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Loki Loki Actor
Agility: 6 Strength: 4 Toughness: 4
Perception: 8 Intellect: 8 Willpower: 8
Artifacts 6 Astral Projection 6 Augmented Other 6
Master Sorcerer 8 Psionic Manip. 8 Shape Shifter 6
Warmaster 6
God of Mischief Loremaster Minions
Arrogant Asgardian in Exile Capricious
Family God of Evil Isolated
Narcissist Vainglorious Vengeful
Name: Loki Laufeyson Son of Laufey, spoils of war, scapegoat. Anarchist, despot, trickster, legend. Works two jobs: God of Mischief and God of Evil.
Position: Lord of Lies
Team: Knights of Lavaeteinn
Age: 2512
Sex: Male
Race: Immortal
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: Katie McGrath & Tom Hiddleston
Alts: Cannonball
Timezone: N/A
Music: If I Had A Heart, Fever Ray
You're Gonna Go Far Kid (NSFW), The Offspring
Quote: "Woman, you knew what I was when you picked me up."
Tone Likes: Heroic, Gritty, Romantic
Tone Dislikes: none


Loki Laufeyson was born to the wife of Laufey, leader of the Frost Giants, on the night that Odin waged war on Laufey. Odin slew Laufey and his kin, then took the infant Loki from where he had been exposed to the elements due to his diminutive size at birth. He kept the infant as a trophy of sorts and raised him as Thor's younger brother.

Life in Asgard was not easy for a child always slightly more awkward and less lovely than his peers. Loki turned to mischief and troublemaking to gain approval and became the scapegoat - sometimes rightly and other times not - of the cabal of young princes and princesses. Loki flourished as a mage and managed to become a competent enough warrior. Still, he always felt somewhat set apart and this sense of being second best drove him to learn dark magics and to do dark things in order to maintain the same power as the others. They might have despised him for it but at least he was strong.

When an encounter with a magical artifact revealed Loki's true nature as a frost giant, his already fragile psyche shattered. He saw himself, through Asgardian eyes, as a laughing stock and a freak, a pitiful foundling who was never truly wanted even by the family of his birth. Still, at least the giants were his own kind. Loki approached them and won their respect with his magic, then led them in an disastrous assault on Asgard. He failed to overthrow Odin, though he did cause much destruction, and was exiled to Midgard for his sins.

As with all the other realms, Loki had been in and out of Midgard - causing trouble and seeking power - for millennia. His exile to Midgard was crushing in its finality and the diminishment of his magic and other powers. Equally distressing, though admittedly well-deserved, was his rejection by his family. That he could not have respected them for doing less did not soften the blow. When Thor returned to guard Midgard, the exile was not so much a punishment as a formality. What Thor desires, Loki must attempt to wrest from him. And so his course on Midgard is set.


Gear: Artifacts (6)

Loki possesses numerous minor artifacts of varying power. However, he has in his possession three unique items that set him apart from other beings.

     Laevateinn: An exquisite magical artifact bonded to Loki. It cannot be  
                 commanded to change form by any other and, while it can be  
                 wielded by another, it carries a curse on it that will      
                 sicken and wither any who carries it too long. Laevateinn   
                 can take on any traditional weapon form: any sword, dagger, 
                 dart, bow (fires arrows or magic), sickle, staff, whip,     
                 trident, flail, and mace. In theory, Loki can train it to   
                 new forms as it learns from its wielder’s experiences. Its  
                 magics also allow Loki to locate and track it wherever it   
                 may be in the universe (though it may be out of his reach). 
                 (Arsenal 2, Toughness 10, Damages Toughness 6)               
The Norn Stones: Stones from each of the Nine Worlds enchanted with magics   
                 and with the essence of each world. Together, they work to  
                 restore things to their purest essence and perfect form in  
                 addition to providing a well of magic. When used in         
                 particular combinations, they can provide influence over the
                 elements, the dead and the undead, even time and the fabric 
                 of reality. Each stone is linked to its own world and, for  
                 those who can move freely, can aid in magical travel to that
                 world. To the uninitiated, they are useless. The magically  
                 talented can use them to tap into the essence of each world 
                 for use in weaving spells, wards, and scrying lenses. To use
                 them, however, is to make one’s location known to the       
                 creatures from the worlds of the active stones.              
Völundr's Armour: The smith who created Laevateinn also crafted for Loki a    
                 full suit of shape changing armour. The armour draws on     
                 Loki’s own abilities and is bonded to his magic, to anyone  
                 else it would be a mundane but well-crafted suit of         
                 rune-carved armour in gold, green, and black. The armour    
                 maintains its protection no matter what form it takes to the
                 eyes or even the hands. It alters to suit Loki’s will,      
                 whatever he dreams of so long as it is worn on his body and 
                 each piece is somehow represented, even as links in a       
                 bracelet. The armour also resists all elements, especially  
                 water. (Toughness 4)

