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Agility: 2 Strength: 1 Toughness: 2
Perception: 3 Intellect: 3 Willpower: 4
Disguise Bracelet Solar Energy Battery Energy Blasts 5
Force Fields 5 Group Flight 4
The Runaways History Buff Foster Parents
Urban Survival
Celebrityish Isolated Feeling Majesdanian
Solar Dependence Strong Moral Compass The Pride
Name: Karolina Dean Sometimes, life just throws you a curveball.

Sometimes, you discover you are an alien, that your parents are supervillains, and you are now on the run from them with a group of your friends in a similar predicament. The Runaways, they called themselves, but that was a few years back when they all went their seperate ways. Now, determined to make a difference in this world for good, she has joined the Titans.

Position: Shining Through the Stars
Team: Titans of Tomorrow
Age: 19
Sex: F
Race: Majesdanian
Type: Marvel FC
Actor: N/A
Alts: N/A
Timezone: MST
Music: N/A
Quote: N/A
Tone Likes: N/A
Tone Dislikes: N/A


To begin with, life was okay for Karolina Dean. She grew up the only child of two famous Hollywood actors, and had a fairly privileged, if lonely, childhood. She never quite fit in with other kids, even when she was young - she was introverted, had few friends, but cherished each one she could make.

Yeah, that's when she found out her parents were supervillains - members of the Pride, an occult group hoping to destroy the world and remake it in their own image. She was still in her mid-teens at the time when she and the rest of the children of the Pride discovered their parents dark secret, and it shocked them all. So they ran. And Karolina actually grew to appreciate the curveball life had thrown at them. Yes, she had friends before, but this was something different, something a little more spectacular. They had adventures together, and grew together as something more than just friends, or so it felt to her. It took everything that they had to try to stay one step ahead of their parents' schemes - but a confrontation was inevitable. In the resulting chaos, her parents were killed along with those of all the other Runaways, and presumed to be dead. Escaping that confrontation, they formed a family of sorts, and spent a couple years traveling together as an erstwhile superhero group; trying to right wrongs, the best they could, all while being labeled vigilantes. They had a cool hangout that they used as their center of operations, even! But that ended in a night as a villain destroyed their stronghold, and set a small army against them. They were scattered to the four winds - Karolina herself ended up not being captured by the villains, but she encountered a group of superheroes that were tracking the very same villain. And that is how Karolina, against her will, really, ended up in foster care.

It wasn't a bad life in foster care; she was set with a real winner of a family - a mother addicted to narcotics, and a father who spent so much time at work, (and cheating on his wife), that he was barely home. Worst of all, she had lost any way to contact the rest of the Runaways; she was alone, and more or less trapped in a life she did not want to live. She searched for the others the best she could; but her efforts proved fruitless, and she eventually resigned herself to her fate of finishing high school. And soon enough, it came time for university; and frankly, Karolina Dean had had enough of her home life. She ran away again, this time under the ruse of going to college in another state. She doubted her foster parents would notice. She was searching for an idea, a feeling that she had before; that same sort of family feeling that she had with the Runaways. Her initial thought was to try to join the newly-formed Justice League - even as a janitor or something - when on her way to Metropolis, she heard of the Titans. While she would be grateful to mop floors, starting out in the kinda junior Justice League sounded better, so she showed up one day, bright-eyed and excited about joining. It was a bit of a struggle, really - her relationship to the Pride was a red flag on her record, but after a handful of interviews, the fledging Titans decided to take a chance on her. Grateful and proud of the chance she has been given, Karolina Dean now starts to write a new chapter in her history!


Gear: Disguise Bracelet (N/A)

Karolina owns a disguise bracelet that suppresses her alien physiology enough to allow her to appear human, for all intents and purposes. She'll pass most scans and doctor examinations, but energy detectors of any kind will be able to pick up on her unusual nature. While wearing the bracelet, she will still absorb solar energy at the same rate, although her ability to release the energy is quite reduced: she may be able to fly at a greatly reduced speed, or create an extremely weak force field.

Power: Solar Energy Battery (N/A)

Due to her unique alien physiology, Karolina stores solar rays as energy and can then release and manipulate the stored energy for a variety of effects. Generally, it takes about a couple hours in direct sunlight to recharge her 'batteries' to full. Normal clothing wlil not hinder her ability to draw on solar power, but heavier clothes like leather or armors might.

