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Lex Luthor

His grandfather hated Superman but the third Lex Luthor does not. This Luthor pites him. Not only has he lost his world, but his adopted world will soon outgrow him.
Luthor has noted that, while mutations and other superhumans existed before Superman's arrival, they were far rarer, and generally less powerful. It appears that, by his presence, Superman has caused a reaction in humanity, much like antibodies form in a living body in response to an infection. Humans are changing at an increasing pace, they are evolving into wjhat he believes they are meant to be...the future leaders of this Galaxy, possibly of the universe.
As he sees it, for humanity to become what it must be, it can not continue to shelter under the protection of Superman and other aliens like him. They must stand on their own and walk the path to the future without aid if they are to mature and finally become adult as a species.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

8th Level Intellect: 8, Business Oriented: 6, Mentally Sharp: 6, Scientist: 7, Well-Educated: 6

Abilities: Gear

Arsenal: 6

Advantages: CEO, Contracts, Loved by Most, Wealth, Well-Connected

Flaws: I'm Better, Just a Title, Questioned by a Few, Savior

Languages: English, Gaelic, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish


Gear: Arsenal (6)

Lexcorp has its hands on several contracts. Everything from Defense Contracts to developing alternative fuels can be found within the R and D department. Since all of these contracts are under his roof Lex has access to many things that he is more than willing to use for personal matters.

Skill: 8th Level Intellect (8)

No one can deny the level of Luthor's intellect is quite high. To call him a Genius would be insulting to him. In his own mind Lex is far above such a demeaning term. From Business Management, to Technology, to Science, Luthor is a master of many intellectual based fields because of his keen mind. His intelligence is eight.

Skill: Business Oriented (6)

Like Science, Luthor has a mind for Business. Everything from how to run something, creating proper spin and buzz for new products or incidents, Luthor can talk the talk and walk the walk. His company grew because he knew how to build it and knew how to market all of those innovations he has made in the field of Science.

Skill: Mentally Sharp (6)

Mentally Sharp: Will Power and Perception are also heightened beyond normal levels since they are working with a mind that considers Kryptonese to be child's play. Both traits are at six.

Skill: Scientist (7)

While Luthor considers himself a savior his mind matches that of a scientist. Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics, Alternative Energy Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, the fields are nearly limitless. One of the reasons why Lexcorp thrives so well is because the mind of its CEO knows many sciences, not just one.

Skill: Well-Educated (6)

Business, Engineering, Languages, Social and Economic Matters, Politics, Classical Literature, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Biology are just a few of the fields Luthor has a firm grasp. (Think of this as a Jack of All Trades in Knowledge fields).


Advantage: CEO

Being Lexcorp's founder and president has distinct advantages. (Wealth, Contracts, and Resources come from this).

Advantage: Contracts

Lexcorp has many different contracts in an assortment of fields. Military research and defense, energy, computers, housing, are just a few pies the company has its fingers in. This does not limit Luthor's resources to just one field.

Advantage: Loved by Most

A lot of people think Luthor is a great guy. He helps out society by giving cheap and efficient energy, low-income housing, etc. It's hard to hate someone that does so much for the community.

Advantage: Wealth

A seemingly endless supply of money is at his fingertips. Being ranked up there with the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, Lex has a similar seemingly bottomless pocketbook.

Advantage: Well-Connected

A pleasant side-effect to having wealth and power is the connections they bring. Lex knows people who can either help him get what he wants directly or through their own connections. (This does not go away if he looses the advantage "CEO.")


Flaw: I'm Better

In Lex's mind his way is the right way. Period. His overconfidence can and will rub some people the wrong way, even burn bridges or eventually cause a rift between himself and business partners. He can only put up with their stupidity for so long.

Flaw: Just a Title

Lex can lose his CEO status and the advantages that come with it.

Flaw: Questioned by a Few

Despite many that love him there are those, like Clark Kent and Lois Lane, that believe in the rumors about Lex Luthor. They believe Luthor is involved in many shady dealings but they can't prove it...yet.

Flaw: Savior

Lex thinks of himself as the rightful Savior of the world. He will act in ways that could be questionable. This will cause him to strike out at the "heroes," because in his mind, "They're the real threat, especially -The Alien-."


Lex Luthor was born to Lionel Luthor whose Luthor Corp worked a lot with housing and land developments. Thanks to a freak accident when he was younger, Lex lost all of his glorious red hair.

Lionel Luthor taught his son everything he knew about business and sent the boy to the finest schools. Deep down, Lionel thought he was grooming an heir instead of creating his own patricide. With all of the praise of greatness going to his growing mind Lex started to slowly plan of ways to take over Luthor Corp and cut his dad out of the picture. At first it was just the company but eventually Lex found ways to cut Lionel out of the mortal coil. Now with an empire in his hands, Lex started to shape his world as he saw fit. Luthor Corp became Lexcorp. The company was no longer held back by ethics. For years the prodigy had weapon designs that could now come to light.

With the new fields more contracts came in creating a larger empire than before making Lex Luthor quite the name in the business world. All was well for the first few years then one hero came, then another, and another after that. At first Lex was indifferent. Eventually the heroes became a movement. Everywhere people had powers and Lex started to see how troubled the world really was. One day the heroes were going to get out of control toppling everything in their path. He saw not only his empire, but everything he understood plunged into a sea of fire until there was nothing left.

Armed with the truth, Lex started to come up with different plans to stunt and eventually stop the heroic movement. Then the monkey wrench got tossed into the works and its name was Superman. People were quick to give this Alien trust without knowing much about him. They weren't even sure of everything the alien could do. At this point everything became clear to Lex, in order to save the world he had to stop the alleged "heroes."


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