Son of Dru-Zod and Ursa, Lor-Zod was raised in the Phantom Zone. He was set free as part of a plan set in motion by his father. Though believing he was set free as an act of kindness, in actuality Lor-Zod was used as a cannonball to break open the walls of the Phantom Zone and release the prisoners, including his parents.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Breath: 3, Flight: 6, Heat Vision: 4, Invulnerability: 6, Regeneration: 4, Senses: 4, Solar Battery, Speed: 5, Strength: 7, Telekinesis: 4

Abilities: Skill

Horu-Kanu: 3, Science: 3, Tactics: 4

Abilities: Gear

Kryptonian Suit: 5

Advantages: Phantom Zone

Flaws: Kryptonite, Magic and Psychic, Red Sun

Languages: English and Kryptonian


Gear: Kryptonian Suit (5)

With little else to wear in the Phantom Zone, Lor-Zod's suit is made of pieced-together bits of prison garb from the Fort Rozz prison, the only physical structure in the Phantom Zone. While not as strong as a more formal Kryptonian suit, the material it's made from still functions as a solid suit of armour and can hold together under quite a bit of force.

Power: Breath (3)

Lor-Zod's lungs are capable of compressing and holding much more air than a human. He is able to hold his breath for hours at a time, and on exhaling he can create powerful winds and freeze solid objects the size of a small car.

Power: Flight (6)

Like most Kryptonians, when powered by the right type of solar radiation Lor-Zod can fly at will. He can reach speeds of up to 10,000 mph, or even hover in place. With exceptional effort and sustained acceleration time, Lor-Zod can reach escape velocity.

Power: Heat Vision (4)

Range: 70 yards

Area of Effect: 8 inches wide beam

Limitation: Sustained use beyond one minute can drain his solar reserves and leave him weak or, eventually, powerless.

Lor-Zod can unleash his stored solar energy in the form of heat vision, and can control the amount of energy released to be as fine-tuned to light a match or cut like a scalpel, or a wider beam of up to 8 inches wide.

Power: Invulnerability (6)

When his solar batteries are charged, Lor-Zod's skin becomes incredibly tough. It is essentially capable of resisting weapons up to anti-tank variety without causing any damage to him. He is also able to withstand extreme cold and extreme heat up to 10,000 degrees Celcius. He also has incredible stamina, allowing him to work without rest for 48 hours.

Power: Regeneration (4)

Limitation: Requires Yellow Sun

As long as he's taking in the energy of a yellow sun, Lor-Zod can heal at a vastly accelerated rate. Twenty times as fast as a normal human can heal, to be specific. This healing doesn't allow stunts like regrowing limbs. If he loses a limb, it'll heal into a stump like anybody else.

Power: Senses (4)

All of Lor-Zod's senses are extremely heightened. He can see and hear as far away as 10 miles, or focus his vision down to a microscopic level. He has a sense of smell as strong as most dogs, and a sense of touch capable of sensing minute changes in air pressure caused by movement nearby. He can also tune his vision to other spectrums, allowing him to see through most materials except for lead.

Power: Solar Battery

Lor-Zod is Kryptonian, and like all Kryptonians, his skin absorbs the energy of a yellow sun like a super-solar-panel. This solar radiation is converted to energy which powers all of his abilities. Prolonged absence from a yellow sun drains him of this power, leaving him the equal of a human child.

Power: Speed (5)

Lor-Zod is capable of moving at incredible speed, not only able to run up to 5,000 miles per hour, but also able to speed up his senses so he can perform tasks at 50 times the normal human speed. This also includes the ability to learn, as he's able to learn incredibly fast, including learning languages in less than an hour of study.

Power: Strength (7)

Lor-Zod is a Kryptonian, and like other Kryptonians gains enhanced strength when powered by the right type of solar radiation. Due to a combination of his young age and being raised in the Phantom Zone, he isn't as strong as other Kryptonians. He is capable of lifting and carrying up to 50 tons of weight.

Power: Telekinesis (4)

Limitation: Subconscious only.

