Mischief, Trickery, and Lies. Oh My!
Loki Odinson
Asgardian (Immortal)
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Quote-open I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose! I alone hold the vision of the future, the way things should and will come to pass. I dictate that future with my infinite vision and plan to keep the universe in motion. I command the magics of the all the realms and those in between. I am Odinson, second son of Odin the Allfather, and he will be proud of the work I have done to protect Asgard from its enemies, and Midgard from its own hazardous beings! Quote-close

A prince of Asgard, and the Norse God of Chaos and Mischief. Loki is a sorcerer of great reknown, and is a sometimes villain, sometimes friend. Unpredictable on his best days, Loki is out to serve Loki, and no one else. His actions seem to be completely random, usually with far flung goals that later reveal his brilliance.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Artifact

Laevateinn: 6

Abilities: Magic

Sorcery: 8

Abilities: Power

Agility: 5, Durability: 5, God of Tricks & Lies, Immortality, Psionic Manipulation: 7, Regeneration: 6, Shapeshifting, Stamina: 6, Strength: 5

Abilities: Training

Combat Training: 4

Advantages: Eldred Godspeak

Flaws: Flattery, God of Chaos, Notoriety, Shapeshifting, Sociopath, Visions

Languages: Ancient-Norse and English


Artifact: Laevateinn (6)

A magical weapon built specifically for Loki, Laevateinn can take the form of any traditional weapon that Loki desires. From swords, spears, whips, a bow and arrow, clubs, chains, etc, the weapon takes the form, weight, and shape of the weapon Loki wishes. In it's natural state, Laevateinn is a short stabbing sword of old Norse design. Laevateinn changes it's shape for Loki, and Loki alone, and is magically bonded to him, allowing Loki to sense the location of the weapon, even across vast distances. The weapon is magically strenghened, and nearly indestructable by normal means. (Toughness 7)

Magic: Sorcery (8)

Loki has spent countless years learning the mysteries of magic, and has become the priemier sorcerer of Asgard. Few beings can match him magically pound for pound, and Loki has a vaste arsenal of magical spells and abilities at his disposal. From animating objects, casting spells, creating magical shields and wards, illusions, portals, teleportation, imbuing others with magical abilities, and creating minor magical items for others to use, Loki seems to be limited only by his imagination in what his magical abilities allow him to do. Loki has spent many years gathering and storing a vast reserve of magial power that allows him to sustain minor castings (Str 4) nearly indefinitly. More powerful uses of magic require concentration and time, with the most awe inspiring, earth shattering spells requiring days of unending focus to pull off. Loki constantly seeks out new magic to add to his arsenal, and has been known to take on new apprentices, only to drain them of their gifts at a later date. He's even apprenticed himself once or twice while disguised in order to learn some new trick or untapped reserve of magical energies. All in all, it has made Loki a most formiddable magical opponent.

Power: Agility (5)

Loki is an Asgardian by birth, and has a much denser body and skeleton than a normal human. This allows him to move quite easily and gracefully in 'earth-normal' gravity, and preform athletic feats generally reserved for those of much higher training levels.

Power: Durability (5)

Loki is an Asgardian, and thus much denser than normal humans. He is able to shrug off small calibur bullets like so many gnats, and correspondingly weighs much more for his body size than one would expect.

Power: God of Tricks & Lies

Loki is the God of Tricks and Lies. It is very difficult to detect when Loki isn't speaking the truth, which lends great strength to the God's illusions, shapeshifts, and hypnotic suggestions. Modern lie detection techniques have almost no chance of detecting flase hoods in Loki, and even potent artifacts can fail to reveal the truth in the man.

Power: Immortality

Loki is a frost giant by birth and a sorceror by training. In addition to being raised by the aesir on Asagrd and consuming the Golden Apples as one of them, Loki is an Immortal. He does not age. His body is always in the prime of its life. He is completely immune to mortal diseases and illnesses. In theory, Loki can be killed. But coupled with his regeneration, this would be a difficult task indeed.

