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Quote-open "Your flesh will melt over my teeth like Jell-O!" - Mako Quote-close

Mako is a muscular mountain of walking shark and listed on many wanted posters for numerous accounts of violent murder. He will attempt to eat you unless motivated to do otherwise.


Character Sheet

Abilities: Power

Agility: 4, Armor Skin: 5, Cold Immunity, Electroreception: 1, Endurance: 5, Hearing: 2, Hyper Swimming: 3, Low Light Vision: 1, Shark Bite: 7, Shark Teeth: 2, Sleep Vision: 1, Smell: 2, Strength: 6, Systemic Antidote: 5, Willpower: 4

Abilities: Skill

Brawl: 7, Construction: 3, Crime: 4, Intimidate: 5

Advantages: Contacts, Water Breathing, Water Freedom

Flaws: Appearance, Aquatic, Carnivore, Family, Frenzy, Rage, Reputation

Languages: English


Power: Agility (4)

Mako has the agility of a superhuman shark, putting him on par with peak human athletes.

Power: Armor Skin (5)

Mako's thick skin is made up of tiny but incredibly dense tooth-like scales, offering him protection against most conventional weapons.

Power: Cold Immunity

Make's body is accustomed to cold conditions of mundane origins and therefore, immune to hypothermia, frost-bite, cold-borne illnesses, and the such.

Power: Electroreception (1)

Mako can sense bioelectric fields created by the nerves and muscles of other animals even if he cannot see them. The peculiar sense allows him to sense such readings as far in distance as the human eye can see.

Power: Endurance (5)

Mako is a driven, flesh-eating, murderous machine and able to operate at high levels of activity like the mutated shark man he is.

Power: Hearing (2)

Mako is able to detect and identify low frequency sounds from distances much further than normal humans are able.

Power: Hyper Swimming (3)

Mako's powerful body allows him to to swim underwater at incredible speeds, reaching speeds over 200 mph.

Power: Low Light Vision (1)

Mako's eyes are accustomed to low light vision, allowing him to see in dark conditions, as many felines do. With this vision, Mako is capable of seeing up to any distance that the average person is able to see.

Power: Shark Bite (7)

Mako's superhuman jaws, combined with his dense, razor sharp teeth, make him capable of severe damage, to the point of shredding titanium and severing superhuman heads amd limbs.

Power: Shark Teeth (2)

Mako possesses an arsenal of dense, razor sharp teeth. This, combined with the superhuman strength of his jaws, makes him capable of insane damage, to the point of shredding titanium and severing superhuman heads amd limbs.

Power: Sleep Vision (1)

While he is asleep, Mako's eyes remain open and follow objects of movement, making it difficult to know he is asleep and hard to catch him by surprise. When utilizing his sleep vision, Mako can see up to distances the average human can see.

Power: Smell (2)

Mako can sense and identify a drop of blood up to a mile away and track the scene the full distance back to its source.

Power: Strength (6)

Mako is a mountain of man and shark, rippling with nearly unparalleled super shark strength.

Power: Systemic Antidote (5)

Mako has an increased resistance to poisons, drugs and other chemicals and especially so when digested.

Power: Willpower (4)

Mako's mutation has multiplied his tenacity and willpower, making him into a very driven beast.

Skill: Brawl (7)

Mako has been fighting for a living for decades and it is a large part of his sole profession. However well Mako fights, Mako chomps much better. When it comes to plain chomping, there are few that could rival him in the world. When not chomping, this rank drops to 5.

Skill: Construction (3)

Prior to the event that shaped him into the sharkman that he is, Mako was trained to deal with engineering underwater constructs.

Skill: Crime (4)

Mako has been a criminal for decades and is very familiar with the system and while not his specialty, he is capable of many other criminal skills.

Skill: Intimidate (5)

Mako is very convincing when it comes to interrogation. Few can withstand his torturous techniques.


Advantage: Contacts

Mako has many criminal connections through which to find gigs or ask favors in exchange for "favors".

Advantage: Water Breathing

Mako can breathe almost indefinitely in underwater environments.

Advantage: Water Freedom

Mako is unaffected when moving through watery environments and suffers no adverse effects from increasing depths of water.


Flaw: Appearance

Mako is a mountain of a muscular shark-man and can't hide that from the viewing public, making it very difficult to hide in a crowd or go unnoticed.

Flaw: Aquatic

Mako must spend some extended portion of time in saltwater every day or else he is susceptible to grow weak and sickly.

Flaw: Carnivore

Mako's physical makeup requires the consumption of the flesh of other animals and cannot be sustained without it. Mako's strength will weaken for every day he goes without eating meat.

Flaw: Family

Mako is far more susceptible to acts of mercy upon those who remind him of family as he finds it difficult to do any great harm to them without provocation.

Flaw: Frenzy

Prolonged exposure to large amounts of blood can send Mako into feeding frenzies on both friend and foe. During such frenzie, Mako's intelligence rank drops to 0.

Flaw: Rage

Mako is very easily angered and can be manipulated into courses of actions that may or may not be to his benefit.

Flaw: Reputation

Mako is a recognized, wanted criminal for murder. There are very few places he can go publically without someone recognizing the price on his capture.


Lou Drumm was born on April, 2nd over fifty years ago. Along with his beautiful sister, Drumm was raised by a caring mother and abusive father. Drumm ran with the wrong crowds and was introduced to a life of violent crime in his youth. Trouble continued to follow Drumm and he became a career criminal. Eventually, justice caught up and rather than do time, Drum joined the military. Drumm trained as a deep sea diver and was assigned to repair ship holes. A rogue shark mauled Drumm as an experimental bomb accidentally detonated. Drumm was transformed into a muscular mountain of walking shark, endowed with incredible abilities. Masquerading as Mako, the intensity of his criminal nature multiplied. Mako has worked with many criminal elements and his face graces many wanted posters. Mako has returned to the city of his birth to make a name for himself there.


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