Power: Astral Projection (6)
Loki can send his ‘magical self’ into the astral plane where he is able to cross interstellar distances and speak to any mind, though he cannot read thoughts. He cannot affect the physical realm from this vantage point, nor can he cast spells into the physical realm, though he is able to use psychic manipulation as if he were present. By crossing the astral plane and projecting an illusion into the minds he encounters, he is able to make an appearance far from his physical form.

    Limitations: This is an advanced form of sorcery and is subject to the   
                 limitations on that power. While using Astral Projection,   
                 Loki’s body is left unattended. If it is moved, he will be  
                 unable to find it for one hour for every mile that it is    
                 moved from its resting place. He will sense the movement but
                 even in the instant it takes him to return, his body may be 
                 moved enough that he cannot find it before it moves even    
                 further from its original location. Loki can be injured or  
                 even killed in this state, though he will know if harm comes
                 to his body and attempt to return.

Power: Augmented Other (6)
With his blessing and the consent of the other, Loki is able to augment the attributes and abilities of others or grant them new abilities. The power of that blessing can be distributed any way Loki desires. The full blessing (6 points) can never be devoted to a single attribute or ability as the mortal body is unable to contain such power within one channel. The duration of the blessing is no more than six hours and, if Loki wishes to maintain his focus for other purposes, can be given to no more than three people at a time.

           Flaw: Beholden. When a person accepts Loki’s blessing, they become
                 vulnerable to all Loki’s powers and, until they make an     
                 effort to break free, have the same desire to obey him as   
                 his other minions. This is a subtle effect, a crack in      
                 mental armour and a deep sense of attraction to Loki instead
                 of a direct connection to him.                               
           Flaw: Dependency. Loki’s blessing is highly addictive, as with any
                 other pure power. Withdrawal from even a single augmentation
                 can lead to a deep depression and longing to return to that 
                 heightened state. Repeated exposure only worsens the craving
                 and depression, resulting in a constant state of pain and   
                 suffering until the person can at least return to Loki’s    
                 presence to ease their distress.                             
           Flaw: Exhaustion. The body expends the same metabolic and mental  
                 energy that it would if the granted power was inherent in   
                 it. It can require up to a full day to recover from the     
                 exhaustion that follows.

Power: Master Sorcerer (8)
Loki is has an excellent connection to magic and millennia of experience at tapping into that power. The powers laid out here are as Loki experiences them when away from Asgard and other realms that he calls home. In his home realms, his power is truly godlike.

