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Superhuman Affairs Correspondent

Portrayed by Katie McGrath
Lois Lane
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Lois Lane

The Superhuman Affairs Correspondent for the Daily Plant, Lois Lane is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist whose reporting of superhuman activities and issues is world renowned. While she has covered a wide range of stories in her career, she is most famous for her coverage of Superman.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Skill

Army Brat: 2, Fearless Integrity: 6, Reporter: 8, Self-Defense: 3, Unauthorized Access: 5, Undercover: 4, Vehicles: 3

Advantages: Golden Reputation, Guardian Angel, Press Pass, Sources

Flaws: Cynic, Hypercompetitive, Trouble Seeker, Uncompromising

Languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, and Spanish


Skill: Army Brat (2)

Lois was raised on army bases and grew up learning the ins and outs of military protocol and operations.

Skill: Fearless Integrity (6)

Lois has a reputation for being stubborn and relentless, traits she would deny. But, they are not born out of obstinance. Lois has an unshakable faith in the power, and duty, of the Fourth Estate and won't back down from investigating a story and reporting the truth, no matter what dangers she puts herself in.

Skill: Reporter (8)

Working as a reporter since she was 15, Lois has mastered the art of finding and breaking a story. A Pulitzer prize winner and a leader in the field of reporting on superhuman activities, Lois may be one of the best reporters around when it comes to getting the scoop on the cape and tights crowd.

Skill: Self-Defense (3)

At her father's insistence, Lois learned basic martial arts and firearms skills from a young age. While she's never dedicated herself to it, she keeps in shape and has enough knowledge to take care of herself in the big city.

Skill: Unauthorized Access (5)

Never letting a locked door an encrypted file stand in her way, Lois has become skilled at gaining acces to office buildings, file cabinets, and even learned some rudimentary computer hacking-- just enough to crack passowrds and find hidden documents.

Skill: Undercover (4)

To support her efforts as an investigative journalist, Lois has gathered considerable skills in creating disguises and false identities for herself. While she can't impersonate specific people, she does know how to use wigs, clothes, and maek-up to pass as particular types of people to help follow leads for a story (for example a scientist or a security guard).

Skill: Vehicles (3)

When it comes to chasing a story, Lois has never let a lack of transportation get in her way. If it can roll, fly, or glide across water, she's probably driven it -- and more than likely crashed it.


Advantage: Golden Reputation

Known for the quality and balance of her investigative work, Lois has a glowing reputation as a reporter. It is widely known that she is tough and relentless when it comes to a story, but that she will presentthe story as fairly as she possibly can. She won't write fluff pieces, but at the same time she won't write tabloid hit pieces or reveal confidential sources. Many influential individuals are willing to come forward to her because of her untarnished reputation.

Advantage: Guardian Angel

It seems that no matter how much trouble she finds herself in, there is always a hero around to bail her out. Thst isn't to say she automatically expects a rescue and is never in danger, but when things seem hopeless and she has run out of luck, it seems there is always a hero there to save her at the last moment.

Advantage: Press Pass

Lois has full press credentials from the Daily Planet and a reputation as an established and admired journalist. These credentials give her access to people and places that would otherwise be restricted.

Advantage: Sources

Through her years as a journalist, Lois has collected a staggering list of contacts in all walks of life. With a few phone calls or emails she is able to find a source or a lead in almost any arena. Sure, some of the sources may have ulterior motives, but a favor here and a threat there is usually enough to get a good story started.


Flaw: Cynic

As a reporter who often challenges conventional truth and spin from the highest places of power, Lois has a hard time putting her faith in anything. No matter how good and innocent someone or something seems, Lois is always looking for the catch, the cracks in the perfect picture. This cynicism can cause her to push away people who are genuine and sincere as she refuses to believe they are what they appear.

Flaw: Hypercompetitive

Whether it's in journalism, a friendly game of cards, or even trash can basketball in the office, Lois plays to win. She's ambitious and pushes the roules to their limit, sometimes bending them but never breaking them -- she's not a cheater. She hates losing at anything and has a hard time letting a competition go until she wins.

Flaw: Trouble Seeker

Not only does Lois's drive to get a story put her in danger, but at times it seems fate conspires against her. If she is trying to cover a battle and a car is knocked off a bridge, she will likely be hiding in it. If a villain is randomly taking hostages, Lois ends up the victim more than random chance would dictate. While Lois would never admit it, trouble has a way of finding her.

Flaw: Uncompromising

With her unwavering dedication to the responsibility of the press and the power of truth, Lois is unwilling to drop a story, no matter how much pressure is put on her. While this can be a strength in some cases, in others it can be a detriment and put her life or career in serious danger.


Born into a military family, Lois was the first of two girls, her sister Lucy trailing three years after the elder Lane. Their upbringing was strict but not stifling, and Lois' natural curiosity was encouraged and directed into productive outlets. The family moved around several times, spending years in the Middle East when the girls were young and moving back to the US as the girls grew into their teen years. The family settled on a base in New York State when Lois was 14, and the summer of her 15th year she won a state-wide writing contest sponsored by The Daily Planet, the prize being a trip to Metropolis to spend a week working as a cub reporter. Inquisitive and persistent, she gained a wealth of useful information in that week, and put it to work for herself at a small local paper when she hit 16. Her zeal was tireless, her dedication pushing her to make the most she could out of even the smallest of assignments, gaining her respect among the older, seasoned journalists.

The family stayed put long enough for Lois to graduate high school and head off to Indiana University's journalism program. She spent her college years writing for the school paper, becoming co-editor by her senior year, and upon graduation she landed a permanent position back in Metropolis at The Daily Planet. Before long she became the paper's star reporter, taking on any story she could get her hands on, which eventually led to that fateful day when she'd secured a short interview with the President and Superman thwarted an attempt on the man's life. She was the first to break the story and, in fact, was responsible for dubbing the Kryptonian as Superman. That began Lois' road to becoming Superhuman Affairs Correspondent, after a series of articles she did on Superman garnered the young journalist her first Pulitzer Prize. Despite an obligation to cover matters of a political nature, Lois' first love remains investigative reporting, and she's always on the lookout for the next big scoop.


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Lois was the first to run a story on Superman and was even responsible for his code name. She was won numerous accolades for her coverage of Superman's exploits and always seems to have an inside track on stories involving him. Some have speculated that there is a greater relationship there but both parties deny it when asked.


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