Princess of Nezval
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Princess of Nezval

A stranger in a strange land, Kymri came to Earth to experience the culture and decided to stay. She separated herself from her 'handlers', and headed across the country, destination New York City. Having heard much of the varied types to be found there, she figured it a perfect place to get lost in the crowd.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Alien Physiology: 4 Infrared Vision

Abilities: Skill

Combat Training: 5/7

Abilities: Weapon

Dagger: 1


Flaws: Appearance, Culture Shock, Curiosity, Flexible Morality, Handlers

Languages: Czech, English, Farsi, German, and Spanish


Power: Alien Physiology (4)

Due to gravitational differences between Nezval and Earth, and physiological differences of her race, movement that would be considered 'normal' on her world is enhanced on Earth. She is able to move at accelerated speed and with far more dexterity and agility than the average human. As well, her skin is tougher than human skin and she is stronger than most human standards.

Power: Infrared Vision (0)

Glowing yellow eyes, devoid of a pupil, aid sight in very low light. She is able to see in both the IR and normal spectrums.

Skill: Combat Training (5/7)

As befitting her position as royalty, Kymri was trained in both armed and unarmed combat.

Taught a form of what could most closely be called a martial art on Earth, Kymri is a formidable hand-to-hand foe (5). Her disadvantage is having had very little practice of a practical nature with it in an actual combat situation.

For armed combat (7), Kymri was trained in blades. Her weapon of choice is her own dagger, but she has experience with many forms of blades that would be common on Earth. While she also has very little combat use of the skill, she has a particular aptitude for this form of combat.

Weapon: Dagger (1)

Kymri possesses a dagger forged on her home planet. While it is not a large weapon, her training and speed make it an exceptionally effective weapon in her hands. Gravitational effects on both the metal of the dagger and her own strength see the weapon still perfectly balanced to her hand. The metal is dense enough to be nearly unbreakable by Earth standards.



Flaw: Appearance

By virtue of her appearance, Kymri has difficulty integrating into human society. It's pretty hard not to pick her out in a crowd, or to forget her blueness. Despite this individuality, she is very isolated, being the only of her kind on Earth as far as she is aware.

Flaw: Culture Shock

While there are similarities to her own culture, they are few and rather far between. Earth culture is vastly different, from the foods consumed to behavior. To say nothing of a language barrier, even though she speaks and understands Earth English.

Flaw: Curiosity

This unfamiliar culture has awakened a curiosity in Kymri that was not evident on her home world. She is sometimes incautious in her approaches to new situations, and this can lead to trouble.

Flaw: Flexible Morality

The inhabitants of Nezval do not comply with Earth standards on all issues of morality. It is acceptable to kill when necessary, although their own innate regard for life puts it own limitations on this flexibility. The same ambiguity goes for most things that are covered by Earth 'laws'. On Nezval they are suggestions rather than laws.

Flaw: Handlers

Being something of an 'escapee', Kymri is being looked for by her 'handlers'. Since they last had contact with her in Los Angeles, it is unknown how soon, if ever, anyone would think to look for her across the country in New York.


Kymri is a princess of the planet Nezval. She was raised pampered and privileged, aware of her station and prepared to one day rule. Despite a very clear purpose, she was always a clever and precocious child, prone to exploring and questioning everything. While a peaceful race, Nezvalians are prepared, should others disrupt their harmony. There is little that would be thought of as 'crime' because their society is simple. If you are a productive member of society, it's all good. Those who are not, are dealt with accordingly. There is no tolerance of those who do not contribute, and the culture would be considered to be based on 'moral ambiguity' by Earth standards. Those who step outside of the 'way things are done', are dealt with, and it seldom is necessary. From a very young age Kymri was taught what would be considered martial arts on Earth, and was especially proficient at wielding a blade. Specifically, her own dagger, custom made and balanced for her three-fingered hand, although she is skilled with many forms of bladed weapons.

Young Nezvalians attend school, where they not only learn more about their own culture, but those on other planets. Kymri was especially drawn to Earth. The various cultures and languages seemed endless to the young princess, and she dove into learning several languages. Her studies were focused more on that than actually learning the cultures. when she decided she had learned enough by distance, she determined that actually visiting the planet would be beneficial. It was planned as something of a 'vacation'. Of course, when it came time to return home, Kymri felt she hadn't yet had enough time to fully absorb the human condition. So she ditched her 'handlers' in Los Angeles and headed across the country to New York City with just the clothes on her back and... well, a rather large reserve of US Currency, actually. She doesn't have to slum it, just because she's on the run!


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