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Laura was the twenty third attempt to create a female 'clone' of Wolverine. She was born and raised to be a weapon, a 'perfect' killing machine. After years of training, being experimented on, and completing many successful missions, she escaped. Unfortunately during the escape she killed the closest thing she ever had to a mother. Worse the people who created her still want her back, and will stop at nothing to bring her in...

New X-23 as of 08/22/2015


Character Sheet

Abilities: Equipment

Weapon X Uniform: 4

Abilities: Power

Adamantium Claws: 3, Healing Factor: 10, Heightened Senses: 8, Physiology: 3/5

Abilities: Skill

Black Ops: 7, Close Combat: 8, Iron Will: 8, Ranged Combat: 6

Advantages: Multilingual

Flaws: Adamantium Claws, Emotionally Unstable, Identity Issues, Loner, On the Run, Trigger Scent

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Russian


Equipment: Weapon X Uniform (4)

Aside from getting away alive, Laura also escaped from The Facility with the clothes on her back. Fortunately though those cloths were in the form of a uniform made of unstable molecules. As such the main part of the outfit, a sleeveless jumpsuit is highly resistant to damage and makes her harder to detect by various methods, as well as providing some warmth. On the other hand her boots not only provide that, but have a unique 'self sealing' tow area thus allowing them to 'fix themselves' after her foot claws are used.

Power: Adamantium Claws (3)

Laura has two retractable claws in each hand and one in each foot. All six were surgically removed by The Facility, bonded with the metal known as adamantium, and then were re-implanted. Because of this, her claws can cut through almost anything. As adamantium is virtually unbreakable, Laura's claws have a toughness rating of 10.

Power: Healing Factor (10)

There's no way around it. Laura is a clone of Wolverine. As such she has an ability to regenerate damaged tissue that rivals Logan himself. Slashes and gunshot wounds have been known to regenerate within minutes at most. Wounds that could kill her, or at least permanently debilitate her can and will heel if given enough time. As a rule, the larger and more severe the wound though, the longer it will take to heal. Something else that is also notable is that her healing factor is actually more powerful than Wolverines. This is believed to be due to the fact that unlike him, X-23 only had her claws bonded to adamantium, while his whole body was, thus her body is not working as hard to always keep the adamantium poisoning from the metal in check. When it comes to diseases poisons, and toxins it takes a lot more, and stronger agents to have any form of effect on her when compared to a normal person. There is also a possibility that her healing factor may even be slowing down her aging process, but that is currently unclear due to how young she is.

Power: Heightened Senses (8)

While her healing factor may be the main feature of her mutation, Laura likewise has the same heightened senses that Wolverine has. These senses are superior than normal in acuity and range. Under normal circumstances she can see father and with more clarity than non-powered individuals, and she is not as impaired by low light. She can also hear noises that normally occur outside the 'normal' human auditory range, as well as from farther away. But her sense of smell is one that she may be best known for. She can track and identify people based off of scent alone. At times, places, and under circumstances that are less than ideal she can often track others if at least two of those three senses are not impaired. Unfortunately though it is possible for these senses to be overloaded, usually in ways that temporarily debilitate her, and such an overload is potentially more likely to happen to her than people without her powers. Finally due to her increased ability to sense things, she can often end up by things she detects that other people might not be able to see, hear, or smell. In addition Laura has been highly trained to notice details in her surroundings, which makes her heightened senses all the more useful.

Power: Physiology (3/5)

Due to a mixture of her healing factor, as well as rigorous training and conditioning, Laura could usually be considered very athletic, despite not always appearing to be that way. As such her strength, toughness, and endurance are slightly above human norm, while her dexterity actually is above what would be considered 'peek human'.

Skill: Black Ops (7)

Laura was created and trained to be the ideal assassin, or to be more exact, a living weapon. As such she not only was trained at, but exceeds in being stealthy, tracking, survival, disguises, security, and even spying. She is also knowledgable in regards to conventional and electronic infiltration as well. Since many of those skills are useful in her being able to get where she needs to, and do what she needs to do, The Facility rarely held back when trying to teach her these skills. One way they did hold back though was to make sure that these skills were specific to infiltration, espionage, and assassination, as such she can do basic stuff not directly involving things like computers, and may be able to defeat computer related security rather easily at times, but other things like trouble shooting and repairing broken computers is beyond her grasp. Those limitations do translate over into other areas as well.

Skill: Close Combat (8)

There's one thing that Laura truly excels at. That's fighting. She was simply put, raised and trained to be a killing machine. As such she is a highly trained hand to hand combatant who excels in many forms of armed and unarmed forms and combat styles. Thus she is not just a competent and dangerous opponent when fighting, but when you mix in things like her healing factor, her heightened senses and reaction time, her peak physical condition and above-human agility all combined make her something almost beyond deadly in close combat.

Skill: Iron Will (8)

All of the training that Laura had at 'The Facility' was meant to make her the best assassin possible. As such, between things meant to help her willpower become stronger so she would just focus on the mission, her being treated like she was a thing and not a human being, and even her punishments for every perceived failure (such as beatings where she could fight) has left X-23 with willpower that is well beyond the norm for regular humans as well as many other highly trained individuals.

