them almost indefinitely. When carrying passengers, he can do maybe half a dozen or a dozen with one person before he cannot continue. Two people he can do half as many bamfs, and so forth. Trying to carry four people with him will cause him to pass out in-transit damn near every time. This is related more to mass than living creatures, so Kurt's ability to teleport things is limited to about twice his own mass, give or take. The larger the mass, the less distance he can travel. It's a complicated equation which Kurt interacts with mostly by intuition.

(Distance: 3) Kurt's teleportation is connected to magnetic fields, and can be either re-aligned or set slightly out of whack by sufficiently strong ones. He finds it easier to teleport north-south than east-west, and very difficult to go straight up. Furthermore, although Kurt has a maximum range of about two miles, trying to teleport that far even by himself will exhaust him. On top of this, teleporting blind is incredibly dangerous to his well-being. The further he goes, the greater the chance he risks of manifesting with part of his body trying to occupy space that is already occupied. This happening can severely injure or even kill Nightcrawler--the last time it happened it left him in a coma. For functional purposes, Kurt will NOT teleport into a place he cannot see in some fashion, and is restricted to line-of-sight jaunts.

(Teleportation Theory: 7) Beyond his own ability, Kurt understands teleportation on an intuitive level he can't explain. He just /thinks/ like a teleporter. His insight to the way other peoples' teleportation works has proveninvaluable time and again, for people far further abroad than simply his teammates.

Power: True Faith (6)

Kurt Wagner is the rock of ages. Somehow, despite everything, he has an unyielding Faith, a solid, pure soul. It's been commented on several times before, but the end result is that he's near impossible to corrupt on a spiritual level. Furthermore, in those weird, mystical places where it counts--where Faith needs to be unquestioned to have any affect at all--Kurt's Faith works.

Power: Wall Crawling

Something about Kurt's body lets him stick to walls. He can stick to almost any surface with insufferable ease, and often finds it easier to hang out on walls or ceilings than on the floor. He claims being upside-down helps him think, and he never seems to suffer terribly much from being upside-down for long periods of time. He seems to need to have either his hands or his feet in contact with the wall to stick--although it works through gloves and shoes--and can be pulled off of the wall with as much ease as one might be able to knock him off of his feet.

Skill: Acrobat (7)

Once the most prized trapeze artist in all of Europe, if you hear Kurt tell it. He is an incredible acrobat, naturally gifted, graceful and sure of his movements. He tumbles a lot in combat and just generally never seems put his body in a position that isn't precisely the one he meant to put it in.

Skill: Hand to Hand (5)

Less skilled with brawling than with swords, Kurt's still no slouch. He focuses on joint-locks, redirects, using his foe's force and strength against them, and incapacitation rather than decapitation.

Skill: Medic (3)

It's been necessary in the past for Kurt to serve as field or even house medic for his teammates as they recouperate. He's not a doctor. He knows this. He's not even really a nurse. Still, he has a collection of medical knowledge either studied or dropped into his brain by Xavier which has come in handy enough from time to time. It's usually enough to save lives until the real doctor can arrive.

Skill: Pilot (4)

Like most X-Men, Kurt has been trained in the operation of many vehicles, especially aircraft. He is familiar with light and heavy aircraft, and while he might not be able to get his plane through a demanding dogfight, he can go from point A to point B generally without losing any pieces along the way.

Skill: Swordsmanship (6)

Kurt is a consumate swordsman. He's best with fencing weapons like rapier or sabre, but he can and will wield any sword with deadly precision if the need arises. He knows multiple forms of swordplay appropriate to different kinds of swords, and is a sincerely hard man to best in a fencing pass. He's quite capable of taking on multiple opponents equally well-armed and coming out on top with a certain amount of casual assurance.

Skill: Tailoring (2)

Kurt basically knows enough about sewing--somehow, despite his fingers--to put holes in his pants for his tail, and that's about it.


Advantage: Image Inducer

Given to him by Professor Xavier and updated frequently to keep up with technology, Kurt has a personal holographic projector called an image inducer. It allows him to hide his true appearance under the facade of looking human, and can be programmed to look like anyone he likes (he often uses Errol Flynn's face if not a recolor of his own). It does its best to imitate the appropriate physical response to his emotional state, but it isn't perfect, and it doesn't cover touch; anyone who touches his face or shakes his hand will still feel the fur and the strange number of fingers.