Being raised in the Phantom Zone has given Lor-Zod a unique ability compared to most Kryptonians. This power is almost completely subconscious. If he lifts a heavy object by a fragile part, that object will be kept together by his telekinesis. If he's frightened enough, he may release blasts of anywhere up to 1 ton of force subconsciously in self-defence. He will likely eventually learn to control this ability, but for now it remains out of his control.

Skill: Horu-Kanu (3)

Chris has been trained all his life by his mother in the Kryptonian martial art of Horu-Kanu. He's not as talented as his mother and his training has been slow, but her harsh training regime has gifted him with some skill.

Skill: Science (3)

While Dru-Zod, Lor-Zod's father, was mostly a tactician, he had some skill in science and technology and included this in Lor-Zod's education. By Kryptonian standards, Lor-Zod is still a very young student, by Earth standards he has a prodigy's understanding of science and understands technology well beyond that of Earth.

Skill: Tactics (4)

Lor-Zod is the son of a tactical genius. Despite the fact he doesn't share his father's genius, his father was behind his entire education, and battle tactics were a key part of that education. Even as young as he is, he likely knows more about battle tactics than many professional soldiers.


Advantage: Phantom Zone

Lor-Zod was born in the Phantom Zone, and as such he is immune to the negative effects of the Zone. He stays physical and continues to age anywhere in the Zone, and because of his immunity he was able to leave the Phantom Zone, though in doing so he left an opening behind him for others, including his parents, to escape.


Flaw: Kryptonite

Lor-Zod, like most Kryptonians, is allergic to the radioactive crystals from Krypton known as Kryptonite, though not as much so as most Kryptonians due to his Phantom Zone birth. While various versions of Kryptonite have different effects on him, the most common, green, can cause nausea immediately and can incapacitate him within 15 minutes of coming near it. Within ten minutes, his toughness is lowered to 0.

Flaw: Magic and Psychic

Magical and psychic attacks hit Lor-Zod just as they would hit a normal human. While secondary effects (like the fall damage if he's knocked out of the air) will be affected by his invulnerability, the direct damage of magical or psychic attacks hits him like it would a human.

Flaw: Red Sun

Radiation from a Red Sun drains him of his solar power reserves incredibly fast. If under the exposure of both red and yellow solar radiation, the red keeps him from absorbing the yellow and keeps him powerless. As he has never seen Krypton and was raised in the Phantom Zone, if he absorbs too much radiation from a red sun, this energy is eventually released from his skin in an explosive reaction.


Shortly before the destruction of Krypton, Dru-Zod and Ursa, along with their friend Non, were banished to the Phantom Zone for leading an attempted revolution. Dru-Zod and Ursa found comfort in companionship, and in the only physical structure in the Phantom Zone, Fort Rozz, bore a child. Surprising them both, this child developed and was born a physical child immune to the effects of the Phantom Zone. Lor-Zod was this child. As he grew, his father educated his mind while his mother focused on his physical and combat training. Both were aiming to teach him to become the ultimate Kryptonian, and neither took failure well. Discipline was frequent and harsh, and affection the rare reward.

Eventually, Dru-Zod came to Lor-Zod and talked to him like never before. He spoke of his regrets at being unable to save Krypton, and that Lor-Zod had to be raised in a prison. He told the boy that he was becoming a man now, old enough to look after himself. He told his son, at last, how much he loved him, and that he wanted Lor-Zod to live a life free of the prison that was the Phantom Zone. Loading Lor-Zod into a ship, his parents gave him a final mission: Live free, try to find other Kryptonians who might have survived, and carry on the legacy of the lost world. With a final hug from both parents, the rarest of affections, they closed the ship and he was blasted back into reality, only to find his ship falling uncontrollably over a shining blue world.

Lor-Zod is completely unaware that his parents' true plan was to open a way out of the Phantom Zone, to free themselves and the other prisoners trapped inside.


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File:Eddie Resilver.jpg

Axiom is the one Lor-Zod has most often fought alongside. They make a good team, though Axiom makes a good team with everybody.

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Ben bought Lor human clothes and has been helping him fit in, even perhaps finding him a team to fight with.


Lor-Zod's Wanted List
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