      Animation: Magical energy allows Loki to animate all manner of objects 
                 and imbue them with movement and magical resilience and     
                 weaponry in addition to their own inherent qualities. He can
                 animate up to 4 entities (Toughness, Arsenal, Distance 6;   
                 Strength, Perception 4; Speed, Flight, Intellect 2; Total   
                 Mass 20 tons) without loss of focus. The more entities he   
                 animates, the weaker they are, the less mass he can animate,
                 and the harder they are to control unless he devotes his    
                 focus to them at the cost of his other skills. (20 entities 
                 4/2/1/4 tons, Willpower/Focus -25percent; 50 entities       
                 2/1/1/1 ton, Willpower/Focus -50percent; 100 entities       
                 ratlike, general direction; 1000 entities insectoid, general
        Artisan: Loki is capable of crafting elegant magical items that will 
                 contain spells and energies for later use. Crafting such an 
                 item requires time and effort and rare materials, as well as
                 an appropriate work space. Such an artifact must be crafted 
                 to the specific use of a given person if it is to be truly  
                 powerful (general rating of no higher than 4). Minor        
                 artifacts with limited uses (general rating of 1 or 2) can  
                 be used by any person.                                       
  Energy Weapon: Without using a spell, Loki is capable of summoning up      
                 magical energy and projecting it over long distances, to    
                 devastating effect. (Arsenal 6, Distance 6)                  
Enhance Ability: Loki is able to channel magic through his body to increase  
                 his physical abilities, so long as he retains his focus. (+2
                 to physical abilities)                                       
          Imbue: With extensive effort and focus, Loki is able to sink       
                 uncrafted magic into a place or item in order that he be    
                 able to pull it forth in future. The extra magic reserves   
                 allow him to expand his power and influence but must be     
                 refilled after use.                                          
     Spellcraft: Loki is a master spellcrafter in addition to simply having  
                 control of magic. Much as with his artifacts, he is able to 
                 create a construct that a a specific mage can use and gift  
                 it to them. The resulting powers may not exceed the mage’s  
                 magical ability but he can craft for them a highly effective
                 spell focus to take advantage of their power. He can also   
                 construct spells for himself that take only a word to       
                 activate and require no focus in the moment. With time and  
                 effort, he is able to create spells that are powerful enough
                 to affect entire regions or summon great horrors.            
    Telekinesis: As long as he has line of sight, Loki is capable of moving  
                 over fifty tons by thought alone with his magical abilities.
                 He is also capable of using this skill to give himself the  
                 power of flight. (Speed 2, Profession 6)                     
  Teleportation: On Midgard, Loki can teleport up to 100 miles with a        
                 thought, moving in any direction (Distance 6). If he is     
                 travelling between his own magical waymarks his distance is 
                 unlimited. Temporary waymarks can be made by simply         
                 scrawling or carving the appropriate sigils but are consumed
                 with use and result in 50percent magic drain that lasts     
                 between seconds (thousands of miles) and hours (millions of 
                 miles) depending on the distance. Installing a permanent    
                 waymark requires a full week of attention and leaves Loki’s 
                 magical signature behind like a beacon.                      
        Warding: A combination of skills allow Loki to weave wards to guard  
                 an area, hold spells in case of need, and inform him as to  
                 what is happening within the wards. He can ward a doorway in
                 seconds, a room in several minutes. Larger areas can take   
                 days or more. Unless an area is Imbued with magic, the wards
                 will fade over time.                                         
           Flaw: Focus. While Loki is actively using any one ability, he is  
                 unable to apply the same focus to the others.                
           Flaw: Signature. Unless Loki spends extra time to disguise his    
                 mark, which he rarely does, due to his arrogance, his magic 
                 signature is unmistakable.                                   
           Flaw: Visible. Loki glows like a pillar of fire on the astral     
                 plane unless he constructs a secondary illusion which       
                 requires nearly full attention to sustain, so that he has to
                 rely on prepared spells while hiding.

Power: Psionic Manipulation (8)
Loki is one of the great masters of lies. Through magic and inherent cunning, he is able to twist reality in any mind he touches. Only the strongest minds can resist his illusions and manipulations and even those may fall prey to a dedicated campaign to overcome their defenses.

       Hypnosis: Loki’s psionic manipulation can convince people to bend to  
                 his will, ally themselves to his cause, and accept his lies 
                 as truth. The only limit of this is that he cannot directly 
                 cause the person to act in such a way that breaks their most
                 deeply held beliefs or that would cause them to risk their  
                 life in an immediate sense. If he is careful, he can put    
                 them in a position that those things are inevitable but not 
                 caused by his intent.                                        
      Illusions: Loki is a master illusionist, triggering the minds of those 
                 he affects to believe that the things he desires are true.  
                 He not only impresses his own thoughts on the mind, he uses 
                 the mind against itself, coopting it to provide the very    
                 sensations and effects that it would require to make the    
                 illusion real. Into this he often weaves hypnosis to draw   
                 the victims deeper in. This layered approach makes him very 
   Irresistable: This power is not telepathy, it is based on magic. As such, 
                 magical resistance will protect a person but the usual      
                 telepathic barriers, training, and even the mental scramble 
                 of shapeshifters, aliens, or the insane are all useless     
                 against Loki.                                                
      Mind/Body: Loki can use hypnotic suggestion and illusion to alter a    
                 person’s physical state by convincing the mind so completely
                 that the body experiences consequences. Suffocation,        
                 drowning, and burning are particularly effective in terms of
                 physical results. Conversely, Loki can bolster the immune   
                 system, speed healing, turn the body’s defenses against     
                 tumors, and even hold back death with psionic arts.          
     Resistance: Because Loki is a master of this art he is likewise         
                 resistant to it with magical barriers to protect himself    
                 against his own apprentices as much as his enemies.          
        Whisper: While he is not a telepath in the traditional sense, Loki   
                 can use this skill to whisper into the ears and minds of his
                 minions, once fealty is established, without being present  
                 or using the Astral plane. He can also use this on any      
                 person in line of sight on the physical and Astral planes.