If kept out of the sun, she will slowly lose the energy, as her body will use it for normal metabolic processes; but it would take about a month of isolation from the sun to drain her from just that. Using her powers will use it much more quickly, if it isn't replenished.

Power: Energy Blasts (5)

Karolina can focus her stored energy into blasts of energy. She has a variety of ways that she can do this - keeping them large, concussive blasts, or even focusing the blasts into more beams of intense heat, that can melt metals and other things.

Power: Force Fields (5)

Karolina can project force fields about herself, or others. They can take any shape or size; the larger the force field, or the more force that it is resisting determines how much energy it will draw from her. She can go through her reserves very very quickly if resisting an especially strong force.

Power: Group Flight (4)

One of the ways that Karolina can utilize her stored energy is to fly, and she can reach about a 1000MPH if she's really pushing herself. As an aside, she can catch others up in her energy field that she uses to fly, and carry them along with her. She can only realistically 'grab' about six other people at most, though.


Advantage: Foster Parents

Technically, Karolina has a pair of foster parents that she hasn't seen in a couple years. One of them was a stay at home, addicted to narcotics mom, who basically used her to keep the house clean, and the other was a jet-setting businessman, who spent more time at the office and in hotel rooms, then he did at home. The help she could get from these quarters is dubious, but there is still the possibility. And also the possibility that they might want to try to get /her/ help now that she is a superhero and stuff.

Advantage: History Buff

Karolina has a fascination with history. While she doesn't have the same level of knowledge on the matter as say, an Oxford professor, she has read a great deal of books regarding past events, and is more than likely to know minor bits of trivia about particular periods. Her favorites are American and Thymesciran history, although the latter is a little difficult to find reliable information on.

Advantage: The Runaways

They might have parted ways years ago, but Karolina and the rest of the Runaways shared a friendship and experience that can never be replaced. They might be amazing friends, if not outright allies, should fate conspire to bring them together again.

Advantage: Urban Survival

One of the advantages of being with a pack of runaway kids for a while, is that you pick up a few things. If tossed into a strange city, she will generally be able to find, or know where to ask, at least, where good places to eat and sleep are, if not find them herself.


Flaw: Celebrityish

Karolina's parents were two fairly famous Hollywood actors; and they had a mysterious disappearance, and their daughter ran off to become a hero or something. It's not particularly strong tabloid material, but may give her unwanted attention when she least needs it.

Flaw: Isolated Feeling

Maybe it is because of being an alien, perhaps it is due to other factors, but Karolina never quite shook the feeling that she was different; and she desperately wishes for it to be otherwise. As such, she is still learning to be comfortable with herself, and may be reluctant to share certain aspects of herself with others, out of a sense of wanting to 'fit in'. Good role models, and otherwise will probably serve to lessen, if not eliminate this flaw.

Flaw: Majesdanian

Karolina just knows that she is an alien. She has absolutely no idea that she is a member of a race that is in bitter conflict with the Skrulls. Hopefully, that war stays far far away, right?

Flaw: Solar Dependence

Karolina needs solar energy to survive. If cut off from sunlight for an extended period of time, or if she depletes her solar battery and remains in darkness, her physical condition will start to deteroriate. First, it will be a feeling of lethargy and loss of night vision and cold tolerance, and it will steadily progress to a comatose state, and eventually, death. Dying in this fashion can take quite a long time, however, particularly if she has any reserves left.

Flaw: Strong Moral Compass

Throughout her life, Karolina held fast to a strict set of values. Don't cheat anyone. Don't lie (although that last is a little bit more flexible than most). Try not to hurt anyone when it isn't necessary. And most certainly save death and killing for only the most dire of circumstances. Although it has been put to the test more often than not with her homeless phase of her life, she tries not to steal, and if she must, try to either do something in return, or only take what she needs.

What does this mean? Effectively, she will hesitate in combat, unless there is clear and present danger to herself and others. She will rarely throw the first punch, and prefer to come to terms peaceably. And now that she is in the Titans, she would have a really hard time justifying stealing for herself. This could cause her to appear self-righteous to certain people, as well.

Flaw: The Pride

The Pride, the group consisting of her evil supervillain parents, and the parents of the rest of the Runaways, should be dead. They really should be. And even if they are, there may be a stigma attached to them that carries over unto Karolina, whether it be old enemies, being looked at twice when dealing with official things, and so on.


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