Lady Zannah of Khera
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Quote-open "I am a warrior priestess, death-maiden of the house of Coda, finest daughter of the perfect world of Khera.
I was NEVER merely 'pretty good'."

Zannah is from the alien world of Khera, renowned for being the birthplace of many feared and skilled combatants. She is an immortal warrior possessed of over five millennia of martial training. Stranded on Earth she wages a shadow war against the Kherans ancient enemies, the Daemonites, as well as waging a more personal vendetta against the Earth Coda, a sisterhood of fighters she helped found, now hopelessly corrupt in her eyes.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Arsenal

Katanna Blade: 2

Abilities: Natural


Abilities: Power

Enhanced Dexterity: 5, Enhanced Perception: 5, Enhanced Stamina: 4, Enhanced Strength: 4, Enhanced Toughness: 4, Healing: 5, Pain Tolerance: 5

Abilities: Skill

Acrobatics: 5, Combat/swordplay: 8/9, Driving/piloting: 2, Firearms: 4, History: 4

Abilities: Gear

Coda Suit: 1

Advantages: Kheran, Wealth, Well Travelled

Flaws: Alien, Coda Remnants, Daemonites, Enemies

Languages: English


Arsenal: Katanna Blade (2)

Zealots primary weapon is her ancient yet still razor sharp Kheran Katanna sword (Earth made Katanas are merely poor imitations) forged in the fire pits of Khera.

Toughness 10: Kheran forged steel is nigh unbreakable, capable of withstanding incredible temperatures and able to cut through most mundane materials on Earth. Zealots Khusar blade, a weapon so sharp it is capable of cutting Majestic class superhumans, was lost when the explorer ship she was aboard was destroyed.

Gear: Coda Suit (1)

When on 'official business', Zealot wears a dark red form fitting suit of leather like material, over which she attaches various scabbards for her implements of murder. This is largely ceremonial garb and provides her no additional protection.

Natural: Immortality

Like most Kherubim Zealot effectively stopped ageing when she reached adulthood and is actually around five thousand years old.

Power: Enhanced Dexterity (5)

Zealots natural reflexes and agility have been honed from several lifetimes of near constant warfare alongside her punishing combat regimen.

Power: Enhanced Perception (5)

Zealots naturally acute perception has been honed by a prolonged lifetime of either hunting her foes or being hunted in turn, making her extremely wary and wise to potential dangers.

Power: Enhanced Stamina (4)

Zealots Kheran ancestry grants her enhanced stamina, enabling her to exert herself for long periods before resting even when badly wounded.

Power: Enhanced Strength (4)

Zealots Kheran ancestry grants her increased strength. She is capable of pressing around two tons.

Power: Enhanced Toughness (4)

Zealot is capable of withstanding pistol fire and low grade firearms with little to no injury. She is still vulnerable to military grade weapons.

Power: Healing (5)

Zealot can heal remarkably rapidly and recover from serious wounds without scarring, capable of regenerating limbs, internal organs and brain cells. She is immune to all Earth bound diseases, infections and poisons.

Power: Pain Tolerance (5)

Through a combination of mental training and natural fortitude, even when Zealot has been seriously injured she rarely lets it get in the way of her completing her objective.

Skill: Acrobatics (5)

Zealots martial arts training and natural agility means she is incredibly acrobatic, capable of rolls and flips with minimal effort. She usually disdains such flourishes for simple combat but they have their place.

Skill: Combat/swordplay (8/9)

Zealot has been trained in Kheran martial arts over thousands of years and has added a wide understanding of all Earth based unarmed martial arts to her repertoire. She might have even had a guiding hand in inventing some of them. Zealot is a near peerless swordswoman several thousand years in the making, training and drilling every day to keep herself sharp if she is not engaged in actively using her skills. Her preferred weapon is a Kheran Katanna or Clef Blade, but she is equally deadly with any other bladed weapon.

Skill: Driving/piloting (2)

Zealot has a fundamental grasp of driving ground based non military vehicles, alongside limited experience of flying light aircraft. She also has knowledge of Kheran ship helm control but she is probably a little rusty.

Skill: Firearms (4)

Zealot is a proficient marksman with ranged weapons of both Earthly and Kheran design when the situation calls for it but prefers to meet her enemies with a blade in her hand.

Skill: History (4)

Zealot has witnessed a large amount of Earths history first hand and has the mental capacity to recall most of the details she has witnessed. She has been privy to more secret covert wars but will be reluctant to mention these to all but a trusted ally.


Advantage: Kheran

Zannah is a native of the planet Khera and is familiar with several alien cultures, including Kheran and Daemonite. Her birthright also grants her several inherent superhuman abilities.

Advantage: Wealth

Zealot has accrued enough money over her time on Earth to live comfortably despite officially being unemployed.

Advantage: Well Travelled

Zealot has been on earth for almost two thousand years having crossed the globe several times in her personal pursuits. In addition to her native Kheran language she is fluent in English and knows enough phrases in most Earth languages to conduct herself well in most cultures.


Flaw: Alien

Despite her prolonged period on Earth, Zealots mannerisms are still very alien in nature, making her seem aloof and distant. She views most of humanity as inferior lifeforms which can lead her to getting on peoples bad side easier than most.

Flaw: Coda Remnants

Even though Zealot was decidedly thorough it's entirely possible that some of the Coda have escaped her wrath and are now planning revenge against her. She is now the fabled Trophy Kill if any Coda can bring her down. Relatives of the massacred Coda might also seek revenge against her.

Flaw: Daemonites

Zealot is infamous among the alien Daemonite culture as a prolific slayer of their kind and will undoubtedly be near the top of their hit list.

Flaw: Enemies

Having been alive for close to two thousand years on Earth Zealot has crossed many groups and foiled many villainous plans. No doubt many of those organisations that still exist today have a long memory.


Zealot was known as Lady Zannah of the alien world of Khera, a member of the all female warrior cult known as the Coda. Already several thousand years old and a feared warrior amongst the Kherubim, Zannah was aboard a Kheran explorer vessel when it was attacked by a Daemonite warship, crippling the vessel. Due to the efforts of her then lover Stratos, Zealot escaped the vessel in an escape pod, as did her sister Kenesha. Crash landing on Earth around two thousand years in the past, cut off from the other survivors, Zannah integrated herself into human society gradually, while carrying out a shadow war against the Daemonites on earth. She found other Kheran survivors, who banded together under Lord Emp as a ragtag force to take on the Daemonites in a covert conflict in the modern era.
Zannah, or Zealot as she had been newly christened, founded the Coda sisterhood on earth, seeking to find solace on this new planet. However Lord Emp ultimately ascended to a higher plane, leaving the Kheran survivors to go their separate ways. After ending a romance with one of her team mates, Zealot heard tell of Coda warriors hiring themselves out to the highest bidder. Incensed that the ideals of the Coda had been polluted, Zealot tasked herself with finding every Coda den and destroying the sisterhood she had helped create. Believing the task completed she has returned her attention to the world at large, discovering it has changed a great deal.


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    Zealot and Spartan have fought side by side against the Daemonite threat in the past.

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    It's complicated. REALLY complicated.


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