Skill: Ranged Combat (6)

Laura is not just deadly in close combat. That's just where she's at her best. She was also highly trained with things like guns, other long range weapons, and explosives. Which when mixed with her heightened senses and reaction time, her peak physical condition and above-human agility she can be considered very deadly with a large variety of ranged weapons should she need to use one and have access to one.


Advantage: Multilingual

As part of her training to do missions all over the worlds, Laura was taught to multiple languages. Currently she is fluent in English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Russian. Unfortunately while she is fluent, her speech pattern for most languages is a bit odd in that she tends to be very formal when speaking in any language besides English.


Flaw: Adamantium Claws

When you have giant hunks of metal surgically grafted to your body, there are some down sides that come along with it. Some of the more minor issues involve being ten pounds heavier than you look. Other issues involve things like the metal being detectable by metal detectors or even super powered individuals who have magnetic powers. On top of that her healing factor is actually a bit weaker than it would be if she didn't have adamantium in her body. And those are just some of the more 'common' down sides to Laura having her adamantium claws. There are always other ones that could crop up because of the rare and valuable metal inside of her.

Flaw: Emotionally Unstable

When you're raised to be a weapon by people who refuse to view you as a human being, you tend to develop issues. One of the better known ones is how unstable Laura can be, and often is emotionally. While normally she does tend off to come off as somewhat emotionless, all it can (and often does take) is certain stimuli to set her off in extreme ways. And when she does go off it often takes a lot of effort for Laura to keep her reactions in check. Things that set her off include laboratories, hospitals, doctor's offices, and almost anything that could remind her of The Facility. More often than not her reactions tend to be destructive, or self destructive. While 'freak outs' have been known to happen, pure rage or depression has been noted too, often in ways that are self destructive (such as by her cutting herself with her own claws for example).

Flaw: Identity Issues

It tends to go without saying that when you're a 'clone' of someone else you tend to have identity issues. The same goes for Laura. But on top of that, she's the clone of Logan a.k.a. Wolverine a.k.a. 'The Best There Is'. As such she not only has mixed feelings about him, ranging from curiosity regarding him, to anger to the part he played in her creation. On top of that, since she was created as a weapon, she not only struggles with what she was created and trained to be, a 'perfect killing machine', something that she flat out doesn't want to be, even though she knows that's exactly what she excels at doing.

Flaw: Loner

From birth Laura was trained to be able to operate alone, no matter what the circumstances. On top of that the few people she has truly felt close to in her life like her mother and her sensei have unfortunately died at her hands. As such she has very limited experience interacting with others, and often feels compelled towards solitude. To be honest she wants to be part of something, but she doesn't really know how to do it. Worse because she views herself as a danger for others she's prone to wandering off by herself for extended periods of time with no warning.

Flaw: On the Run

Laura was created to be a weapon and only a weapon by The Facility. As such she is a high value asset to them, Weapon X, Weapons Plus, and just about anyone else who may want to use her as a weapon, or wants to find out more about her powers, the adamantium bonding process, or may even want to use her against Wolverine. Any and all of these groups would love to have her, and some (like The Facility) won't rest until they have her back, nor do they care what they have to do to anyone or anything that gets in their way to get her back.

Flaw: Trigger Scent

The Facility wanted to make sure that they could cause Laura to kill no matter what. As part of this effort they created a 'trigger scent'. This 'scent' is actually an artificial pheromone that when Laura inhales it, she becomes a berserk killing machine with no self control. She can and almost always will kill anyone and everyone nearby when in a state triggered by this scent. And when the rage subsides (usually after just a few minutes) she will retain partial and/or vague memories of what she did while in that state.


  • Weapon X tried for years to recapture Wolverine.
  • 'The Facility' an organization which is believed to be part of Weapon X, which had a damaged sample of Wolverines DNA, tried multiple times to clone him.
  • After multiple failed attempts, one of their researchers, Dr. Sarah Kinney, went against her orders of making a 'true' clone of Wolverine, and subbed in other material for the missing and damaged pieces of DNA.
  • The twenty third attempt to make a 'clone' using that method succeeded, that 'clone' was dubbed X-23.
  • As retaliation for going against her orders to make an exact copy, the 'clone' embryo was implanted in Dr. Kinney, thus setting her on the road to view X-23 as her daughter.
  • X-23 was born, experimented on, and trained extensively in covert operations, with a specific focus on assassination.
  • The Facility (possibly under orders from The Weapon X program) starting hiring her out to assassinate people. She was active for a few years, and succeeded in killing every target she was given.
  • When Dr. Kinney discovered additional clones being made, this time of X-23, she set things up so that X-23 could kill the clones, the head of the project, and escape.
  • During her escape Dr. Kinney accidentally ended up being killed by X-23 after she had been exposed to the 'Trigger Sent', an artificial pheromone designed to force X-23 into an out of control beserker state that kills everything in sight.
  • As she died, Dr. Kinney named her creation Laura.
  • Laura has been on the run since that day.


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