Power: Psionic Manipulation (7)

Loki is the greatest liar of all Time (At least, in his own mind). With a blend of magic and cunning, Loki can twist the perceptions of those whose minds he touches. A master manipulator, Loki is magically irresitible and can fool even the most well-trained and protected minds in existance.

Astral Projection: Loki is able to project his consciousness across interstellar and interplanar distances. While Astrally Projecting, he has no physical form and is unable to use his magical abilities, but retains all of his mental ones. Loki's physical body is left vunerable in this state, and would appear catatonic to observers.

Hypnosis: Loki is able to hypnotize a subject whom he contacts mentally. With this ability, Loki can affect changes and alterations in the memories of his victim, as well as implant suggestions which can be triggered at a later date. Strong willed individuals require extensive time, energy, and concentration on Loki's part in order to be affected by this power.

Telepathy: Loki is able to telepathicly speak to almost any intelligent being regardless of language barriers. With familiar minds, Loki can extended this communication over extreme distances. This power is often used in conjunction with hyponsis so that victims are hypnotized while close to Loki and then telepathically triggered from a safe distance. Loki is able to discern if those near him are telling the truth and he is quite adept at picking out lies. (It takes one to know one.)

Resistance: Owing to his own psionic abilities as well as his magical shielding, Loki is highly resistant to the psionic, mental, and telepathic attacks of others.

Power: Regeneration (6)

Loki is blessed with an incredible healing factor. He's able to regenerate limbs and recover in minutes from wounds that would out right slay many others. This ability can be enhanced by his magic.

Power: Shapeshifting

Loki is a natural shapeshifter and can shift into any animal imaginable. From cats to dogs to dinosaurs to dragons and everything in between, Loki can shift everything about himself. He can alter his sex at will, and take on the attributes of the form he selects. For example, as a bird Loki can fly, as a fish he can breathe underwater, and as a dragon he can breathe fire. His sorcery is limited while he is shape changed simply due to the lack of appropriate appendages and vocal chrods needed to conjure. Only magic can pierce the veil of his shapechanging; mortal science has yet to discover a method to tell Loki shapeshifted apart from that which he had shapeshfted into.

Power: Stamina (6)

Loki has godlike stamina and does not need to sleep, eat, or drink. He can operate at maximum capacity for days without growing weary. Over exerting himself in such a manner can 'exhaust' him and will then require him to have a period of rest before he can continue.

Power: Strength (5)

Loki is an Asgardian by birth, and therefore much denser than normal humans. His muscles are much stronger than his body size might suggest, giving him 'Superhuman' levels of strength.

Training: Combat Training (4)

Loki was trained from a young age to hand to hand, melee, and ranged combat by some of the best warriors the nine realms have ever known. Loki takes great pride is his swordmanship (skill 6), and is a trained leader in battle, with a wealth of experience to back up his training. Hand to Hand Combat (Skill 4), Ranged Weapons (Skill 4), Loki has even picked up a smattering of skill with modern weapons. Firearms (Skill 2). Not quite a master tacticion, Loki is still quite competant in leading men in battle and rarely makes any major mistakes.


Advantage: Eldred

Loki has complete dominion over the magical realm of Eldred, the home of his former master. Though small, Eldred sits between the borders of many other realms, and provides easy access for inter-planer travel. Eldred is extremely mineral rich, and is quite literally littered with gems and gold. This provides Loki with vast monetary resources on Midgard, as the rocks in his front yard are worth thousands of dollars on earth. Eldred is a fortress of magical might, and has a mystical library dating back thousands of years. Loki has complete control over the realm, and can alter it's appearance, shape, weather, etc at will when he is present in the realm. Eldred is host to a small, but thriving community of thralls and magical beasts, all of whom serve Loki without question.