Power: Shape Shifter (6)
This ability relies not on magic but on Loki’s inherent nature. As a result, it is one of the most tiring for him to perform since his own stamina is not nearly as great as that afforded him by magic. Loki is able to transform into any creature he desires, nearly instantaneously. He has access to Psionic Manipulation in other forms but not Sorcery or Astral Projection (exceptions: Great Dragon and La Femme), though he can maintain effects already in place at the time of the change. Loki has two true forms, Frost Giant and Asgardian (his default form). Wearing or changing to these forms requires no effort. Loki is able to change his mass and size as appropriate to the form within reason (Size 6).

Frost Giant (6): In this True Form, Loki’s skin becomes blue and scaled, his 
                 hair becomes a black mane, his eyes glow yellow-green, his  
                 nails become black claws, his teeth are icy-white and       
                 pointed. While in this form, his density increases          
                 threefold, his size can double, and all of his physical     
                 abilities increase. He radiates cold, can manipulate frost  
                 weapons, and his touch can burn with cold (Heat 3, inverse).
                 This form affords him immunity to the effects of elemental  
                 and magical cold but he is susceptible to the effects of    
                 extreme ambient heat or heat attacks. (Physical Attributes  
                 6; Arsenal, Claws 2; Arsenal, Frost 6; Distance, Frost 2)    
Great Dragon (8): This is the only shifted form in which Loki has access to   
                 his Sorcery. To change into this form costs little, to      
                 return from it leaves him without access to Shape Shifting, 
                 Sorcery, Psionic Manipulation, or the Astral Plane (and he  
                 is completely physically exhausted) for a full day and one  
                 more hour for every hour that he maintains this form, though
                 maintaining existing effects is possible. If he remains in  
                 this form too long, all magic he is maintaining is consumed 
                 and nullified when he returns to his Asgardian form. He can 
                 only return to his Asgardian form from this one. The Great  
                 Dragon is 66’6” long and weighs 66 tons. (Attributes 8,     
                 Arsenal 8, Distance 8, Speed 3, Healing 8)                   
    Inheritance: When in another form, Loki inherits the attributes inherent 
                 to that form. He can fly as a bird, swim as a fish, poison  
                 as a viper. With his psionic abilities, he can speak to     
                 other minds in any form. If he takes on an inherently       
                 magical form, any magical attacks are the same as his Energy
                 Blast rating (Arsenal 6, Distance 6).                        
       La Femme: Loki can simply change the sex and gender of his Asgardian  
                 and Frost Giant forms with minimal effort with, if he       
                 desires, the requisite shift in height and weight. Nothing  
                 else changes, he retains access to all powers and abilities.

Skill: Warmaster (6)
Loki has a well-deserved reputation as an excellent strategist and skilled warrior, especially in when handling his sword Laevateinn and wielding his magical weapons.

   Brawling (4): If Thor was your older brother, you'd be able to hold your  
                 own in a fist fight, too. Asgard was a tough place to grow  
                 up sometimes.                                                
   Marksman (4): Loki is skilled with traditional weapons such as spears,    
                 darts, and all manner of bow. In modern terms, he has       
                 learned to handle many guns with modest success (2).         
    Tactics (6): Loki has led troops into battle on more than one occasion,  
                 with many successes. While no master tactician, he is able  
                 to make use of his resources and stay clear of most         
  Swordsman (8): Loki is a master swordsman and prefers that form of combat  
                 above all others save magic. When he wields his beloved     
                 Laevateinn, he is a truly dangerous opponent even against   
                 other Gods and those who might count among their number in  
                 all but name.                                                
Weaponsmith (4): Loki is a competent smith, a skill learned in order to      
                 create artifacts.


Advantage: God of Mischief

One of Loki’s faces is that of the God of Mischief. The lighter, beneficial aspects of his Godhood are noted here.

Dominion: Loki has dominion over several realms but the only one he can reach in exile is that of Eldred, a small dimension. However, Eldred contains great mineral wealth and rich flora and fauna. Loki can simply pick gems and gold out of the rocks and rivers of this domain, giving him immense wealth in mortal terms. He has also stored in Eldred many artifacts, treasures, and works of art that he has collected over the years, from Midgard and other realms.