Advantage: Language Braindump

Kurt grew up speaking German and Romani. As a matter of expedience, when he joined the X-Men, Professor Xavier hardwired his brain to also possesss fluency in Russian and English. It's come in handy.


Flaw: Bamf Smell

He smells like brimstone. Almost the time. The more Kurt has been Bamfing the more he smells of sulfur. He is relatively easy to track by scent, especially when he's been using his powers quite a bit.

Flaw: Body Image

Kurt still has issues with it from time to time. He honestly waffles. Sometimes he's completely comfortable with how he looks. Sometimes he hates it. Sometimes all he wants is to just have a /normal/ life. It's a definite weak point in his mental armor, even if it's just used to get under his skin and dig at him later.

Flaw: Magic Magnet

Kurt has no magical ability of his own. Still, he grew up with a family of sorcerers and had a lot of exposure to magic over the years, either from the Szardoses or his adventures on Excalibur. He's quite vulnerable to magical assault, his body seemingly easy to possess even if his soul is hard to alter.

Flaw: Save Everyone

Kurt believes this. He believes it with a deep-seated devoutness. He believes it so hard it's easy to take advantage of it. Be it his sense of mercy that often leads him to allow villains to go free when putting them down might have been better for the greater good, or just the impulse he has to /protect/ everyone, and how much he beats himself up when someone /isn't/ rescued in time. He thinks very much that no one is beyond redemption until their soul leaves their body. It can get a little sanctimonious at times.

Flaw: Teleportation Issues

Kurt can't bamf indefinitely. Too many jaunts in a row or too many ride-alongs and he starts to grow fatigued and dizzy. Distance and direction also play into his limits, so a number of bamfs he can achieve before he loses it is difficult to give. However, if he carries even two people with him on a jaunt of any reasonable length, he's more or less down for the count. Stretching his mutation too far can and does cause him to lose consciousness.

On top of this, while Kurt /usually/ seems to have some kind of instinctive ability not to bamf pieces of himself into pieces of other things, this is also not perfect. He almost never makes blind jumps for fear of ending up with part of him /inside/ something else. It's happened before. It's more pain than he's ever known in his life and he's quite aware it could kill him or someone he's carrying with him. Thus, unless it is truly a life-or-death situation, Nightcrawler refuses to teleport to somewhere he can't see.

Flaw: Weird Bodied

Kurt's body is exceptionally weird-looking. The size and number of his fingers makes it difficult for him to do things like type or text on normal devices. He has to have his shoes specially made, his clothes altered. People stare. Sometimes, they also throw bricks and try to kill him for being a "demon".


Kurt was born in Bavaria, Germany, outside of a town called Winzeldorf in the castle of Baron Wagner. His birth was a difficult one, and in the process of his delivery the people of the manor discovered not only was Kurt demonic in appearance, but his mother was blue and terrifying as well. They were chased out of the manor in the night and his mother dumped him off of a waterfall in the hopes of saving her own skin. It rather set a tone for his life.

He was found in the reeds of the river by a woman and she raised him as her own, alongside her biological children. Raised in the Munich circus, Kurt was never made to feel out of place or unwanted despite his appearance, at least not by the people of the circus. He was well-liked in the caravan and naturally acrobatic. The childhood was almost idyllic for all that he couldn't risk leaving the caravan, and even at a young age he became the acrobatic star of the circus in a trapeze act with his foster sister. He discovered his unique ability to teleport at twelve or so, but never found the need to incorporate it into his trapeze routine.

When Kurt was about sixteen he was approached by a man, who offered him a chance to 'make it big' in America. Lured by the temptation of fame and fortune, Kurt accepted the offer, only to find when he arrived that he was going to spend most of his time drugged and in a case for the freakshow. He spent about two years in the cage until he was freed by a sympathetic young boy, also a mutant, and Kurt fled back to Winzeldorf in hope of finding his family. He did, in a way, but in the intervening years his foster brother had gone mad, possessed by the darker side of the Winding Way that all of the family could access. He had begun murdering young children of Winzeldorf, and when Kurt tried to stop him...something went horribly wrong.

His foster brother died in his hands, and a mob rose up around him, determined Kurt was responsible for all the murders. He'd nearly been cornered by those who wanted to lynch him when the mob seemed to stop around him, and Kurt was liberated by a telepath.

Kurt was back to America, where he was taught English, treated for his mental trauma, and made a part of the next class of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. He took to the life of the X-Men like a fish to water, preferring to use his old circus name 'Nightcrawler' as his code name. He served as the comic relief or the moral high ground for the team for years.


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