Advantage: Godspeak

Loki has the ability to understand the common languages of the nine realms, as well as be understood by those who speak different languages. This isn't to say Loki speaks every language, but to say that Loki speaks Asgardian, and through his brithright and magical training, most intelligent beings understand what Loki is saying. In turn, Loki understands whatever whom he is speaking with is saying in their native language. The speaker hears the language that they are most comfortable with, or expect to hear, and Loki 'hears' them in perfect Asgardian. This ability confers no ability to read or write different languages. (Example: Loki is in a crowded Cafe in an Airport with a man speaking Arabic, another speaking Russian, and another Spanish. Loki understands all three men perfectly, and when he says farewell, each man heard what Loki said in Arabic, Russian, and Spanish, as if Loki were a native speaker.)


Flaw: Flattery

Loki is easily swayed by flattery. While difficult to lie too, honest flattery often catches him off guard, and can cause him to radically change his attitude twards those who treat him with respect and honesty. People like this intrigue Loki, and he often wants to get closer to them to learn what makes them tick. This can often lead to temporary friendships and alliances, only to be followed by sudden, yet inevitable betrayals as Loki learns what he wanted to know....or finds no further use for his former ally...or it's Tuesday, and Loki felt like it.

Flaw: God of Chaos

Loki is a chaotic creature, through and through. Working towards his own ends, and towards random goals that seem to shift on a whim, Loki serves Loki, and no one else. He can be your best friend one moment, try to kill you the next, and then laugh his head off as you stumble into a whoopie cushion during his murderous rage. Loki hates to be predictable, and yet moves with a hidden purpose towards an end that only Loki can fathom. There is often a brillance to his actions, that is only revealed at a much later date as all the random threads come together.

Flaw: Notoriety

The name of Loki, carries with with a certin amount of distrust and caution with those who are familiar with the Norse myths surrounding the Asgardians. Loki carries several other names and titles from earth cultures, and is often associated with devils, lies, and evil. Most assume the worst when hearing of Loki's deeds, for no other reason that they are Loki's deeds.

Flaw: Shapeshifting

While in his shapeshifted form, Loki assumes the instincts of that form. For example, if taking the form of a kitten, he can and will be distracted by a ball of yarn, something shiny, a laser pointer, etc. He does need to sleep, eat, and drink in his animal form, as Loki assumes all the physical charactersitics of that animal. So no matter how mighty his SWAT in kitten form is... he's not likely to cause much damage.

Flaw: Sociopath

Loki has an entirely different view on the basic moral princables of society. Death is nearly meaningless, as all things will be reborn again, and when one is old enough to have seen civilizations rise and fall a hundred times over, the current government and society are simply unimportant. This has all led to Loki seeming to have a rather flippant attitude towards the suffering of others, and leads him to having trouble empathizing with mortals.

Flaw: Visions

Loki is plagued by visions of Ragnarok, a terrible battle in the future that will mean the end of all things. Loki is actively attempting to avoid this future, and this is the driving force behind his seeming randomness. It drives the man more than a little crazy, seeing the threads of fate entertwining through out reality, all leading towards the end of existance. He would share these visions, except that sharing them often changes them. Loki is locked in a one man battle with the cosmos, attempting to avoid a future that must eventually come about.


Loki is a Prince of Asgard, the son of Odin, and the Norse God of Chaos, Lies, and Tricks. Raised on Asgard in a warrior culture, Loki embraced magic at an early age to make up for his lack of martial prowress compared to his brother. A prankster at heart, Loki loves to play practical jokes on those he belives to be overly proud and arrogant. At a young age, Loki began to be plagued by visions of a dark and terrible war, Ragnarok. These visions grew until the seemed to plague even his waking moments, and drives Loki to actively attempt to avoid that dark fate. Following the dictates of these visions, Loki left Asgard, seeking to increase his magical training.

Loki met up with the Sorcerer Eldred, and quickly became his apprentice. Learning a great deal, Loki eventually betrayed Eldred to a demon, and took Eldred's home realm for himself. The mystical nature of Eldred pushed Loki's visions even further, driving the prince to near madness and forcing Loki to eventually flee to Earth. Loki will do anything and everything to stop this dark future from coming about, even if it means that he must take over and rule the world, if only to prepare it for the war to come.


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Loki is an Asgardian.



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