Immortal: Loki is functionally immortal. Any aging he experiences is so gradual that he will likely see the end of the universe itself before he ages to the point of death. His body is deeply entwined with magical forces and gifted with the natural abilities of shapeshifters and giants. At one point, he survived being beheaded because the bonds of his magic sustained him until he could be pieced together again. As such, he is also granted the following advantages:

      Endurance: Loki has great endurance and is able to work at his peak
                 for a day without sustenance or rest. He can further 
                 increase his endurance by translating his magical energy 
                 into a form his body can use to sustain itself
   Regeneration: Loki’s body repairs itself at a prodigious rate and he is 
                 even able to regrow or reattach lost body parts. 
                 See: Shape Shifter for rating.
     Resistance: Loki’s heritage and powers make him resistant to any form 
                 of poison or toxin and immune to all disease. He is also 
                 resistant to telepathy and magical interference. 
                 See: Master Sorcerer, Psionic Manipulation, and 
                 Willpower for ratings.

Many Faces: Loki has many guises and many names. For some of these, he even maintains Midgardian documentation or other proof of identity in for different realms. His names have been Luc, Lux, Loren Olsen (a wealthy Midgardian of indeterminate age and good reputation), and others. Some of these faces he wears for amusement and others he wears for less savoury purposes.

Whimsy: Loki is capable of true whimsy and humour. He delights in harmless mischief, acts of kindness, and things of beauty. At times, he is quite childlike in his enjoyment of the world and even seeks to make others happy with his pranks, tricks, and gifts. Once in a rare while, he might even indulge in a pratfall to make someone laugh.

Advantage: Loremaster
Loki is an ancient, brilliant being who gathers knowledge and skills in order to further his plans, in addition to his traditional education as an Asgardian Prince.

Bard: Loki is an accomplished bard, not least for its benefits in charming, casting spells, and seduction. As he was trained during childhood, he is an exceptionally skilled musician. He plays flute, harp, lute, and now guitar and piano with great skill. See: Agility for rating.

Diviner: Loki is skilled in all known forms of scrying and divination, from tarot cards to divining rods. He is most accurate, however, with the Elder Futhark Runes, which he was taught to read as a child in Asgard. See: Master Sorcerer or Perception for ratings.

Herbalist: The sacred herbs of Asgard are renowned for their properties and, during his youth, Loki was schooled in their use. He resented it at the time, as he was trained in order to heal the warriors around him, but grew to appreciate it when he understood the other aspects of herbal medicines. Though he is exiled from Asgard, he is also skilled in the use of herbs on Midgard and other realms. See: Master Sorcerer or Perception for ratings.

Teacher: Loki has learned to teach over the years. While he can be a cruel master, and an impatient one, he is capable of breaking down concepts so that they can be absorbed and maintained. His charming ways and glib tongue also make him an entertaining educator. See: Intellect and Perception for ratings.

Advantage: Minions
Loki is a God in other realms and a powerful sorcerer on Midgard with a legacy stretching back millenia. There are cults devoted to his worship, mostly dabblers and wishful thinkers, but he does possess a handful of genuine resources in other realms. The only one to which he has easy access is the pocket dimension crafted by his former master, Eldred. There, he keeps a small army of thralls and the beasts of his menagerie. Of his true minions, his believers and followers, there are three kinds:

Bondservants are those who have fallen under Loki’s spell by accepting his blessing or welcoming his presence in their psyche. Their minds are easily accessible and he can whisper to them at any time. Those who pray to him for aid and are answered also open themselves to bonding.

Vassals have given homage to the God with offerings or acts that please him and sworn their fealty to him upon his sword, Lavaetinn. A commendation ceremony seals vassals to Loki and grants to them both magical insight and increased health (must request approval in advance for Magic +1, Healing +1) as well as the ability to call to Loki in times of need.

Knights of Lavaeteinn are Vassals who have completed quests, yielded all their riches to the God, abandoned even their blood ties and all other oaths, taken up his cause, and laid their lives at his feet. In return, they gain even greater health, agelessness, and the ability to teleport to Loki’s home (must request approval in advance for Loki’s Mark, Healing +1, Ageless). Loki can also summon his knights to him at a cost (see Master Sorcerer: Teleportation, Temporary Waymarks). There are never more than Thirteen Knights of Lavaetinn at a time.

Loki might take an apprentice from time to time, one who he trusts implicitly, whose mind is bare to him and whose life is bound to him. No creature that has not attained Knighthood could be considered a true apprentice. Should Loki take an apprentice, he could instruct them in one of his powers or skills at a time (must request approval for advancement in chosen field).


Flaw: Arrogant

Often unable to see the flaws in his plans because of his arrogance, Loki sometimes takes on more than he can handle and finds himself in over his head. Much of his humiliation in the past comes from overestimating his own abilities and falling short of a mark he could only reach in his dreams.

Flaw: Asgardian in Exile
Loki is a powerful creature on Midgard, but he is not a God. Within the realms of his birth and coming of age – Jotunheim and Asgard – Loki has immense power and near-infinite stamina, able to destroy worlds with his magic. Of all the realms, Midgard is particularly stifling for the Gods of Asgard. There is no other place that he would be this weak.

Flaw: Capricious
As the wind changes, so may Loki’s priorities. His hate-driven goals are never far from his mind but otherwise he is easily distracted. It is not unheard of for him to forget his obligations and leave those who depend on him stranded or in danger. Sometimes, he simply becomes indifferent, even to a great love, and abandons them without thought.

Flaw: Family
“My only love sprung from my only hate.” ...wait long enough and it will be true in reverse as well. Loki’s deep hatred for Thor and Asgard comes from a place of broken, betrayed love. Family is at the core of Loki’s desires, he yearns for it and yet has always been denied it. Unconditional love is unknown to him.

Taken as a war trophy; raised as the black sheep of a family to which he never belonged in spite of all his efforts; estranged from the giant races by both his upbringing and his deformity, his small stature; denied the truth of himself for centuries; made the scapegoat and whipping boy for his peers; and finally exiled when he rebelled, Loki is wounded in a place that nothing can reach. All that remains there is loathing, for his adopted family and for himself.

Children: In spite of everything, Loki cares a great deal for his children. They are, regardless of their forms or their feelings toward him, his own kind and his legacy. Threats to his children are reason to abandon all else. He also deeply desires to create more children – ones that will be more useful to him or more loving – or to come by them somehow. Among his children are Fenris, Jormungand, Hela, Sleipnir, Narvi, Vali, and an unnamed son sometimes called the Son of Satan.

Flaw: God of Evil
One of Loki’s faces is the God of Evil. The dark impairments of the creature that he has become are noted here.

Endless Enemies: Loki makes no secret of his title and, as it should be if the universe is to remain free, he has no shortage of enemies. His title alone is enough to draw armies against him, who he truly is behind the title breeds a more determined enemy, those who will do anything to keep him from victory.

Fits of Rage: More than mere tantrums, Loki’s fits of rage would, were he not on Midgard, be enough to destroy worlds. When driven to anger on this level, Loki will not stop until he has wreaked enough destruction to sate his lust for pain and terror. The target need not be the source of his anger, though he may well destroy what he loves when enraged.

Notoriety: Beyond enemies, Loki’s name raises suspicion, fear, and anger in places where he is known in his darker guises. On Midgard, he is noted across cultures as a trickster and devil figure. It takes a strong will or limited mind for someone to easily accept him once they know his true identity and as such he seeks to influence those he wishes to control before they know the truth.

Tainted: Loki is tainted with dark magics and evil deeds. This is part of his magical signature and any being that can sense such things will know that he has a black heart with perhaps a single streak of light in it, like a vein of fractured quartz through granite. Much of his power comes from embracing this taint and as such he believes that he is weakened by exposure to water, which purifies and draws out filth and contamination.

Flaw: Isolated
Though often lonely, Loki seems inherently unable to create lasting alliances and meaningful relationships. He consorts instead with those who would use him to their own ends, only to disabuse them of that notion violently, or innocents who often find themselves at great risk, and without his aid, at the worst possible times.

Flaw: Narcissist
On some level, everything is about Loki. The weather, the flight of birds, the dying of stars. He lacks empathy because of his focus on himself and can be entirely unable or unwilling to consider the perspectives of others. This adds to his reasons for anger and frustration and leads to deep rifts between him and others.

Flaw: Vainglorious
Loki suffers often from his vainglory. He is easily swayed by flattery, it is almost as sweet to him as love would be. He can’t bear mockery and can be pushed into making foolhardy decisions to avoid or avenge humiliation. At times he forgoes achieving his goals in favour of appearing in a positive light, especially before those whose opinion he values.

Flaw: Vengeful
The need to avenge offenses both real and imagined can be all-consuming for Loki. He rage and vengeance is most intently focused on Thor and Asgard for every slight and shame he remembers in addition to everything else he has suffered. Even the need to revenge petty wrongs can be so overwhelming that he abandons his goals and overturns his plans in order to satisfy himself.


Loki Logs

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